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A Plus Magazine (Hong Kong) - Changing Roles of CFO's in the Greater China Market - full text of interview
Forbes Asia (Hong Kong) - 10 Hottest Management Jobs in Asia - full text of interview
HR Management Magazine Asia (Singapore) - The MBA in Asia - full text of interview
CFO Asia - The Economist Group (Hong Kong) - CFO Executive Search - full text of interview
China Daily (Shanghai) - China Senior Management Executive Search - full text of interview
Asiamoney (Hong Kong) - Mainland China Executive Search - full text of interview

The Business Times (Singapore) - MBA's and Careers - full text of interview

Science's Next Wave (Singapore) - Southeast Asia Tight Job Market - full text of interview

Datamation (Korea) - text of published article - Korean version
ZDNET Australia, A Ziff-Davis Publication (Australia) - full text of interview
CNET Taiwan, A Ziff-Davis Publication (Taiwan) - full text of interview in Chinese
ZDNET China, A Ziff-Davis Publication (China) - full text of interview in Chinese

Europe - Middle East - Africa

Düsseldorf Handelsblatt (Germany)  Germans with US Management Style -  English   Deutsch

Trouw (Netherlands) Executive Compensation for Top EU Managers - full text of interview

Spiegel-Gruppe - Manager Magazin (Germany)European Managers in the USA -  English    Deutsch

Trade & Forfaiting (UK) - Pan-European Cross-Border Trade - full text of interview

Dow Jones Newswires (Germany) European High Tech Market -  full text of interview

Latin America

The Wall Street Journal Americas- Latin America Managers -  full text of interview

América Economía (Latin America) - Latin America Manager Salaries full text of interview

United States & Canada

The Wall Street Journal (USA) - Telecom Senior Management -   full text of interview

Business Week Online (USA) - Canada: Nortel's Next CEO -  full text of comments by ART

Purchasing Magazine (USA) - Global Supply Chain Management full text of interview
Raleigh News & Observer (USA) - CEO Tenure -   full text of interview

Telephony Online (USA) - Executive Compensation  full text of interview

Interactive Week, A Ziff-Davis Publication (USA) CIO and E-Commerce - full text of interview

Dynamic Manager (USA) - How Can HR Directors Use Headhunters? -  full text of interview

About.Com (USA)International Recruitment - full text of interview

Computer World (USA) - CIO Careers - full text of interview

Datamation (USA)Startup Firms - full text of interview



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