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Sending a Resume or CV

You only have to apply to us once to be considered eligible for all ART jobs now and in the future. To update an earlier application, simply send a new application. 

Most ART website job listings have been shortened for space limitations. As a result, sometimes what looks at first glance like a "perfect match," might not be one, after full examination of client compensation limits, client relocation policies, and other key criteria.

Some online postings might have been filled. Also, most confidential jobs listed with ART are not posted online. It is best to consider our online postings as indicators of past searches or typical searches that we normally conduct.

The ART recruiter assigned to review your data determines your suitability for all current and future client opportunities listed with ART.

The quality of your resume or CV, as well as the clarity with which you state your true career preferences and requirements, will best help us make good matches.

If we see a possible candidate-client match, an ART recruiter will contact you to ask your opinions about this match. If the recruiter determines that you might be a good match for the client, s/he will typically identify the client to you, and then ask for your permission to present you to that specific client for that specific position.

We do not send in an unsolicited manner any candidate resumes or CV's to clients or prospective clients. We only work with companies that have first contracted with us to help with a specific search need. We will never post your data on the Internet or mass distribute it to employers.

Your Contact Information
Please ensure that your e-mail address, phone number(s) and addresses are current. It is preferred that you do not use your current employer's e-mail system for correspondence. Your job search is your private business, not your employer's. Please make sure that the e-mail address that you supply us with is one that you check daily, even months after sending us an application. (We do not send spam, junk mail, or sell any of your information to others.)

Candidates from all countries are advised to state their full legal names in our application form, in order to ensure proper filing. Nicknames, first names only, or abbreviations are not recommended. Candidates who commonly use for business purposes two sets of names (English and Chinese personal names, for example), should state their legal names and English name in the name order that is customary for business purposes in their country. Please understand that there might be many people in our records who only identify themselves to us as "Bill Jones," "John Lee," "K. Schmidt," "J. García,"  "Kumar S.," etc., so it is very advisable that you identify yourself to us according to your full legal name. This extra care could avoid problems of misfiling, etc.

If you do not hear from us immediately, it does not mean that we have forgotten you. It just means that a client job matching your skills, requirements and preferences is not currently available.

As far as your CV or Resume is concerned, we want to understand what you have done, in what context, and with what successes. A clear description of your employment history could help us understand what positions might be good for you.

  Before sending your Resume or CV, please review it for the following points.

    Avoid Misstatements of Your Employment History or Educational Qualifications

    Candidates who have been discovered during a hiring process to have stated false or misleading qualifications should expect that these facts will be reported to the ART client company. Candidates who have stated false or misleading qualifications yet have been hired by an ART client company, might be subject to dismissal based on their having falsified their education or employment history, as expressed in a resume or CV.

    Please note that many companies conduct checks on their applicants' and current employees' employment and educational history.

    Please DO NOT INCLUDE in your resume or CV, or in any documents that you to send us or to our client companies, any reference of educational "degrees" purchased from non-accredited companies that are specifically sold to individuals for the purpose of giving individuals or employers the impression that the person has earned specific academic degrees.

    • Even if the company selling such degrees calls itself "university" or "college," and even if it claims that it legally can sell you such documents, that does not mean that these bogus "degrees" are in any way acceptable to us or to our client companies as evidence of academic achievement. In fact, the statement of "degrees" from known "diploma mills" are considered by us as grounds for disqualifying a candidate from consideration.
    • If you have been the victim of fraud by a "diploma mill" and have paid them for your "degree," that is an issue that is personal to you, and this falsified qualification should never ever be presented to us or to any ART client.


You will be sent to a menu of professional disciplines. Pick the one that is yours. You only have to apply to ART one time to be eligible for all ART available jobs. When you are finished, simply click the "SEND TO ART" button. Your information will be submitted to us. You will then be sent to our ART Career Guide. The ART Career Guide has useful articles that you may wish to read, or you may choose to move onward through the Internet.


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