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    • Recruiters are assigned depending upon the information provided, so that you may be in contact with the most suitable recruiter for your case as soon as possible. Please provide us with enough information so that we do not need to request clarifications, thereby delaying your response.
    • It is understood that your message is confidential and that ART shall not conduct any search assignment without your firm and ART first mutually agreeing to do business in a formal contract.
    • ART only considers searches with employers who believe that their success depends upon hiring the best qualified candidates. Therefore, ART will not accept any searches involving racial, gender, age, or any other form of job discrimination. This policy is in place for all positions and for all countries.


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    • Most important is for us to understand the MAXIMUM salary possible for the most highly qualified candidates. While we understand that all salaries are negotiable and depend upon the candidate, we need to understand your budgetary maximums in order to proceed. By our only presenting candidates within your budget, your time will be saved.
    • Bonus or Commission, if applicable. In a figure separate from the above base salary, please indicate the realistic first year's annual bonus range or percentage, if applicable.
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    Other Important Matters concerning the search assignment(s)
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    Highly Confidential Search Opening is either not widely known in firm itself or is preferred to be not widely known to general public or to our competitors New Position
    This opening is due to an expansion of business or needs
    Immediate Priority
    Urgent need to hire the right person as soon as possible.
    One Search Firm Only
    Only one knowledgeable and competent search firm will be chosen for this search assignment
    Replacement Position
    This position is to address a staff vacancy caused by an employee who left or retired from the firm
    Moderate Priority
    Work is now being done adequately by existing staff. No urgency to hire now, but if the right candidate appears, you will hire.
    Multiple Search Firms
    Several search firms will be chosen for this search assignment
    Problem or Reorganization
    This opening is due to an existing employee's not fulfilling the requirements of the job or due to a corporate reorganization of duties or business units
    Future Priority
    Long term need. You cannot hire the person for at least 3 months for a new program, business venture or other need due to planning or funding issues.
    Advertised Opening
    Beyond being posted on company website, vacancy is now or will be posted in newspapers or on the internet
    Position has been open less than 1 month A Search Firm has been working on this search but without success so far.
    ART Retained Search
    It is preferred that ART consider working on a retained basis for this delicate and critical search
    Position has been open for more than 3 months Candidates are currently being interviewed


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    Atlantic Research Technologies, L.L.C. believes that any form of hiring discrimination based on race, color, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status, sexual preference or other subjective and nonessential criteria to a candidate screening is either illegal, immoral, unethical, or just simply bad business. ART will not accept any search assignment in violation of these principles and it will not accept search assignments having job descriptions that are expressed in nonessentially limiting or discriminatory language. Even if discriminatory language is not openly stated by employers, if ART recruiters suspect the existence of underlying policies of discrimination at potential client-companies, this firm will not work with those firms. If your firm practices any form of employment discrimination based on any of the above criteria, do not ask us to help your company. 

    ART bases its searches solely on the specific nondiscriminatory job requirements of its clients' openings and upon our understanding of our candidates' experiences and interests and on their likely abilities to perform those job requirements. We are only interested in building the best companies of the 21st Century - those that understand that great financial rewards can come when a company starts out with respect for its employees, customers, and the world community. 

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