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ART managers have been interviewed and quoted by some of the leading business and tech publications in the world. Reporters and editors may contact us if we may assist you in providing expert quotes from our managers for your article. ART comments normally could be made available to your publication within the same day, on a broad range of topics involving careers, the world economy, business cultures, headhunting, management style, and more. Some of our past interviews are reproduced in the links below.

Members of the Press may reach us at:
Media Contact

So that we may best respond to your message rapidly, please include the following details in your message:

  • Your name, title, and media company
  • The topic and focus of the article
  • Approximate date of publication and the website where your article would be posted
  • Your questions that you would like us to comment on


A Plus Magazine (Hong Kong) - Changing Roles of CFO's in the Greater China Market - full text of interview
Forbes Asia (Hong Kong) - 10 Hottest Management Jobs in Asia - full text of interview
HR Management Magazine Asia (Singapore) - The MBA in Asia - full text of interview
CFO Asia - The Economist Group (Hong Kong) - CFO Executive Search - full text of interview
China Daily (Shanghai) - China Senior Management Executive Search - full text of interview
Asiamoney (Hong Kong) - Mainland China Executive Search - full text of interview

The Business Times (Singapore) - MBA's and Careers - full text of interview

Science's Next Wave (Singapore) - Southeast Asia Tight Job Market - full text of interview

Datamation (Korea) - text of published article - Korean version
ZDNET Australia, A Ziff-Davis Publication (Australia) - full text of interview
CNET Taiwan, A Ziff-Davis Publication (Taiwan) - full text of interview in Chinese
ZDNET China, A Ziff-Davis Publication (China) - full text of interview in Chinese

Europe - Middle East - Africa

Düsseldorf Handelsblatt (Germany)  Germans with US Management Style -  English   Deutsch

Trouw (Netherlands) Executive Compensation for Top EU Managers - full text of interview

Spiegel-Gruppe - Manager Magazin (Germany)European Managers in the USA -  English    Deutsch

Trade & Forfaiting (UK) - Pan-European Cross-Border Trade - full text of interview

Dow Jones Newswires (Germany) European High Tech Market -  full text of interview

Latin America

The Wall Street Journal Americas- Latin America Managers -  full text of interview

América Economía (Latin America) - Latin America Manager Salaries full text of interview

United States & Canada

The Wall Street Journal (USA) - Telecom Senior Management -   full text of interview

Business Week Online (USA) - Canada: Nortel's Next CEO -  full text of comments by ART

Purchasing Magazine (USA) - Global Supply Chain Management full text of interview
Raleigh News & Observer (USA) - CEO Tenure -   full text of interview

Telephony Online (USA) - Executive Compensation  full text of interview

Interactive Week, A Ziff-Davis Publication (USA) CIO and E-Commerce - full text of interview

Dynamic Manager (USA) - How Can HR Directors Use Headhunters? -  full text of interview

Computer World (USA) - CIO Careers - full text of interview

Datamation (USA)Startup Firms - full text of interview



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