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Telecom Products & Services
The Recruitment of Global, National, & Region-Specific Strategic Managers is Our Specialty

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A Sampling of Past or Currently Listed Jobs

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  Executive Upper Management & General Management

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Major telecom services firm

LOCATION: US - Southeast location

COMPANY: Well established telecom services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Operating Officer (COO) who is a strong "people person," able to mentor subordinate managers and to harmonize fast-paced, collaborative operations environment without "departmental walls." Not a "closed door" manager.

Recruiter seeks a Chief Operating Officer (COO) on behalf of a well established telecommunications firm. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will provide executive leadership with overall responsibilities for sales, marketing, engineering and operations. The ideal candidate will have a strong proven profit and loss focus for a global communications company managing revenue of $100M plus, launching new products and a track record of leading companies through rapid and profitable growth.

Highlights of the major job duties and responsibilities:   
----Leadership, planning, and executive management of the following groups:
----Sales and Marketing
----Product Development
----Project Management
----Execute and deliver the strategic plan for EBITDA goals
----Serve as a key contributor of the team that sets the company's strategic direction
----Formulate long-term objectives and standards of performance for all departments
----Responsible for a staff of global employees of more than 200 Experience in managing diverse, simultaneous projects of varying complexities
----Develop and drive financial goals of the company
----Experience working alongside product development teams to get products through a complete life cycle
----Proven ability to assess financial models to meet the strategic objectives
----Proven experience working with the senior staff and  Board of Directors
Position requirements:
----Bachelors degree, Masters degree preferred
----Minimum of ten years executive and operational experience in telecommunications or technology industry, preferably with global experience
----Experienced executive management in a 24X7 operational environment
----Superior organizational, analytical, and numerical skills
----Must have excellent written and verbal communications skills
----Highly energetic and outgoing style


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager/ China Managing Director- Mobile telephones

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: Major Asian Cellphone Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: China Managing Director/ General Manager with consumer electronics experiences

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading firm in the consumer handset field, a China General Manager. The China General Manager needs to manage and oversee 400+ employees and control company structures.  Must be able to support production needs. Must able to work under pressure.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Germany Country Manager - UPS/ Data Centre Computer Equipment

LOCATION: Germany (Frankfurt, Munich, Hannover, other major cities)

COMPANY: US computer data center equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Must be a self starter with strong contacts selling equipment to corporate and civil clients (ie., airports). Germany Country Manager with a strong personality, tenacious and committed. Self motivated and achievement oriented. Capable of showing evidence of developing business in a competitive market. Ability to take the initiative, seize opportunities, overcome resistance, and adopt a “can do” attitude. Fully fluent in German and English

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast growing American firm in the UPS sector, seeks a Germany Country Manager . The position reports to the Vice President of Sales – EMEA & Asia Pacific. The Germany Country Manager will sell UPS products, on a turnkey basis, within Germany and other German-speaking regions and on occasion within other areas of Europe as the business requires.

--To engage in direct sales activities within Germany, Switzerland and Austria in order to profitably maintain and develop market share for equipment sales.

--In association with the VP Sales - EMEA devise and develop all necessary marketing activities and selling strategies for development of the business within Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

--Provide forecasts, budgets and fiscal reports for the VP of Sales EMEA. Keep records up to date on the company CRM database for all prospective and active customers.

--With the VP Sales – EMEA analyse competition and markets and develop business plans with respect to product and service sales.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: European Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Wireless Telecom Carrier
LOCATION: Central Europe/ Eastern Europe
COMPANY: Major Mobile Telecommunications Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing Central/ Eastern European Wireless Telecom Carrier, a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Ideally, the COO should have a Finance background, along with solid knowledge about the local national market. The COO could be a person with broad experience who is working abroad now or an expatriate who works in the country now. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be responsible for all major operational decisions freeing up the company head, so that the company head may focus on broader challenges. Each of the department heads - CFO, CTO, Operations, HR, Marketing, Sales - will report to the COO.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Mexico General Manager/ Sales Manager - Telecommunications (VoIP)

LOCATION: Mexico (Mexico City)

COMPANY: European VoIP Telecommunications Corporation

A growing European firm in the VoIP telecom sector is seeking a Mexico Country Manager who could serve as the firm's first employee in Mexico. The Mexico Country Manager would be personally responsible for sales and marketing of the firm's services to the Mexican market. The Mexico Country Manager must be a hands-on, self-starter with a good ability or experience to succeed in a startup situation. The Mexico Country Manager will have experience in telecommunications services, especially the VoIP or mobile phone services sectors.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Brazil General Manager/ Brazil Managing Director (Diretor Geral) - Mobile Telephones

LOCATION: Brazil (São Paulo)

COMPANY:  Major Asian Consumer Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Portuguese-English bilingual Brazil General Manager from the consumer electronics sector who is able to grow a mobile handset startup. Hands-on GM with an entrepreneurial spirit; low-cost minded. Good knowledge of the sales environment (sell in- sell out) in the consumer electronic business; understands operator business model and negotiation environment.

Recruiter seeks a Brazil General Manager (Brazil Managing Director) on behalf of a major Asian cellular telephony firm. Firm's products include mobile phones, personal computers, home appliances, electric lighting, and digital media sold to domestic and overseas markets. Key elements for this search: The Brazil General Manager (Brazil Managing Director) will have complete P&L responsibility in Brazil. Reporting to General Manager for the Americas, s/he will be presiding over a startup venture. The key objective is to grow quickly from the start up phase into a medium size company with a constant look at bottom line. The Brazil General Manager (Brazil Managing Director) must find the right balance between sales, production and finance, in order to enable sustainable development of the Brazil business unit.

-- industrial: define capacity requirements and industrial roadmap, negotiate costs, meet technical challenges for on- time deliveries, manage exposure and E&O

-- finance: understand financial role, optimize tax and financial structure as well as industrial set up (optimize costs), meet reporting deadlines

-- sales: define sales& marketing strategy and product roadmap both for operators and distributors

-- management: motivate existing teams and grow, adapat or change organization according to requests



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Brazil Managing Director (Diretor Geral) - Mobile Phones

LOCATION: Brazil (São Paulo)

COMPANY:  Major International Mobile Handset Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  unbureaucratic, fast-paced Brazil general manager, preferably able to start up Brazil sales operations in the consumer electronics and/or mobile telephone market. Fluent Portuguese/ English skills. Exposure to local Brazil contract electronics manufacturing helpful.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major international consumer electronics firm selling handphones, a Brazil Managing Director. The Brazil Managing Director should be an experienced Brazil General Manager with sales, marketing, operations and finance background. The Brazil Managing Director must know how to behave in a "start up" type of role in the consumer electronics industry ( preferably wireless industry) as the firm's activities in Brazil are still in their initial phase.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Wireless Telecommunications


COMPANY: Growing Mobile Communications firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Operating Officer (COO) coming from a successful mobile telephony startup

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing Gulf 3rd Generation network telecom, a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Firm has a single IP network that provides Voice, Video & data service. Firm needs a highly competent Chief Operating Officer (COO) to grow the network to a world class network


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  - Telecommunications Equipment

LOCATION:  Nigeria

COMPANY: Telecommunications Equipment Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a telecom equipment company, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The candidate should be experienced in running companies in the manufacturing segment, preferably for electronic and telecom products. S/he should have capability of making strategic plans, have knowledge of Finance and Banking, as well as an ability to connect with senior level of telecom operators, Govt. official, local industries and other country administrators. The position supervises 50 -100.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - CDMA Wireless Telecommunications

LOCATION:  West African location to be discussed

COMPANY: Wireless Telecommunications Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an IT infrastructure company that designs, builds, manages, and optimizes customized networks and network-related solutions, a Wireless Telecom Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The firm has acquired the capability to offer CDMA solutions at 800 Mhz frequency and plans to launch voice and value added services to become a fully integrated telecoms provider. The Company’s focus is to bring leading-edge networking products to the market first and ahead of the competition, leading the market in efficient service delivery, technology, customer base, marketing infrastructure and revenue and thus be the network provider of choice. In venturing into the CDMA arena, the Company will seek to implement a similar approach. The Company is dynamic and extremely results-orientated and is seeking a CDMA Wireless Telecom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who can drive the CDMA business forward to be the market-leading provider of CDMA services. Reports to Board of Directors. Will be key to the appointment and oversight of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by the candidate will be supported by a thorough understanding and in-depth experience at a managerial/directorial level of emerging markets telecoms operations with a specific focus on CDMA technology. The ideal candidate will have strong strategic planning skills encompassing analytical and project evaluation skills. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be an adroit people manager that will be responsible for senior management and indirectly, all staff. The ideal candidate will have proven analytical skills and strategic vision to interpret and act upon management information and market trends. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be a strong strategic thinker with the ability to start-up and build businesses in the region with experience and knowledge of similar markets and their practices e.g. licencing requirements, legal framework, business practices etc.) Fluent English.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Country Operations Manager - Telecom Services

LOCATION: Francophone African Country

COMPANY: Major International Telecom Services firm

Recruiter seeks a Francophone Country Manager, on behalf of a medium size corporation with extensive experience in telecom industry, embracing Fiber, GSM, VSAT, traditional voice and Internet communications markets, with deep expertise in network development, implementation and operations. Firm is in need of an experienced and highly motivated Country/regional manager in Francophone Africa. The Country Manager will be accountable and responsible for:

-Overseeing efficient, timely, and cost effective importation of all goods and management of logistics

-Financial control with routine and regularized reporting

-Handling of all government affairs and negotiations with related departments

-Banking and financial liaison and negotiations of financial transactions

-Overseeing all hiring practices and compliance with local and labor regulations

-Overseeing effective operation of different project managers during their various stages of project execution

-Asset management and inventory control

-Negotiation of major local contracts and subsequent contract administration

-Supervision and review of progress payment billings

-Supervision and preparation of project progress status reports

-University degree in business or finance, with preferably with a MBA

-At least 10 years experience in similar position in Francophone Africa

-Excellent communication and negotiating skills with proven management experience

-Superb fluency in both spoken and written French and English





Sales, Marketing and Business Development


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales and Marketing - Telecommunications Services

LOCATION: US - Midwest

COMPANY: Well established medium sized telecommunications services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced VP Sales and Marketing

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a telecommunications services firm a VP Sales and Marketing who can develop sales methodology, strategies and plans which identify marketing opportunities, direct marketing and new project development. The VP Sales and Marketing should analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of sales, methods, costs, and results. S/he should establish and implement short-and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales and Marketing - Telecom services

LOCATION: US - Mountain West/ Pacific NW (Denver, CO; Salt Lake City, UT; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA)

COMPANY: Telephone and Internet Services Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, dynamic marketer, with good brand creation and advertising experience

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established rural telephone company, a VP Sales and Marketing, who would report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This position is responsible for directing all marketing, sales, and public relations activities for the firm, including a strong emphasis on product development, which leads to generating and sustaining revenue.  


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP, Sales and Marketing - Telecommunications Services
LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina, etc.)
COMPANY: $20 million Telecom Firm

A Southeastern regional CLEC firm (approximately $20 million sales) operates state of the art Nortel Networks DMS switches for local and long distance services, seeks a VP Sales and Marketing. Serving a broad and diverse business customer base, the firm provides a full array of voice and data telecommunications services.

The VP Sales and Marketing should be above all a superior, aggressive sales manager who also possesses a strategic aptitude for pricing and marketing.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Sales Director - Networking Equipment & Components

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (metro- Toronto)

COMPANY: Fast growing telecom equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very aggressive Canada Sales Director with strong sales contacts in the Canadian telecom, cable TV and broadband markets. Good managerial skills, able to mentor and develop staff. French skills a strong plus.

Recruiter, on behalf of a very successful provider of fiberoptic equipment and components, seeks a Canada Sales Director. Reporting to the President & CEO, the Sales Director will assume overall responsibilities of P&L performance, leadership and growth objectives of Canada operations. Standard measurements will focus on actual sales, profitability, and growth percentage within the business unit. In addition, developing and maintaining a strong pipeline of new customers and markets will be key to rapid growth expectations.

•   Responsible for overall performance and management of all departments and personnel within Canada operation.

•   Provide leadership to the day-to-day operations of the sales department, while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals.

•   Analyze sales statistics quarterly to determine business growth potential by product group and new market opportunities.

•   Establish performance goals for all sales department employees, and monitor performance on a continued basis.

•   Direct all departments to achieve objectives established in the Company’s Strategic Plan.

•   Assure business relations with all customers are held to a high professional level.

•   Seek out and target new customer/sales opportunities. Initiate plans to approach and secure new business for the company.

•   Responsible for managing control of all department budgets.

•   Responsible for driving revenue growth through continuous improvement in sales technique and sales driven initiative.

•   Attract, retain, train, and motivate a diverse sales force.

•   Develop a dynamic prospect and account list, handle incoming leads to successful sales closure.

•   Collaborate closely with product managers in developing new products that have substantial growth opportunities.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Sales - Telecom Service Sector

LOCATION: US - Northeast (metro- Boston, Massachusetts)

COMPANY:  US Technology Consulting Services Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading firm providing services to the telecom and high tech industries, a Sales Director. You must be a highly motivated, results oriented, savvy individual who can focus directly on the tremendous opportunities in the Communications, Media, and Technology industries.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: International Director, Channels Marketing - Telecommunications

LOCATION: US - Southeast

COMPANY: Major Microwave Communications corporation

Recruiter seeks for a leading company in the microwave communications equipment field, an International Marketing Director who could help develop and improve the firm's channels marketing organization outside of North America. Candidates should have had significant experiences in working with mobile telecommunications carriers and/or base station channels in Europe in particular. Travel to Europe and worldwide should be considered heavy (over 50%). English fluency is required, and knowledge of other European (or Asian) languages would be considered an asset.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Corporate Strategy General Manager - Telecommunications

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Corporate Strategy Manager with world-class telecom experiences

COMPANY: Major Telecommunications firm

Recruiter seeks a Corporate Strategy General Manager, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a major telecommunications firm. The Corporate Strategy General Manager will lead the Corporate Strategy and Innovation Department and will be accountable for:

•Ensure that information and guidance for top level management’s decision making on strategic alternative scenarios & business implications is available

•Manage the development of medium to long term strategic market/ business guidance to Regions & Functional Dept for business improvement

•Ensure that 3-year roadmap on company strategic business imperatives is available with considerations of regulatory landscape, technology development, market & business dynamics, regional synergy, & company propositions

•Ensure a continuous strategic market analysis is conducted

•Manage industry scouting and partner interaction with local and global partners to shape the roadmap of firm

•Help define new product opportunities, shaping and channeling initial concepts through to product and planning teams and managing the commercial negotiations and terms for joint products


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)  - Telecommunications

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: China Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with strong startup business management skills

COMPANY: Major Mobile Telephony Network Operator

Recruiter seeks a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), reporting to the CEO of a major international mobile telecommunications operator. The purpose of this position is to start up business relationships in-country with partners and content providers. Strong English skills required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Country Manager- Messaging Software

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: US CRM/ Messaging Software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained China Country Manager who is very hands on, able to build a China sales effort from scratch. Experience at firms like AVAYA of great interest.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of medium sized and fast growing US communications software firm, a China Country Manager. Reporting to the Asia Pacific General Manager, the China Country Manager should have a good sales track record in the CRM sector. Minimun 10 years sales experience selling software or products in the communications platform. Fluency in Chinese Mandarin and English is required of this China Sales Manager.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Sales & Marketing Director - Mobile Phone

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: Major International Mobile Phone Technology firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: China Sales & Marketing Director who is very results-oriented and have strong contacts within the mobile handset industry.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading international firm in the mobile telephony field, a China Sales and Marketing Director. The China Sales and Marketing Director will be responsible for developing and advancing sales in China. Reports to the VP Sales, Asia Pacific.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia-Pacific Business Development Director - Network Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore or Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

COMPANY:  U.S. Network Infrastructure Equipment Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading US electronic equipment firm selling to the Asia-Pacific telecom industry, an Asia-Pacific Business Development Director. The territory coverst all the countries of the Asia Pacific region, except China. Current sales volume is approximately US$35 million. Highest growth markets in the territory include India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries of Indochina. The Asia-Pacific Business Development Director, Telecom Network Asia Pacific, should have good knowledge in the telecommunications industry, ideally in power supplies (e.g Telecom Rectifiers, DC Power Systems, Monitoring Systems, Outdoor Cabinet etc). S/he must have a strong technical background, as well as a strong ability to be fully conversant with the Telecommunication technologies.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Regional Sales Managers - Wireless test equipment

LOCATION: China (Shanghai or Beijing); Taiwan (Hsinchu or Taipei); Japan (Tokyo)

COMPANY: Leading mobile telecom test equipment manufacturer

On behalf of a multinational mobile telecom test equipment maker, recruiter seeks 3 persons to serve as client's Regional Sales Managers in Asia - one China Regional Manager, one Taiwan Sales Manager, one Japan Sales Manager. Desired profile: -B.S. Degree or equivalent qualification -Strong outgoing personality -Ability to establish and maintain good relationships with a wide range of clients  -Good communication and presentation skills  -Clearer thinker-good listener -Experience in "Big ticket" selling -Experience:8 to 15 yrs -Fluent in Mandarin Chinese (China and Taiwan); Fluent in Japanese (Japan); Fluent in English (all positions) -Ideally: Familiar with electronics manufacturers, especially Telecoms; Cellular R&D Sales experience and market knowledge; Wireless test market experience and contacts preferred; Knowledge of 2G, 3G or similar technology (CDMA); Knowledge of the handset conformance process; Knowledge of the 2G,3G network infrastructure testing process


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Sales Manager - Telecommunications Electronic Components

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: U.S. Telecommunications Component Firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading American manufacturer of electronic and electrical components for the  Telecommunications Industry -particularly for cable Television and Local Area Network applications-- a Shanghai, China Sales Manager. With the development of its business, the company has established a resident representative office in Shanghai China. Chinese (Mandarin) fluency required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sales Director - Satellite Communications


COMPANY: Major Telecommunications Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales Director with satcom experience

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading firm in the satcom space, a Sales Director. The Sales Director will.have national responsibilities. Customer contacts in the media and broadcast sectors is desired.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Europe Sales Director - IT Services (E-Commerce)

LOCATION: Europe (esp: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium)

COMPANY: Mobile Payments Startup

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, very unbureaucratic and self-directed, results-oriented Europe Sales Director, with experiences selling IT services to mobile network operators, technology providers, financial service firms (payment providers, banks) and large retailers. Multilingual ideal; fluent English and at least one other European language. Preference to Europe Sales Director who has worked according to a business model where income comes via software licensing (flexible revenue share, pay-as-you-go license, etc.)

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of expanding startup in the mobile payments field, a Europe Sales Director. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Europe Sales Director will be responsible for business development and top-line growth within Europe, selling the company’s products and services. The Europe Sales Director will be developing and executing all key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans required to achieve pre-established financial targets. Key responsibilities of the Europe Sales Director:

---Own and achieve annual sales targets within Europe and accounts

---Establish sales objectives by preparing and developing annual sales plan and budget

---Develop and execute strategic plan to achieve sales targets and to expand the company’s customer base

---Partner with customers to understand their business needs and objectives

---Effectively communicate the value proposition through proposals and presentations

---Define adequate sales strategies and customer specific pricing models

---Identify and build relations with Partners in Europe

---Report regularly on sales pipeline, sales budget execution and forecasts

---Act as an active contributor to the company strategy as part of the senior management team



---Past relevant experience in a similar job (sales) of minimum 5 years

---Past relevant experience within IT; specific knowledge and experience in the Mobile Payments space will be valued

---Experience in similar role selling to (at least one) of the following sectors: Mobile Operators, Financial Services Companies, Retailers

---Consultative sales: deep product and market knowledge to drive a consultative sales process

---Sales leadership and negotiation

---Sales budgeting, planning and reporting

---Demonstrated ability to communicate, verbally and in written, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization, including executive and C-level

---Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close

---Proven ability to articulate the distinct aspects of products and services and position them against competitors

---Demonstrable experience in developing client-focused, differentiated and achievable solutions

---Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation skills

---BA/BS degree or equivalent



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Germany Sales Director - Mobile Telecom Services


COMPANY: European Mobile Telecommunications Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented, pan-European oriented Germany Sales Director

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a well financed European mobile telephony services firm, a Germany Sales Director. The focus would be selling to leading Germany based telecoms, as well as to international telecoms with German offices. The Germany Sales Director must be fluent in German and English. The Germany Sales Director must be highly international in attitude, able to work easily in a medium sized pan-European high tech firm not based in Germany. Language abilities in French, Spanish or Italian would be considered a strong plus.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Germany Sales Director - Mobile Telecom Services


COMPANY: European Mobile Telecommunications Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented, pan-European oriented Germany Sales Director

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a well financed European mobile telephony services firm, a Germany Sales Director. The focus would be selling to leading Germany based telecoms, as well as to international telecoms with German offices. The Germany Sales Director must be fluent in German and English. The Germany Sales Director must be highly international in attitude, able to work easily in a medium sized pan-European high tech firm not based in Germany. Language abilities in French, Spanish or Italian would be considered a strong plus.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Scandinavia Director of European Sales - Wireless Components
LOCATION: Sweden or UK preferred, other Western Europe possible
COMPANY: Wireless components company

Expanding US company (2002 WW Sales US$15.9 Million, 2002 EU Sales US$2 Million) making RF components for wireless infrastructure, seeks a Director of European Sales.  Experience selling wireless products to companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel, Siemens, Nera, AME, Bookham, Marconi, BAE, Thales, Tesat, etc., could be very useful for this job. This company is headed by a very hard working, entrepreneurial sales and marketing oriented CEO, who will expect the firm's European Sales Director to be an aggressive hands on technical sales professional. Familiarity with the application of RF components to base stations and defence communication systems would be ideal. The Scandinavia Director of European Sales will also manage the representatives in Europe. Initially, this candidate will be the main driver of sales into the European market, so the recruiter seeks someone who is very comfortable with working independently within a lean organization. Candidates must have very good English skills. Language ability in French or German could be useful. Travel is expected to  range from 60-75%.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Germany Sales Manager (Germany Sales Director) - Digital Television Components
COMPANY: Entrepreneurial European DTV Electronics Firm

A European firm making products for terrestrial digital TV (DTV) broadcasting technology --such as transmitters, repeaters, and antennas-- requires its first Germany Sales Director. The Germany Sales Director's sales territory will initially be limited to Germany, but might also later include Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The firm’s customers include broadcasters as well as mobile operators, so Germany Sales Director candidates who are experienced in the sales of broadcasting equipment might be the best fit. Germany Sales Directors in related fields also could be considered.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Central and Eastern Europe Sales Manager - Wireless Components
LOCATION: Central Europe or Eastern Europe - any location can be considered
COMPANY: Manufacturer of Base Station RF Components

Medium sized manufacturer of base station antennas for the mobile wireless industry, a division of a large multinational corporation, has an immediate opening for a Central or East Europe based CEE Sales Manager who can help continue their momentum in the wireless marketplace. Customers include Network operators such as Vodaphone, Orange, T-Mobile, etc., as well as OEM's like Nokia and Ericsson. CEE Sales Managers should have had similar types of customers within their region. Product experience preferably will come from within the wireless component market. Although RF antenna experience might be ideal, it is not required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Scandinavia Sales Manager - Wireless Ceramic Components

LOCATION: Sweden (Stockholm) or Finland (Helsinki)

COMPANY: US Electronic Components Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very strategic and unbureaucratic technical Scandinavia Sales Manager with base station experience

Recruiter, on behalf of a firm in the telecom network and base station components field, seeks a Scandinavia Sales Manager. The main targeted customers are Ericsson and Nokia, Wireless telecom (e.g. Point to point radio makers), RF & Microwave companies, EMS companies, etc. The Scandinavia Sales Manager role is a technical sales one, so its supporting OEM/EMS customers directly, and supporting their Distributors/reps with their business with OEM/EMS. Due to complex nature, an Electronics degree of some form is essential. Experience selling to the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe a plus.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Mexico Country Manager - Telecommunications Equipment

LOCATION: Mexico (Mexico City)

COMPANY: Major global telecommunications equipment company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strategic, aggressive, Mexico Country Manager, with strong track record of success selling equipment to leading relevant customers

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a fast growing, major global telecommunications equipment firm, a Mexico Country Manager. The Mexico Country Manager will focus on a greenfield sales effort in Mexico, so the Mexico Country Manager must be able to chart the sales strategy to win. Firm offers a full portfolio of IP-based networking solutions, including enterprise routers, switches, security, SOHO products, Voice/Video products and wireless LAN. The ideal Mexico Country Manager should have at least 15 years of progressive experience from managing a sale unit, a branch office, to the entire operation of a country for providing datacom networking solutions to enterprises (IP) (excluding telecommunications industry) through direct sales and channel partners. Fluent English and Spanish both oral and written. Knowledge of Chinese will be an advantage. MBA preferred.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Latin America Sales Manager - Mobile Telephony Software

LOCATION: Mexico (Mexico City) or USA (Miami, Florida)

COMPANY: Major European Telecom Software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Spanish-English bilingual or Spanish-Portuguese-English trilingual Latin America Sales Manager with established sales contacts with mobile operators. Must be a "strong closer" type. Self starter.

Recruiter seeks a Latin America Sales Manager on behalf of a major European firm in the telecommunications software field. The Latin America Sales Manager reports to the VP Global Sales and Marketing. Requires 5-10 years successful sales experience of solutions and services sales in the Latin American telecom industry, preferably value added services

.   Track record of closing contracts with operators

.   Ability to represent the company at all levels within the customer organizations

.   Responsible for direct sales and market development of the company's products and services within a defined territory (Northern LATAM especially, and Brazil if possible)

.   Responsible for forecasts, developing account plans and market development strategy within a defined territory or set of accounts

.   In charge of developing and closing new business as well as grow business in existing accounts based on Mobile operator Business Unit portfolio (i.e. selfcare solutions, service portals,  messaging)

.   Responsible for meeting quarterly & half year sales quota (Bookings & revenues) in the assigned territory or accounts



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Latin America Sales Director (South America Sales Director) - Telecom Equipment

LOCATION: Brazil (São Paulo)

COMPANY:  Major North American Telecom Equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Versed in Telecommunications technologies, specially in the 3 main telecom network layers (Physical layer with focus on Fiber Optic technology, Optical layer focus in CWDM/DWDM Technology, and the protocol layer, focus on transport applications like SDH, next generation SDH, ATM, Frame Relay, Gigabit Ethernet, Voice over IP, etc. Outstanding knowledge of the network service providers market in Latin America. Portuguese- English bilingual or Portuguese-Spanish-English trilingual Latin America Sales Director. Aggressive and unbureaucratic. Self starter and able to communicate and interact with people at all levels. Autonomous, well organized, and results-oriented.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading North American firm in the telecommunications equipment field, a Latin America Sales Director. Reports to VP Americas. The Latin America Sales Director promote all of firm's Telecom Product lines, and is responsible for developing, delivering or exceeding Sales Target in the territory (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile). The Latin America Sales Director will implement and drive an account management strategy for the regions tier one customers. Select, train, support, follow up, and set sales objectives with distributors. Advising which sales channels are suitable for the firm's ranges, drawing up business plan to corroborate this advice and then the execution of that strategy. The Latin America Sales Director will be responsible to deliver KPIs outlined within firm'ss corporate objectives (Key account strategy, margin control, cost per order analysis), as well as being responsible for maintaining and updating the corporate CRM data base as well as delivering accurate and timely sales forecasts. The Latin America Sales Director will assume an active lead in key projects and tenders. Close commercial and technical support of firm's clients (end users). Develop the firm's MDR image and market penetration in the territory, special focus on Brazil. Close relationship with firm's marketing and design teams to ensure our clients needs are well known and understood, also to better direct future product development. The Latin America Sales Director will provide constant feedback to the factory on the competition and changes in technology trends. Taking full responsibility of the demo equipment and assigned company assets.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Latin America Sales Director - Billing and Customer Care Software

LOCATION: Brazil (Sao Paulo)

COMPANY: European Software firm

A European firm serving tier 2 and tier 3 telecom operators worldwide seeks a Latin American Regional Sales Director, who would be based out of Brazil. The firm seeks a top-notch Latin American Regional Sales Director with a background in selling BACC solutions and/or services to telecom companies, and who, working with support teams, could run a regional sales organization. The Latin American Sales Director will position and sell company products and solutions to telecom companies in a direct sales model. The region with initially carry a revenue quota of US$6M. Run your own sales ‘Business Unit’ to perform lead generation, account qualification, sales positioning, and A/c management. Negotiate business terms and contractual arrangements. The right Latin American Sales Director will have 15+ years' of related telecom software sales experience and have demonstrated the ability to exceed sales quotas in excess of US$6M. The right Latin American Sales Director must be able to work in a team-oriented environment and be able to travel freely across Latin America. Excellent English/ Portuguese/ Spanish skills are mandatory.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Brazil Country Manager - Telecommunications Equipment

LOCATION: Brazil (São Paulo)

COMPANY: European telecommunications equipment company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strategic, aggressive Brazil Country Manager, with strong track record of equipment sales to carriers, etc.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a German telecommunications equipment firm, a Brazil Country Manager. Reporting to the Director of Sales - Latin America, the Brazil Country Manager is responsible for all sales activities in sales area, maintaining existing and developing new accounts in Brazil for Incumbent, Alternative Carriers, CLEC’s, ISP’s, ITSP’s & City carriers, distributors VAR & System integrators.

-- 4-7 years proven sales experience telecommunication companies

-- Proven sales track record with budget of 2-4M USD

-- University degree (or equivalent)

-- Vast knowledge dealing with distributors VAR and system integrators.

-- Telecommunication Experience – VoIP/TDM Advantages

-- Knowledge in networking & systems architecture

-- Data communication experience LAN/WAN

-- Besides Portuguese, fluent English, Additional language - an advantage

-- Experience working with large telecom companies – advantage



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) - Telecommunications Equipment

LOCATION: Brazil (Sao Paulo)

COMPANY: European telecom equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) with sales to Brazilian telecom operators

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established German telecom equipment manufacturer, a Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas). Reporting to the Latin America Sales Director, the Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) will have 5+ years' sales experience (telecom industry an advantage). Responsible for all sales activities in Brazil, the Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) maintains existing and developing new accounts in Brazil for Incumbent, Alternative Carriers, CLEC’s, ISP’s, ITSP’s & City carriers, distributors VAR & System integrators. Experience working with large telecom companies. The Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) directs sales to customers in the territory. The Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) acquires new business partners operating in the telecom market - system Integrators for Telecom market & sales channels. The Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) has responsibility for the complete sales process independently. Achieves sales quota and customer services targets in the territory. The Brazil Sales Manager (Diretor de Vendas) has a proven sales track record with budget of 2-4M USD; Vast knowledge dealing with distributors VAR and system integrators; Telecommunication Experience – VoIP/TDM a plus


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Brazil Sales Director - Mobile Telephones (handsets)

LOCATION: Brazil (São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro)

COMPANY:  Fast growing Asian consumer electronics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very innovative and creative mobile telephone Brazil Sales Director

Recruiter seeks a Brazil Sales Director, on behalf of a fast growing Asian mobile telephone manufacturer. Reporting to the Brazil General Manager, this sales director must be be able to build a startup organization in Brazil.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Turkey Director of Sales - Telecommunications

LOCATION: Turkey (Istanbul)

COMPANY: Leading Telecommunications firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading telecommunications firm, a Turkey Sales Director. Requires strong negotions skills, experiences in relationship management. Fluent English and Turkish

--Establish sales plans and strategy to close large deals

--Identify business opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their position in the industry; researching and analyzing sales options

--Attain commercial objectives to expand the Telecommunication system Turkish market

--Propose long term partnerships between client and own business area



EXECUTIVE SEARCH:  Middle East Sales Director - Telecommunications Equipment

LOCATION: Middle East location - flexible

COMPANY: Medium sized US telecom equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced Middle East Sales Director, who is results oriented, meticulous to detail. Self starter.

Recruiter seeks a Middle East Sales Director on behalf of a growing US telecommunications equipment firm.

•   Ability to present in front of both business and technical groups

•   Minimum of 5 years experience working with telecom carrier customers (either direct or via channels)

•   Minimum of 3 years experience working with external channels

•   Deep technical/operational understanding of telecom networks

•   Network Security experience a plus



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Telecom Firm


COMPANY: Major Telecom Firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading Gulf firm in the telecommunications sector, a CTO and a VP Sales. The CTO will be involved with the development of specifications for a voice, video, and data communications system, including designing, managing and operating broadband (coaxial, microwave, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) and base band (twisted pair, coaxial) transmission systems, applying data communications, VoIP, SOFTSWITCHING  and software protocols. Designs, plans, installs, and operates carrier grade interfaces with other carrier communications facilities. The Vice President of Sales will be responsible for the development of major national corporate accounts, as well as the development of the consumer market.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Marketing - Mobile Telecom Firm


COMPANY: Major Mobile Wireless Telecom Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong business sense. Creative, innovative Director of Marketing. Customer orientation. Strong interpersonal skills. Entrepreneurial, people developer. High quality service orientation. Creative. Detail-oriented. Strong negotiation skills. Capacity to interact easily with other people. Good communications skills. Leadership

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading Gulf firm in the mobile telecommunications sector, a Director of Marketing, reporting to the Chief Commercial Officer. Will successfully position wireless telecom firm as an innovative quality-leader in the mobile market and ensure sustainable market share growth. Key to establishing Marketing plan set-up and Product launch, the Marketing Director will take responsibility for Offer Management, Pricing, Product Management, Online presence, Communications, Roaming, Interconnect. Performance measurement criteria: Gross adds, ARPU, churn Brand image and brand awareness; availability of attractive price plans, products and services targeted at specific segments; availability of interconnection at attractive rates on time for launch Number of international roaming partners; promotion offers; pricing

• University degree and an MBA

• Five years experience in Marketing in a Telecom operator or in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company

• Experience in the areas of Offer Management, Product Management, Pricing Communications & PR and International Roaming recommended

• Fluent in English. Arabic is a plus


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)- Wireless Telecom Services

LOCATION: East Africa

COMPANY: Major International Wireless Telecom Services firm

Recruiter seeks a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a major international firm in the wireless services field. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will devise and evaluate a commercial strategy across the company so as to achieve the company’s business plan and to assist the CEO in operational functions. Key duties: formulation of the Commercial (Marketing, Sales, Service) mission, annual objectives, budgets and operational strategies  and achievement of same; formulation of a rolling 3 year Marketing / Sales / Service Roadmap. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)  will be responsible also for achieving all technical/non-technical objectives and targets; develop/Implement commercial plans to maximize on subscriber and revenue growth



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sr Sales Manager - East and Southern Africa - Telecom Software

LOCATION: South Africa

COMPANY: European Telecom Network Management Software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Africa Sales Manager with strong experience partnering with leading regional telecoms of East Africa and Southern Africa.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading European firm in the telecom networking field, a Senior Regional Sales Manager - Eastern and Southern Africa. The firm is a leading provider of subscriber and network intelligence enabling mobile operator to drive business performance. Their vendor-independent real-time monitoring and troubleshooting solution covers end-to-end 2G, 3G and 4G from radio access to core network. In order to support its growth in the Africa region, the firm is recruiting a Senior Regional Sales Manager - Eastern and Southern Africa, who reports to the Managing Director – Africa.

• Define the sales strategy for your region in cooperation with your line manager,
• Drive customer engagements throughout the sales cycle,
• Grow revenues with new and existing service provider customers, global service providers and reseller partners,
• Expand customer base,
• Champion the opportunities internally and coordinate actions with firm’s teams such as Pre-sales, Product & Solutions Marketing and Deployment,
• Manage customer tenders,
• Acquire a solid and in-depth understanding of customer's business drivers and uses this knowledge to steer the activities for creating profitable business,
• Close deals and supervise deployments until invoicing and collection is completed.

Success metrics:
• Revenues (booking and billing),
• Customer satisfaction,
• New customer wins.

• Significant experience and track record in selling complex solutions to Service providers,
• Proven sales ability including: pricing, customer relationship building and management, consultative selling,
• Creative thinking and problem solving. Strong human and interpersonal skills,
• Excellent communication skills is a must, fluent in English,
• Working knowledge of the telecom industry,
• Can operate with a high degree of independence within agreed policies, targets and budgets,
• Regular travels in Africa and occasionally transcontinental (especially to headquarters in Europe),
• Enjoys team working and being part of a fast moving innovative The firm pioneering leading-edge technology,
• A self-starting and highly motivated individual who wants to win in competitive situations,
• Graduate business and / or technical degree.



Finance Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Telecommunications

LOCATION: US Northeast (Maryland)

COMPANY: Privately held telecommunications services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Diligent Chief Financial Officer (CFO), results-driven

Recruiter seeks a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a well established telecommunications firm. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the CFO should focus on increasing market share, expanding business opportunities, improving productivity, and maximizing profitability.

•   Set daily goals to achieve short and long term results.

•   Recognize and act on areas for improvement.

•   Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction with all clients or customers, both internal and external.

•   Evaluate the cost/benefit effectiveness of all business opportunities as they pertain to the larger vision and mission, based on company strategies.

•   Foster relationships with others by ensuring communication occur in a timely manner keeping others fully informed.

•   Assists others in the achievement of goals focusing on the achievement of team outcomes over individual accomplishments.

•   Work in cooperation and consult with other leaders to ensure strategies are sound and support the organizational vision and mission.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Internet Services

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: Private Investment Group

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained China Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with IPO experiences, MBA and/or CPA/CA. Strong communicator, with strong IPO investment contacts and successes.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established investment group, a Chief Financial Officer. The position reports directly to the CEO. Salary range: 200k USD/yr + performance bonus

---Experience in both a pre-IPO and Public Company environment

---Responsibility for taking a company public

---Working for an international high growth industry

---Experience in raising capital from a variety of sources

---M&A experience and the ability to provide the analytical framework and financial benchmarks to enable informed investment decisions

---In charge of all financial issues pertaining to the overall business direction including corporate accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, strategic planning, treasury and taxes

---Perform financial planning and analysis, as well as feasibility studies

---Responsible for financial controllership of the assets and businesses, investment review and shareholder wealth management and investor relations

---An open and direct communicator who provides clear direction with a result-oriented style

---Motivate through high initiatives, integrity and exceptional work ethic, provide challenge through hard work and the ability to make an impact

---CPA and MBA preferred


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Finance Director - Wireless Telecommunications Products

LOCATION: Slovakia (Bratislava)

COMPANY: Leading Multinational Mobile Handset Company

A global leader in the field of wireless voice and data products, and a premier supplier of outsourced services, serving manufacturers, carriers and retailers, seeks a Finance Director for their Slovakia operation. The Slovakia operation will serve as a key jump-off point to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Finance Director in Slovakia therefore will be a key person in the firm's Central and Eastern European expansion plans. Fluent English; Slovak is beneficial. Other Slavic or Central/East European language abilities would be of interest



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Mobile Telecom


COMPANY: Major Mobile Wireless Telecom Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Financial Officer should have strong experiences in the wireless telecom field. Candidates familiar with the GCC region helpful. A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with strong communication and people skills. Solid understanding of telecom economics. Excellent negotiation skills.  Strong leadership and communication skills

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading Gulf firm in the mobile telecommunications sector, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who reports to the Board of Directors, must maximise wireless telecom firm's return on capital employed by building and overseeing business planning, accounting, financial controls, treasury, billing & collections, procurement, and facilities management functions. Managing a team of about 20 people, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will build and oversee financial, procurement, and facilities management functions:

o Provide management, shareholders, and auditors with a clear picture of wireless telecom firm's current and future profitability and funding needs

o Direct all decision with major financial impact to improve wireless telecom firm's return on capital (investments, asset management, pricing, interconnect, expenses)

o Provide and maintain a solid and reliable business plan, budget and forecast and the reporting on actuals

o Set-up and oversee accounting and treasury on an ongoing basis

o Build collections channels convenient to customers and cost efficient to wireless telecom firm

o Build billing capability (together with IT) and oversee collections

o Procure on behalf efficient way of business departments in a transparent and cost


Professional qualification:

• 10 years of financial experience in a management role

• Experience in a start up, and Middle East experience, are pluses

• Fluent in English, Arabic a plus





Manufacturing & Operations Management
EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Director of Operations - Mobile Devices Semiconductors
LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)
COMPANY: US semiconductor startup firm

A US semiconductor startup providing highly integrated, cost effective silicon solutions for the mobile device market has developed a product that defines a new level of integration, performance, and cost for mobile processors. The firm was founded by a highly accomplished group of technology innovators who have led other startup firms to successes. Recruiter seeks an operations manager who will spearhead the client's production and fulfillment tasks. This candidate will be responsible for managing the purchasing, inventory, and fulfillment processes for the firm's semiconductor products. Specifically, the operations manager will work with the sales team on forecasting, ordering, and delivering the firm's processors, which integrate an ARM9 RISC processor, DSP, graphical LCD controller, Bluetooth and GPS baseband controllers, digital camera interface, and a long list of peripheral control and system expansion interfaces.





Technical Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Information Technology (VP IT) - Major Broadcast Television Network

LOCATION: US Northeast (New York, NY)

COMPANY: Leading Broadcast Television Network

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Highly polished, corporate CIO

Recruiter seeks an Assistant CIO on behalf of a major broadcast television network, employing over 6,000 people. The VP of Information Technology’s primary responsibility is to oversee operation of the IT department and to ensure it aligns with the business objectives of the organization. This individual’s principal goals are to develop and manage the strategic technology vision within the organization. The VP of IT will design, plan and direct all operational activities of the IT department and direct IT solutions necessary for business operations. The VP of IT will report directly to the CIO, and work closely with other MIS departments, business units, and broadcast operations to identify, recommend, develop, implement and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the organization. The VP IT will be the heir-apparent to the CIO. Travel nationally, 20-30%. Base is Manhattan, but also time in NJ.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Wireless Technology - Major Telco

LOCATION: US West Coast Location

COMPANY: Leading Wireless Carrier

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Wireless Technology from a Major Wireless Carrier. Unbureaucratic, results-oriented. Strong management skills and strong ability to launch exciting new technologies.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading telco, a VP Wireless Technology, who would be supervising a department of between 150-300 people. This person must be one of the best in the field, nationally and globally.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Network Operations - Telecommunications

LOCATION: US Midwest (Chicago, Illinois)

COMPANY: Telecommunications Firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a telecom client, a Director of Network Operations. The Director of Network Operations will employ technical and administrative expertise in the development of specifications for a voice, video, and data communications system, including designing, managing and operating broadband (coaxial, microwave, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) and base band (twisted pair, coaxial) transmission systems, applying data communications, VoIP, SOFTSWITCHING  and software protocols. Designs, plans, installs, and operates carrier grade interfaces with other carrier communications facilities.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director RF Technology

LOCATION:  US - California (Los Angeles)

COMPANY: Fabless Semiconductor Firm (Wireless Networking Products)

A Southern California fabless semiconductor company focused on standards-based systems solutions for wireless connectivity in the enterprise and home environments, seeks experienced managers to add to their staff. The firm offers products that enable technology for ubiquitous connectivity of voice, video, and data. Their initial products  will be based on the dominant Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) standards known collectively as IEEE 802.11. One of the firm's major product groups intend to bridge the gap between the dominant WLAN standards, 802.11b and 802.11a, by supporting both modes of operation cost effectively.




EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Major Diversified Conglomerate

LOCATION: Major Asian location

COMPANY: Major Asian Diversified Conglomerate

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: This very large Group, holding diverse interests in major consumer and B2B service sectors, requires a Group Head of Information Services, who would report to the Group Finance Director. Key characteristics: confident, knowledgeable, respected IT Head who is not egotistical. As Group IT Head, this person will be the key person to introduce and promote new technologies and concepts (Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Services, Social Media, etc.), along with an increased focus on Shared Services whenever practical.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a large Asian conglomerate, a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who would directly supervise 50 at Headquarters. Indirect responsibility over business unit CIO's and IT Directors at approximately 15-20 key business units (note: these IT heads report not to this person but rather to their respective business unit heads, MD's or CEO's)

This crucial position is not about how many people one supervises. To some degree it is almost like a sole contributor with a unique role that is critical to the Group as a whole. The Group IT Head's focus will be to help implement future technologies benefiting all Group units while the business unit CIO's and IT Director's focus, by necessity, will be on getting the normal day's work done. This is the challenge for the Group IT Head. S/he will be oriented toward making efficiencies and integrating new technologies for the long run. Therefore, a key characteristic will be a persistent, cajoling, dogged type of person who also is diplomatic and respectful of existing business unit IT Directors and CIO's. This person must be open minded, able to do a lot of handholding when needed, and have an ability to win people over.... for their business unit's long term benefit.

A very wide range of current titles and experiences might be perfectly suitable for this role. It has been said that perhaps a person who has worked as a Program Director (or with a similar kind of project-by-project orientation) might work well in this role. Some also feel that people who have worked in management consulting might be good, as much of the work here is interpersonal and consultative in nature, as opposed to being mostly oriented toward equipment and software. It is said that due to the size of this organization (over 200,000 employees), people familiar with large conglomerates might understand this kind of role well, but it should be noted that the retiring incumbent (over 15 years in this role) came from a top world retail/ hypermarket chain and he has done well in this position.

Job Description - Background

The Group Information Services Department is a central IT organisation based at the group headquarters. The Group IS Dept. supports all the IT needs of the executive team and Head Office departments and sets the IT direction across all businesses of the Group worldwide.

In the wider group context, the Group IS Dept. supports and maintains a variety of world class IT business services that are used by business units throughout the world. These services provide high a level of economy, security, support and high availability to the group as a whole. Such services include a single global financial consolidation instance, a single financial instance for the majority of the Asian businesses units and Human Resource services for the firm's core businesses. The majority of these services are built using Oracle technology, whilst other collaboration systems are built using Microsoft technology.

As a strategy the Group aims to consolidate common business services and IT infrastructure around the Group and deliver these back as hosted services on a cost neutral basis.

The Group IS Dept. serves the broader IT needs of the global group companies and subsidiaries by facilitating key global projects, ownership of strategic procurement activities, setting IT standards and policy for the group and managing the annual IT Budget cycle.

The overarching mission of the Group IS Dept. is to leverage the group's IT resources and scale to drive synergy and efficiency resulting in higher quality and lower cost IT solutions for the business as a whole.

With the rapid advancement of technology it is incumbent on the job holder to be at the forefront of knowledge on the latest innovative and disruptive technology that can be used to transform business agility and profitability.

Organisational Context

The job holder reports directly to the Group Finance Director and works closely with all other Head Office Department Heads to drive business growth and efficiency through the relevant use of technology.

The job holder works collaboratively with the CEO of a unit involved in the Group's Telecommunications sector and who shares the same strategic goals but in a more specialist area.

Though not direct reports, the job holder works closely with other subsidiary IT Directors and CIO's to help shape and form IT strategy across the group.


The job holder is responsible for the technology vision and innovation culture across the group.

Global ownership of the group IT policies including security and common software/hardware reference architectures.

Ownership of global strategic supplier relationships

End to end provision and support of all Head Office IT systems and services.

End to end provision and support of regional shared service systems.

End to end provision and support of global knowledge management systems, corporate directory services and inter group Telepresence systems.

Key Accountabilities

To improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of IT across the group

To keep close to emerging technologies and champion the adoption of those that will have the most positive impact on our business.

To provide strategic IT direction and policy

To manage strategic supplier relationships including significant contract negotiations on behalf of the group.

To lead and run group wide IT initiatives

To manage and develop a team of highly skilled IT professionals

To benchmark key IT activities and set improvement targets

To provide high quality, reliable and secure IT services for all Head Office departments

To grow and introduce new shared IT services across the group.

To provide technical guidance to the group companies on all major IT investments

To manage and develop the group IT budget process

To actively share and facilitate knowledge sharing within the Group IT community

Maintain tight fiscal control and reporting on all major IT projects

Key Characteristics

Planning & Organizing. Identifies strategic goals and plans the overall direction taking into account the impact of plans across the business. Able to produce plans and forecasts over a five year planning horizon to achieve long term goals.

Controlling Quality & Standards. Creates a climate in which quality is constantly enhanced and drives through initiatives which improve on quality.

Decision Making. Demonstrates a broad business perspective to ensure that decisions have a long term positive impact on profitability.

Innovation. Persistently challenges existing methods and explores new ideas and technology that result in transformational results.

Communication. The Group IS Dept. Head is a confident and inspirational communicator to Board level and able to present to large or small groups. Able to describe complex technical activities in a non-technical manner.

People skills. Able to develop personal relationships with key people across a diverse organization. Able to win people over to new ideas and approaches. Highly adaptable and approachable.

Influencing. Identifies possible objections and constructs powerful counter arguments to address these whilst maintaining an understanding of organisational dynamics and interests.

Drive. Displays a hunger to beat industry standards and maintains overall direction despite diversions, distractions and setbacks.

Desired Requirements

Has a degree in information technology, computer science, Finance or a related field.

20 years' experience, with 8+ years held in a Senior IT Director or CIO position within a multinational organization.

Has a talent for understanding the impact of new technology and is able to spot solutions that will have the most profound impact on business growth from either an adoption or investment perspective.

Ideally has application Development lifecycle experience in large scale Oracle deployments. As for Oracle, if people have dealt heavily with SAP then that is acceptable as well. Both are unwieldy companies, so overcoming the challenges are similar. Oracle is highly desirable especially if the candidate has existing relationships at senior levels. With regard to SAP and or Oracle, the key is that the candidate has directly managed and influenced the supplier at a senior executive level rather than 'just' implemented it. So not a showstopper if the person has SAP rather than Oracle experience.

Has deep experience of strategic planning and implementation.

Has a proven track record in negotiating and managing multimillion dollar contracts with major IT suppliers.

Has a proven ability to manage and motivate large teams of people toward a common goal.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH:  Technical Director - Consumer Electronics (Wireless/ Mobile Telephony)


COMPANY: Major Chinese Wireless Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: fluent English technical director with advanced wireless technology development expertise and strong team management abilities. Chinese fluency not required. Experiences at leading world mobile handset firms preferred

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major Chinese firm that has provided wireless products for firms such as Motorola, Alcatel, and other leading European and North American consumer wireless firms, seeks a Technical Director who can bring firm's technologies to a new level. Position supervises 150.

• Degree holders or above in Electronics Engineering;

• 15 years relevant experience with at least 10 years at higher management level;

• Strong understanding in technology trends;

• Strong experience at telecommunication including IP Phone, GSM & 3G and or other High Tech Products;

•Knowledge of and solid technical skills in product design development & project management;

• Good leadership, interpersonal relationship and communication skilsl;

• Trouble shooting abilities in technical issues is a must;

• Experience in driving and executing quality enhancement & operation improvement programs such as TQM / ISO / Six Sigma is desirable.


Responsibilities :

• Leading a sizable team of engineering personnel to deal with all technical issues;

• Acting as a Technical Head to give professional advices in all technical issues;  

• Taking charge of, or playing an active role in all technical liaison with parties concerned;

• Monitoring all technical issues arising from design stage to production;

• Communicating with customers, marketing, engineering and related department heads for all projects;



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Satellite Communications

LOCATION: Location to be discussed

COMPANY: Fast growing European satellite communications firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fluent in English.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of fast-growing satellite communications firm, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

-          to coordinate and be overall responsible of the operations of all satellites in the safe and timely manner.

-          to conduct daily activity planning for Satellite Operations.

-          to plan for Satellite Engineering and Operations manpower requirement.

-          to assist and support in future development of satellite.

-          to assist Finance Department on Insurance matters.

-          overall responsible for Spacecraft Engineering, Satellite Control, Orbital Operations, Computer Control System and Ground Engineering Departments.

-          provide leadership to the division and all departments within the division on direction and vision

-          Degree in engineering, or computer science, MBA a plus.

-          Over 10 years of working experience in satellite companies with a track record of managing

-          Proven ability in fast learning of specific requirements of complex operations

-          Ability to think creatively and to deliver top quality services and solutions. This should include successful interaction with top executives, must be recognized for his/her abilities in understanding business needs and problems

-          Be result orientated - Evidences of this competency are shown by establishing, achieving goals that push the team to the required levels in quality, timing and budgets, and identifying alternatives that compensate for possible adverse situations.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Telecom Firm


COMPANY: Major Telecom Firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading Gulf firm in the telecommunications sector, a CTO and a VP Sales. The CTO will be involved with the development of specifications for a voice, video, and data communications system, including designing, managing and operating broadband (coaxial, microwave, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) and base band (twisted pair, coaxial) transmission systems, applying data communications, VoIP, SOFTSWITCHING  and software protocols. Designs, plans, installs, and operates carrier grade interfaces with other carrier communications facilities. The Vice President of Sales will be responsible for the development of major national corporate accounts, as well as the development of the consumer market.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Satcom Technical Director

LOCATION: Southern Africa


Firm is a value-added service provided by a company specialising in the distribution of data via satellite and high-end web developments. Using the Internet protocol and advanced satellite communication technology, the firm is the first broadband Data Casting service to be launched in the country. The satellite datacasting system, offers the ability to uni-cast, multicast or broadcast large amounts of data at high speeds – something that conventional line-based point-to-point communications systems are unable to accommodate. Firm's business TV uses the latest satellite based video and audio streaming technology. 






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