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Choose Your Career Specialty


Even if your experiences or interests cover more than one field, our form takes into account multiple career fields, titles, industries and possibilities for which you believe your skills would be suited for the job market.

Pick your category on the basis of your duties and experiences, not on your title alone.
Your title might not be appropriate to what you actually do and it may be non-standard in your industry. For example, if your title is "Operations Manager," but you really are an IT manager, you should choose "IT," not "Operations and Manufacturing." Another example: if you have a title of "General Manager," but you are really a salesperson in a very small company, please choose "Sales." In another example, if your title is "Executive Vice President," you need to determine if your duties and experiences are more appropriate to "General Management," "Sales," "Supply Chain," or other categories.

Please do not choose a category if that category does not fit your past or current experience, even if you want to leave your current field and move into that other field.
In your application and cover letter you can tell us clearly your preferences and requirements. At ART, humans will read and analyze your application and resume. Your application will be categorized only according to our analysis of your past and present career experiences. We want to help put you on the career path you choose, but to do so, we first need to understand where you have been and what you know now. Please note that if you choose an inappropriate category now, your eventual proper categorization by ART staff might be delayed.

By choosing a field describing your current or past career, you are not removing yourself from consideration for other positions, including promotions in your industry or moves to more challenging jobs in other industries or markets.
Whenever an ART client company tells us that they can consider, for example, a President whose experiences have primarily been in sales, we would review all appropriate resumes of General Managers/ Presidents and Sales Managers for that position. In another example, if an information technology or software firm asked us to find a Sales Manager, but did not require previous IT or software sales experience, we would search our database for appropriate Sales Manager candidates from both inside and outside our client's industry. Please understand that it is always in a search firm's interest to include as many appropriate candidates as possible in any interview process, but that the final say of approval for consideration is always that of the employer.

Please choose the one phrase below that best describes you:

I run a corporation, an entire nearly autonomous business unit of a large corporation, or a company with a minimum of 10 employees. I have full profit and loss responsibility. Sales, Operations, and Finance departments are all directly under my authority.

  • This category is usually intended for people running entire corporations. 
  • This category pertains to people who are now or who have been CEO's, COO's, Presidents, Managing Directors, or General Managers of entire companies.
  • NOT intended for Country Managers or other Sales heads whose main role is supervising sales offices
  • NOT intended for those supervising a single department or two, even if large.
  • NOT intended for Plant Managers or others directly running factories.


Most of my work involves either Sales or Marketing.


I am in Finance, as a CFO, VP Finance, Finance Director, Controller, or in another Finance Management role.


I am in the Supply Chain Management field in a non-sales role.


I am in Manufacturing, engaged in production or quality.

  • This category includes COO's and VP's whose duties largely involve oversight of manufacturing plants.
  • Includes Plant Managers, Factory Managers, VP's and Directors of Operations or Manufacturing, Quality Heads, Process Engineering or Industrial Engineering Heads, Production Directors, Continuous Improvement Managers, etc.


I am in a Technical Management role.

  • This category may include titles such as CIO, CTO, VP, Director, Manager, and certain COO's whose main function is supervising technical, non-manufacturing people.
  • This is largely for people engaged in R&D, new product design, technical development, or the management of IT departments or Network Operations departments.


I am a Human Resources VP, Director or Manager.


I am in a role other than the above categories.

    If your experiences do not fit into any of the above categories, it is very possible that ART does not recruit in your field, or that ART does not recruit for the kinds of positions that are most suitable to your career and requirements at this time. ART is almost entirely asked by our client-companies to recruit senior level managers who have significatnt track records of experience in our clients' industry.



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