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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.


Senior Management & General Management Executive Search 

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: European Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Automotive Manufacturer

LOCATION:Central European Location

COMPANY: Major Automotive firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales-oriented, aggressive, Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Turnaround capability a plus

Recruiter, on behalf of a major automotive firm manufacturing trucks in the light GVW segment, seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company continues to develop its trucks in its R&D center and production facilities in a major city. The truck range is being expanded to include higher GVW versions. The operations and production capabilities include a state of the art cataphoretic paint shop, welding shop and assembly plant. The annual capacity is 20,000 trucks and the products are fully compliant with all Europan standards and emission norms; EU accounts for most of the sales. Experience: A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with 20 years' experience in the automotive sector, with accent on marketing commercial vehicles in EU and CEE markets and a strong business acumen. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be responsible for developing business plan and delivery to agreed operational and financial measures of performance with milestones, which include following key result areas: Top line growth; Market development in EU and CEE; Network creation; Product planning and positioning; Brand development; Strategic sourcing of components & parts; Cost control in all areas; Profitability; Organization development. Very fluent English required. German language skills helpful.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: European Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Automotive

LOCATION: Central European location

COMPANY: Major European automotive manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented, change agent; experienced European Chief Operating Officer (COO) familiar with best-in-class European and world automotive manufacturing

Recruiter seeks a European Chief Operating Officer (COO), on behalf of a well established European manufacturer of heavy duty trucks. Position reports to Worldwide Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Multi-country, multi-plant automotive operations head. Fluent English. German or other European languages a plus.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: European Country Manager - Medical Devices

LOCATION: Central Europe/ Eastern Europe

COMPANY: US Medical Device Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong leadership and sales execution capabilities. Unbureaucratic European Country Manager. High energy personality with demonstrated ability to work in a fast paced, high growth environment. High level of integrity.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major American medical devices manufacturer, a European Country Manager, who would report to the EMEA Managing Director. Defines, implements, supervises and drives strategic direction, objectives and targets at country level, to gain maximum profitable sales and market share. Allocates and utilizes internal resources in the most effective way. Identifies and grows talent and builds a strong, performance driven team to enhance company's reputation in the market.

--P&L Management: To lead the European Country team to achieve budgeted unit sales and revenue targets; to control resources and spend in line with agreed budgets    

--Strategy Development: Set the strategy for growth in the market and deploy resources appropriately to achieve success; have direct contact with key opinion leaders and other stakeholders in the country in order to further develop the interests of the company and its products

--Experience in Multinational public company, preferably in Medical device or Pharma field


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: European Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Wireless Telecom Carrier
LOCATION: Central Europe/ Eastern Europe
COMPANY: Major Mobile Telecommunications Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing Central/ Eastern European Wireless Telecom Carrier, a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Ideally, the COO should have a Finance background, along with solid knowledge about the local national market. The COO could be a person with broad experience who is working abroad now or an expatriate who works in the country now. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be responsible for all major operational decisions freeing up the company head, so that the company head may focus on broader challenges. Each of the department heads - CFO, CTO, Operations, HR, Marketing, Sales - will report to the COO.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Eastern European General Manager - Chemicals

LOCATION: Eastern Europe location

COMPANY: European Chemical Products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strategic approach; experience in start up management; experience in leading manufacturing and trade business in the CEE market; experience in chemical industry.

Recruiter, on behalf of a major European chemicals firm, seeks a CEE General Manager to start up and business development in the CEE market. Organization of trade and manufacturing branch; Business management; Marketing strategy implementation and product development; Staff management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Poland Country Manager - Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets

LOCATION: Poland (Warsaw)

COMPANY: Western European firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, results-oriented business manager. Strong sales and business development abilities and capability of being Poland Country Manager.

Recruiter seeks a Poland Country Manager, on behalf of a European promoter of retail parks and leisure/ commercial centers, that is committed to enter the Polish market and soon all the eastern countries. The firm works closely with the operators (supermarkets, bricolage, retail park chains) in order to bring them together on locations of their choice on a turn-key approach. Recruiter seeks a Poland Country Manager who can represent the client-company on a first stage and later manage the field operations.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Russia Country Manager - Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

LOCATION: Russia (Moscow)

COMPANY: Global Oilfield Equipment and Servies Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Western trained Russia Country Manager with strong business orientation. Impeccable record of staff and client managerment in the Russian market. Fluency or strong Russian language skills greatly desired.

Recruiter, on behalf of a leading international firm providing equipment and services to the world energy industries, seeks a Russia Country Manager. Experience in similar positions at Western European or North American instrumentation or equipment firms, especially as Country Manager for Sales, would be of interest. Very fluent English required. Russia Country Manager should have track record in management of staffs\ between 25-500  


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Romania General Manager - Pharmaceuticals

LOCATION: Romania (Bucharest)

COMPANY: European pharmaceuticals firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: This is a leadership role which requires excellent knowledge of the innovation drugs industry in Romania. The candidate will bring strong marketing and sales as well as people skills to the company. This appointment represents an attractive opportunity for a highly motivated and capable individual to join a project of growth. Candidates will be holding a position of Business Unit Manager of a large multinational or Marketing and Sales Manager /General Manager of a medium size company.  High level of personal drive, strong energy, self-confident. Excellent communicator. Ambition to grow the business. Excellent selling skills. Analytical and proactive. Good judgment – Integrity.

Recruiter, on behalf of a major European pharmaceutical firm, seeks a General Manager. The project will be the startup company developing the sales pipeline in cooperation with the mother company. Various innovative products will also be launched, as well as a line of licensed CNS generics in the next 3 years. The potential of the Romanian operation is estimated in € 10 million with a structure formed by more than 20 people. The General Manager will have full operational and P&L responsibility for the firm's affiliate in Romania.



Sales & Marketing Management Executive Search 

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Eastern European Sales Manager - Metals

LOCATION: Czech Republic

COMPANY: European stainless steel flat products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Multi-country Eastern Europe Sales Manager with strong metals sector experiences

Recruiter, on behalf of a firm in the stainless steel field, seeks an East Europe Sales Manager. Full knowledge of the players in the sector with existing contacts is essential. The successful Sales Manager will be expected to hit the ground running. The company anticipates that the successful applicant will be fluent in Czech and English. The firm carries CE marked material and is targeting revenues in excess of €10million which the firm states is easily achievable as average order values are in excess of €50,000.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sales Manager - Eastern Europe - Electronic Components

LOCATION: Poland (Warsaw or Poznan)

COMPANY: Major European Electronic Components Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: self starter CEE Sales Manager. Fluent English and German; Polish, Czech, and other CEE languages a plus

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading European electronic components distributor, a self-motivating Eastern European Sales Manager. The CEE Sales Manager will be expected to provide exceptionally high service levels coupled with product choice & availability; exploiting new opportunities through electronic trading; developing new markets by rolling out the business model regionally.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Central Europe Sales Manager - Aluminum Extrusions

LOCATION: Central Europe

COMPANY: Fast growing Asian aluminum products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: German-English bilingual metal products sales manager. Greenfield experience a plus

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing Asia-based metal products manufacturer, a Central Europe Sales Manager. Reporting to the VP International Sales, the Central Europe Sales Manager will develop sales of aluminum extrustions (lengths, semi-fabricated, fully assembled kits) to the OEM, automotive, industrial and construction markets of Central Europe. This self motivated Central Europe Sales Manager ideally will already have suitable contacts at target customer markets.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Poland Sales Director - Hydraulic Components


COMPANY: Major European Hydraulic Components Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Poland Sales Director who is entrepreneurial, proactive, ambitious and reliable. Fluent English and Polish.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European hydraulic products firm, a Poland Sales Director. Position reports to the Group Vice President. Focus will be on sales to the DIY market.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Eastern European Regional Sales Manager - food ingredients

LOCATION: Eastern Europe

COMPANY: Major food ingredients manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An Eastern European Regional Sales Manager with food ingredients experience.

• Degree in Food Science or equivalent
• Senior commercial / sales / business development manager with at least 7 years of commercial experience
• Strong customer orientation
• Sector experience and expertise: food & beverage speciality ingredients.
• Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills
• High level of English, proficiency in an Eastern European language would be a plus
• Hunter-Prospector type of sales experience (not maintaining accounts) with a proven track record in winning sales
• The candidate should have the ability to execute against the BU Strategy – focusing on identified customers that will bring sustainable top line growth.
• P&L experience, reporting on a monthly basis (top line and margin results).
• The role will be dealing with many different stakeholders (internal and external): we therefore need someone who is flexible, dynamic and diplomatic
• Ability to manage time and targets independently, but should also be a team player on the group organizational level (working with the other disciplines and functions)
• Focus on results, with the necessary flexibility and creativity
• The candidate needs to have an established network of contacts with relevant players in the industry and region

Recruiter, on behalf of a well established food ingredients firm, seeks a Sales Manager for the Eastern European region.

• Maintain, secure and extend existing customer relationships
• Develop new business relationships, generating and negotiating new income for the organization
• Generate a robust pipeline of opportunities
• Present organization to the latent clients through communication, in person meetings, calls or by e-mails
• Manage the sales process, lead generation, credential pitch, questions, solution pitch and negotiation
• Maintain and manage all sales related activities
• Create and be responsible for all client’s contracts, proposals, and further documentation, following organization’s procedure
• Interact effectively with other departments including Customer Service and R&D team
• Identify opportunities for campaigns, services, and distribution channels that will lead to an increase in sales
• Using knowledge of the market and competitors, identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators
• Attend industry functions, such as association events and conferences, and provide feedback and information on market and creative trends
• Present to and consulting with mid and senior level management on business trends with a view to developing new services, products, and distribution channels


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Czech Sales Manager - Automotive

LOCATION: Czech Republic (Prague)

COMPANY: European Plastic molding firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented, automotive sector sales manager. Fundamental understanding of the European Automotive industry. Knowledge in the molding and/or moldmaking industry preferred. Familiarity to (and even better routine in) Anglo-American business/management culture. Results orientation, Decisiveness, Strategic & Entrepreneurial Thinking, Innovativeness, Communication Skills & Persuasiveness, Team Orientation, People Management and Development, Intercultural Understanding, Networking, Analytical Skills, Self Management

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a European automotive products firm, a Czech Regional Sales Manager. The sales manager should have automotive and time-to-market.

•   Plan, communicate and monitor sales targets

•   Determine and pursue strategies for product, market, pricing and value selling

•   Develop strategies for the regions

•   Driver for project management of new model launches and related modules

•   Support the operational sales tasks, e.g. negotiations about prices, handling complaints, visit customers (expected travelling of about 50%)

•   Initiate and drive sales projects to improve customer service & communication as well as increase effectiveness and efficiency of client’s business

•   Insure updating the Customer Management System in SynLogistics/Oracle on a timely base concerning Service and Visit Reports as well as customer´s data and opportunity update


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Czech Sales and Marketing Director - FMCG (foods)

LOCATION: Czech Rep. (Prague)

COMPANY: French multinational processed foods corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented FMCG Czech Sales and Marketing Director. Fluency in English required

Recruiter, on behalf of a major French multinational firm, seeks a Czech Sales and Marketing Director, who will report to the Country Manager. The Czech Sales and Marketing Director focuses on the Czech Republic, but works closely integrated in an international matrix organization with international key acct management, branding and business development.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: European Sales Managers - Industrial Blowers

LOCATIONS: Central/ Eastern Europe

COMPANY: US industrial products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented blower European Sales Manager. Fluency in English required. Experience at Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, Gardner Denver Schopfheim, Kaeser Kompressoren, Robuschi, Dresser-Roots, Ingersoll Rand, Alfons Haar Maschinenbau, etc. a plus

Recruiter, on behalf of a major US firm in the industrial blower market, seeks several European Sales Managers, who would report to the European Managing Director. Key functions of this position include but are not restricted to: Development of the industrial and truck blower market; Sourcing and Managing distributors; Establish OEM /house accounts; Identify new market opportunities

--Knowledge of Industrial blower market and competition

--Knowledge of blower applications - i.e. Pneumatic Conveying, Aeration, etc.

--Sales and Training skills including the effective use of sales tools

--Technically competent in blowers and blower applications

--Ability to understand and work with different country cultures



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CEE Sales Manager - Vacuum Pumps

LOCATION: Central/ Eastern Europe (Prague, Warsaw, etc.)

COMPANY: American industrial equipment corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results oriented vacuum pump CEE Sales Manager. Fluency in English required. Experience at BOC Edwards, Oerlikon/Leybold, Dr.-Ing. K. Busch, Pompetravaini, Adixen - Alcatel Vacuum, Rietschle Thomas, etc. a plus

Recruiter, on behalf of a major US firm in the vacuum technology field, seeks a CEE Sales Manager, with emphasis on the Czech Rep, Poland, and Hungary.

--Knowledge of Vacuum market and competition.

--Knowledge of Vacuum applications (ie. Metals Industry, Coating Industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries, etc)

--Have experience of securing and maintaining OEM and Engineering contractor accounts

--Must be comfortable dealing at Eng Mgr level with large companies.

--Technically competent in Vacuum Technology and Applications

--Ability to understand and work with different country cultures.

--Must be self-motivated with a desire to achieve both personal and corporate high standards.

--Able to meet target completion of tasks.  

--Availability and unhindered capability for travel is essential to the role. At least 60% of time visiting customers. 



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Romania Director of Sales - Medical Devices

LOCATION: Romania (Bucharest)

COMPANY: Major Medical Device Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Romanian-English bilingual Sales Director with solid medical device sales experiences. Must understand Solutions Selling

Recruiter seeks a Director of Sales for a major international firm in the medical device field. Reporting to a Regional President, the Romania Sales Director will build sales to key customers, develop and motivate a sales team and communicate effectively to corporate staff and customers. The Country Sales Director must have a hands-on management style and "lead by example."


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Central and Eastern Europe Sales Manager - Wireless Components
LOCATION: Central Europe or Eastern Europe - any location can be considered
COMPANY: Manufacturer of Base Station RF Components

Medium sized manufacturer of base station antennas for the mobile wireless industry, a division of a large multinational corporation, has an immediate opening for a Central or East Europe based CEE Sales Manager who can help continue their momentum in the wireless marketplace. Customers include Network operators such as Vodaphone, Orange, T-Mobile, etc., as well as OEM's like Nokia and Ericsson. CEE Sales Managers should have had similar types of customers within their region. Product experience preferably will come from within the wireless component market. Although RF antenna experience might be ideal, it is not required.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Central Europe Sales Manager - Plastics Equipment

LOCATION: Czech Republic (Prague)

COMPANY: Plastics Processing Equipment Firm
A major firm manufacturing plastic welding equipment for the automotive, packaging, OEM, medical device, electronic equipment, household appliance, and plastic injection molding industries, seeks a Central European Regional Sales Manager, which will be based at a soon to be opened regional sales and technical office in either Vienna, Austria, or Prague, Czech Republic. This person will be the single key person for the company in Central Europe. Recruiter seeks CEE Sales Managers with a high level of language ability in English and a Slavic language. Fluency or conversational ability in German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, or other languages of Central and Eastern Europe would be of value. 




Finance Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Service Sector

LOCATION: Slovakia (Bratislava)

COMPANY: Major European Service Sector Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very results-oriented, unbureaucratic, Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Fluent in Slovak or Czech and English

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European service sector firm with significant investments in CEE, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role will be primarily focused on managing strategic financing of firm's projects (bank loans, bonds); cash flow management within the holding; budgeting, controlling and management reporting;  operational finance management (accounting, local and IFRS audits); plus developing some strategic initiatives


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: European Financial Controller - Industrial

LOCATION: Central Europe

COMPANY: US Industrial Firm (US$1 billion+)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented, fast paced financial controller

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major US industrial products firm, a European Financial Controller, who would report to the Corporate CFO. Responsible for managing the monthly closing process to ensure timely and accurate presentation financial results, as well as Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Budgeting & Forecasting.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Finance Director - Wireless Telecommunications Products

LOCATION: Slovakia (Bratislava)

COMPANY: Leading Multinational Mobile Handset Company

A global leader in the field of wireless voice and data products, and a premier supplier of outsourced services, serving manufacturers, carriers and retailers, seeks a Finance Director for their Slovakia operation. The Slovakia operation will serve as a key jump-off point to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Finance Director in Slovakia therefore will be a key person in the firm's Central and Eastern European expansion plans. Fluent English; Slovak is beneficial. Other Slavic or Central/East European language abilities would be of interest



Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Eastern Europe Senior Sourcing Specialist - Medical Devices

LOCATION: Germany (Hamburg; other cities possible)

COMPANY: Multi-billion Euro medical devices firm.

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented sourcing specialist, ideally in metals and plastics. Experiences in sourcing in Poland or other Eastern European countries a strong plus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf a medical device distribution firm, a Senior Sourcing Specialist who will provide sourcing, commodity, and supply base management expertise to ensure that all aspects of the sourcing process meet  quality, production and corporate procurement requirements. You will utilize the Global Supply Chain Management’s established practices and processes as well as the firm's business and management philosophy to lead initiatives in supplier selection, cost reduction, new product sourcing support, and other sourcing related activities.

    Provide sourcing support to Marketing/ R&D/ Finance/ Service/ Quality in all stages of new product development in accordance with firm's NPD process
    Develop and maintain expertise in the supply base’s contemporary technology that can be utilized to upgrade existing products and designed into new products
    Develop strategies to source assigned commodity based items at the lowest total acquisition cost and lead Commodity Council Teams to achieve identified savings goals
    Conduct negotiations and issue contracts/agreement in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations within the guidelines of firm's Policies and Procedures
    Lead and/or organize all necessary supplier audits including commercial, financial, and technical to ensure that firm's maintains and continues to develop a robust and capable supply base
    Provide regular updates and reports to manager and purchasing staff on cost improvements and new product development programs

Required Skills And Experience
    Bachelor’s degree in related field required, MBA preferred
    CPM or CPIM certification preferred
    Min. 10 years experience in Purchasing/ Sourcing, or other business experience requiring strong negotiating skills
    Experience in all aspects of sourcing including contract negotiations, commodity based materials management, project management, and commercial analysis
    Strong communication and negotiation skills as well as problem solving skills
    Empowerment to utilize good sourcing practices, policies and procedures
    Fluent in English and Polish a plus. German language skills are a plus
    Ability for frequent/ occasional overnight trips (up to 35%)

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Consumer Products Packaging


COMPANY: Major multinational packaging component corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: fluent English Plant Manager, with experiences in the automotive part industry a plus

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of major European contract manufacturer in the personal care, cosmetics, OTC pharmaceuticals and household products field, a Plant Manager. Experience manufacturing in the metal and plastic packaging field would be ideal.


Human Resources Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director Human Resources - Central Europe - Quick Serve Restaurants


COMPANY: Major QSR Franchisee

Recruiter seeks a Central Europe HR Director, on behalf of the largest independent restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe. The firm, employs 15,000 people and builds on a portfolio of well recognized power brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Starbucks. Based on solid franchise and joint venture partnerships, it owns franchised stores in Spain, Germany, France, the USA and China. .


Job Purpose:

Ensures Firm as an employer of choice, attracts and retains top talents. Leads all HR activities as a partner for all departments in Central Europe (Poland, Czech Rep., Hungary) as regards to developing HR capability. Is a critical player in keeping Firm's culture, values and spirit alive and thriving.  


Your Challenges:

•   Develops Central Europe division HR strategy and goals

•   Ensures that Firm is a leader in Central Europe with regard to total compensation schemes for all employees

•   Builds the team ahead of the curve ensuring achievement of Divisions’ 3-year goals

•   Builds organizational capability to support rapid and profitable expansion

•   Develops and maintains an appropriate organization structure, employee motivation and management  succession and progression plan to enable Firm to be a growth company

•   Maintains quality in company operations through the development and application of company policies, procedures and standards consistent with Firm's Core Values and Operating Principles

•   Ensures best in class HR processes, training systems, supportive HR tools into all brands in Central Europe

•   Represents Firm to outside world as required. Establishes the necessary external contacts with suppliers, governments, customers and key constituents

•   Ensures compliance with labor legislations and regulations in Central Europe



•   BA degree in HR or other related specialization

•   min 10 years of diverse and progressive Human Resources experience in a generalist capacity dealing with complex business and Human Resources issues

•   min 7 years of managerial experience in service-based organization

•   Excellent knowledge of labor law and regulations

•   Strong leadership skills

•   Ability to build successful relationships within all departments and levels within organization

•   Demonstrated presentation skills

•   Ability to maintain a critical balance between employee advocacy and the company's interests for desired outcomes

•   Strong business acumen and goal orientation

•   Flexibility in adapting to changing business requirements

•   Proven ability to coach, mentor, and consult with a wide range of management and employees

•   Fluent English is a must

•   Strong computer proficiency

•   Experience in international, acting on Central Europe markets company will be an asset







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