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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.

Senior Management & General Management Executive Search

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Chemicals/Plastics

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Fast-growing biopolymer technology company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Korean General Manager. A tough, no-nonsense manager, mostly coming from a Director of Operations or Plant Manager background.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an international technology firm, a Korean Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who could run a Korea-based polyester resin product (PBAT) manufacturing business.

***Understandable English.
***Experience in resin or polyester manufacturing a plus. PBAT manufacturing experience greatly preferred.
***Work at an international company a strong plus.
***Experience in plant scale-up to perhaps 50-100 staff would be very useful.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Pharmaceutical CRO

LOCATION: Major Asian Location

COMPANY: Major Pharma CRO

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager who is very business-capablej, with extensive  Pharma CRO experience

Recruiter seeks a General Manager on behalf of a major pharmaceutical CRO. The General Manager will lead the firm's country business, commercial and operations activities with a global customer base and achieve P&L targets and achieve corporate required KPIs.

    • Develop firm's business activities while meeting budgeted revenue and profit objectives.
    • Provide strategic plan to build the business within Asia Pacific and drive growth with global customers.
    • Achieve the operations efficiency at laboratories and logistics (sample taking) by streamlining the operational processes.
    • Support the development, implementation and optimal use of the company’s Laboratory Information Management System eLims and ensure its efficient usage at all levels of the laboratory to improve productivity and profitability.
    • Manage the IT solutions activities required by the site.
    • Increase profitability to meet best industry standards in all activities.
    • Lead the marketing and sales activities (in collaboration with other companies within the group) to achieve the growth plan and ensure that the relations with the clients are good and efficient. Lead meetings with key clients, at all levels and develop an in depth knowledge of customer requirements through regular meetings.
    • Ensure that cross-selling synergies with other laboratories in the group are being developed and comply with corporate guidelines.
    • Take appropriate measures to improve economic profit, including hands-on personal commitment in addressing situations where profit levels are too low.
    • Hire, motivate, develop and retain excellent people, define and agree goals and milestones with immediate subordinates, and ensure goals are defined and communicated to their respective teams. Set up customer centric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress. Follow up as appropriate and become hands on if required to ensure achievement of goals.
    • Map out and qualify all acquisition targets in your country, with the support of global M&A team with the goal of expansion of capabilities and or to serve the Asia Pacific market.

    • Personality Profile:
It is imperative that the candidate has high energy, drive and a passion to succeed. The candidate needs to be numerate with business acumen and at the same time demonstrates empathy for others and strong interpersonal skills.
    • Type and duration of previous experience:
Approximately 10 years of professional experience. At least 3 years of these with full responsibility for P&L of a business with at least 50 staff and sales >5M USD per year and proven financial success, preferably in the business services sector or in a small / mid-size company or BU operating competitively. Must have practical knowledge of the drug discovery/ pre-clinical market with prior exposure to clients in this market. Must have a commercial understanding of operating in the Asia Pacific CRO market. Understanding of the employment laws and requirements for human resources in the country.

    • Career track:
We look for people who made a fast track career until now, have clearly been promoted by their past employers but have not yet reached their full potential and still have the burning hunger/drive to excel working for our Client. The job offered should be a challenge for them and a clear progress from their current position. We look for hands-on leaders, hardworking doers with common sense, not strategists or well-rounded large company politicians. Excellent understanding of financial matters, thrifty and cost minded. Candidates with clear career path progression and loyalty to employers are preferred.

    • Educational Background:
Academic education (at least university Masters’ level) with very good grades is required. A MBA or equivalent is desirable but not an absolute requirement. A Master or PhD in Sciences from a top university (e.g. in engineering chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, biology, molecular biology and genetics) would be appreciated but is not an absolute requirement.

Candidates with MBA or equivalent but without a degree in engineering chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, biology, molecular biology and genetics will also be considered provided they possess strong experience in running operations and in handling full P&L with strong financial and business acumen and have worked in the Pharmaceutical CRO market.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Hospital Sector

LOCATION: Asian location

COMPANY: Fast growing medical services corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very results-oriented, well organized, hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO)

 Recruiter  seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing hospital services firm, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of a new hospital, inclusive of the profit and loss of the hospital's business, as well as the related resources associated with the hospital operation.

In this capacity, the Hospital CEO carries responsibility for integrating the strategic plan of the Hospital with the operations. Through the Clinical Service Unit structure, the CEO provides management oversight for the development of high quality, cost effective and integrated clinical programs within the hospital. The management portfolio held by this leader is notably diverse, with corresponding broad organizational implications and complexity, characterized by substantial scope of responsibility in this respect.

The Hospital CEO will exercise management responsibility over the hospital ensuring efficient services that are designed to meet the needs of patients, physicians, the public and staff. This will either be done directly, or through delegation of responsibility to the management staff.

Desired Skills & Experience:
• Work requires a minimum of 10 -12 years’ experience in responsible hospital operations at the administrative leadership level.
• Demonstrated leadership and complex organizational management skills.
• Well-developed planning, marketing, organizational development, and business skills.
• Experience in hospital administration in a large and complex setting inclusive of P and L responsibility
• The ability to work with physicians, staff and professionals in multiple settings and locations and to promote diversity in the workplace.
• Information systems capabilities and an appreciation for the data which will be required to make meaningful management decisions. Negotiation and financial analysis skills.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea General Manager - Retail

LOCATION: Korea (Busan)

COMPANY: Major European Retailer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea General Manager who is a team player with an ability and desire to develop others. Ability to drive sales through customer service, strong interpersonal skills with a 'can do' attitude. Korea General Manager preferably with knowledge of the retail or consumer goods industry. Retail and/or Customer Service experience at least 5 years at management level. Fluent Korean and English required.

Recruiter seeks a Korea General Manager, on behalf of a major European retailer. Reporting to the Asia Pacific Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Korea General Manager:

    Participates in determining the investment and development plan

    Ensures that objectives are met within set budget

    In charge of shop exploitation

    Ensures that shops are run in accordance with legal rules, technical specifications as safety regulations.

    Ensure that decisions and recommendations from management with regards to procedures and other matters are applied.

    Keep informed of any economical development and propose actions with regards to the local development of Retailer as and when required

    Ensure that all staff and material are present in accordance with the activities requirements

    Prepare monthly activity reports

    Organize meetings with local suppliers and negotiate agreements with local suppliers

    Organize or assist in employee meetings

    Ensure that there is a positive and good work ethos in all shops

    Ensure that all activities are properly recorded in documents, files, systems

    To assure the coordination with the airport authorities and other authorities.

    Propose any training that may be required within the shops

    Promote Retailer as a brand and ensure a high standard of customer service is implemented

    To guarantee the objectives and procedures regarding management of the stocks, sales, orders, human resources and of exploitation in a general way.

    Ensure processes implementation in shops

    Supervise Personnel organization in the shops



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Country Manager - Food Service

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Leading American Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea General General Manager with strong knowledge of franchising; results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Acute business acumen, knowledge of development, knowledge of marketing and leadership skills that highlight the ability to influence. Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and Korean languages.

Recruiter seeks a Korea Country Manager, on behalf of a leading US QSR chain. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), International, the Korea Country Manager will have span of Control: Restaurant Operations, Development (RE and construction), Marketing & Menu, Supply Chain.


Role Overview: The Korea Country Manager is a key member of firm's International Leadership Team and is charged with leading a dedicated support team focused on driving / enabling franchisee operational effectiveness, profitability and restaurant growth.  This includes developing and implementing strategies and tactics that drive top-line sales, traffic, customer satisfaction and restaurant operating profit (ROP).  The Korea Country Manager is also responsible for effectively managing relationships with the master franchisee leadership that enables and drives increase market share and net unit growth. The Korea Country Manager has full P&L accountability for the Korea consumer business.  This includes effectively utilizing and partnering with Support Center resources to augment the team's needs and capabilities.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Country Manager - Semiconductor Capital Equipment

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Leading American Semiconductor Capital Equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea Country Manager with strong track record of success in the semiconductor equipment sector

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major US semiconductor capital equipment firm, a senior level (12-15 years experience) Korea Sales Manager to manage all sales and marketing in Korea. This semiconductor capital equipment firm's primary customer in the Korean market is Samsung. The Korea Country Manager will handle all the day-to-day sales activity, account management, etc. The Korea Country Manager must have excellent English and Korean communication skills and should be aggressive in building the business.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Commercial Director - CPG/ Health Foods/ Vitamins

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Leading European Health and Nutrition Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea Sales and Marketing Manager with strong knowledge of the Korean retail CPG sector; results-orientation, unbureaucratic. An intelligent and resourceful balance between an aggressive sales manager and a strategic marketing leader who can close important deals. Excellent written and oral communication skills in Korean; good English. 10 + years business building experience in CGP / retail/ consumer focused industries. Health food & vitamin supplements industry preferred.

o   Brand, consumer, and trade marketing (commercialization) experience from CPG, retail environments.

o   Must be a strong sales or key account manager with business building experience with over 10 years experience

o   Have skills in managing distributors and implementing key business initiatives.

o   Experience with a major International FMCG Brand in establishing market penetration.

o   Undertaken/co-ordinated broad marketing activities including brand awareness & activation extending across Print, Social Media, In-Store, Events, Sampling

o   Effectively applies knowledge of business drivers to deliver financial objectives via P&L management, budget development and tracking, and demand/financial forecasting.

o   Ability to plan/priority setting, effective execution, analytical/decision making, influence/negotiation, self awareness/personal impact, relationship building, driving innovation, strategy/vision, and communication skills.

o   Knowledge of trade marketing and brand activation preferably with an International Brand focus.

o   Knowledge of building key accounts and channels

o   Understand KFTA regulatory process

o   Proficient in Microsoft applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.

o   Preferable but not limited to participation in Sports and be familiar with Sports Nutrition Supplementation

Recruiter seeks a Korea Commercial Director, on behalf of a very fast growing major European firm in the nutritionals field. The Korea Commercial Director will be responsible for the management and growth of existing and future accounts in the market and further market development of performance nutrition products in Korea. S/he will assume responsibility for Country Profit & Loss, including revenue and margin performance


Firm's brands are market leaders in the field of performance nutrition and represent a leading edge range of protein supplements, ready-to-drink beverages, nutritional bars and sports performance enhancement products.


Essential Functions:

o   Grow the sales of brands in Korea through management of existing accounts as well as identifying market opportunities

o   Interaction with key regulatory personnel for on-going product approval

o   Design and implement the online sales platform utilising key Open Market Channels such as G-market and closed market e-commerce platforms

o   Drive consumer awareness and traffic to the online platforms utilising Social Media, Education forums as well as traditional marketing approaches

o   Jointly develop and implement sales & marketing programs in the various channels

o   Review estimates of brand sales and brand share with respective Brand Champions upon which brand planning spending will be based

o   Drive consumer insight gathering in order to guide our innovation programs in respective categories

o   Keep abreast of competitive activities and devise preemptive programs to counter competitive moves.

o   Provide intelligence to the firm on competitors, local packaging/labeling requirements, regulatory requirements, importation guidelines, etc.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea VP Sales & Business Development - Services

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Fast growing services company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fluent Korean-English bilingual sales manager with 10-15+ years' experience selling high value services

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing international firm, a Korea Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Ability to work independently and operate in a highly services-driven role.

---Build and maintain high level client and industry relationships

---Build a new and sustainable funnel of growth opportunities

---Identify research and assess potential targets for JV's Alliances or Partnerships and prepare appropriate business case and recommendations

---Negotiate and leverage large-scale contracts

---Plan and implement sales promotions and sponsorships

---Provide representation for the business as required on external bodies Market research

---Analyze and keep track of competitor activity

---Analyze, follow and update market trends, updates, govt. policies etc. that may directly or indirectly affect the company's operations, sales or growth. Build and Improve customer relationships

---Liaising with customers via phone, email or personal interaction and determine their requirements

---Develop long term relationships with clients

---Handle disputes, grievances, requests and enquiries via phone/email.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea General Manager - Pharmaceutical Instrumentation

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major US Pharmaceutical Instrumentation Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea General Manager with high integrity, driven, results oriented, down to earth, cost leadership. MNC experience a must. Good understanding of the pharma and life science markets in Korea.

Recruiter seeks a Korea General Manager, on behalf of a leading US scientific instrumentation firm serving the pharma, food, chemicals, and research markets. The Korea Country Manager will have full responsibility for P&L and will provide leadership and direction for a high growth business.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea General Manager - Automotive Parts Supplier

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major European Automotive Components Corporation

A  leading European automotive products company  seeks a Korea General Manager or Vice President for its Korea division. Candidates will  need to have proven excellent contacts in  the South Korean automobile industry. The  company’s customer list includes: Hyundai,  Kia, GM-Daewoo, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi,  Mazda, Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler,  Audi, BMW, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Renault,  Saab, Volkswagen, among others. This  position reports to the President of the firm's Asia Pacifc division, and the Korea  General Manager will have overall supervision & coordination  of the Korean operations, as well as direct involvement in activities in China and Japan. This Korea General Manager must be entrepreneurial, fast paced, and unbureaucratic. Recruiter seeks a Korea General Manager who has worked  in a responsible position at a leading automaker or leading auto supplier. The Korea General Manager  will have relationships to Corporate Staff, the Director of Customer Programs Engineering, the Director of Manufacturing, the Head  of Program management, and the President  of the company's American division. Korean  native fluency, with perfect knowledge of  English.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea General Manager - Office Automation

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major US Office Equipment firm

Leading company in the office automation field seeks a bilingual (Korean/English) Korea General Manager to position the Korean division for growth. Recruiter seeks an entrepreneurial Korea General Manager with a strong sales background would be preferred, possibly from the leading multinational systems integration (HW/SW) firms. Experience in P/L would be desired. Experience at firms such as Mita, Xerox, Ricoh, etc. could also be of interest. Strong sales records with major Korean banks and telecoms would be preferred.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Corporate Vice President or Managing Director - Cable Television

LOCATION: Major Asian capital

COMPANY: Leading International Investment Bank

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Cable TV Asia Managing Director

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading investment bank, an Asia Managing Director or Corporate VP who has had experience in digitalization in leading markets of Asia, the US or UK, and who has a sense of how to make this happen. Should understand content deals. Business savvy, and able to judge content deals. Works well with customers and understands how to win them to the more expensive digital market.

 - Oversee cable television investments

 - interaction with senior management

 - review of business issues, acquisitions

 - review of current and new technology options

 - understanding of content strategy

 - strategic thinker for the investment

 - review of performance



Sales & Marketing Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Automotive Parts

LOCATION: Major Asian City

COMPANY: Fast-growing Asian Automotive Parts Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Sales Vice President with multiple Asian and global country experiences in selling autoparts.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing Asian auto parts manufacturer, a Vice President of Sales. Responsibilities:

- To Analyse the industry trend and identify new growth areas.

- To identify potential opportunities and develop New Business in the responsible markets.

-To Formulate and implement Business Strategies to achieve Sales Target and Growth

-To build, guide, coach and leave a cohesive Sales Team -To develop and build strong relationships with business partners

-Actively expand and maintain networking contacts.

-Based on experience, can be responsible for South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (Exports)


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Enterprise Account Executive - Automotive/Software

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Fast-growing US Software Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced Korean Sales Manager with strong contacts in the Korean automotive sector
--10+ years of quota-carrying, solution-selling experience
--Experience selling complex technologies into CXOs at Fortune 500 companies
--An entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative mindset
--Significant enterprise sales and strategic customer development experience
--Good executive presence, communication skills, and credibility
--Proven track record of consistently meeting or exceeding annual/quarterly goals and targets
--Fluency in English and Korean

Recruiter seeks a Korea Sales Manager on behalf of a well established US software firm that provides software to the autonomous driving sector.

THE FIRM provides software solutions to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles at scale. The company's suite of simulation, validation, and drive log management software enables development teams to create thousands of scenarios in minutes, run simulations at scale, and verify and validate algorithms for production deployment.

The Korea Enterprise Account Executive serves in a senior sales position responsible for developing, leading, and managing the business within a target list of automotive and robotics organizations. You will:
--Engage new and existing customer base to explain how THE FIRM's infrastructure software tools and services can accelerate AV development
--Proactively and efficiently manage the deployment of resources with dedicated teams, virtual teams, and executive staff in support of business opportunities to ensure successful customer outcomes
--Manage complex enterprise sales campaigns across large enterprise customers
--Develop existing customers and new customer prospects
--Demonstrate advancement of customer relationships
--Create and execute quarterly and annual business plans
--Travel worldwide to pursue customer opportunities as required


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales Account Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Bilingual Korean/ English Consumer Electronics Sales manager with previous B2B experiences selling to Coupang.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Consumer Electronics firm, a Korea Retail and Online Key Account Manager. The successful candidate will be a key member of the Korea Retail and Online Sales Team; and would be responsible for collaboration and execution of the sales and marketing plan.

Job requirement:

·      Identify & develop appropriate distributor & channel structure for business grow.

·      Drive channel revenue growth through working with key retail partners.

·      Frequent channel contact and face time to pitch new product roadmap and enable sell-in’s.

·      Drive and monitor purchase orders, channel inventory, and sell-out data.

·      Manage key channel status reports.

·      Meet quarterly and annual Revenue, Contribution, and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) targets.

·      Develop and grow existing channels: Apple Channel, Organized trade, Online channels, Open Channel, and Operator Projects.

·      Identify and cultivate new channels in unfamiliar territories

·      Identify and cultivate 3rd party-brand and co-brand projects.

·      Drive active market plans for assigned high-growth accounts

·      Product launch, phase-in / phase-out, and range selection.

·      Work with local Channel marketing to develop marketing programs that drive sales.

This Korea Sales Manager should be experienced in managing & developing key retailers directly (this person won’t work with distributors). The key retailers are such as Coupang, Himart, Costco… The main experience we look for is that s/he has been managing the Coupang 1P account.

Some of the key skills required for this role are:

    Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 5 years of experience in B2C sales. MBA or a higher degree is preferred.
    Able to drive Customer engagement and build exciting business plans to increase market share.
    Sales planning to increase run-rate activity, sales promotions, key product launches and optimize performance at key trading period throughout the year.
    Forecasting & budgeting to support sales planning
    Monthly Business reviews with customers and internal cadence
    Working closely with Channel Marketing team to develop strong sell-out activity, aligning with customers marketing plans.
    Strong commercial management and customer negotiation skills to support positive CM% development
    Must have a good understanding of developing both Online & Offline retailer customers.
    English speaker is a requirement of this role.
    Excel & Powerpoint



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea National Sales Manager - Optoelectronics

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: National Sales Manager with 10+ years of optoelectronics sales experience with demonstrated knowledge of OEM sales in the optoelectronics or electronics components market. Fluent English. Local business language fluency expected. Distribution / sales representative experience. Strong technical background in electrical engineering or physics. National Sales Manager with strong leadership presence with the ability to develop and deliver targeted presentations at all levels within an organization. Demonstrated interpersonal savvy with proven ability to build effective relationships throughout all levels internally and externally.

COMPANY: Major International Optoelectronic Components Firm

Recruiter seeks national sales managers to develop Asian sales for an important global optoelectronics firm. Reporting to the Global Sales Director, the National Sales Manager will:

*   Own direct account management, driving the attainment of sales, profit and market share objectives,  develop and deliver strategic sales presentations, build solid customer relationships, and negotiate and close deals within Company guidelines;

•  Researches various target markets and develops lists of potential target customers, reinforce a design-win culture with existing customers and new prospects;

•  Maintain knowledge and expertise in relevant products and markets; monitor competitive activity and market trends; partner with Product Management & Applications Engineering to develop strategic and tactical response;

•  Serve as initial point of contact on issues within the region; coordinate evaluation and input by appropriate Illumination functional colleagues;

*  Support core business processes including monthly & quarterly operating reviews, and annual operating planning through forecasting effectiveness, sales reporting, and expense management;

*  Play a key role in evaluating, managing, and refining the distributor / channel partner relationships

•  Meet with potential and current flash customers; attend on and/or visit relevant product exhibitions, trade shows and conferences. Team up with the local Application Engineers to develop and follow up on flash lamps inquiries and opportunities.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Vice President, Sales - Semiconductor Capital Equipment


COMPANY: Major US semiconductor capital equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong leadership development skills. Roll-up-the-sleeves, strategic thinker and mentor to staff. This is best for a longer-term visionary Asia Vice President, Sales, providing direction to the sales managers. Not suitable for an inveterate "prospector" type who works best in roles where s/he is personally involved in every single aspect of the sale. Marketing orientations might be more suitable than a pure sales focus. Process Equipment or Metrology equipment to the compound semiconductor (II-VI and III-V) market a strong plus.  Must have solid experience in the fast-growing Asian market. Knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin), Korean or Japanese a plus, but if not, intimate experience of Asian semiconductor markets is necessary.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a world leading US firm in the semiconductor capital equipment field, a VP Sales - Asia. The Vice President of Sales - Asia is responsible for directing the global sales of semiconductor equipment products in the MOCVD and MBE markets.  The successful candidate will develop and execute a multi-faceted sales strategy to grow the business and build the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  The Asia VP Sales works in parallel with the leadership team to assess and develop effective sales processes, go-to-market strategies, business development initiatives and service delivery.  This executive also spearheads major customer opportunities.  The VP Sales - Asia reports to the Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales.  Reports for this position include: Sales Managers in the USA, Greater China, Japan, and Europe.


Key Attributes/Requirements

The ideal candidate is an accomplished sales leader and team-builder with a history of managing sales & service in a highly competitive environment.

---15+ years (5+ at a senior level) direct management of global sales & service functions; Experience in global high-tech capital equipment sales a must

---Proven competency in MOCVD and MBE technology as applied in multiple markets and applications

---Ability to execute at the "C level"  (CEO, CTO, COO)

---Employ different sales strategies such as:  high volume, relationship-based, and multi-million dollar transaction-based selling

---Translate strategy into action plans coupled with successful implementation

---History of driving substantive improvements in both operational excellence and sales effectiveness

---Demonstrated successes in launching complex, new product releases resulting in accelerated revenue


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales Director - FMCG

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major American Consumer Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korean-English bilingual Korea Sales Director with outstanding organizational abilities and strong charisma to reach out to staff and distributors

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading American FMCG firms, an outstanding FMCG Korea Sales Director. Strong promotional possibiities if successful.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Country Sales Manager - Hydraulic Components

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major French Industrial Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very results-oriented, unbureaucratic, Korean Sales Director. Fluent in Korean and English. Strong Korean C&E sector contacts

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European firm serving the oil and gas sector, a Korea Country Manager, who, reporting to the Asia Sales Director, would:

- Maintain good relationship with Korean clients

- have a good knowledge of relevant products and top decision makers

- Follow up the projects, get inquiries, and follow up offers

- achieve sales target

- Establish and increase firm's notoriety in the Korean market


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Business Development Manager- Consumer Durables (White Goods)

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major European home appliance firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales experience is essential. Ideally the Korea Business Development Manager will have an excellent network of contacts within the Retail and Building industry and will look forward to the ongoing growth of the firm's business in Korea. Fluent English and Korean. German skills a plus.

Recruiter seeks a Korea Market Manager of Business Development for one of the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances. Targeting a Client base of Distributors but also dealers, Builders and Property Developers the Korea Manager of Business Development will be responsible for managing key existing relationships, gathering market information and developing new business. Additionally the Korea Manager of Business Development will build relationships with retail staff members to ensure the continued success of your category through monitoring their service excellence and product knowledge. Previous experience working with High End Kitchen Appliances or packages would be extremely advantageous. Duties include contributing to maximizing sales of home appliances through a network of distributors/dealers in Korea, forecasting long and short range market potential to recommend required support of the distributor channel, leverage current distributor network to provide sales performance commensurate with market opportunity, contributing to good customer /distributor relationships, upholding company reputation for integrity and quality of product, supplementing distributor efforts through direct assistance with customers prospects and influencers.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Composite Materials


COMPANY: Major composite materials manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: results-oriented Asia Sales Director, with a sales focus on the industrial market

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Director for a leading composite materials firm that sells to structural composite fabricators in the industrial, automotive, oil and gas, wind energy and other diverse markets.

-Managing all commercial issues and the entire sales process for a portfolio of current buying accounts.

- Implementing product, price and promotional policies of the marketing department.

- Lead follow up and prospecting.

- Pull-through sales; represents the company and its products to the entire value chain and end-users.

- Customer voice on internal multifunctional teams - quality,

-Forecasting and market planning input - consumption and use analysis.

-Market identification and exploration activities for new applications.

- Market research and "value in use" economic analysis for new applications.

- Selecting, developing and managing distributors or other channels to market.



-Proven sales management track record as a materials supplier to the composites, chemicals, or plastics industries. Experiences selling specialty chemicals, textiles, fiberglass, plastics, carbon fiber, composites, resin transfer molding, etc. would be considered acceptable.

-Minimum 5 years sales experience in a technical business to business setting.

-Excellent written and oral communication skills.

-Ability to work in a matrix environment

-New Business Development experience in new application arenas for materials / composites.

-Written and spoken fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese, Korean or Japanese


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales Manager/ Korea Business Development Manager - Heavy Equipment

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul or other Korean city)

COMPANY: Major global gear manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korean-English bilingual Korea Sales Manager. Self starter and self motivated.

Recruiter seeks a Korea Sales Manager, on behalf of a European manufacturer of large gears, sold to the shipbuilding, industrial and heavy equipment sectors. The Korea Sales Manager should be a  seasoned individual with sales ability and contacts in the marine/ shipbuilding industry, as well as other industrial and manufacturing industries. The firm has active customers in Korea, including major chaebols. The Korea Sales Manager should have the ability to make introductions for the firm in the Korean shipbuilding industry. Existing business and alumni networks are important. Available to travel to Busan, Changwon, Seoul, etc. every 2-3 months for in-person visits to customers.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales Director - Consumer Electronics (Audio)

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Fast growing US Consumer Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea Sales Director with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Fluent English and Korean

Recruiter seeks a Korea Sales Director, on behalf of a fast growing American consumer electronics firm that licenses its audio technologies to major global consumer electronics firms. The Korea Sales Director should have strong contacts with the major Korean consumer electronics firms, especially in the TV, set top boxes, audio-video receivers, personal computers, and automotive sectors.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Marketing Manager - Nutritionals

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major International Nutritionals/ Health Supplements Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korean-English bilingual Korea Marketing Manager with CPG/ FMCG experiences

Recruiter seeks a Korea Marketing Manager for a major international firm in the nutritional/ health supplement industry. The Korea Marketing Manager is responsible for the development of the plans and programs that will establish and maintain current and long range markets, including advertising, budgeting, forecasting of manufactured costs, sales and inventory requirements and projecting profit and market shares.  Drive brand and product performance in consumer markets.  Works with various departments on specific product developments and improvements. Execute initiatives with agencies and in-house creative team to create/improve advertising copy, media plans, promotion plans and secures legal and regulatory approval with respect to the above.  Reviews estimates of brand sales and share upon which brand planning spending will be based. The Korea Marketing Manager must have exceptional leadership skills in managing teams and implementing key business initiatives; and an ability to comprehensively understand and convert consumer, category, competitor, and channel/customer insights into brand strategy/plans. The Korea Marketing Manager must have a successful track record of identifying & developing new ways to grow brands via innovation in product, packaging, and communications. S/he should effectively appy knowledge of business drivers to deliver financial objectives via P&L management, budget development and tracking, and demand/financial forecasting


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: APAC Regional Sales Managers - Electronic Components and Electronic Systems


COMPANY: Fast Growing North American Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Self-directed Asia Sales Manager. Fluent English plus at least one other Asian language. Preference will be given to Asia Sales Managers with working industry knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF), Cable TV and Optical Systems. Experience selling to Cable TV MSO's a plus. The Asia Sales Manager will be required to do extensive travel through the Asia-Pacific region (up to 75% depending on location).

Recruiter seeks 2 Asia Regional Sales Managers - one for North Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Northern China), one for Southern Asia (ASEAN, Hong Kong, South China) - on behalf a growing electronics firm. Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, the Regional Sales Manager - Asia Pacific, will be responsible for promoting firm's products, maintaining and generating sales within his/her designated region through the following duties:

•   Management and direction of the Distributor network in individual region;

•   Responsibility for direct sale accounts in individual region

•   Implementation of corporate sales plan;

•   Quarterly sales forecasting and biweekly activity reporting of region;

•   Provide outside sales support, develop relationships with existing customer base, and generate new accounts

•   Following market/customer technological trends and providing input to management; and identifying product development opportunities

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales and Marketing Director - Logistics


COMPANY: Major European firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea Sales and Marketing Director with experience in storage terminals

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major European firm, a Korea Sales and Marketing Director. Main tasks:
* Responsible for Marketing & Sales of Terminal
* Management of the sales and customer service team.
* Promote and support cross selling and close collaboration on joint customer opportunities
* Promote and support close cooperation with the other terminals in firm's Global Terminal Network
* Definition and execution of Marketing and Sales strategy
* Ensure customer development and follow up
* Commercial evaluation of terminal expansions
* Budget responsibility
* Member of the Management Team

* Relevant educational and/or maritime background (University level)
* Strong commercial understanding and result orientation
* 5-10 years relevant experience
* Strong motivational and team-work capabilities
* Cross cultural sensitivity and good communication skills
* Good ICT skills
* Fluency in Korean and English - spoken as well as in writing


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales Manager - Robotics/ Automation

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major American automotive electronics manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, self-driven sales manager.
1. The ideal candidate would have significant experience managing a technical sales force successfully
2. Ability to recruit and develop technically competent sales engineers and applications engineers
3. Creativity – Ability to assess a sales situation and develop a creative plan for achieving success
4. Ability to develop, maintain and expand our multi-million dollar geographical sales territories
5. Significant experience working for a multi-national company
6. Exceptional level of verbal and written English and Korean language skills
7. Excellent presentation skills and effective interpersonal skills

Minimum education and work experience required:
1. BS in Engineering or a related discipline
2. Minimum of 8 to 10 years of successful sales management experience
3. Successful sales and/or sales management responsibilities across South Korea
4. Proven strong leadership with an overall 15+ years’ experience
5. High degree of integrity and loyalty

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of one of the leaders of vision systems and sensors for automation, seeks a Korea Sales Manager. The Korea Sales Manager reports to the SVP Worldwide Sales. Essential Functions:
1. Manages the process of selling firm’s full line of vision systems to system integrators, end-users and Machine Builders
2. Builds relationships with key customers and prospects through the understanding individual customer needs and requirements
3. Achieves the set budgets and bookings targets by driving sales through own efforts and by instilling a sales and customer orientation to sales teams. Understands strategic objectives and translates them into business goals with achievable objectives. Conveys strong leadership attributes to and builds strong teamwork throughout organization.
4. Keeps sales people highly engaged and motivated
5. Continuously evaluates the performance of sales people and applications engineers. Upgrade as and when necessary either by additional training/coaching or by replacement
6. Assists Sales Engineers to achieved assigned quotas
7. Recruiting, managing performance, retaining and developing key reports. Build a multi-skilled sales team that both represents the core values and fits the culture.
8. Oversees the development, management and enhancement of large accounts and identify new opportunities for machine vision solutions
9. Provides monthly reports on the success of the region to the SVP of World Wide Sales


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea and Japan Sales Manager

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul) or Japan (Tokyo)

COMPANY: Major life sciences analytical instrumentation firm.

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, results oriented, unbureaucratic life sciences instrumentation sales manager. Fluent English, ideally both fluent in Korean and Japanese.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major company selling instrumentation into the life sciences industry, a Korea and Japan Sales Manager. Responsible for the development, performance, and maintaining relationships with firm's representatives and distributors within the sensor and liquid handling markets.

Establish a working relationship with the representatives and distributor contact(s) assigned to firm’s sensor and liquid handling product lines. Development of a business plan and sales strategy for the assigned territory that ensures attainment of company sales targets. Perform a yearly business review with all Reps and Distributors to identify sales targets for the coming year. Review the plan (supported with sales numbers) with the Rep/Distributor on a monthly basis and provide additional support where necessary to achieve the forecasted sales growth. Initiates, identifies, and coordinates the development of action plans to penetrate new customers in territory.
Coordinate with the reps to create effective co-travel opportunities where multiple customers visits, demo follow-ups or lunch and learns can be accomplished in a single
trip. Assists team in the development and implementation of marketing plans and objectives, as needed. Maintains accurate records and reports on feedback from the field to senior management. Controls expenses and time management to meet budget guidelines and productivity. Conducts regular coaching and counseling with firm's Reps to build motivation and, technical expertise on all products.

--Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline.
--5 years of technical sales experience.
--Track record of maintaining and growing relationships with distribution partner representatives.
--Proven leadership and ability to drive a sales team
--Experience with sales and distribution of scientific equipment.
--Knowledge of liquid handling and laboratory automation a plus.
--Must have excellent English and Japanese verbal and written communication skills.
--Ability to travel at least 75% of the time with no restrictions.
--Superior time management skills and the ability to complete tasks on time and from the road.
--Understanding of the markets where firm competes including Chromatography, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, etc.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea & Japan Sales Director - Automotive

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major Automotive components supplier

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Bilingual Korean/ English or Trilingual Korean/ Japanese/ English automotive Korea-Japan Sales Director  with strong contacts in the Korean and Japanese automotive sector. Highly results-oriented.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading supplier of automotive components, a Korea-Japan Sales Director whose focus would be on the automotive sector of Korea and Japan. It would be ideal of the candidate had experience selling some of the following products: air pump, antenna, front window wipers, headlamp washers, headlight adjusters, mirror adjusters, rear window wiper, t-case, trailer coupling, washer pump, winch, windshield washers, cinching latches, convertible top systems, door closure assistants, door locks, power liftgate, sun roof control, window lifts, 4WD transfer case, antilock braking systems, braking systems, electric parking brakes, steering wheel adjuster, steering wheel lock, suspension leveling system. suspension pump, climate control, cooling fan module, heater fan, dashboard, data recorder, headrest adjusters, lumbar support, pollution control, screen actuator, seat adjusters, sensor fans, air induction resonator, alternator, charge motion control valve, circulation pump, fuel pump, gear shift, motorcycle starter, oil pump, oil separator, pedal adjusters, speed control, starters, suction pipe, actuators, throttle control, traction control (TCS, ESP, ASR), transmission, water pumps


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Country Manager - Golf Industry

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: American equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea Country Manager with industry and customer knowledge.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established leading American manufacturer, a Korea Country Manager. Results oriented, with good technical background.

---Providing support to dealers, superintendents, and contractors.

---Establish aggressive call coverage cycles on target customers that help differentiate firm from its competitors.

---Assist firm in reaching the sales, profitability and expense goals of the territory


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Marketing Director - Medical Devices

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major US medical device firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained marketing director

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US medical devices firm, a Korea director of marketing. Position reports to Korea Country Manager, and duties include branding, campaigns & promotions, online web marketing, patient & channel marketing and other communication programs. Leads and drives pipeline for sales and channel partners. Formulates strategic and tactical plan on how to increase market coverage and revenue


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Trading Manager - Metals

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: 10+ years of experience in handling trading activities of Ferro Alloys, Metals, Minerals, Ores and Metal Scraps. It is crucial that the candidate have good connections with suppliers and customers. Should possess Excellent communication skills in English and Korean.

COMPANY: Major Metals trading firm

Recruiter, on behalf of a major metals trading firm, seeks a Korea Trading Manager, who would be responsible for handling all trading related activities of Ferro Alloys, Metals, Minerals, Ore’s and Metal Scraps. S/he should be aware of market developments and trends, and know the geographical location well. S/he should have a portfolio of clients and suppliers.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Country Manager - Embedded Software

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: European Wireless Software Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented Korea Sales Manager with sales experience to Samsung and LG's cellphone handset groups

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a growing European firm making embedded software (based on Linux), that is  sold to OEM, ODM, designhouses and operators, a Korea Sales Manager or Korea Country Manager. Reporting to the Director of Sales for Asia, the Korea Country Manager would be responsible for all Korea Sales, including Account Management for LGE and Samsung.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea VP Sales and Marketing - Chemicals

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Korea VP Sales and Marketing with entrepreneurial abilities. Fluent English and Korean.

COMPANY: Startup Chemical Products Firm

Recruiter seeks a Korea VP Sales and Marketing for a startup providing specialty chemicals. Customers could include hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, transit stations, and a wide range of public venues.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea OEM Sales Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Bilingual Korean/ English sales manager with strong sales contacts into the Korean consumer electronics industry, especially television/ video sector. A self motivated, driven outside sales person to join firm's OEM Asia sales team.

COMPANY: Major US Consumer Electronics firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US consumer electronics firm, an OEM Korea Sales Manager

•Working with firm's new and existing sales partners, strengthening firm's relationships with them and assisting them in building business in the territory.

•Maintaining existing relationships with OEM customers in the region and identifying opportunities to increase revenue from these accounts.

•Generating new leads and introducing these prospects to firm's world-class control technology; helping new customers identify the ideal solutions for their needs.

•Forecasting internally to help with production timelines for customers in the region.

•Providing consistent field interaction and communication to ensure up-to-date customer and industry knowledge.

•Clearly communicating corporate messages and building a high level of brand equity in all interactions.

•Developing and executing territory management plans that identify and prioritize activities to accomplish short and long term goals to achieve aggressive sales targets.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales Manager - Enterprise Software

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)
COMPANY: Major US Enterprise Software Firm

A major American firm in the field of enterprise software seeks a Seoul-based Korea Sales Manager, who will be selling the firm's products to a variety of business units within organizations in order to increase their competitive position, improve internal efficiency and maximize business return on their IT investment. Recruiter seeks a VERY AGGRESSIVE Korea Sales Manager, preferably now in Korea, who loves sales and who has a track record of exceeding quotas and being one of the top sales person's at your firm. The Korea Sales Manager will report to the Managing Director - Asia. While the position carries a managerial title, the position will require the employee to personally carry a sales quota and be personally conducting sales in a hands-on way.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Country Manager - Medical Devices


COMPANY: Major US Medical Equipment Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: results-oriented Japan sales director. Fluent English and Korean

Recruiter seeks a Korea Country Manager, on behalf of a leading American medical equipment firm. Main duties:

Meet revenue and profitability targets of area of responsibility, Support Regulatory and Registration efforts in Korea; Develop a three-year plan for the market including distributor identification, key conventions, market analysis and penetration, and projected financial results.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Merchandising Manager - Fashion Retail

LOCATION: Major Asian Capital

COMPANY: Major Asian Fashion retailer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Intelligent and experienced Asian fashion retail merchandising manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian firm in the fashion retail sector, a Merchandising Manager.  The Merchandising Manager is responsible for developing and executing a profitable, customer-focused merchandising strategy for product categories that grow revenue, while ensuring tight integration with company strategies. The Merchandising Manager provides leadership and direction to the merchandisers on the preparation of assortment plans that align with merchandise strategies and support seasonal merchandise plans. The Merchandising Manager reports directly to the VP Merchandising and leads an organization of buyers and merchandise planners. This role works closely with store operations, marketing communications, visual merchandisers and financial planners. Responsibilities:


• Full P&L responsibility across product categories.

• Manages buying and planning teams.

• Develops creative merchandising strategies that drives the topline and bottom line performance of the brand

• Requires general management leadership by directing appropriate pricing strategy and ensuring product/category gross margin that delivers profitable growth.

• Leverages top-down direction to set the overall strategy and merchandise direction for the division

• Anticipates market/business trends and develops a plan for response

• Directs assortment selection process and reviews assortments for balance (brands, key items, core items, etc.) that adhere to strategic and financial objectives

• Understands online and offline competitor strengths, weaknesses and strategies, and develops effective counter strategies and plans to build firm's online and offline stores into a premier destination

• Uses customer data to develop customer-focused merchandising strategy

• Accountable for merchandise division performance, recommends revisions to the merchandise plan/forecast based on sound analysis and ensures corrective actions are implemented

• Works with the planning organization to develop assortment plans that support overall strategy of in-stock positioning for key merchandise categories, classifications, items and vendors

• Coaches and develops team members ensuring growth and readiness for next level position.

• Responsible for managing product compliance.  Working with vendors to ensure that products meet local compliance policies

• Partners with marketing, operations and customer experience teams to develop breakthrough and innovative programs and features

• Reviews and approves the promotional plans


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Country Manager - CPG

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major US CPG firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very hands-on Korea Country Manager. Fluent Korean and English, and very comfortable in developing CPG brands. Strong, decisive decision-maker

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading American consumer products firm (foods), seeks a Korea Country Manager. Reporting to the VP International Sales and Marketing, the Korea Country Manager will have extensive strategic and operational interaction with distributors, staff, and executive management. The Korea Country Manager will have direct accountability for staff in Korea and will be key to coaching and providing team leadership. The Korea Country Manager will maximize long term profitable volume growth of brands, as well as explore and fully develop the market potential of Korea. Other responsabilities:

---Meet and exceed volume, operating profit, and market share objectives for Korea.

---Collaboratively work with the Marketing, Operations, Technical and Finance functions.

---Develop written Annual Business Plan for each Distributor containing volume, distribution and performance objectives (by brand) as specified in their individual Distributor agreements.

---Responsibility to ensure Distributor alignment and commitment.

---Distributor visits to include quarterly training, inventory control and monthly order reviews to ensure adequate distributor inventory.

---Build the capabilities of direct reports. Develop/prepare sales presentation materials for Distributor and retail accounts.

---Implement and execute processes and procedures to ensure interactive channels for communication and feedback.

---Manage the punctual analysis and reporting of results within Korea.

---Effective open communications with the Distributor(s) to communicate the latest company standards, share information and best practices, identify common issues and agree resolutions.

---Work with Distributor to ensure the firm quality standards are in place throughout the value chain.

---Account for, and supervise the use of Company owned vehicles and equipment as applicable.

---Maintain a sufficient driving record relative to the qualifying requirements for the Company's auto insurance to sustain employment.

---Work with executive management to ensure that the organization has the resources to enable it to achieve its plans (e.g. execution of brand plans) such as marketing funds, people, and business tools.

---Manage external image of firm in the local market, and build a positive image for the brands.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Business Development Manager - Sensors

LOCATION: Asia location

COMPANY: Leading US Sensors firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Business Development Manager with multi-country experiences; self-directed. Multilingual.

Recruiter seeks an Asia Business Development Manager on behalf of a major American sensors firm. This Asia Business Development Manager, who reports to the Asia Business Development Director, is responsible for all sales and distributor management and will be supported by firm's Asia Headquarters.

---Manage and develop firm's sales channel to achieve profitable growth in sales and market share.

---Support current distributors and help evaluate new distributors.

---Increase the name recognition and image of firm products in the marketplace.

---Provide sales support, training and technical support to distributors, OEM’s and end users in the region.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Sales Manager - Software
LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)
COMPANY: Major European Software Firm

British publicly traded firm selling application development tools for e-commerce applications, employing 2,000 worldwide (80 in Asia), and with a turnover of USD $375,000,000, seeks a Korea Sales Manager. Firm is a market leader in key enabling aspects in the e-commerce, as well as traditional development environments, with the majority of its products sold to Fortune 500 firms. Recruiter seeks a self-starting, highly motivated Korea Sales Manager with a history of on-target achievement. The position will be to take advantage of their existing sizeable customer base in Korea, and then to extend revenues and build business. Korea Sales Manager must have excellent bilingual Korean/ English skills. Reports to Asia-Pacific Sales Director.


Finance Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia VP Finance - Semiconductor Capital Equipment

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Major US Semiconductor Capital Equipment Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Highly trustworthy service sector Asia Finance Vice President. Highly analytical, dependable, flexible and hardworking Asia VP Finance. Can handle pressure and priorities in a multi-task environment

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading American semiconductor capital equipment firm, a VP Finance - Asia, who reports to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Vice President, Finance Asia will be responsible for internal and external financial reporting, internal control systems, budgeting, management and financial analysis, Asia treasury functions including both short and long term financing activities, bank relations, and daily cash management. The Vice President for Asia Finance will be a key member of executive management providing expert Asia finance experience and strong knowledge of US GAP and SEC requirements; acts as strategic liaison from firm's highest revenue producing region to the corporate Finance function. The Vice President for Asia Finance will earn credibility and trust through positive relationship building, functional expertise - a strategic partner and operational expert.


•   Review Asia’s financial performance and operational issues with senior management on a monthly basis

•   Oversee General Accounting and Financial Planning functions to include accounts payable, receivable, credit and collections, financial reporting .

•   Oversee the preparation and filing of all financial reports required for all Asia subsidiaries and for US GAAP and SEC requirements

•   Responsible for coordinating annual audit by independent auditors

•   Perform other related duties and  special projects such potential mergers and acquisitions, cost reductions and controls

•   Direct the Asia treasury activities, ensuring that financial transactions, policies, and procedures meet corporate needs and objectives.

•   Develop and maintain excellent ongoing relationships with banks and other financial institutions to negotiate favorable financing terms and conditions.

•   Monitor cash flow projects; develop and execute financial strategy to use the Company’s funds effectively.

•   Develop long term cash management strategy in line with the strategic plan and budgeting process

•   Ensure compliance with organization policies and all applicable regulations.

•   Maintain custody and be accountable for all cash, securities, and financial assets

•   Arrange for and manage lines of credit and working/depository accounts in appropriate banks.

•   Implement appropriate systems and management tools to assist treasury functions.


Reporting structure 

The Vice President for Asia Finance reports to the Chief Financial Officer with strong local relationship to the Korea based Chief Operating Officer.  The Vice President for Asia Finance will oversee the processes and implement systems and achieve results through a 20 person Asia Finance team, with 4 direct reports


Personal Attributes

•   Action –oriented with the ability to persuade and influence to achieve desired results

•   Proven management and leadership skills with a hands-on participative and unpretentious style

•   Strong planning and execution skills

•   Honest, trustworthy with a high level of personal integrity

•   Ability to thrive in a dynamic, growing and shifting industry and business climate



•   Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Finance or equivalent; advanced degree strongly preferred

•   10+ years Finance experience in a US-based global high tech environment

•   CPA or equivalent

•   Experience in managing and leading a culturally diverse Asia Finance team

•   Must be fully knowledgeable of US GAAP and SEC filing and compliance requirements

•   Fluent in Korean, English; Mandarin a plus


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Electronic Chemicals


COMPANY: Early Stage US Electronic Materials Startup

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with strong fundraising contacts at Asian Consumer Electronics (especially displays and solar panels) or Venture Capital firms. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) should be fluent in English; Korean, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese skills a strong plus. CPA or CA desirable.

Recruiter seeks a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a US based startup firm developing chemicals for the electronic displays and photovoltaics industries. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)'s chief role is to raise money and to ensure that it is used wisely.

•   Assess necessary funding levels to support strategic objectives

•   Identify appropriate funding methods and specific funds/groups to target

•   Utilize, cultivate, and strengthen relationships with appropriate private equity and venture capital contacts

•   Work closely with marketing to increase awareness of firm as a strong investment opportunity

•   Lead the development of appropriate materials to “craft the story”

•   Lead preliminary meetings with appropriate potential investors

•   Communicate consistently with management team and board on progress

•   Building detailed financials models for valuation purposes

•   Provide valuation, negotiation, transaction structuring, and due diligence support

•   Anticipate internal and external financial factors to help guide forecasts and budgets

•   Participate with management team to identify ways to achieve financial targets and “hit the numbers”

•   Provide insights regarding pricing, product mix, and market focus.

•   Interact with current investors to ensure everyone understands what we can and cannot achieve financially


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia-Pacific Financial Plant Controller - Processed Foods


COMPANY: Major US Food Products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Competent Finance Manager for food processing factory. A forward thinking planner. Manufacturing and Cost Accounting experience. CPA preferred. ERP accounting systems experience is required such as SAGE Accpac

Recruiter seeks a Plant Controller on behalf of a 40 year old US foods processing firm. Reporting to the Regional General Manager, the Financial Plant Controller will oversee a staff of approximately 10. The financial controller's duties include:

-- Cost control systems for product and cost prices to ensure correct evaluation of financial results and to contribute to the decision making process.

-- Preparation of management accounting reports showing periodic data on manufacturing operations such as materials yield and variance analysis, labor efficiency and capacity utilization.

-- Manage cash flow forecast, accounts receivable and accounts payable operations.

-- Annual operations budgeting and plant capital expenditure budgeting.

-- Ensure proper payment of all vendor invoices including disbursement of checks and the timely response to queries and discrepancies.

-- Preparation of financial reporting systems, including profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and asset valuations as required for use by management, lenders and financial partners.

-- Manage posting of the daily production activity into the information system.

-- Summaries and forecasts for business growth, risk management and general economic outlook in line with organizational needs and growth plans, with guidance for managing costs accordingly.

-- Financial management policies and internal controls.

-- Manage periodic training of staff to update knowledge on various accounting and taxation matters.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Korea Finance Director - Automotive Products

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: US automotive parts manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Korean finance manager, preferably from the auto parts sector

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US automotive parts supplier, a Korea Finance Director who will supervise the finances of their Korean business unit. The position will report to the President of the business unit, with reporting to the corporate VP Finance and the VP Asia Pacific. This fast paced automotive and heavy duty Tier 1 unit seeks a Finance Manager who will direct the development of the annual operating budget plans and strategic operating plans. The Korea Finance Director will assure key measures, including EBITDA and FCF, are met on a monthly and annual basis, and will develop business forecasts, financial reports, and control expenditures. Korea Finance Directors with strong background in internal control, standard costs, and the ability to understand key cost drivers is required. Knowledge of US and Korean GAAP required. Fluent in English and Korean.



Supply Chain Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Supply Chain Director - Intimate Apparel

LOCATION: Major Asian location

COMPANY: Fast-growing Intimate Apparel Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very fast-paced, unbureaucratic and take-charge Asia Supply Chain Director with intimate apparel experiences in multiple Asian countries.

•   Results-oriented, highly motivated, enthusiastic individual who takes ownership for the portfolio

•   Collaborative style in a team-oriented environment, yet works effectively on an independent basis

•   Takes initiative, and is flexible, adaptable and resilient in approach

•   Ability to quickly develop rapport and trust

Recruiter seeks an Asia Supply Chain Director on behalf of a fast-growing apparel firm, who would report to the VP Operations at HQ. The Asia Supply Chain Director would build a team of sourcing and merchandising representatives over time, and establish and maintain business relationships to support the Company’s sourcing and production strategies and activities. The Asia Supply Chain Director is expected to lead, manage, effectively communicate and oversee the day-to-day operations in a culturally appropriate manner to ensure all staff, vendors and all manufacturing and supply chain relationships and activities are compliant with Company policies and all applicable regulations, meet and follow all production, packaging, quality assurance and shipping standards, processes and deadlines in a cost effective manner.   


As the representative of the firm in Asia, the Asia Supply Chain Director is accountable to identify opportunities and solutions, and optimize performance levels of suppliers and vendors for scalable strategic and operational alliances to support the Company’s long-term growth plans.  It is critical for success to develop and maintain effective communications and the relationship with HQ, and to ensure all business, communications and translations, and problem resolution activities are conducted with the highest integrity.



•   Lead, hire and develop the Asia Supply Chain team of field representatives

•   In conjunction with the HQ team, determine priorities and objectives in developing the business consistent with the supply chain strategies of the Company

•   Develop relationships with vendors and suppliers to drive ongoing improvements on costs, on time delivery, quality standards, social compliance and speed to market capability

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are knowledgeable of and in compliance with all corporate standards and expectations regarding  purchase orders; quality; packaging; logistics;

documentation; costs; social, environmental and government regulations and take necessary and appropriate action with those who are not in compliance to resolve the issues

•   Manage all purchase order placements; acknowledgements; progress ; WIP reports; capacity and raw material constraints; TOP sample submissions and audit requirements

•   Ensure product quality assurance standards are achieved by communicating specifications, technical packages and testing methods; evaluate and monitor in-process controls of raw goods; WIP and finished product; and work with Asia-Pacific Vendors and Company designers during new style mini-bulk and initial production runs

•   Confirm packaging materials and packing methods are compliant with specifications, and Asia-Pacific Vendors are sourcing packaging materials from nominated local suppliers in a timely and cost effective manner

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are adhering to all routing , timing and containerization agreements; and that all paper and electronic versions of shipping documentation is accurate ,

complete and timely

•   Negotiate garment FOB prices;  oversee process improvements and material substitutions to reduce costs

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are fulfilling all governmental, environmental and corporate employee safety and social compliance commitments

•   Establish and maintain effective, clear communication and messaging between HQ and Asia-Pacific Vendors on a timely basis which is culturally appropriate, translated accurately without ambiguity

•   Plan and oversee Asia-Pacific Vendor corrective action and improvement implementation

•   Monitor Asia-Pacific Vendor performance based on a specified standards checklist, ensure site audits are conducted on a regular basis and provide regular updates to HQ

•   Accountable to lead the Field Staff  including work prioritization and scheduling; regular communication; professional development; delegation; attendance; performance management; daily activity reports; payroll; hiring, discipline; health and safety

•   Manage and control costs within the allocated budget of the Asia office, specifically overseeing lease agreements; registration licenses; permits; health and safety; maintenance;

equipment; utilities; IT; security, etc.  


Qualifications and Requirements:

•   Minimum 10 years demonstrated hands-on leadership experience in the intimate apparel industry

•   Minimum 5 years previous experience in Operations Management in a foreign country, ideally in the Asia Pacific region, with current market knowledge of sourcing and production

activities and alternative options

•   Experience in seamless circular and warp knitting, molding, dyeing, cut and sew production is a definite asset  

•   Confident team leader who is willing to make decisions and negotiate winning solutions

•   Proven experience establishing and maintaining effective local networks and relationships with vendors and suppliers, trade associations, and government departments, as applicable

•   Effective planning, organizational and time management skills

•   Excellent communication skills – verbal, written, presentation and persuasion skills

•   Excellent interpersonal, listening and team building skills

•   Proven critical thinking skills necessary for problem-solving, conflict resolution, decision-making

•   Effective time management, planning and execution skills

•   Demonstrated strong organizational skills to manage multiple priorities

•   Strong customer service approach working with people

•   Ability to identify and research business opportunities to support the growth plans



Technical Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Major Diversified Conglomerate

LOCATION: Major Asian location

COMPANY: Major Asian Diversified Conglomerate

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: This very large Group, holding diverse interests in major consumer and B2B service sectors, requires a Group Head of Information Services, who would report to the Group Finance Director. Key characteristics: confident, knowledgeable, respected IT Head who is not egotistical. As Group IT Head, this person will be the key person to introduce and promote new technologies and concepts (Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Services, Social Media, etc.), along with an increased focus on Shared Services whenever practical.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a large Asian conglomerate, a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who would directly supervise 50 at Headquarters. Indirect responsibility over business unit CIO's and IT Directors at approximately 15-20 key business units (note: these IT heads report not to this person but rather to their respective business unit heads, MD's or CEO's)

This crucial position is not about how many people one supervises. To some degree it is almost like a sole contributor with a unique role that is critical to the Group as a whole. The Group IT Head's focus will be to help implement future technologies benefiting all Group units while the business unit CIO's and IT Director's focus, by necessity, will be on getting the normal day's work done. This is the challenge for the Group IT Head. S/he will be oriented toward making efficiencies and integrating new technologies for the long run. Therefore, a key characteristic will be a persistent, cajoling, dogged type of person who also is diplomatic and respectful of existing business unit IT Directors and CIO's. This person must be open minded, able to do a lot of handholding when needed, and have an ability to win people over.... for their business unit's long term benefit.

A very wide range of current titles and experiences might be perfectly suitable for this role. It has been said that perhaps a person who has worked as a Program Director (or with a similar kind of project-by-project orientation) might work well in this role. Some also feel that people who have worked in management consulting might be good, as much of the work here is interpersonal and consultative in nature, as opposed to being mostly oriented toward equipment and software. It is said that due to the size of this organization (over 200,000 employees), people familiar with large conglomerates might understand this kind of role well, but it should be noted that the retiring incumbent (over 15 years in this role) came from a top world retail/ hypermarket chain and he has done well in this position.

Job Description - Background

The Group Information Services Department is a central IT organisation based at the group headquarters. The Group IS Dept. supports all the IT needs of the executive team and Head Office departments and sets the IT direction across all businesses of the Group worldwide.

In the wider group context, the Group IS Dept. supports and maintains a variety of world class IT business services that are used by business units throughout the world. These services provide high a level of economy, security, support and high availability to the group as a whole. Such services include a single global financial consolidation instance, a single financial instance for the majority of the Asian businesses units and Human Resource services for the firm's core businesses. The majority of these services are built using Oracle technology, whilst other collaboration systems are built using Microsoft technology.

As a strategy the Group aims to consolidate common business services and IT infrastructure around the Group and deliver these back as hosted services on a cost neutral basis.

The Group IS Dept. serves the broader IT needs of the global group companies and subsidiaries by facilitating key global projects, ownership of strategic procurement activities, setting IT standards and policy for the group and managing the annual IT Budget cycle.

The overarching mission of the Group IS Dept. is to leverage the group's IT resources and scale to drive synergy and efficiency resulting in higher quality and lower cost IT solutions for the business as a whole.

With the rapid advancement of technology it is incumbent on the job holder to be at the forefront of knowledge on the latest innovative and disruptive technology that can be used to transform business agility and profitability.

Organisational Context

The job holder reports directly to the Group Finance Director and works closely with all other Head Office Department Heads to drive business growth and efficiency through the relevant use of technology.

The job holder works collaboratively with the CEO of a unit involved in the Group's Telecommunications sector and who shares the same strategic goals but in a more specialist area.

Though not direct reports, the job holder works closely with other subsidiary IT Directors and CIO's to help shape and form IT strategy across the group.


The job holder is responsible for the technology vision and innovation culture across the group.

Global ownership of the group IT policies including security and common software/hardware reference architectures.

Ownership of global strategic supplier relationships

End to end provision and support of all Head Office IT systems and services.

End to end provision and support of regional shared service systems.

End to end provision and support of global knowledge management systems, corporate directory services and inter group Telepresence systems.

Key Accountabilities

To improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of IT across the group

To keep close to emerging technologies and champion the adoption of those that will have the most positive impact on our business.

To provide strategic IT direction and policy

To manage strategic supplier relationships including significant contract negotiations on behalf of the group.

To lead and run group wide IT initiatives

To manage and develop a team of highly skilled IT professionals

To benchmark key IT activities and set improvement targets

To provide high quality, reliable and secure IT services for all Head Office departments

To grow and introduce new shared IT services across the group.

To provide technical guidance to the group companies on all major IT investments

To manage and develop the group IT budget process

To actively share and facilitate knowledge sharing within the Group IT community

Maintain tight fiscal control and reporting on all major IT projects

Key Characteristics

Planning & Organizing. Identifies strategic goals and plans the overall direction taking into account the impact of plans across the business. Able to produce plans and forecasts over a five year planning horizon to achieve long term goals.

Controlling Quality & Standards. Creates a climate in which quality is constantly enhanced and drives through initiatives which improve on quality.

Decision Making. Demonstrates a broad business perspective to ensure that decisions have a long term positive impact on profitability.

Innovation. Persistently challenges existing methods and explores new ideas and technology that result in transformational results.

Communication. The Group IS Dept. Head is a confident and inspirational communicator to Board level and able to present to large or small groups. Able to describe complex technical activities in a non-technical manner.

People skills. Able to develop personal relationships with key people across a diverse organization. Able to win people over to new ideas and approaches. Highly adaptable and approachable.

Influencing. Identifies possible objections and constructs powerful counter arguments to address these whilst maintaining an understanding of organisational dynamics and interests.

Drive. Displays a hunger to beat industry standards and maintains overall direction despite diversions, distractions and setbacks.

Desired Requirements

Has a degree in information technology, computer science, Finance or a related field.

20 years' experience, with 8+ years held in a Senior IT Director or CIO position within a multinational organization.

Has a talent for understanding the impact of new technology and is able to spot solutions that will have the most profound impact on business growth from either an adoption or investment perspective.

Ideally has application Development lifecycle experience in large scale Oracle deployments. As for Oracle, if people have dealt heavily with SAP then that is acceptable as well. Both are unwieldy companies, so overcoming the challenges are similar. Oracle is highly desirable especially if the candidate has existing relationships at senior levels. With regard to SAP and or Oracle, the key is that the candidate has directly managed and influenced the supplier at a senior executive level rather than 'just' implemented it. So not a showstopper if the person has SAP rather than Oracle experience.

Has deep experience of strategic planning and implementation.

Has a proven track record in negotiating and managing multimillion dollar contracts with major IT suppliers.

Has a proven ability to manage and motivate large teams of people toward a common goal.












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