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  Africa Senior & General Management Executive Search

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CEO - Insurance Sector

LOCATION: Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

COMPANY: Very well established multinational insurance firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A fast-paced, multifaceted General Manager with a strong ability to grow a business. Fluent Swahili and English

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major African insurance firm, a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) over a growing business unit that consists of 80 persons at the head office, as well as 8 branches across the country. The CEO should have an ACII or equivalent, plus minimum of 8 years Insurance experience, of which 5 years is at the Managerial level. The ideal CEO candidate should have a mix of high level administration, good public relations, and good financial understanding.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Kenya Head of General Insurance - Insurance Sector

LOCATION: Kenya (Nairobi)

COMPANY: Very well established multinational insurance firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented Kenya general insurance operations manager. The potential candidate must be a qualified insurer (ACII/FCII) coupled with a Post graduate degree (MBA), good marketer.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major African insurance firm, a general manager over a growing business unit.



XECUTIVE SEARCH: Kenya Managing Director - Insurance

LOCATION: Kenya (Nairobi)

COMPANY: Well-established Insurance company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced Managing Director able to lead a multi-country team.

Recruiter seeks an energetic and creative Managing Director who will be in charge of the firm's operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda. There are various experiences that might work well for this position, but most importantly s/he must be a well organized General Manager or Managing Director who would be capable of supervising and driving the teams in the four countries.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  - Telecommunications Equipment

LOCATION:  Nigeria

COMPANY: Telecommunications Equipment Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a telecom equipment company, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The candidate should be experienced in running companies in the manufacturing segment, preferably for electronic and telecom products. S/he should have capability of making strategic plans, have knowledge of Finance and Banking, as well as an ability to connect with senior level of telecom operators, Govt. official, local industries and other country administrators. The position supervises 50 -100.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO), - Packaging

LOCATION: South Africa (Johannesburg) 

COMPANY: Major Packaging Technology Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading multinational firm involved in packaging technology, a Chief Operating Officer (COO), a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a Financial Controller.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - CDMA Wireless Telecommunications

LOCATION:  West African location to be discussed

COMPANY: Wireless Telecommunications Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an IT infrastructure company that designs, builds, manages, and optimizes customized networks and network-related solutions, a Wireless Telecom Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The firm has acquired the capability to offer CDMA solutions at 800 Mhz frequency and plans to launch voice and value added services to become a fully integrated telecoms provider. The Company’s focus is to bring leading-edge networking products to the market first and ahead of the competition, leading the market in efficient service delivery, technology, customer base, marketing infrastructure and revenue and thus be the network provider of choice. In venturing into the CDMA arena, the Company will seek to implement a similar approach. The Company is dynamic and extremely results-orientated and is seeking a CDMA Wireless Telecom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who can drive the CDMA business forward to be the market-leading provider of CDMA services. Reports to Board of Directors. Will be key to the appointment and oversight of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by the candidate will be supported by a thorough understanding and in-depth experience at a managerial/directorial level of emerging markets telecoms operations with a specific focus on CDMA technology. The ideal candidate will have strong strategic planning skills encompassing analytical and project evaluation skills. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be an adroit people manager that will be responsible for senior management and indirectly, all staff. The ideal candidate will have proven analytical skills and strategic vision to interpret and act upon management information and market trends. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be a strong strategic thinker with the ability to start-up and build businesses in the region with experience and knowledge of similar markets and their practices e.g. licencing requirements, legal framework, business practices etc.) Fluent English.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Cosmetics

LOCATION: Ghana (Accra)

COMPANY: Very well established African cosmetics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, very project-oriented general manager from the CPG sector

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading African cosmetics firm, a General Manager. Reporting to the MD/Board of Directors, the General Manager will be responsible for the management of this CPG company's operations and s/he will be expected to demonstrate excellent administrative, strategic, operational and business management skills.

The General Manager will work collaboratively with the Managing Director and Board in leading the transformation of the company to ensure that it is capable of delivering on its long-term vision.

Specifically, s/he will ensure that the firm's fiscal, operations, sales, marketing, human resource, technology, and corporate strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the company.

The job holder shall propose, implement/administer the fiscal policies and procedures, provide direction in the preparation and execution of the company's annual budget.

S/he shall provide support to the MD/Board and shall perform such other functions as the Managing Director or Board may direct towards the development and achievement of the Group's strategic goals and objectives.

Qualifications and Experience
--Relevant professional qualifications. An MBA could be helpful.
--Minimum of 10 years post-qualification experience, with at least 5 years in a senior management role in a GMP COMPLIANT ORGANIZATION.
--Experience in Africa, especially in West Africa, will be an added advantage.
--Demonstrated capabilities in market facing challenges in sales strategies and execution.
--Good understanding of the impact of micro and macro-economic indices on the business and the strategic options to be pursued.
--Excellent qualitative and quantitative analytical skills.
--Good understanding of financial statements and strong financial analysis skills.
--Ability to plan strategically and successfully lead growth within an organization.
--Strong business acumen, with ability to identify and convert opportunities.
--Excellent interpersonal skills, business presentation and communication skills (verbal and written).
--Must be computer literate. Proficient ERP software user.
--High energy, drive and passion,
--High level of integrity and maintenance of sound ethics.
--High level of initiative and good attention to detail. Strong leadership, supervisory and people management skills.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Commercial Vehicles/ Heavy Equipment


COMPANY: Commercial Vehicles/ Heavy Equipment Firm

Recruiter seeks a Chief Operating Officer (COO), on behalf of a fast growing automobile company engaged in the import, assembly, sales & services of full range of commercial vehicles and construction equipment. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will report to the Managing Director and will be responsible for the company’s day-to-day operating activities, including revenue and sales growth; expense, cost and margin control; and monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management. The responsibilities of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) include:

•   Direct company operations to meet budget and other financial goals.

•   Direct short-term and long-range planning and budget development to support strategic business goals.

•   Establish the performance goals, allocate resources, and assess policies for senior management.

•   Demonstrate successful execution of business strategies for company products and services.

•   Direct and participate in acquisition and growth activities to support overall business objectives and plans.

•   Participate in capital market development, including participation in road shows, bank meetings, analyst meetings, and more.

•   Develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies to support overall company policies and objectives.


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) should have excellent interpersonal, communications, public speaking, and presentation skills. Solid working knowledge of budgeting, sales, business development, and strategic planning. At least 20 years of experience in the commercial vehicle or heavy equipment sector, with 5 in an executive level position, such as general manager or vice president. First Class Engineering Graduate (Mechanical/ Automobile) with MBA


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - East Africa - Energy Sector

LOCATION:  Tanzania

COMPANY: Drilling Sector Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading drilling firm, a General Manager – East Africa. Reporting to the VP Operations, the General Manager will direct all activities of Eastern Africa. Develop and maintain an effective team to deliver the company plan. Good business acumen with knowledge of business procedures and accounting practices. Drilling Experience and/or sound knowledge of drilling practices. Competent operations experience or previous business management in Africa. Positions Reporting to the General Manager: Operations Manager, Finance Manager, Safety Manager, HR Manager, Stores Manager, Workshop Manager and Administration.

•   Ensure the safety and welfare of personnel, clients, and the general public are being safeguarded; and that all health and safety measures are being taken with respect to the working environment.

•   Directs all activities of Firm to ensure maximum company profitability.

•   Implements and maintains company policies to guide the decisions and actions of the employees.

•   Strict adherence to the company Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) policy.

•   Ensures that financial, administrative and operational systems and procedures are maintained in compliance with local and company regulations.

•   Close management of cost control to ensure operating costs and expenses are in line with forecasts.

•   Schedules and directs all drilling activities to ensure efficient operations.

•   Negotiates with clients for the procurement of contracts.

•   Preparation of Contracts.

•   Develops work schedules for all sites and monitors their activities with the support of the Operations Manager.

•   Develops and maintains strong relationships with clients.

•   Communicates weekly progress reports on the Region's activities and any local industry intelligence.

•   Prepares the annual budget of the Region for submission to head office.

•   Ensures that all nominated personnel are appointed and are suitably qualified to perform their required duties.

•   Appraises the performance of immediate subordinates, and ensures the fair and objective appraisal of the performance of all employees.

•   Administers disciplinary measures to subordinates in accordance with local and company regulations.

•   Re enforces all Firm safety procedures.

•   Apply safe practices towards self, colleagues, the public and the environment.

•   Being proactive by attending all company sponsored training development programs.

•   Identifies the training needs of immediate subordinates, recommends training for them, and ensures that all employees receive appropriate training.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Country Operations Manager - Telecom Services

LOCATION: Francophone West African Country

COMPANY: Major International Telecom Services firm

Recruiter seeks a Francophone Country Manager, on behalf of a medium size corporation with extensive experience in telecom industry, embracing Fiber, GSM, VSAT, traditional voice and Internet communications markets, with deep expertise in network development, implementation and operations. Firm is in need of an experienced and highly motivated Country/regional manager in Francophone Africa. The Country Manager will be accountable and responsible for:

-Overseeing efficient, timely, and cost effective importation of all goods and management of logistics

-Financial control with routine and regularized reporting

-Handling of all government affairs and negotiations with related departments

-Banking and financial liaison and negotiations of financial transactions

-Overseeing all hiring practices and compliance with local and labor regulations

-Overseeing effective operation of different project managers during their various stages of project execution

-Asset management and inventory control

-Negotiation of major local contracts and subsequent contract administration

-Supervision and review of progress payment billings

-Supervision and preparation of project progress status reports

-University degree in business or finance, with preferably with a MBA

-At least 10 years experience in similar position in Francophone Africa

-Excellent communication and negotiating skills with proven management experience

-Superb fluency in both spoken and written French and English


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Country Manager - Pharmaceuticals


COMPANY: Major Indian pharmaceutical firm

Recruiter seeks a Country Manager, on behalf of a research-led, global, fully integrated pharmaceutical company headquartered in India. The firm's business portfolio can be categorized into two business units: ‘Specialty’(branded formulations & R&D), and 'Generics’ (API and generic formulations). 12-15 years of experience, with 7-10 years experience at a senior management level. A proven track record in sales & marketing. Highly credible leader, able to work effectively with the business, and other key external bodies as well as being able to inspire, manage and motivate. Strategic strength combined with heavy delivery orientation. Reports to Vice President – International Business. Manage country operations, be responsible for acheievement of sales and EBIDTA targets, manage team, build corporate image in Nigeria. Aggressive sales focus. Unbureaucratic. MBA. Self starter with good communication skills, analytical ability and negotiation skills. Strategically visionary person with excellent execution capacity.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: South Africa General Manager - Power Generation

LOCATION: South Africa  (Johannesburg)

COMPANY: Asian Power Generator Manufacturing Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major Asian maker of industrial generators, a General Manager for their South African subsidiary. Position reports to European Managing Director in the Netherlands. Main duties for the General Manager would be to define key accounts, build brand awareness, be able to negotiate and close sales on the executive level for multi million dollar figures, and be able to motivate dealers. For the right person, this role could develop into a Managing Director for Africa.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: South Africa General Manager - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: South Africa  (Johannesburg)

COMPANY: Major Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading foreign firm in the industrial equipment field, a South Africa General Manager, reporting to the Managing Director. The General Manager is responsible for the management and performance of the South African operations of the firm. Develop plans and initiatives aimed at expanding the capabilities and customer base in association with the firm's senior management team. The General Manager will provide leadership to direct and motivate employees of to achieve budgeted outcomes.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Automotive


COMPANY: Major Joint Venture Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly Company

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading Car, Truck, and Bus Maker established in 1992 and which is the first and largest private automotive assembly plant in Egypt, a strong General Commercial Manager. This VP Sales and Marketing/ Director of Sales and Marketing will be supervising 30 junior managers. Territory covers Africa and the Middle East. Requires 8-15 years of experience in passenger vehicles. The General Commercial Manager must understand international business law, including Sales and distributor contracts. Person must have capacity to develop Strategic Planning, organize and communicate with local and international distribution networks, manage and set financing plan for distribution systems and sales force, estimate market potentials, set budgets, train sales force, develop brand awareness, etc. Field of Operation: passenger, SUV, Pick-Up, Truck, Mini-Bus, Bus. The company's current production capacity is 20,000 Vehicles per shift per year.



 Africa Sales & Marketing Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Africa Sales Manager - Logistics Services

LOCATION: Kenya (Nairobi)

COMPANY: Major Global Logistics Services Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf a world leading logistics services firm, an Africa Sales Manager. The focus of the Commercial Head will be on large national, regional and global accounts, as well as SME's. The Commercial head will have responsibility over a 50 million Euro/year territory. Responsibilities will be over sales marketing and CS. Strong experiences selling in the logistics services field is required. Fluent English. Kiswahili skills a strong plus.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)- Wireless Telecom Services

LOCATION: East Africa

COMPANY: Major International Wireless Telecom Services firm

Recruiter seeks a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a major international firm in the wireless services field. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will devise and evaluate a commercial strategy across the company so as to achieve the company’s business plan and to assist the CEO in operational functions. Key duties: formulation of the Commercial (Marketing, Sales, Service) mission, annual objectives, budgets and operational strategies  and achievement of same; formulation of a rolling 3 year Marketing / Sales / Service Roadmap. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)  will be responsible also for achieving all technical/non-technical objectives and targets; develop/Implement commercial plans to maximize on subscriber and revenue growth


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Sales Manager-Southern Africa  - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: South Africa (Johannesburg) 

COMPANY: US Industrial Equipment Firm

Recruiter seeks a General Sales Manager, on behalf of a fast growing US firm providing equipment for the railway, industrial, mining, material handling, construction sectors. The General Sales Manager for Southern Africa is directly responsible for the sales in all markets throughout Southern Africa, and s/he reports to the Managing Director for Europe, who in turn reports to the CEO/ President.


The General Sales Manager will be expected to provide leadership and direction which results in creating new strategic business relationships while expanding established major accounts within Southern Africa. 

•   Establish goals and objectives that will achieve continued growth-oriented sales revenue.

•   Lead formulation of the overall sales plan for Southern Africa.

•   Lead and develop a sales organization comprised of Distributors, Dealers, and Manufacturers Representatives throughout Southern Africa; supporting sales strategies and to deliver exceptional, profitable sales growth and results.

•   Recommend, obtain buy-in and implement any changes needed to align the sales organization with firm’s overall sales strategy.

•   Develop and implement sales training tools and processes, including business opportunity analysis models.

•   Track, manage and communicate sales forecasts and results each month.

•   Create a winning atmosphere by effectively communicating the sales strategy to all constituencies (Distributors, Dealers, and Manufacturers Representatives) throughout Southern Africa.

•   Determine and implement the most appropriate sales market structures (OEM’s, Distributors, Dealers, and Manufacturers Representatives) to achieve revenue goals, secure new business opportunities and win customers.

•   Develop strong ties with key customers and key accounts and be proactive in understanding the trends and issues likely to impact the market.

•   Advise the Managing Director on sales directions, competitors and market trends, including new technology trends.

•   Confirm, communicate and implement sales goals and strategies for the sales force, and review and update sales strategies for all markets.


Experiences with Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Bridge cranes, material handling equipment , rail {locomotives}, mining machines, electronic &/or electrical, industrial manufacturing equipment a strong plus.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sr Sales Manager - East and Southern Africa - Telecom Software

LOCATION: South Africa

COMPANY: European Telecom Network Management Software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Africa Sales Manager with strong experience partnering with leading regional telecoms of East Africa and Southern Africa.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading European firm in the telecom networking field, a Senior Regional Sales Manager - Eastern and Southern Africa. The firm is a leading provider of subscriber and network intelligence enabling mobile operator to drive business performance. Their vendor-independent real-time monitoring and troubleshooting solution covers end-to-end 2G, 3G and 4G from radio access to core network. In order to support its growth in the Africa region, the firm is recruiting a Senior Regional Sales Manager - Eastern and Southern Africa, who reports to the Managing Director – Africa.

• Define the sales strategy for your region in cooperation with your line manager,
• Drive customer engagements throughout the sales cycle,
• Grow revenues with new and existing service provider customers, global service providers and reseller partners,
• Expand customer base,
• Champion the opportunities internally and coordinate actions with firm’s teams such as Pre-sales, Product & Solutions Marketing and Deployment,
• Manage customer tenders,
• Acquire a solid and in-depth understanding of customer's business drivers and uses this knowledge to steer the activities for creating profitable business,
• Close deals and supervise deployments until invoicing and collection is completed.

Success metrics:
• Revenues (booking and billing),
• Customer satisfaction,
• New customer wins.

• Significant experience and track record in selling complex solutions to Service providers,
• Proven sales ability including: pricing, customer relationship building and management, consultative selling,
• Creative thinking and problem solving. Strong human and interpersonal skills,
• Excellent communication skills is a must, fluent in English,
• Working knowledge of the telecom industry,
• Can operate with a high degree of independence within agreed policies, targets and budgets,
• Regular travels in Africa and occasionally transcontinental (especially to headquarters in Europe),
• Enjoys team working and being part of a fast moving innovative The firm pioneering leading-edge technology,
• A self-starting and highly motivated individual who wants to win in competitive situations,
• Graduate business and / or technical degree.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Africa Sales Manager - Automotive

LOCATION: Africa (location open)

COMPANY: European Automotive Battery firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Africa Sales Manager with strong sales experience in the automotive parts field

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading European a major European automotive battery firm, an Africa Regional Sales Manager:
•    Active search and acquisition of buyers of batteries and development of markets in Africa
•    Wholesale of lead automotive batteries, Standard+ and Premium class products
•    Support for key clients as part of order implementation
•    Monitoring of competition
•    Close cooperation with a production plant located in Europe

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Africa Sales Director - FMCG

LOCATION: West or East Africa 

COMPANY: Major  US Consumer Products Firm

An experienced person to manage Sales/Marketing/Business Development for our client's business in Africa. This is a very hands on position - initially for one person to "do it all." The current business in Africa currently is small, although the company sales globally are over US$350 million annually. This Africa Sales Director needs to have a good understanding of the FMCG sector - ideally disposable non-food products- and should have experience dealing with the major distributors, preferably in multiple countries. This client needs an entrepreneurial, independent minded, strategic "prospector," who can work with minimal supervision. Extensive travel required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Manager, Channel Sales Africa - Software

LOCATION: Africa (South Africa or Kenya)

COMPANY: Fast growing US software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented channel sales SW manager. ERPexp preferred. English fluent, with French and/or any other African language a plus. Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a growing US software firm that serves the nonprofit, educational and public sectors, an Africa Channel Sales Manager. Reporting to the EMEA Director of Sales, the Channel Sales Manager will be responsible for recruiting new and managing existing reseller channel within Africa with potential expansion into Middle East.  This role includes assisting resellers in establishing sales and marketing strategy, finding and executing new sales opportunities, and building lasting partnerships with resellers and their customers throughout the region.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Creative Director - Advertising

LOCATION: East Africa

COMPANY: Advertising Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an African advertising firm, a Creative Director. Candidate should have very specific experience working for an agency that specializes in the CPG/ FMCG/ or wireless fields.



Africa Finance Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Financial Controller - Packaging

LOCATION: South Africa (Johannesburg) 

COMPANY: Major Packaging Technology Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading multinational firm involved in packaging technology, a Chief Operating Officer (COO), a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a Financial Controller.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Finance Director - Plastics


COMPANY: Major Japanese Plastics Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of well established Japanese plastics manufacturing client, a Purchasing Director and a Finance Director. This operation is a prominent manufacturer in the country. A 3 year contract is desired.

The Purchasing Director’s responsibilities will include managing the purchasing and inventory control functions, reviewing and tracking obsolete and scrapped items, and providing data to Acctg concerning forecasted inventory.  The incumbent will also review all outstanding orders and ensure prompt action to avoid delays. This position also negotiates the best product, pricing, and delivery with reliable suppliers in the country and interfaces with Acctg to ensure proper record keeping of purchases and contracts.

The Finance Director's responsibilities will include preparation of all management monthly reports, variance analysis, standard costing, COGS analysis, etc.  In addition, financial analysis includes preparation of Division budget and financial updates. Other duties include credit management, cash management, coordination of other acctg and finance functions and assisting the Controller/ Operations Manager in handling special projects.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Kenya Finance Controller - Insurance

LOCATION: Kenya (Nairobi)

COMPANY: Well-established Insurance company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally oriented Financial Controller. Detail-oriented Finance Manager

Recruiter seeks a Kenya Finance Controller on behalf of a leading A+-rated African insurance firm. The Financial Controller will be in charge of all financial matters in Kenya, and will also supervise the Finance Managers in several other African countries and guide them in their regular reporting and submission of monthly Management Accounts.

The Financial Controller will also be responsible for consolidation at the Kenyan Holding level and submission of all Monthly / Quarterly Reports and Financial Statements for consolidation at the corporate level and reporting to the Stock Exchange Authorities. The Financial Controller will be responsible for putting in place all necessary controls and checks & balances within the overall finance administration of the Group. S/he will be the Group's liaison Officer for all Audit works by the External Auditors as well as the Internal Auditors.



Africa Supply Chain Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Purchasing Director - Plastics


COMPANY: Major Japanese Plastics Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of well established Japanese plastics manufacturing client, a Purchasing Director and a Finance Director. This operation is a prominent manufacturer in the country. A 3 year contract is desired.

The Purchasing Director’s responsibilities will include managing the purchasing and inventory control functions, reviewing and tracking obsolete and scrapped items, and providing data to Acctg concerning forecasted inventory.  The incumbent will also review all outstanding orders and ensure prompt action to avoid delays. This position also negotiates the best product, pricing, and delivery with reliable suppliers in the country and interfaces with Acctg to ensure proper record keeping of purchases and contracts.

The Finance Director's responsibilities will include preparation of all management monthly reports, variance analysis, standard costing, COGS analysis, etc.  In addition, financial analysis includes preparation of Division budget and financial updates. Other duties include credit management, cash management, coordination of other acctg and finance functions and assisting the Controller/ Operations Manager in handling special projects.




Africa Manufacturing & Operations Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chemical Process Manager - Cosmetics

LOCATION: Ghana (Accra)

COMPANY: Well-established African cosmetics company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, very project-oriented R&D Formulations and development manager

Recruiter seeks a Senior Engineer responsible for the design and development of manufacturing processes both for new product technologies and currently marketed products. The scope of the role involves process design and scale up from lab bench to full plant scale, end-to-end manufacturing including both bulk making and filling. The incumbent will have
accountability for developing robust, cost efficient processes across a product category, ensuring reliable manufacture with the desired product quality, experience & performance characteristics.

In this role, the Senior Engineer will apply the principles of process design and scale-up to define technical models that enable a successful 'right first time' execution of new product launches and / or alternative manufacturing solutions for existing products, in a timely fashion. He will independently plan & execute his own programs, working seamlessly with partners across R&D and Supply Chain organizations and sharing learning to enable application to other programs and systemic continuous improvements in the organization’s development approaches.

Key Responsibilities:
--Design & develop manufacturing processes strictly according to GMP norms.

--Builds category understanding — e.g. technologies, raw materials and other inputs, formulae types, manufacturing equipment & processes, ETP etc. to develop commercially feasible approaches.

--Executes programs to develop processes that deliver quality products.
--Defines comprehensive technical standards (ex: procedures, specifications) to capture learnings and manufacturing requirements accordingly. Understands test methods of physical characteristics and interprets relevant test data to improve process design.

--Identifies types and sources of Laboratory Equipment required for a well-equipped laboratory for Cosmetics Manufacturing.

--Sets up all the equipment, designs procedures for testing and analysis of all Imported and Local Raw Materials as well as finished goods in accordance with the QA requirements of the industry.

--Executes & analyses own work in a timely fashion. Uses understanding of engineering & science to perform work, including generating & analyzing data. Becomes proficient in standard operating procedures relevant to job.

--Documents & summarizes data - submits reports & integrates data into technical models to document technical readiness & define how the required product attributes are delivered, the processing levers, boundaries & controls, critical process parameter set points and ranges.

--Builds experience & confidence in making suggestions for next steps.

--Communicates results or observations to supervisor & team members. Learning help Identify & qualify new technologies & technical routes for breakthrough benefits. Recognizes & flags unexpected learning. Suggests how they could impact the project objectives.

--Understands local regulations pertaining to registration of products, develops contacts with the local regulatory bodies etc. Studies and uses the Patent system to use it effectively to protect the business. Aware of patent strategy on project.

Qualifications and Experience:
BSc. Chemical or Mechanical Engineering.

At least 6 to 8 years of working experience in Cosmetics, fine chemicals, or pharmaceutical operations. Working experience in manufacturing and R&D operations, with emphasis in process design, development, pilot plant, scale-up, and translation to full-scale production is highly desirable.

Experience in Manufacturing Industry in West Africa, and in Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry will be considered as added advantage.


  Africa Technical Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Satcom Technical Director

LOCATION: Southern Africa


Firm is a value-added service provided by a company specialising in the distribution of data via satellite and high-end web developments. Using the Internet protocol and advanced satellite communication technology, the firm is the first broadband Data Casting service to be launched in the country. The satellite datacasting system, offers the ability to uni-cast, multicast or broadcast large amounts of data at high speeds – something that conventional line-based point-to-point communications systems are unable to accommodate. Firm's business TV uses the latest satellite based video and audio streaming technology. 


  Africa Human Resources Management Executive Search






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