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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.

Asia Senior Management & General Management Executive Search

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Pharmaceutical CRO

LOCATION: Major Asian Location

COMPANY: Major Pharma CRO

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager who is very business-capablej, with extensive  Pharma CRO experience

Recruiter seeks a General Manager on behalf of a major pharmaceutical CRO. The General Manager will lead the firm's country business, commercial and operations activities with a global customer base and achieve P&L targets and achieve corporate required KPIs.

    • Develop firm's business activities while meeting budgeted revenue and profit objectives.
    • Provide strategic plan to build the business within Asia Pacific and drive growth with global customers.
    • Achieve the operations efficiency at laboratories and logistics (sample taking) by streamlining the operational processes.
    • Support the development, implementation and optimal use of the company’s Laboratory Information Management System eLims and ensure its efficient usage at all levels of the laboratory to improve productivity and profitability.
    • Manage the IT solutions activities required by the site.
    • Increase profitability to meet best industry standards in all activities.
    • Lead the marketing and sales activities (in collaboration with other companies within the group) to achieve the growth plan and ensure that the relations with the clients are good and efficient. Lead meetings with key clients, at all levels and develop an in depth knowledge of customer requirements through regular meetings.
    • Ensure that cross-selling synergies with other laboratories in the group are being developed and comply with corporate guidelines.
    • Take appropriate measures to improve economic profit, including hands-on personal commitment in addressing situations where profit levels are too low.
    • Hire, motivate, develop and retain excellent people, define and agree goals and milestones with immediate subordinates, and ensure goals are defined and communicated to their respective teams. Set up customer centric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress. Follow up as appropriate and become hands on if required to ensure achievement of goals.
    • Map out and qualify all acquisition targets in your country, with the support of global M&A team with the goal of expansion of capabilities and or to serve the Asia Pacific market.

    • Personality Profile:
It is imperative that the candidate has high energy, drive and a passion to succeed. The candidate needs to be numerate with business acumen and at the same time demonstrates empathy for others and strong interpersonal skills.
    • Type and duration of previous experience:
Approximately 10 years of professional experience. At least 3 years of these with full responsibility for P&L of a business with at least 50 staff and sales >5M USD per year and proven financial success, preferably in the business services sector or in a small / mid-size company or BU operating competitively. Must have practical knowledge of the drug discovery/ pre-clinical market with prior exposure to clients in this market. Must have a commercial understanding of operating in the Asia Pacific CRO market. Understanding of the employment laws and requirements for human resources in the country.

    • Career track:
We look for people who made a fast track career until now, have clearly been promoted by their past employers but have not yet reached their full potential and still have the burning hunger/drive to excel working for our Client. The job offered should be a challenge for them and a clear progress from their current position. We look for hands-on leaders, hardworking doers with common sense, not strategists or well-rounded large company politicians. Excellent understanding of financial matters, thrifty and cost minded. Candidates with clear career path progression and loyalty to employers are preferred.

    • Educational Background:
Academic education (at least university Masters’ level) with very good grades is required. A MBA or equivalent is desirable but not an absolute requirement. A Master or PhD in Sciences from a top university (e.g. in engineering chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, biology, molecular biology and genetics) would be appreciated but is not an absolute requirement.

Candidates with MBA or equivalent but without a degree in engineering chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, biology, molecular biology and genetics will also be considered provided they possess strong experience in running operations and in handling full P&L with strong financial and business acumen and have worked in the Pharmaceutical CRO market.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Hospital Sector

LOCATION: Asian location

COMPANY: Fast growing medical services corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very results-oriented, well organized, hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO)

 Recruiter  seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing hospital services firm, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of a new hospital, inclusive of the profit and loss of the hospital's business, as well as the related resources associated with the hospital operation.

In this capacity, the Hospital CEO carries responsibility for integrating the strategic plan of the Hospital with the operations. Through the Clinical Service Unit structure, the CEO provides management oversight for the development of high quality, cost effective and integrated clinical programs within the hospital. The management portfolio held by this leader is notably diverse, with corresponding broad organizational implications and complexity, characterized by substantial scope of responsibility in this respect.

The Hospital CEO will exercise management responsibility over the hospital ensuring efficient services that are designed to meet the needs of patients, physicians, the public and staff. This will either be done directly, or through delegation of responsibility to the management staff.

Desired Skills & Experience:
• Work requires a minimum of 10 -12 years’ experience in responsible hospital operations at the administrative leadership level.
• Demonstrated leadership and complex organizational management skills.
• Well-developed planning, marketing, organizational development, and business skills.
• Experience in hospital administration in a large and complex setting inclusive of P and L responsibility
• The ability to work with physicians, staff and professionals in multiple settings and locations and to promote diversity in the workplace.
• Information systems capabilities and an appreciation for the data which will be required to make meaningful management decisions. Negotiation and financial analysis skills.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Managing Director - Engineering & Procurement Services

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Major US Energy Services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained, highly organized, Taiwan General Manager with both business development and operational management experiences. The Taiwan General Manager should know the power business, and have established contacts at Taiwan Power (Taipower) Fully bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US firm providing services to the public and private power sector, a Taiwan Managing Director. Responsible for the operation of the Taipei office; the Taiwan Managing Director formulates marketing & sales strategies, and plans & implements those strategies. Directs proposals, project estimating, planning and pricing activities. The Taiwan Managing Director should have superior ability to mentor and develop world class managers and supervisors in order to build a stronger Taiwan management team


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan General Manager - Electronics

LOCATION: Taiwan (Kaohsiung)

COMPANY: Very well established American electronics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A multifaceted General Manager with fluent English. Experience in China and Taiwan electronics manufacturing.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an American electronics firm, a Taiwan General Manager. This position requires strong English skills - spoken and oral comprehension. Many contacts will be with the company's CEO and Executive VP of Operations in North America.

This function could potentially grow significantly, as it is possible that some products might be moved from China to Taiwan. This person must be able to handle these possibilities and be enthusiastic about this kind of change.

*   Experience running an electronics assembly, test, packaging, and distribution operation is obviously key
  *   A proven track record onboarding new product manufacturing
  *   Helpful: Experience moving sub-assemblies from China to Taiwan and subsequently to North America

The General Manager reports to the CEO and to the Executive Vice President of Operations. This position is responsible for the leadership and oversight of the Taiwan cross functional team, focused on the manufacturing & distribution operations of the Kaohsiung facility. Leads operational activities ensuring: location mission meets or exceeds budget; all schedules and deadlines are met; high levels of product quality are established & maintained; compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements; adherence to company policies; employee goals and objectives are established and evaluated; a safe and hazard free working environment is provided to employees.

Job Description

    • Develops and executes manufacturing strategy, delivering on committed operational & financial performance.
    • Provides leadership alignment and direction for the Taiwan facility at multiple levels:
        ◦ Strategic
        ◦ Operational
        ◦ Tactical
    • Deploy production and distribution best practices and standards.
    • Builds strong interactive working and strategic relationships with the executive leadership team.
    • Represents company as required via a liaison role with suppliers and contract manufacturers.
    • Collaborates with cross functional team members and provides local site leadership to all employees assigned to the Taiwan facility.
    • Maintains high performance standards for the execution of planned operations and initiatives, setting the tone for the company's Taiwan performance & culture.
    • Drives and models a culture of continuous improvement and high product quality.
    • Participates in monthly operating reviews profiling the performance of the Taiwan business unit.
    • Influences positive change and improvements through meaningful, effective communication with all levels of the plant and corporate leadership.
    • Through direct personal involvement, establishes the Taiwan unit as a safe place to work.
    • Develops individuals and leaders to grow organizational & personal capability
    • Ensures regulatory compliance.
    • Provides effective leadership in teamwork development, effective communication and quick responses to internal & external stakeholders.
    • Selects and implements the best measures/metrics for company performance and customer satisfaction.
    • Coaches, consults and facilitates leaders, individuals and teams to achieve higher levels of performance and impact.
    • As an active member of the Operations Leadership Team drives for shared results to meet company operations goals.
    • Occasional travel, as required.
    • Other duties, as assigned.

    • BS/BA degree in Business, Engineering, Science or related subject required, or equivalent business experience;
    • 5-10 years of experience leading manufacturing & distribution operations in Taiwan or China.
    • Ability to communicate fluently in English -  both verbally and in writing.
    • Knowledgeable and experienced in international distribution practices and regulations.
    • Proven track record managing a business or sub-unit of a multi-national business.
    • Ability to attract, develop and retain staff, who operate with a company mindset.
    • A track record of delivering positive bottom line results.
    • A track record of delivering continuous improvement.
    • A track record of creating an effective, highly recognized and proactive organization well aligned with business strategy and needs and integrated with cross company functions.

    • Strong practical work experience (6+ years) experience in electronics manufacturing & distribution.
    • Proven record of implementing and operating within data driven management systems.
    • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office product line.
    • Working knowledge of applicable Taiwan regulations.
    • Knowledge of lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement mythologies.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan General Manager - Hydraulics


COMPANY: Major French Global Hydraulic Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales-oriented Taiwan Managing Director with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan General Manager, on behalf of leading European hydraulics manufacturer based in France. Reporting to the Group President, the Taiwan General Manager should be able to manage all Taiwan operations of the firm, totalling under 500 people. Experience at a major US or European firms selling to the industrial market would be of greatest interest. Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese required. Taiwanese and French languages would be considered a plus


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan General Manager - Semiconductors

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)

COMPANY: US semiconductor firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales-oriented Taiwan Managing Director with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese; Taiwanese a plus.

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan General Manager, on behalf of a US semiconductor (MEMS) firm. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Taiwan General Manager will supervise 50-100 employees, most of whom are in operations. The Taiwan General Manager should have strong leadership abilities, a technical background in eng or operations, and good people skills to mentor and motivate staff. At least 10 years management experience, preferably P&L.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan General Manager - Semiconductor Distributor


COMPANY: Leading Semiconductor Distribution Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Taiwan General Manager with strong sales development and operations expertise in the semiconductor distribution field.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major firm in the semiconductor distribution field, a Taiwan General Manager.

- Electronic Engineering Degree

- 10-15 Years Experience in Management and Taiwan Semiconductor Distribution

- Strong Product Knowledge of Semiconductors, especially as a Taiwan semiconductor distributor

- Fluent Mandarin, Acceptable Spoken and Written English

- Building Up Good Relationship with Vendors and Customers Management

- Good Management Skill and Strong in Team Building

- Good Knowledge of Taiwan Electronic Market


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Bulk Chemicals


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A chemical general manager with fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.

COMPANY: Well-established international chemical company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading polymer manufacturer, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) experienced in the polymer chemicals manufacturing sector. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) should be qualified in business management, as s/he would be responsible for the profit & loss of the Company. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) should have the ability to manage a large work force in factory operations. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) should offer a vision on how to expand and grow the business.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Corporate Vice President or Managing Director - Cable Television

LOCATION: Major Asian capital

COMPANY: Leading International Investment Bank

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Cable TV Asia Managing Director

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading investment bank, an Asia Managing Director or Corporate VP who has had experience in digitalization in leading markets of Asia, the US or UK, and who has a sense of how to make this happen. Should understand content deals. Business savvy, and able to judge content deals. Works well with customers and understands how to win them to the more expensive digital market.

 - Oversee cable television investments

 - interaction with senior management

 - review of business issues, acquisitions

 - review of current and new technology options

 - understanding of content strategy

 - strategic thinker for the investment

 - review of performance



Asia Sales & Marketing Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Automotive Parts

LOCATION: Major Asian City

COMPANY: Fast-growing Asian Automotive Parts Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Sales Vice President with multiple Asian and global country experiences in selling autoparts.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing Asian auto parts manufacturer, a Vice President of Sales. Responisibilities:

- To Analyse the industry trend and identify new growth areas.

- To identify potential opportunities and develop New Business in the responsible markets.

-To Formulate and implement Business Strategies to achieve Sales Target and Growth

-To build, guide, coach and leave a cohesive Sales Team -To develop and build strong relationships with business partners

-Actively expand and maintain networking contacts.

-Based on experience, can be responsible for South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (Exports)


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Business Development Director - Semiconductor Fab Market

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)
COMPANY: Major Global Semiconductor Products Corporation

Reporting to the VP, Asia Pacific - Greater China/ Southeast Asia Region, the Taiwan Business Manager will manage the overall company business operations in Taiwan (Gross Sales US$85 mil; 13 employees growing to 35). Recruiter seeks a strong candidate with proven track record of customer intimacy over a longer period with TSMC's higher level management, would be desired. Customer experiences might also include firms such as Winbond, UMC, Promos, Powerchip, etc. Bilingual - ability to read and write Mandarin Chinese and English language is a necessity.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Vice President, Sales - Semiconductor Capital Equipment


COMPANY: Major US semiconductor capital equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong leadership development skills. Roll-up-the-sleeves, strategic thinker and mentor to staff. This is best for a longer-term visionary Asia Vice President, Sales, providing direction to the sales managers. Not suitable for an inveterate "prospector" type who works best in roles where s/he is personally involved in every single aspect of the sale. Marketing orientations might be more suitable than a pure sales focus. Process Equipment or Metrology equipment to the compound semiconductor (II-VI and III-V) market a strong plus.  Must have solid experience in the fast-growing Asian market. Knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin), Korean or Japanese a plus, but if not, intimate experience of Asian semiconductor markets is necessary.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a world leading US firm in the semiconductor capital equipment field, a VP Sales - Asia. The Vice President of Sales - Asia is responsible for directing the global sales of semiconductor equipment products in the MOCVD and MBE markets.  The successful candidate will develop and execute a multi-faceted sales strategy to grow the business and build the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  The Asia VP Sales works in parallel with the leadership team to assess and develop effective sales processes, go-to-market strategies, business development initiatives and service delivery.  This executive also spearheads major customer opportunities.  The VP Sales - Asia reports to the Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales.  Reports for this position include: Sales Managers in the USA, Greater China, Japan, and Europe.


Key Attributes/Requirements

The ideal candidate is an accomplished sales leader and team-builder with a history of managing sales & service in a highly competitive environment.

---15+ years (5+ at a senior level) direct management of global sales & service functions; Experience in global high-tech capital equipment sales a must

---Proven competency in MOCVD and MBE technology as applied in multiple markets and applications

---Ability to execute at the "C level"  (CEO, CTO, COO)

---Employ different sales strategies such as:  high volume, relationship-based, and multi-million dollar transaction-based selling

---Translate strategy into action plans coupled with successful implementation

---History of driving substantive improvements in both operational excellence and sales effectiveness

---Demonstrated successes in launching complex, new product releases resulting in accelerated revenue


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Medical Devices


COMPANY: Fast growing American medical devices firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very hands-on Greater China Sales Director with medical devices experience. Greater China Sales Director with strong experience building sales via distribution channels. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese. Consultative and concept sales understanding.  Demonstrated technical training and professional oral and written communication skills. Minimum four years of progressive sales and sales management experience in implantable medical devices, including distribution management.

Recruiter, on behalf of an expanding American medical device manufacturer, seeks an Asia Sales Director. Reporting to the VP, International Business Development, the Asia Sales Director directs the international distribution network in the sales and surgeon development effort and represents Company interests in associated surgical communities, regulatory bodies and professional associations.  

•   The Asia Sales Director sources clinically-competent distributors with established surgeon relationships for representing Company products within specified geographic areas.

•   Provides sales and clinical training in the representation of Company products and management of cases.

•   Provides intermediate sales and clinical support as needed through the developmental period.

•   The Director of Asian Sales oversees the profitable sales efforts through personal contact with surgeons, distributors and their sales teams, providing direction and counsel as needed.

•   Provides support for distributor strategic planning to introduce new Company products or developing Company representation within the territory.

•   Assists the Distributors in compliance with Company administrative procedures, including forecasting, managing case schedules, and developing business opportunities.

•   Ensures the expedient response to surgeon training needs and coordinates surgeon training sessions.

•   Leads and coordinates the representation of Company interests in associated surgical communities, regulatory bodies and professional associations.

•   Assists in establishing and maintaining effective relationships with hospital and outpatient surgical facilities.

•   The Asia Sales Director coordinates the representation of Company at trade shows, training and educational events, and other indication-specific conferences.

•   Provides timely and accurate sales reports, forecasts and market intelligence and feedback to Company International Sales Management.

•   Maintains professional and safety credentials for sterile environments.

•   Functional authority for Distributors regarding the representation of Company Products

•   Assumes responsibility for the technical and ethical integrity of the sales process in the distribution channel.

•   Maintains, demonstrates and promotes professional and productive working relationships with clinical and medical facility staff as well as company personnel at all levels.

•   Maintains an accurate inventory and ensures the proper use of assigned devices, instrumentation and collateral materials.

•   Up to 70% International travel


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan VP Sales - LED Lighting


COMPANY: Fast growing LED Lighting IC firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: results-oriented Taiwan VP Sales  with IC sales experiences to the Taiwanese, Chinese and global LED Lighting markets. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan VP Sales who has held a similar high level VP Sales or Sales Director position where s/he been responsible for defining a sales strategy and builing an effective sales team. LED lighting industry experience is a big plus. Must be able to grasp firm's technology and demonstrate a solid understanding to customers and partners.

--  experienced with LED sales and marketing in Asia

--  familiar with Asia (especially Greater China area) business practice, revenue growth and culture

--  experienced with developing business with Asian customers and closing major deals

--  working independently and able to lead local sales team

--  aggressive, proactive, accountable, result oriented sales leader

--  can drive to achieve revenue target

--  strong communication and presentation skills

--  demonstrated success in Asia sales and revenue growth

--  strong distributor and rep management skill and connection in Asia market

--  established strong relationship with Asian major LED packaging or lighting customers.

--  faster learning, handle extensive pan-Asia travel

--  proven ability to grow and mentor team



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Semiconductors


HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  results-oriented Asia Sales Director with IC sales experiences. 10+ years experience in IC sales and design in support in the Asia market. Fluent in English and Manadarin Chinese.

COMPANY: Major US Electronic Components firm

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Director on behalf of a leading electronics components firm. The Asia Sales Director will supervise all sales, distribution, and major account engagement in the Asia countries including Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.  The Asia Sales Director will be responsible for agent and distributor management including setting sales strategies and direction, account conflict resolution, design in, account penetration strategies, purchasing negotiations, etc.


The Asia Sales Director will have demonstrated success at OEMs, ODMs, design houses, agents and CMs in winning sockets and establishing new suppliers as preferred vendors into existing high volume accounts. Ability to handle complex tasks with proven attention to detail.  Proven ability to meet and beat sales targets by effectively managing channel resources.  Proven ability to translate key account needs into product requirements and ability to work effectively with marketing organizations in the entire product life cycle process from concept thru customer engagement thru design in thru production. Excellent verbal and written skills; must be able to work effectively with minimal supervision.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Sales - Asia - Semiconductor Fabrication Industry

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)

COMPANY: American semiconductor fabrication products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very hands-on Asia Sales Director with strong semiconductor fab industry and customer knowledge. Critical: a strategic thinking sales manager, with orientation on "value added sale," rather than trying to undercut price

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an American firm selling products to the semiconductor fab industry, an Asia Sales Director. The focus of the Asia Sales Director will be on Taiwan sales, selling to the major Taiwan fab firms - TSMC, Winbond, UMC, Powerchip, etc. Sales team in Taiwan includes 3 company staff.  

--Asia Sales Director must be knowledgeable of each significant Taiwan customer, the product(s) that firm sells to each key fab customer and the purpose / value that each product provides.

--Develop annual Taiwan sales budget for approval by the VP/ General Manager and the Executive Committee.  The Asia Sales Director will provide monthly Taiwan board report sales forecast and budget review.

--The Asia Sales Director will develop a positive relationship with the executive and sales management team at firm's exclusive distributor in Taiwan and foster a mutually productive business environment.

--5-10 years sales experience in the semiconductor fab industry; knowledge of IC/ semiconductor fab processes, materials and applications - especially gas or chemical products.

--A network of contacts at accounts in the global and Asian semiconductor industry. Have an established network in the semiconductor materials or fine chemical industry and leverage existing contacts to achieve competitive and market information.

--Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese; Taiwanese a plus. Ability to communicate with US-based top management.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director Sales - Greater China - Semiconductors


COMPANY: US Startup firm funded by venture capital

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Greater China Sales Director with strong consumer electronics expertise. Strong track record selling to the following customers would be of interest: Consumer (Mobile Phones, Digital Still Cameras, Camcorders, Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives, Digital TV, Printers, USB 2.0 Flash Drives, USB 2.0 Flash Readers), OEM, and Computer

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an exciting VC funded fabless semiconductor company having released its first two products to the market, a Director Sales - Greater China.  Reports to VP Worldwide Sales. The successful candidate will take full responsibility for the Greater China sales process from initial customer contact through revenue generation. A proven track record in driving a company through technology adoption through qualification as an approved vendor with tier one customers is essential. Experience in selecting, building, supporting, controlling and managing distribution in Greater China is essential. A proven track record / capability of closing design-wins and generating revenue from zero to >$30 million in a start-up environment is highly desirable. The Director Sales - Greater China is based in Taiwan with a requirement for frequent travel to mainland China.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Manager - Logistics Services

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Major international logistics services provider

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Taiwan Sales Manager with experience in logistics services. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese. Business development spirit; Financial results spirit; Teamwork and co-operation skills; Communication and negotiation skills; Planning and organization skills; Creative problem solving ability; High integrity

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading logistics service provider, a Taiwan Sales Manager. Reporting to the Taiwan Country Manager, the Taiwan Sales Manager would be:
• Responsible for Sales turnover
• Directly responsible for sales development and with targets;
• Monitor & coach sales to expand their capabilities and achieve targets according to the company’s plan.
• Plan and implement Sales and Marketing strategies directly report to the General Manager.
• Develop the image and brand name of the firm in the Taiwanese market.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Country Manager - Semiconductor equipment

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)

COMPANY: Major US Semiconductor Equipment Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Ideally the Taiwan Country Manager will have worked in the "back end" of a major semiconductor company in Taiwan. Sales and sales management experience a must for the Country Manager. Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and English; Taiwanese a strong plus.

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan Country Manager, on behalf of leading American firm making semiconductor test and burn-in capital equipment. Reporting to the Worldwide Vice President of Sales, the Taiwan Country Manager should have a good working knowledge of the semiconductor testing field, especially semiconductor burn-in and test. A high level of technical knowledge is required as this individual would manage the firm's Taiwan sales representative firm and s/he would need to gain a technical understanding of the firm's semiconductor capital equipment to sell the product as well as manage the activities of others.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: APAC Regional Sales Managers - Electronic Components and Electronic Systems


COMPANY: Fast Growing North American Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Self-directed Asia Sales Manager. Fluent English plus at least one other Asian language. Preference will be given to Asia Sales Managers with working industry knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF), Cable TV and Optical Systems. Experience selling to Cable TV MSO's a plus. The Asia Sales Manager will be required to do extensive travel through the Asia-Pacific region (up to 75% depending on location).

Recruiter seeks 2 Asia Regional Sales Managers - one for North Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Northern China), one for Southern Asia (ASEAN, Hong Kong, South China) - on behalf a growing electronics firm. Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, the Regional Sales Manager - Asia Pacific, will be responsible for promoting firm's products, maintaining and generating sales within his/her designated region through the following duties:

•   Management and direction of the Distributor network in individual region;

•   Responsibility for direct sale accounts in individual region

•   Implementation of corporate sales plan;

•   Quarterly sales forecasting and biweekly activity reporting of region;

•   Provide outside sales support, develop relationships with existing customer base, and generate new accounts

•   Following market/customer technological trends and providing input to management; and identifying product development opportunities


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Country Manager - Machine Tools

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taichung)

COMPANY: Major European Firm (Metrology Equipment / Machine Tool Market)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A highly results-oriented Taiwan machine tool market sales manager

Recruiter, on behalf of a one of the world's leading metrology companies that has supplied products to manufacturing companies worldwide, seeks a Taiwan Sales and Marketing Manager: Firm's 2005 sales in Taiwan were US$8 million, with a 44% growth. Over the past 5 years their growth has been averaging 30 to 40% per year.

- The Taiwan Country Manager should have 10+ years' experiences with emphasi on sales of industrial products to OEMs and distributors.

- The Taiwan Country Manager would ideally have an eng. background and be knowledgeable about the machine tool industry or mechanical manufacturing environment.

- Good interpersonal skills, self-starter and self-sufficient are indispensable skills, with good English

The candidate mission will be:

- Manage the Taichung Representative office with currently 3 employees

- Follow up and manage firm's main distributors as well as major Machine Tool OEMs by increasing and developing their business relationship with these key customers.

- Be responsible for promoting and increasing their products' penetration in the Taiwanese market

- Market analysis and derive marketing strategies to be implemented for their various product lines

- Be responsible for the country P&L


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Regional Sales Manager - Foods


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Pan-Asia focused food or CPG Sales Manager. Fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin). Other languages a strong plus

COMPANY: Major Asian Food Company

Recruiter, on behalf of a major Asian food products corporation, seeks an Asia Regional Sales Manager.
•Developing new target market and maintain the sales performance
•Act as firm's representative
•Define the strategic plan such as : business plan, feasibility study, distribution & marketing plan, pricing
•Report to Management frequently and coordinate with Head Office
•Coordinate with other Department to ensure the product availability
•Executing the marketing program to gain the sales target

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Manager - Industrial Automation


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An aggressive business developer experienced in selling industrial automation equipment, components and solutions to leading Taiwanese firms. Experience managing and developing Taiwan distributors a strong plus. Fluent Mandarin Chinese and English.
--Previous experience in an European multi-national company
--Basic knowledge of marketing: segmentation, account planning
--Knowledgeable of complaint management process
--Willing to travel
--Good communication skill
--Passionate about transferring his/her own knowledge to other: Teacher attitude
--Self motivated self driven pro-active and capable of working independently
--Taking responsibility, capable of indirect leadership
--Team player lead and cooperate other functions in developing Taiwan market.
--Assertive and positive attitude
--Sales or Marketing business development background
--Capable of added value sales technique
--Enthusiastic about technology and digitalization
--Integrity and understanding of businessethics and code of conduct
--Customer centric

COMPANY: Major European industrial automation equipment and components manufacturer

Recruiter, on behalf of a major European manufacturer of measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial
process engineering, seeks a Taiwan Business Development Manager.

--Being the interface between the firm and the local partner organization in Taiwan
--Responsible for Order Entry, Net Sales and Gross Profit
--Strong knowledge of the Taiwan market, the competition and the processes in local organizations (SCs, representatives)
--Understand market behavior, local business relevant legislations and customs regulations
--Establishment of effective sales channels, considering the entire product portfolio
--Responsible person and driving force for the implementation of Taiwan-specific business plans, sales strategies and creation of
performance evaluation.
--Responsible for the follow up of agreed actions
--Follow-up of inquiries and actions, support payment collection
--Develop solutions to improve processes, together with colleagues and local partners
--Intensive support of the local organization in customer acquisition

Qualification + Profile
--5 – 10 years' working experience
--Engineering Background: sound basis in chemistry, metallurgy, fluid dynamics, chemical analysis
--Deep Intercultural understanding
--Communication in English
--Basic understanding of instrumentation and process automation with willingness to expand this knowledge
--Knowledge in process automation
--Deep technical knowledge of instrumentation
--Knowledge of Taiwan market, working in similar position in Taiwan
--Intensive support in helping generate business opportunities (lead generation) via digital sales
--Support the implementation of specific company standard, particularly customer segmentation marketing and sales
--Active support in project acquisition.
--Coordination of national and international projects
--Price negotiations
--Sales coordination with other Sales Centers for international business according to company standard
--Execution of seminars for customers/reps
--Training for employees of local organizations in technical, commercial and market aspects
--Support of Internal Sales Engineers (ISE)
--Support, if necessary, in logistical matters e.g. order processing and commercial topics e.g. payment conditions, contract reviews and so on Implementation of an efficient Reporting system according to requirements, e. g.
--Support the Development of local organizational structures according to strategic focus and state of development


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Director - Semiconductors

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taipei, etc.)
COMPANY:  U.S. Semiconductor Company

Recruiter is seeking a Taiwan Sales Director on behalf of a US firm in the field of analog integrated circuits (ICs). Taiwan Sales Directors with experience selling into the power management, serial interface, or optical storage products markets would be of great interest. Good command of written and spoken English and Chinese (Mandarin) language is a must; in addition Taiwanese is desirable.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Asia Pacific - Embedded Software for Consumer Electronics


COMPANY: Startup IC Firm for Consumer Electronics Industry

Recruiter seeks an Asia Pacific General Manager, on behalf of a firm selling RF-to-Baseband transceiver IC's for analog and digital TV's, set top boxes, VCR's and PVR's. Set-up Asia regional office from ground up. Identify new applications and markets for existing products. Provide feedback on competitive market/technical trends, and future new products or technical adjustments to current products where needed.  The Asia Pacific General Manager generates sales forecasts for the region.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales and Marketing Director - Semiconductors

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)

COMPANY: US Semiconductor Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Taiwan Director/Country Manager of Marketing and Sales who has the managerial skills to scale the Taiwan market for growth, including developing the appropriate methodology, forecasting and personnel leadership; as well as a strong individual technical sales acumen and “closer” mentality. This individual needs to be hands-on, visiting customers, developing high level relations and be a resourceful executive and not a “manager of managers”. The Taiwan Director must possess a combination of strong technical sales experience as well as refined leadership/ management skills. Experiences selling power management and analog devices a strong plus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a US semiconductor firm, a Taiwan Director of Marketing and Sales, who will have overall responsibility for developing and implementing the sales plans. The Taiwan Director/ Country Manager of Marketing and Sales will be responsible for building/managing the existing salesorganization and driving customer design wins and revenue. This will include recruiting and developing a sales organization with a never give up mindset that is capable of meeting and exceeding the company’s design wins, orders, and revenue objectives, implementing disciplined sales processes and playing a key role in closing major transactions. The Taiwan Director will also be expected to play a significant leadership role in the development of the company’s overall market strategy for Taiwan. The Taiwan Director/ Country Manager of Marketing and Sales must have a proven track record of success leading and growing high performing sales organizations. S/he must possess strong leadership skills and the ability to attract, develop, and motivate high performing sales and FAE professionals.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Asian Sales - Electronic Test Equipment

COMPANY: Electronic Test Equipment manufacturer

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing firm making board-level manufacturing test and diagnostic equipment for the electronics industry, a Greater China Sales Manager with extensive sales/ marketing experience in the Asian region, particularly China and Taiwan. Since the bulk of electronic assembly and test at board level now happens in Asia, the firm wants to have a key business development officer in Asia. The firm's customers include many of the major contract manufacturers and OEM's. The Asian Sales Director will be involved in both direct selling and in the management of the firm's Asian distribution network. The main purpose of this job will be to develop sales in Asia.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales and Distributor Manager - Machine tools


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sales Manager with experience in multi-country sales of industrial equipment. Outgoing personality with the ability to think strategically and act ‘hands-on.’ Intercultural expertise with strong negotiation skills. At least 10 years of hands-on sales management experience preferably in machine tools or other high tech or other related industrial markets with at least 5 years in leading positions in China or Taiwan, ideally in multinational companies. Fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin).

COMPANY: Leading European Metalworking Equipment Maker

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Manager, on behalf of a leading European firm making machine tools for the sheet metal processing field. Reporting to the President, the Asia Sales Manager will accelerate the distribution sales organization of the firm in Taiwan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, China and the Philippines. Define sales strategy and business expansion in the region, to increase market share, sales and profit in the region. Conduct market survey and competitor analysis for strategic planning, competitive product strategies and plans. Identify market opportunities and market trends, competitor activities and customer requirements.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Manager - CPG (Foods)


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Position requires a fast-paced, results-oriented Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Manager coming out of the packaged retail consumer goods market. Preference would be Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Managers who are now marketing brand managers or sales account managers at packaged food firms like Campbell's, Heinz, Sara Lee, etc., who are ready to move into a larger Asia-Pacific responsibility.

COMPANY: US Consumer Packaged Goods Firm (Foods)

Recruiter seeks a food industry Asia Sales and Marketing Manager who directs distributor and customer activities to deliver sales and merchandising objectives. Focus on strategic direction into customer focused activities. Plan and execute fact-based customer presentations. Responsible for local market programs that are consistent with brand strategies. The Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Manager will be actively involved with all key customers and their decision making levels.

-- Develop, grow and manage a multi-country sales operation in Asia Pacific, covering territory from India to Australia. This includes, but is not limited to the efforts of our distributors and their key accounts

-- Oversee, develop and implement local marketing programs of the regional distributors

--5 years Retail Packaged Goods and/or Foodservice sales experience. Distributor management experience preferred. BS degree in Business or related field. Fluent in English. Conversational Chinese preferred. Must be a self-starter and be able to work independently. Extensive travel throughout the asian region is required


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Regional Sales Managers - Wireless test equipment

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu or Taipei)

COMPANY: Leading mobile telecom test equipment manufacturer

On behalf of a multinational mobile telecom test equipment maker, recruiter seeks 3 persons to serve as client's Regional Sales Managers in Asia - one China Regional Manager, one Taiwan Sales Manager, one Japan Sales Manager. Desired profile: -B.S. Degree or equivalent qualification -Strong outgoing personality -Ability to establish and maintain good relationships with a wide range of clients  -Good communication and presentation skills  -Clearer thinker-good listener -Experience in "Big ticket" selling -Experience:8 to 15 yrs -Fluent in Mandarin Chinese (China and Taiwan); Fluent in Japanese (Japan); Fluent in English (all positions) -Ideally: Familiar with electronics manufacturers, especially Telecoms; Cellular R&D Sales experience and market knowledge; Wireless test market experience and contacts preferred; Knowledge of 2G, 3G or similar technology (CDMA); Knowledge of the handset conformance process; Knowledge of the 2G,3G network infrastructure testing process


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan OEM Sales Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Bilingual Mandarin Chinese/ English sales manager with strong sales contacts into the Taiwanese consumer electronics industry, especially television/ video sector. A self motivated, driven outside sales person to join firm's OEM Asia sales team.

COMPANY: Major US Consumer Electronics firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US consumer electronics firm, an OEM Taiwan Sales Manager

•Working with firm's new and existing sales partners, strengthening firm's relationships with them and assisting them in building business in the territory.

•Maintaining existing relationships with OEM customers in the region and identifying opportunities to increase revenue from these accounts.

•Generating new leads and introducing these prospects to firm's world-class control technology; helping new customers identify the ideal solutions for their needs.

•Forecasting internally to help with production timelines for customers in the region.

•Providing consistent field interaction and communication to ensure up-to-date customer and industry knowledge.

•Clearly communicating corporate messages and building a high level of brand equity in all interactions.

•Developing and executing territory management plans that identify and prioritize activities to accomplish short and long term goals to achieve aggressive sales targets.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Manager - Aviation


COMPANY: Major Global Aircraft MRO firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Taiwan Sales Manager with strong contacts in the Taiwan airline sector

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan Sales Manager on behalf of a leading global aviation MRO firm.
- 5 to 8 years of sales experience within the MRO or aviation technical industry
- Fluent in both English and Mandarin

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Manager - Taiwan/ SE Asia - ASIC Semiconductors

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taipei, Taichung, etc.)

COMPANY: Major Semiconductor Company

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a well established semiconductor firm, a Taiwan sales manager. Beyond Taiwan, there will also be occasional travel to India (once per quarter), Singapore (1-2 times per year) and Australia (1-2 times per year). While many related experiences could be considered, the target profile might include: PLD/ FPGA semiconductor industry experience; Taiwan market knowledge absolutely needed, with experience with SE Asia a big plus.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Pacific Business Manager - Semiconductor Capital Equipment
LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)
COMPANY: Major US Semiconductor Capital Equipment Corporation

A leading provider of semiconductor mfg automation systems that enable semiconductor manufactures to protect their valued assets throughout the manufacturing process while increasing manufacturing productivity seeks an Asia Pacific Business Development Manager. While a location in Hsinchu is preferred, semiconductor capital equipment sales candidates in Singapore or other Asian locations could be considered. Recruiter seeks an Asia-Pacific Sales Manager whose familiarity with the Taiwan semiconductor wafer fab market is absolutely required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asian Sales Director - Consumer Electronics
COMPANY: U.S. Fabless Chipsets for Consumer Electronics, Wireless Products, etc.

U.S. startup firm making current and next generation chipsets to top-tier and second-tier OEMs and ODMs in Asia. Firm's patented ASIC products are used in consumer electronic products such as wireless headsets, mobile phones, and PDAs. Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, you will first build sales of ICs for wireless headset applications in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Recruiter seeks an Asian Sales Director with proven experience in the Consumer Electronic Products space and  5+ years experience in hi-tech sales to Asian OEMs, ODMs and/or Contract Manufacturers.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Operations Manager (Subcontract Manager) - Semiconductors
COMPANY: Canadian Wireless semiconductor company

A well established North American fabless semiconductor company serving the wireless market is seeking an Asia Operations Manager for Asia Subcontractor Management. Approximately 70% of the suppliers (mostly semiconductor packaging firms) are in Taiwan, while approximately 30% are in Malaysia. The Asia Operations Manager will be working from a home office in Hong Kong or Taiwan and doing extensive travel in Taiwan and possibly other Asian countries. The Asia Operations Manager would not be supervising the people in the fab, but rather s/he would be liaising with the fabs, building relationships, and pushing them to meet deadline. Manage firm's semiconductor test and assembly sub contractors and set priority according to HQ operations. Ensure on-time delivery from subcontractors and drop ship process. Monitor Assembly & Test yields and conduct quality audits


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Merchandising Manager - Fashion Retail

LOCATION: Major Asian Capital

COMPANY: Major Asian Fashion retailer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Intelligent and experienced Asian fashion retail merchandising manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian firm in the fashion retail sector, a Merchandising Manager.  The Merchandising Manager is responsible for developing and executing a profitable, customer-focused merchandising strategy for product categories that grow revenue, while ensuring tight integration with company strategies. The Merchandising Manager provides leadership and direction to the merchandisers on the preparation of assortment plans that align with merchandise strategies and support seasonal merchandise plans. The Merchandising Manager reports directly to the VP Merchandising and leads an organization of buyers and merchandise planners. This role works closely with store operations, marketing communications, visual merchandisers and financial planners. Responsibilities:


• Full P&L responsibility across product categories.

• Manages buying and planning teams.

• Develops creative merchandising strategies that drives the topline and bottom line performance of the brand

• Requires general management leadership by directing appropriate pricing strategy and ensuring product/category gross margin that delivers profitable growth.

• Leverages top-down direction to set the overall strategy and merchandise direction for the division

• Anticipates market/business trends and develops a plan for response

• Directs assortment selection process and reviews assortments for balance (brands, key items, core items, etc.) that adhere to strategic and financial objectives

• Understands online and offline competitor strengths, weaknesses and strategies, and develops effective counter strategies and plans to build firm's online and offline stores into a premier destination

• Uses customer data to develop customer-focused merchandising strategy

• Accountable for merchandise division performance, recommends revisions to the merchandise plan/forecast based on sound analysis and ensures corrective actions are implemented

• Works with the planning organization to develop assortment plans that support overall strategy of in-stock positioning for key merchandise categories, classifications, items and vendors

• Coaches and develops team members ensuring growth and readiness for next level position.

• Responsible for managing product compliance.  Working with vendors to ensure that products meet local compliance policies

• Partners with marketing, operations and customer experience teams to develop breakthrough and innovative programs and features

• Reviews and approves the promotional plans


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Business Development Manager - Sensors

LOCATION: Asia location

COMPANY: Leading US Sensors firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Business Development Manager with multi-country experiences; self-directed. Multilingual.

Recruiter seeks an Asia Business Development Manager on behalf of a major American sensors firm. This Asia Business Development Manager, who reports to the Asia Business Development Director, is responsible for all sales and distributor management and will be supported by firm's Asia Headquarters.

---Manage and develop firm's sales channel to achieve profitable growth in sales and market share.

---Support current distributors and help evaluate new distributors.

---Increase the name recognition and image of firm products in the marketplace.

---Provide sales support, training and technical support to distributors, OEM’s and end users in the region.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Manager/ Taiwan Sales Director - Semiconductor Equipment

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taipei, etc.)
COMPANY: Semiconductor Instrument/ Semiconductor Equipment Firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a Firm designing and manufacturing sensors and software applications for advanced process control in the semiconductor and thin-film industries, and focusing on specialized applications, including fault detection and classification, and plasma characterization, a Taiwan Director of Sales or Taiwan Sales Manager. Firm's vision is to be the market leader in plasma control and measurement for industries in which plasmas are mission critical. 


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Director - Consumer Electronics (Audio)


COMPANY: Fast growing US Consumer Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Taiwan Sales Director with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin)

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan Sales Director, on behalf of a fast growing American consumer electronics firm that licenses its audio technologies to major global consumer electronics firms. The Taiwan Sales Director should have strong contacts with the major Taiwanese consumer electronics firms, especially in the TV, set top boxes, audio-video receivers, personal computers, and automotive sectors.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Manager- Semiconductor Instruments/ Semiconductor Equipment

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taipei, or any other Taiwan location)
COMPANY: U.S. Metrology Instrument Manufacturer serving the Semiconductor, Fab, & Other markets

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan Sales Manager. Currently the client has been conducting sales with a rep firm, but now they would like a fully dedicated sales person to cover all Taiwan. Since this job will not involve the supervision of others, the Taiwan Sales Manager should have a very keen ability to work independently. While exposure to metrology sales to the semiconductor and fab market would be preferred, other sales experience with larger capital equipment systems having a base price of $250,000 or more could also be considered. 


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Sales Manager- Software for Semiconductor/ TFT industry

LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taipei, or any other Taiwan location)

COMPANY: US Software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, results-oriented Taiwan sales manager with customer contacts at the semiconductor and flat panet display fabs. Candidate must demonstrate experience in true sales to qualify.  

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing US software firm that sells software solutions into Taiwan's semiconductor and TFT accounts. This person should have 10+ years' experience selling software solutions to Taiwan’s semiconductor and TFT accounts (preferably Yield & Defect area). A good Taiwan Sales Manager for this position would likely have experience selling software product for companies like KLA Tencor (KLARITY ACE/DEFECT), Knights, Yield Dynamics, PDF (DataPower), SAS, Cadence, or similar companies/solutions.



Finance Management Executive Search

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Managing Director /President and Chief Financial Officer - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Startup US Consumer Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Taiwan Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with ability to run Asia-wide business. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a promising US consumer electronics startup firm, a Taiwan Chief Financial Offficer (CFO) who could serve as the firm's Asia Managing Director /President. Position reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The firm is a media type company focused on using technology to advance media opportunities. The Taiwan office will be responsible for executing on Asian opportunities. Functionally reporting to and partnering with the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Managing Director or President and Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for the management and overseeing of the operational, financial and administrative activities of the firm's office in Taiwan.  In addition, the Managing Director's goal is to ensure the company of a continuously sound financial structure, controlling the flow of cash through the organization and maintain the integrity of funds, resources and other valuable documents while at the same time supervising the personnel of the Taiwan office and interact and liaising with suppliers, manufacturers and customers in Taiwan. Additional responsibilities include: 

o   Executes by liaising with strategic companies that will be using the firm's technology for products to a) sell all over Asia; b) manufacturing the products.

o   Executes by ensuring the company does what it needs to meet the needs of strategic partners to get product made and sold though those 3rd party companies will do the so called "heavy lifting."

o   Keeps the firm's COO informed with periodic metric reports and recommend new or revised policies or programs when needed.  

o   Provides advice as requested to the firm's management team in the formulation of overall corporate objectives.

o   Responsible of long-range financial forecast, consistent with strategic plan.

o   Manages the cash-flow position of the company.  Responsibilities include authority to establish credit and collections and purchasing policies and to establish policies and schedules for the payment of bills and financial obligations.    

o   Prepares regular financial reports with supporting documentation for presentation to the management team and board.   


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Electronic Chemicals


COMPANY: Early Stage US Electronic Materials Startup

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with strong fundraising contacts at Asian Consumer Electronics (especially displays and solar panels) or Venture Capital firms. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) should be fluent in English; Korean, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese skills a strong plus. CPA or CA desirable.

Recruiter seeks a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a US based startup firm developing chemicals for the electronic displays and photovoltaics industries. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)'s chief role is to raise money and to ensure that it is used wisely.

•   Assess necessary funding levels to support strategic objectives

•   Identify appropriate funding methods and specific funds/groups to target

•   Utilize, cultivate, and strengthen relationships with appropriate private equity and venture capital contacts

•   Work closely with marketing to increase awareness of firm as a strong investment opportunity

•   Lead the development of appropriate materials to “craft the story”

•   Lead preliminary meetings with appropriate potential investors

•   Communicate consistently with management team and board on progress

•   Building detailed financials models for valuation purposes

•   Provide valuation, negotiation, transaction structuring, and due diligence support

•   Anticipate internal and external financial factors to help guide forecasts and budgets

•   Participate with management team to identify ways to achieve financial targets and “hit the numbers”

•   Provide insights regarding pricing, product mix, and market focus.

•   Interact with current investors to ensure everyone understands what we can and cannot achieve financially


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia-Pacific Financial Plant Controller - Processed Foods

LOCATION: Asia-Pacific

COMPANY: Major US Food Products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Competent Finance Manager for food processing factory. A forward thinking planner. Manufacturing and Cost Accounting experience. CPA preferred. ERP accounting systems experience is required such as SAGE Accpac

Recruiter seeks a Plant Controller on behalf of a 40 year old US foods processing firm. Reporting to the Regional General Manager, the Financial Plant Controller will oversee a staff of approximately 10. The financial controller's duties include:

-- Cost control systems for product and cost prices to ensure correct evaluation of financial results and to contribute to the decision making process.

-- Preparation of management accounting reports showing periodic data on manufacturing operations such as materials yield and variance analysis, labor efficiency and capacity utilization.

-- Manage cash flow forecast, accounts receivable and accounts payable operations.

-- Annual operations budgeting and plant capital expenditure budgeting.

-- Ensure proper payment of all vendor invoices including disbursement of checks and the timely response to queries and discrepancies.

-- Preparation of financial reporting systems, including profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and asset valuations as required for use by management, lenders and financial partners.

-- Manage posting of the daily production activity into the information system.

-- Summaries and forecasts for business growth, risk management and general economic outlook in line with organizational needs and growth plans, with guidance for managing costs accordingly.

-- Financial management policies and internal controls.

-- Manage periodic training of staff to update knowledge on various accounting and taxation matters.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Finance Director - Semiconductor Equipment


COMPANY: Major Semiconductor Equipment Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Finance Director with multi-country finance experience. Strong English and Mandarin Chinese communications skills. Asia Finance Director ideally familiar with the semiconductor or high tech sector. In depth knowledge of both US and local GAAP. The ability to manage, motivate and develop a diverse staff of financial professionals to achieve timely and useful results. Experience establishing a shared services environment. Degree in Finance/Accounting, preferably Master level and CPA

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major semiconductor equipment firm, an Asia Finance Director, who is in charge of all Financial Control and Accounting activities in Asia, managing firm's Asia’s Finance department, ensuring the integrity of financial reporting in accordance with both US and local GAAP. The Asia Finance Director reports to an Asia-Pacific Regional Managing Director. The Asia Finance Director is responsible for managing the day to day functions of the Asian finance staff with responsibility for both operational and legal and statutory accounting requirements. Main duties

of the Asia Finance Director include:

•   Manage full spectrum of the finance and accounting functions such as financial and management reporting, cash flow control, month end closing, monthly forecasting and budgeting etc.

•   Work closely with the HQ Finance team to establish and document common policies and procedures in Asia.  

•   Assist in analyzing the legal, tax, procedural, and operational feasibility of business decisions.

•   Responsible for defining alternatives and strategies to support the Finance function in the region and adjust the setup in conjunction with business requirements.

•   Responsible for publishing monthly financial and operational results package which provides value added information to Business partners.

•   Responsible for preparing and communicating the annual profit plan in accordance with company guidelines.

•   Required to provide ad hoc financial information, reporting and recommendations required to support decisions and operational direction.

•   Liaise with external auditing firm with company secretarial matters and auditing issues

•   Responsible for defining, maintaining and integrating Asia’s SOX compliance and internal controls

•   Support local business leaders and global headquarters teams with transfer pricing and tax pricing strategies


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Senior Finance Manager - Power Generation

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Major international industrial equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Leadership, Teamplayer, Pro-Active, Problem-solver, Driven for professional excellence

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a global industrial equipment firm, a Taiwan Senior Finance Manager, who reports to the Taiwan Country Controller. Responsible for General Ledger, Financial Closing & Reporting, SOX-404 Processes, Sub-Ledgers Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Treasury, Fixed Assets, Inventory; Audit (internal & External): SOX-404 Processes, Financial Reporting, Tax Filing; Taxes (VAT, Income, Deferred Tax Calculation, FIN48, etc.); FI-Module; SAP System and Process Enhancements in area of responsibility; Interface to ABB Group and NAS Region for areas of responsibility CPA-Degree and experience (US GAAP Knowhow); Tax-Degree and experience  (VAT, Income, Deferred Taxes, FIN48, etc.); fluent English and Mandarin Chinese



Manufacturing and Operations Management Executive Search

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Manufacturing Engineering Manager - Machine Tools


COMPANY: Medium sized American machine tools manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A detail-oriented Taiwan Manufacturing Engineering Manager, ideally with experiences in working as a liaison between Taiwanese manufacturing vendors and Western machine tools developers.

Recruiter seeks a Taiwan Manufacturing Engineering Manager on behalf of a well established European and American specialized machine tool firm that serves consumer woodworking and furniture-making markets.

The objective is to oversee Taiwan vendors and to seamlessly work with both the product design and marketing teams and the Taiwan manufacturing vendors to make the best possible product. A focus is on cost effectiveness, without being at the expense of quality.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Plant Manager- Metal Products/ Consumer Products

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taichung)
COMPANY: Multi-billion dollar U.S. High Volume Consumer, Industrial and Automotive Corporation

Multinational American manufacturing company employing 17,000 people worldwide and 600 in Taichung, and manufacturing very high volume, very high quality metal products for the consumer market, requires a Taiwan Plant Manager with experience in American manufacturing companies, either in Taiwan or overseas. Should have good Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese language skills.



Supply Chain Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Operations Manager - Marine Logistics

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taichung)

COMPANY: Major Global Marine Logistics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Marine Logistics Operations Manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of well established and leading global port group, an Operations Manager.


    1.  確保營運係經適當地組織安排,且具有必要、充足資源及合適人員配置,以達成每日工作的有效運作,以及相關營運的目標及成效
To ensure the operations is appropriately organised, provided with sufficient resources and suitable staffing as necessary to enable it to achieve efficient running of the day-to-day work and the relevant operations targets and outcomes

    2. 負責船隻上船員之學習及發展、績效及懲戒
To be responsible for the learning and development, performance and discipline of the crew on board the Vessels

    3. 確保所有船員於船上工作之證書係有效,且為船員安排參加進修或重新認證之課程
To ensure all crew’s certifications are valid for work on board the Vessels and arrange for them to attend refresher or re-validation of certifications courses

    4. 研發船員之訓練架構、工具、素材及評估準則,並定期審查船員
To develop training structure, tools, materials and assessment criteria for crew and review them regularly

    5. 提供領導、指導、訓練並激勵船上船員達成相關營運目標及成效
To provide leadership, mentoring and coaching and motivate the crew on board the Vessels to achieve the relevant operations targets and outcomes

    6. 負責船員之人力資源規劃及技能提升
To be responsible for manpower planning and skill upgrading of crew

    7. 就船員之僱用相關事項如招募、懲戒、升遷及終止等事項,應與財務及人力資源部門合作,並應符合所有與勞動及僱用相關得適用之國際標準、法定要求及法律規定
To partner with the Finance and HR department on crew’s employment-related matters such as recruitment, discipline, promotion and termination of crew which shall be performed in compliance with all applicable international standards, statutory requirements, laws and regulations related to labour and employment


    8. 規劃、協調及監督船隻之每日營運,確保最佳人員配置並達成舶通海運之管理階層及船舶承租人決定之相關營運目標及成效
To plan, co-ordinate and supervise the day-to-day operations of the Vessels and ensure optimal manning and achieve the relevant operations targets and outcomes determined by Njord’s management and the charterer

    9. 協助採購並取得船隻設備備件、機械、船員制服及船員個人保護裝備
To assist in the sourcing and procuring of spare parts for vessel equipment, machineries, crew uniform and crew personal protection equipment


    10. 對於工程及安全方面(特別是有關海上緊急狀況),開發、執行、實施並定期審查有效管理系統,以確保船上船員遵從
To develop, implement and carry out regular reviews of effective management systems for the engineering and safety aspects (especially those pertaining to emergencies at sea) and ensure the crew on board the Vessels comply with them

    11. 於船上舉辦新進船員之熟悉活動
To conduct familiarisation sessions on board the Vessels for new crew

    12. 監管船隻之船級地位並確保符合所有相關國際公約
To monitor the Vessels’ Classification status and ensure compliance with all relevant international conventions

    13. 確保船員事項之適當管理
To ensure proper administration of crewing matters

    14. 確保支出係於授權範圍及授權預算內
To ensure that expenditures are within the delegated limits and authorised budget

    15. 為年度預算及預報評估準備年度週期預算及預報評估
To prepare the yearly recurrent budget and forecast estimates for the annual budget and forecast exercises


    16. 即時了解海事勞動(海員)相關國際標準、法定要求、及法令規定並回報總經理
To keep abreast of the relevant international standards, statutory requirements, laws and regulations related to maritime labour (seafarers) and update GM
    17. 定期上船並確保所有船隻運作及船上船員履行其職務,均符合相關國際規範、法定要求、法令規定及舶通海運於任何時候發布之所有通知、公告及指令
To go onboard the Vessels regularly and ensure all Vessels are operated and the crew on board the Vessels are performing their duties in accordance with the relevant international standards, statutory requirements, laws, regulations and all circulars, notices and directions issued by Njord at any time and from time to time

    18. 領導意外/事件之調查並建議改善行動
To take lead in investigation of accidents/incidents and recommend corrective actions

    19. 啟動改善行動,並建議總經理對違反安全規則及規定之船員進行懲戒
To initiate corrective actions and recommend disciplinary action(s) against staff who infringes the safety rules and regulations to GM

    20. 為外部稽核/檢查計畫進行準備並確保合規,以最低化稽核發現,並依據公司之安全管理系統進行內部稽核及安全檢查
To prepare for external audit/inspection plan and ensure compliance to minimize audit findings and conduct internal audits and safety inspections in accordance with the company’s safety management system

    21. 依據國際安全管理章程(ISM)與國際船舶與港口設施章程(ISPS)之規定,執行公司程序及政策的遵行
To enforce compliance with Company’s Procedures and Policies in accordance with the requirements of the ISM and ISPS Code

    22. 於公司提倡安全衛生,並領導任何有關營運及QHSE之事項,以協助緊急應變小組
To promote safety and health in the Company and take lead in any matters pertaining to operations and QHSE to support the Emergency Response Team

    23. 協助總經理定期審核緊急應變程序及應變計畫,以充足緊急應變計畫及準備,並建議適當改善措施以精進相關事宜
To assist GM in reviewing the emergency procedures and contingency plans regularly for adequacy in emergency planning and preparedness and recommend appropriate corrective actions for improvement

    24. 協助總經理規劃並進行定期緊急演習
To assist GM in planning and carrying out regular emergency exercises

    25. 負責向相關主管機關提交更新緊急資源計畫
To take lead in updating emergency resource plan filed with the relevant authorities

    26. 研發營運關鍵績效指標(KPI)包括記錄、知識留存及跟進
To develop operations KPI including recording, knowledge retention and follow up

    27. 促進及參與安全評估;及
To facilitate and participate in safety assessments


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Supply Chain Director - Intimate Apparel

LOCATION: Major Asian location

COMPANY: Fast-growing Intimate Apparel Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very fast-paced, unbureaucratic and take-charge Asia Supply Chain Director with intimate apparel experiences in multiple Asian countries.

•   Results-oriented, highly motivated, enthusiastic individual who takes ownership for the portfolio

•   Collaborative style in a team-oriented environment, yet works effectively on an independent basis

•   Takes initiative, and is flexible, adaptable and resilient in approach

•   Ability to quickly develop rapport and trust

Recruiter seeks an Asia Supply Chain Director on behalf of a fast-growing apparel firm, who would report to the VP Operations at HQ. The Asia Supply Chain Director would build a team of sourcing and merchandising representatives over time, and establish and maintain business relationships to support the Company’s sourcing and production strategies and activities. The Asia Supply Chain Director is expected to lead, manage, effectively communicate and oversee the day-to-day operations in a culturally appropriate manner to ensure all staff, vendors and all manufacturing and supply chain relationships and activities are compliant with Company policies and all applicable regulations, meet and follow all production, packaging, quality assurance and shipping standards, processes and deadlines in a cost effective manner.   


As the representative of the firm in Asia, the Asia Supply Chain Director is accountable to identify opportunities and solutions, and optimize performance levels of suppliers and vendors for scalable strategic and operational alliances to support the Company’s long-term growth plans.  It is critical for success to develop and maintain effective communications and the relationship with HQ, and to ensure all business, communications and translations, and problem resolution activities are conducted with the highest integrity.



•   Lead, hire and develop the Asia Supply Chain team of field representatives

•   In conjunction with the HQ team, determine priorities and objectives in developing the business consistent with the supply chain strategies of the Company

•   Develop relationships with vendors and suppliers to drive ongoing improvements on costs, on time delivery, quality standards, social compliance and speed to market capability

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are knowledgeable of and in compliance with all corporate standards and expectations regarding  purchase orders; quality; packaging; logistics;

documentation; costs; social, environmental and government regulations and take necessary and appropriate action with those who are not in compliance to resolve the issues

•   Manage all purchase order placements; acknowledgements; progress ; WIP reports; capacity and raw material constraints; TOP sample submissions and audit requirements

•   Ensure product quality assurance standards are achieved by communicating specifications, technical packages and testing methods; evaluate and monitor in-process controls of raw goods; WIP and finished product; and work with Asia-Pacific Vendors and Company designers during new style mini-bulk and initial production runs

•   Confirm packaging materials and packing methods are compliant with specifications, and Asia-Pacific Vendors are sourcing packaging materials from nominated local suppliers in a timely and cost effective manner

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are adhering to all routing , timing and containerization agreements; and that all paper and electronic versions of shipping documentation is accurate ,

complete and timely

•   Negotiate garment FOB prices;  oversee process improvements and material substitutions to reduce costs

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are fulfilling all governmental, environmental and corporate employee safety and social compliance commitments

•   Establish and maintain effective, clear communication and messaging between HQ and Asia-Pacific Vendors on a timely basis which is culturally appropriate, translated accurately without ambiguity

•   Plan and oversee Asia-Pacific Vendor corrective action and improvement implementation

•   Monitor Asia-Pacific Vendor performance based on a specified standards checklist, ensure site audits are conducted on a regular basis and provide regular updates to HQ

•   Accountable to lead the Field Staff  including work prioritization and scheduling; regular communication; professional development; delegation; attendance; performance management; daily activity reports; payroll; hiring, discipline; health and safety

•   Manage and control costs within the allocated budget of the Asia office, specifically overseeing lease agreements; registration licenses; permits; health and safety; maintenance;

equipment; utilities; IT; security, etc.  


Qualifications and Requirements:

•   Minimum 10 years demonstrated hands-on leadership experience in the intimate apparel industry

•   Minimum 5 years previous experience in Operations Management in a foreign country, ideally in the Asia Pacific region, with current market knowledge of sourcing and production

activities and alternative options

•   Experience in seamless circular and warp knitting, molding, dyeing, cut and sew production is a definite asset  

•   Confident team leader who is willing to make decisions and negotiate winning solutions

•   Proven experience establishing and maintaining effective local networks and relationships with vendors and suppliers, trade associations, and government departments, as applicable

•   Effective planning, organizational and time management skills

•   Excellent communication skills – verbal, written, presentation and persuasion skills

•   Excellent interpersonal, listening and team building skills

•   Proven critical thinking skills necessary for problem-solving, conflict resolution, decision-making

•   Effective time management, planning and execution skills

•   Demonstrated strong organizational skills to manage multiple priorities

•   Strong customer service approach working with people

•   Ability to identify and research business opportunities to support the growth plans


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sourcing General Manager - Leisure Equipment

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY:  Major European Leisure Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sourcing General Manager with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Experience in China and across other countries in Asia-Pacific. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sourcing General Manager on behalf a leading European firm selling bicycles, hand tools, car accessories, boating equipment, and other home, garden and leisure products. Major responsibilities are sourcing of bicycles and car parts & accessories, negotiating with suppliers, and ensuring prompt supplier deliveries.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) - Computers

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Fast-Growing Computer Company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Taiwan Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) with strong experience in computer components and systems procurement. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing computer firm, a Taiwan Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). Reporting to the firm's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Taiwan Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) will head the firm's Asia procurement office. Strong preference for person who has worked at a leading global computer firm in the procurement/ logistics/ materials/ supply chain branches.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Purchasing Manager - Automotive and Industrial Fasteners

LOCATION: Taiwan (Kaohsiung)

COMPANY: Major Fastener Company

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a well established world supplier of fasteners to the automotive and industrial markets, as Taiwan Purchasing Manager. Fluency in English and Chinese (Mandarin) required. Skill Sets: SCM or Quality experience in industrial market; Export experience; Ability to negotiate; International business edge; Analytical; Promotable. Effectively work between headquarters, Asian suppliers, and liaison among affiliated companies. Provide current information updates to headquarters for quotes, part and delivery status. Audit suppliers to ensure future viability, quality conformance, technical advancements and new product development. Source and negotiate products with suppliers ensuring margin growth. Provide routine reports summarizing industry trends and regional developments. Track new items awarded to Asia Pacific suppliers, savings, on-time delivery, quality and regional supply base growth and new development. Create “supplier alliances” with “strategically targeted” suppliers.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Taiwan Director of Operations - Mobile Devices Semiconductors
LOCATION: Taiwan (Hsinchu)
COMPANY: US semiconductor startup firm

A US semiconductor startup providing highly integrated, cost effective silicon solutions for the mobile device market has developed a product that defines a new level of integration, performance, and cost for mobile processors. The firm was founded by a highly accomplished group of technology innovators who have led other startup firms to successes. Recruiter seeks an operations manager who will spearhead the client's production and fulfillment tasks. This candidate will be responsible for managing the purchasing, inventory, and fulfillment processes for the firm's semiconductor products. Specifically, the operations manager will work with the sales team on forecasting, ordering, and delivering the firm's processors, which integrate an ARM9 RISC processor, DSP, graphical LCD controller, Bluetooth and GPS baseband controllers, digital camera interface, and a long list of peripheral control and system expansion interfaces.



Asia Technical Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Major Diversified Conglomerate

LOCATION: Major Asian location

COMPANY: Major Asian Diversified Conglomerate

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: This very large Group, holding diverse interests in major consumer and B2B service sectors, requires a Group Head of Information Services, who would report to the Group Finance Director. Key characteristics: confident, knowledgeable, respected IT Head who is not egotistical. As Group IT Head, this person will be the key person to introduce and promote new technologies and concepts (Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Services, Social Media, etc.), along with an increased focus on Shared Services whenever practical.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a large Asian conglomerate, a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who would directly supervise 50 at Headquarters. Indirect responsibility over business unit CIO's and IT Directors at approximately 15-20 key business units (note: these IT heads report not to this person but rather to their respective business unit heads, MD's or CEO's)

This crucial position is not about how many people one supervises. To some degree it is almost like a sole contributor with a unique role that is critical to the Group as a whole. The Group IT Head's focus will be to help implement future technologies benefiting all Group units while the business unit CIO's and IT Director's focus, by necessity, will be on getting the normal day's work done. This is the challenge for the Group IT Head. S/he will be oriented toward making efficiencies and integrating new technologies for the long run. Therefore, a key characteristic will be a persistent, cajoling, dogged type of person who also is diplomatic and respectful of existing business unit IT Directors and CIO's. This person must be open minded, able to do a lot of handholding when needed, and have an ability to win people over.... for their business unit's long term benefit.

A very wide range of current titles and experiences might be perfectly suitable for this role. It has been said that perhaps a person who has worked as a Program Director (or with a similar kind of project-by-project orientation) might work well in this role. Some also feel that people who have worked in management consulting might be good, as much of the work here is interpersonal and consultative in nature, as opposed to being mostly oriented toward equipment and software. It is said that due to the size of this organization (over 200,000 employees), people familiar with large conglomerates might understand this kind of role well, but it should be noted that the retiring incumbent (over 15 years in this role) came from a top world retail/ hypermarket chain and he has done well in this position.

Job Description - Background

The Group Information Services Department is a central IT organisation based at the group headquarters. The Group IS Dept. supports all the IT needs of the executive team and Head Office departments and sets the IT direction across all businesses of the Group worldwide.

In the wider group context, the Group IS Dept. supports and maintains a variety of world class IT business services that are used by business units throughout the world. These services provide high a level of economy, security, support and high availability to the group as a whole. Such services include a single global financial consolidation instance, a single financial instance for the majority of the Asian businesses units and Human Resource services for the firm's core businesses. The majority of these services are built using Oracle technology, whilst other collaboration systems are built using Microsoft technology.

As a strategy the Group aims to consolidate common business services and IT infrastructure around the Group and deliver these back as hosted services on a cost neutral basis.

The Group IS Dept. serves the broader IT needs of the global group companies and subsidiaries by facilitating key global projects, ownership of strategic procurement activities, setting IT standards and policy for the group and managing the annual IT Budget cycle.

The overarching mission of the Group IS Dept. is to leverage the group's IT resources and scale to drive synergy and efficiency resulting in higher quality and lower cost IT solutions for the business as a whole.

With the rapid advancement of technology it is incumbent on the job holder to be at the forefront of knowledge on the latest innovative and disruptive technology that can be used to transform business agility and profitability.

Organisational Context

The job holder reports directly to the Group Finance Director and works closely with all other Head Office Department Heads to drive business growth and efficiency through the relevant use of technology.

The job holder works collaboratively with the CEO of a unit involved in the Group's Telecommunications sector and who shares the same strategic goals but in a more specialist area.

Though not direct reports, the job holder works closely with other subsidiary IT Directors and CIO's to help shape and form IT strategy across the group.


The job holder is responsible for the technology vision and innovation culture across the group.

Global ownership of the group IT policies including security and common software/hardware reference architectures.

Ownership of global strategic supplier relationships

End to end provision and support of all Head Office IT systems and services.

End to end provision and support of regional shared service systems.

End to end provision and support of global knowledge management systems, corporate directory services and inter group Telepresence systems.

Key Accountabilities

To improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of IT across the group

To keep close to emerging technologies and champion the adoption of those that will have the most positive impact on our business.

To provide strategic IT direction and policy

To manage strategic supplier relationships including significant contract negotiations on behalf of the group.

To lead and run group wide IT initiatives

To manage and develop a team of highly skilled IT professionals

To benchmark key IT activities and set improvement targets

To provide high quality, reliable and secure IT services for all Head Office departments

To grow and introduce new shared IT services across the group.

To provide technical guidance to the group companies on all major IT investments

To manage and develop the group IT budget process

To actively share and facilitate knowledge sharing within the Group IT community

Maintain tight fiscal control and reporting on all major IT projects

Key Characteristics

Planning & Organizing. Identifies strategic goals and plans the overall direction taking into account the impact of plans across the business. Able to produce plans and forecasts over a five year planning horizon to achieve long term goals.

Controlling Quality & Standards. Creates a climate in which quality is constantly enhanced and drives through initiatives which improve on quality.

Decision Making. Demonstrates a broad business perspective to ensure that decisions have a long term positive impact on profitability.

Innovation. Persistently challenges existing methods and explores new ideas and technology that result in transformational results.

Communication. The Group IS Dept. Head is a confident and inspirational communicator to Board level and able to present to large or small groups. Able to describe complex technical activities in a non-technical manner.

People skills. Able to develop personal relationships with key people across a diverse organization. Able to win people over to new ideas and approaches. Highly adaptable and approachable.

Influencing. Identifies possible objections and constructs powerful counter arguments to address these whilst maintaining an understanding of organisational dynamics and interests.

Drive. Displays a hunger to beat industry standards and maintains overall direction despite diversions, distractions and setbacks.

Desired Requirements

Has a degree in information technology, computer science, Finance or a related field.

20 years' experience, with 8+ years held in a Senior IT Director or CIO position within a multinational organization.

Has a talent for understanding the impact of new technology and is able to spot solutions that will have the most profound impact on business growth from either an adoption or investment perspective.

Ideally has application Development lifecycle experience in large scale Oracle deployments. As for Oracle, if people have dealt heavily with SAP then that is acceptable as well. Both are unwieldy companies, so overcoming the challenges are similar. Oracle is highly desirable especially if the candidate has existing relationships at senior levels. With regard to SAP and or Oracle, the key is that the candidate has directly managed and influenced the supplier at a senior executive level rather than 'just' implemented it. So not a showstopper if the person has SAP rather than Oracle experience.

Has deep experience of strategic planning and implementation.

Has a proven track record in negotiating and managing multimillion dollar contracts with major IT suppliers.

Has a proven ability to manage and motivate large teams of people toward a common goal.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CTO (Chief Technology Officer) - Notebook & Tablet Computers

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer of notebook and tablet computers

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented CTO from leading notebook or tablet firm, able to put together teams to build best in class notebook and tablet computers. Fluent Chinese and English

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading computer manufacturer, a business savvy CTO (Chief Technology Officer) who can formulate the firm's overall technology strategy and leverage technology to expand the firm's business. This CTO will have a technical background to understand the developing technologies on consumer products and its impact on various markets. S/he will also have the visionary leadership to see technological advancement beyond what it is today and be able to steer product development directions accordingly.

This CTO position is opened to people of any background and experience. To qualify, besides a degree in Engineering/Science/IT, you will also have experience in technology driven consumer products.

Another technical management position at this firm is Engineering Manager

The Engineering Manager will lead a team of project managers, designers and engineers to support the company’s product strategy. S/he will provide engineering and technical support
throughout the whole product development process, from product design, engineering, manufacturing to product testing, quality and reliability assurance.

In this position, you will work with the world’s largest retail customers and brand name customers and to take up the challenges to meet these world class and extremely demanding customers’ needs. You will need to fully understand the engineering aspects of the firm's customers' requirements and to develop specifications that will allow the company to deliver the best products to its customers.

The candidate must be one who loves to work on products and enjoys the challenges. Ideally you will have a relevant engineering qualification, knowledge in manufacturing processes and the driving technology of consumer products. You should also be an innovative person with a can do mind set.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Design Director - Consumer Electronics (Notebook Computers)

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei) or Hong Kong

COMPANY: Fast-Growing Consumer Electronics Manufacturer (Laptop Computers)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Consumer Electronics Design Director who is extraordinarily creative and gifted in Industrial Design of Consumer Electronics - especially notebook computers - and also an effective developer and leader of talented staff members. The objective here is for the Design Director to help bring already strong brands to "the next step" of acceptance among targeted groups, especially the youth and Millenial markets. Most importantly, is the Design Director's passion and instinct to judge what is a good design and be able to translate that into concrete plans. Red Dot awards a strong plus. Candidates from different cultural origins are welcome.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major consumer electronics firm, an experienced Design Director. The Design Director should have experience in building the brand through design, and lead a team of marketing/brand/ID/Packaging/R&D professional to enhance branding from the design perspective. The Design Director should have track records of brand building for which he needs to work closely with marketing/PR/product design/R&D. The Design team currently has around 25 in total, including ID, Packaging and Artwork Designers, but if the Design Director's capability is proven, the s/he can oversee the R&D and Project Management groups as well.

This position is a high level strategic position. The Design Director will not just execute the ideas from the product/marketing team, instead the Design Director will work closely with them to provide insight on how they can leverage on product/packaging designs to increase the brand values in the B2B and B2C businesses. The Design Director will be involved in every facet of the product life cycle, and work hand in hand with the firm's Marketing and Branding Teams to enhance brand values through compelling creative product/packaging/accessories designs and storytelling.

The ideal Design Director should understand the preferences of the younger generation as the firm's consumers are mostly 20+-. S/he should be able to define, drive and execute design strategies that enhances brand image, loyalty, user experience, and brand recognition. Therefore beside the design talent, the Design Director should also understand how the firm can leverage good products designs to expand their market share and be able to tell a story behind his/her designs.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Engineering or Chief Operating Officer - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer of consumer electronics

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A strong R&D and Product-Development oriented Engineering Manager. Fluent Chinese and English

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian Consumer Electronics manufacturer, a Head of Engineering. The chief focus of this person is to bring in the latest technologies to the firm, to upgrade its product categories technologically as to maximize profitability of engineering resources. Experience with the development of successful smart technologies and IoT products would be of greatest interest. This position directly supervises under 20, indirectly 70. Departments will include EE, ME, Software, Industrial Design, Project Management, Product Design and Packaging.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP/ Director, Engineering - Electric Vehicles (ebikes)

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer of ebikes

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Engineering Head with strong experience in Electric Vehicle propulsion, especially for ebikes or scooters. Fluent Chinese and English

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading firm in the ebike field, a Head of Engineering, whose focus will be on the development of motor controls, batteries and associated systems and components needed for ebike applications. The manager will be responsible for all aspects of product engineering, except for industrial design.









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