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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.


 Executive Upper Management & General Management

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Retail Sector

LOCATION: Canada - Manitoba (Winnipeg)

COMPANY: Leading American Retail Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced, results-oriented Chief Executive Officer (CEO), COO, President, Managing Director or General Manager with a substantial track record of success in the Canadian retail sector. Must have an ability to manage fast growth. Preferably coming from a sales and marketing background, with additional managerial oversight of operations, merchandising, finance, etc. Strong leadership abilities, charismatic, able to execute change, accountable.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading U.S. retailer, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), COO, President, Managing Director or General Manager, who would provide leadership and manage all strategic and day-to-day operations of firm's Canadian business unit. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must assure operational excellence by aligning and leading all departments to ensure business goals are met; developing & implementing a successful strategic business plan focusing on long-term sustainability and organic market expansion; establish and report operational metrics; maintain and expand firm's consistent brand image; finally, take full accountability for the Profit & Loss of the Division.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CEO / President- CPG (Processed Foods)

LOCATION: Canada (Ontario)

COMPANY: Canadian Processed Food Company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: "Big company training and professionalism" mixed with an ability to readily understand the needs of a growing medium sized firm. Unbureaucratic Chief Executive Officer (CEO). "Heavy hitter" and visionary leader, combined with an ability to nurture and communicate well with existing staff.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of Canadian processed food company, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with an ability to run a medium sized and growing company with both domestic and international sales. The position requires a leader with a strong sales and marketing background who has the ability and drive to make a truly great food company. The position of CEO/ President would be to provide the leadership and strategic direction for a food manufacturing and processing company with two locations in Canada serving the domestic Retail and Food Service industries with both Branded and Private Label products. Equity participation is offered as firm's philosophy is one of partnering with management.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Managing Director/ President - Consumer Services

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (Toronto)

COMPANY: Major Multinational Financial Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales-oriented fast growth financial services Canada President capable of expanding consumer services store locations across Canada. Fluent English; fluency in French a very strong plus.

Recruiter seeks a Canada President or Canada Managing Director for a fast growing multinational consumer services firm. The Canada President will be the highest executive level for the firm's Canadian operations. The Canada President will be responsible for executing the firm's aggressive growth strategies for the next 5 years and drive profitable financial results. The President should have experience in the consumer services sector, particularly involving the establishment of service stores or kiosks utilizing small staffs.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CEO (Chief Executive Officer)Machine Tools

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (metro-Toronto)

COMPANY: Canadian Machine Tool Firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of Canadian machine tool company, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is able to help a growing firm build on its successes of the past two years, especially in Asia and North America.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Aircraft Services

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (Toronto)

COMPANY: Leading aircraft/airline services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A General Manager who is a strong team leader, efficient and capable motivator who handles people with TLC, charisma, and professional resilience.
· Five years' progressive management experience including customer service, ground handling of commercial aircraft or Bachelor's Degree in business.
· Extensive knowledge of all applicable Transport Canada, CATSA, FAA, Labour Canada & WCB Regulations.
· Five-year minimum aviation experience to include handling wide- and narrow-body aircraft.
· Familiar with airline customer computer programs.
· Experience with customer service, understanding of IROP situations, familiar with international ticketing.
· Computer skills required.

Recruiter seeks a General Manager based at Toronto Pearson International Airport, on behalf of a leading Airline Services firm.

SUMMARY: Overseeing aircraft ground-handling services station operations including but not limited to wide- and narrow-body aircraft, baggage, primary customer service and liaison, and identification of new business opportunities.
· Understand contract requirements and customer expectations.
· Determine and maintain the necessary and appropriate amount of personnel and equipment necessary to fulfill these requirements.
· While understanding the work requirements, plan and organize the most efficient use of resources to meet these requirements through development and analysis of employee and equipment work schedules.
· Direct people and maintain equipment to efficiently complete the tasks within established company standards. This is achieved through disciplined following of work schedules in line with established company standards.
· Know company policies and interpret manuals in order to relate the interpretations to subordinates.
· Monitor and/or conduct required training of personnel.
· Provide employee counseling and discipline as needed.
· Be responsible for the security of company funds, supplies, and equipment.
· Be responsible for insuring compliance with established company safety policies and procedures.
· Maintain working relationship with customers and provide prompt response to service requests.
· Actively search for and report to station management future business opportunities.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager- Aerospace

LOCATION: Canada - Quebec (Montreal)

COMPANY: Canadian division of multinational aerospace corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager must be able to assess the current situation, outline a course of action, and execute the plan to improve communications, delivery, cust rels, etc. This position must possess a high degree of integrity to represent the best interest of the company and its customers.  Proven turnaround management and leadership skills along with excellent communication abilities are essential.  Fluent French and English

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multinational aerospace corporation, a turnaround General Manager with strong aerospace experiences and great leadership skills. The General Manager will manage smooth transition into new ERP environment; facilitate the relocation with minimal negative impact to business; improve internal 'team' approach. The General Manager will manage successful rapid 787 business expansion; execution - (profitability, cost, quality, and delivery) at or above expected benchmarks.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager- Building Materials

LOCATION: Canada (British Columbia - Vancouver)

COMPANY: Canadian building materials firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales and business development focused general manager

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a well established Canadian building materials firm a General Manager. The General Manager is responsible for all day to day operations of the West Coast facility and is the overall business leader of sales and operations in British Columbia.  As a strategic business partner, you will oversee all aspects of the retail showroom, commercial sales, administration and warehousing to drive business growth while ensuring that all sides of the operations are working effectively and efficiently.

You will excel at building relationships, understand the importance of providing vision, direction and leadership in maintaining the brand identity internally and externally. As the General Manager, you will play a fundamental role in developing future market growth through strategic sales initiatives, with the final goal of meeting corporate objectives and increasing market share and profitability through your ability to articulate and sell ideas and build effective teams.

Job Duties
Support the company’s attainment of volume, revenue and profit targets with emphasis on building a strong reputation through unparalleled customer service.
Collaborate with the Executive Team to develop short-term and long-term strategic plans, including the preparation of annual business plans and budgets.
Manage and build relationships with contractors and seek to increase sales through retail, commercial and other channels.
Ensure the operation is most profitable through ongoing management of Gross Profit Margins, Net Profit Margins, Inventory Control and general OPEX.
Review financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement.
Develop and implement monthly and quarterly and annual sales plans, budgets, and programs for all sales verticals in the retail and commercial markets.
Communicate the strategic goals and objectives with direct reports.
Foster and promote business etiquette and effective communication within the office, intra-company divisions and with our clients.
Provide support to direct reports by communicating expectations/plans, coaching their performance, providing opportunities to develop skills and holding them accountable.
Understand, implement and enforce safety policies safety program.
Determine staffing requirements and oversee the interview, hiring and training of new employees with the assistance of the corporate human resources department.
Monitor third party business and suppliers to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively providing the needed services and supplies while staying within budgetary limits.
Oversee activities directly related to the sales and marketing of goods and services.
Protect the organization's value by keeping information confidential.
Ensure the Company culture is permeated throughout the office by organizing team and social events.
Implement and enforce HR programmes and policies as communicated from head office.
Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
Always maintain professionalism, tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity to portray the company in a positive manner.

A degree in Business, Marketing or a related field plus 5 years of experience in a senior sales/operations management capacity and 10 years of direct operations management experience.
Experience and expertise from a solid career in consumer products and/or luxury brands.
Must be able to demonstrate strong business skills related to leading a successful sales team, strategic planning, and negotiating, budgeting, and analyzing sales figures.
Excellent understanding of sales, finance and management.
Proven record for performance with set goals.
Excellent oral, written & listening skills.
Judgment and decision making skills with ability to consider the relative costs and benefits of potential actions and choose the appropriate path.
Ability to identify measures of performance and actions needed to improve or correct performance.
Efficient knowledge of word processing software, spreadsheet software, e-mail software and use of the Internet.
Well spoken and have the ability to speak clearly and confidently in all business settings.
Ability to read, understand and calculate banking figures such as; discounts, interest rates, percentages and commission etc.
Ability to delegate, set expectations and monitor progress of all direct reports.
Motivate, inspire, provide and accept feedback to and from employees.
Possess prioritization skills necessary to use time effectively and set action plans to achieve business targets.
ore Competencies
Critical Thinking
Decision Making
Planning and Organizing
Problem Solving
Results Orientation


Sales, Marketing and Business Development

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Petrochemical equipment

LOCATION: Canada (Calgary, Alberta)

COMPANY:  European Petrochemical equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on O&G sales director/ VP Sales to build North American and global markets

Recruiter seeks a North America-based VP Sales for a European firm serving the O&G drilling/ offshore markets. Customers are operators, drilling contractors, rig builders, across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The VP Sales will have worldwide responsibilities. The VP Sales should have at least 5 years' experience selling equipment to the oil and gas drilling industry, with a focus on offshore drilling. The VP Sales, who reports to the CEO, should have worked for companies such as Tesco, Schlumberger, NOV, LeTourneau, etc., and s/he must be familiar with automated drill-pipe handling equipment. Travel will be heavy, approximately four months out of the year. Base plus bonus plus equity package.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Sales & Marketing Director - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: Canada (Alberta - Edmonton)

COMPANY: Major global industrial equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented Canadian National Sales Director with strong experience selling into the energy sector. Fluent English, French skills a strong plus.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major global firm in the industrial equipment field, a Canadian Sales & Marketing Director. Reporting to the President of the Canada business unit, the Canada Sales & Marketing Director:

Plans and directs sales and marketing activities of organization's products and services by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate managers/supervisors.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Establishes strategic sales and marketing’s plans to achieve corporate objectives for products and services.

Develops and executes comprehensive strategic sales and marketing plans and programs, both short and long range, to support sales and revenue objectives of organization.

Researches, analyzes, and monitors financial, technological, and demographic factors to capitalize on market opportunities and minimize effects of competitive activity.

Directs sales and marketing forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly.

Develops and manages sales and marketing operating budgets.

Develops and recommends product positioning, packaging, and pricing strategy to produce the highest possible long-term market share.

Directs channel development activity and coordinates sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas and goals.

Achieves satisfactory profit/loss ratio and market share in relation to preset standards and industry and economic trends.

Ensures effective control of sales and marketing results, and takes corrective action to guarantee that achievement of sales and marketing objectives falls within designated budgets.

Oversees and evaluates sales and marketing research and adjusts their strategies to meet changing market and competitive conditions.

Represents company at trade association meetings to promote products.

Delivers and assists with sales presentations, maintaining relationships, negotiating and closing deals with key clients in coordination with sales management and sales representatives.

Establishes and maintains relationships with industry influencers and key community and strategic partners.

Resolves conflicts and facilitates changes in structure of sales and marketing groups to ensure objective fulfillment and swift response to their problems and opportunities.

Guides preparation of sales and marketing activity reports and presents to executive management.  Including, but not limited to, periodic sales reports showing sales volume, potential sales and areas of proposed client base expansion.

Establishes and maintains a consistent corporate image throughout all product lines, promotional materials, and events.

Regular attendance is an essential function of this position.

Compliance with applicable Company policies concerning maintaining a drug free workplace is required.

Compliance with all Company policies is required, including adherence to Company ISO 9001 Standards and compliance with Company Affirmative Action Plan and Company Safety procedures.

Incorporate the Standards of Excellence as outlined by TWMC (Pride, Desire, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, Follow-through) into daily activities in order to create a Total Quality environment through personal commitment to excellence.

Other functions as required (non-essential functions).

Manages subordinate managers/supervisors.  Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of this unit.  Also directly supervises one non-supervisory employee(s).  Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Master's degree (M. A.) or equivalent; or seven or more years related management experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada General Manager - CPG (foods)

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (Toronto)

COMPANY: Leading Global CPG Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced, results-oriented Canada General Manager or Canada Sales Director with a substantial track record of success in the Canadian consumer foods retail sector. Fluent English and Chinese (Cantonese). French skills a strong plus. An MBA is preferred. The Canada General Manager must possess strong leadership skills, and be an effective team member. A strong achievement orientation and drive for results is necessary. 

Consumer goods experience with an understanding of distribution channels is strongly preferred.  

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading Asian manufacturer of food products, a Canada General Manager, who leads and oversees the sales activities and efforts within Canada. Directly supervise 2 - 4 Market Development Managers in the Market Development Function for Canada.

•   Develop Canada-wide area sales and distribution strategies; set specific action plans and targets; and monitor to ensure optimal sales and distribution of firm's products.   

•   Oversee the operational efficiency of the market development function within the country.  Manage the market development managers who work closely with the distributors, 2nd tier distributors and end customers (Supermarkets & Restaurants) to ensure execution of company policies and practices are in compliance with company-wide goals.

•   Assess and analyze the market and competition to suggest new and improved sales programs, products and services (e.g., trade and consumer programs) tailored to meet market needs. Use relevant market information to support business decisions.  

•   Actively interact with responsible functions to monitor production and logistic planning and communicate necessary information to Sales team members.  

•   Prepare reports, correspondence, presentations, budget and forecast plans to management or other function heads.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Marketing - Videographics semiconductors
LOCATION: Canada - any location
COMPANY: Fabless Semiconductor Startup
A graphics chip startup firm using a business model very similar to that of ATI or Nvidia, has just raised its first round of financing (US$9 million), and they now seek a VP Marketing. The firm is developing silicon chips which might greatly enhances the video gaming experience. The company has an experienced team of technological experts and innovators and is backed by top-tier venture capitalists.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Country Manager- Medical Devices

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (Ottawa)

COMPANY:  US Medical Devices Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Entrepreneurial, fast paced Canadian national sales head with a strong background in the medical device industry

Recruiter, on behalf of a growing American medical device firm, seeks a Canada National Sales Manager/ Canada Country Manager. Reporting to the VP Sales, the Canada National Sales Manager supervises 9-10 and must be assertive, influential and persistent. Strong preference for English/French bilingual.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Sales Director - Networking Equipment & Components

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (metro- Toronto)

COMPANY: Fast growing telecom equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very aggressive Canada Sales Director with strong sales contacts in the Canadian telecom, cable TV and broadband markets. Good managerial skills, able to mentor and develop staff. French skills a strong plus.

Recruiter, on behalf of a very successful provider of fiberoptic equipment and components, seeks a Canada Sales Director. Reporting to the President & CEO, the Sales Director will assume overall responsibilities of P&L performance, leadership and growth objectives of Canada operations. Standard measurements will focus on actual sales, profitability, and growth percentage within the business unit. In addition, developing and maintaining a strong pipeline of new customers and markets will be key to rapid growth expectations.

•   Responsible for overall performance and management of all departments and personnel within Canada operation.

•   Provide leadership to the day-to-day operations of the sales department, while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals.

•   Analyze sales statistics quarterly to determine business growth potential by product group and new market opportunities.

•   Establish performance goals for all sales department employees, and monitor performance on a continued basis.

•   Direct all departments to achieve objectives established in the Company’s Strategic Plan.

•   Assure business relations with all customers are held to a high professional level.

•   Seek out and target new customer/sales opportunities. Initiate plans to approach and secure new business for the company.

•   Responsible for managing control of all department budgets.

•   Responsible for driving revenue growth through continuous improvement in sales technique and sales driven initiative.

•   Attract, retain, train, and motivate a diverse sales force.

•   Develop a dynamic prospect and account list, handle incoming leads to successful sales closure.

•   Collaborate closely with product managers in developing new products that have substantial growth opportunities.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sales Director - Automotive Parts

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (metro- Toronto)

COMPANY: Privately held, well established automotive products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A fast paced, well organized, well connected automotive parts sales director

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a long established Canadian automotive parts supplier, providing parts for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Companies, a Sales Director, who would report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Sales Director will be responsible for all sales activity, so s/he should be currently active in the North American automotive market and be familiar with current trends. Experience with transplanted automotive manufacturers would be an asset.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Country Manager - Consumer Products (Toys)
LOCATION: Canada (Toronto, Ontario or Montréal, Québec)
COMPANY: US Toy Company

A well established American toy company is seeking a Canada Country Manager. Strong sales contacts with retail customers such as Wal-Mart Canada and other major toy retail chains in Canada would be of greatest interest. A preference would be for the Canada Country Manager to be hands-on, bilingual (English/ French) sales manager, or, short of that, an English speaker who might have good sales relationships with Francophone buyers in Montréal, and other Québec and Francophone markets in Canada. Summary: responsibility for all business activities within Canada. Delivers specific business results for Canada, including revenue or P&L. Increases sales with existing distribution channels and develop a worldwide network of distributors for firm's product lines. Manages staff, including Sales analyst and sales managers.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Sales Director - FMCG (Housewares)
LOCATION: Canada (Toronto, Ontario or Montréal, Québec)
COMPANY: US Consumer Products Company

A well established, higher end US household products firm, is seeking a very dynamic, entrepreneurial person to serve as their Canadian Consumer Products Sales Director. Strong sales contacts with retail customers such as Loblaws, Sobeys, Westfair Foods, Costco Canada, Home Depot, Walmart Canada, Zellers, Canadian Tire, A&P Canada, Overwaitea Foods, Safeway Canada, etc. would be of particular interest. A preference would be for a bilingual English/ French sales manager, or, short of that, an English speaker who might have good sales relationships with Francophone buyers in Montréal, and other Québec and Francophone markets in Canada. Key account sales calls to major retail chains (supermarkets, home centers, hypermarkets, etc.). Extremely driven and aggressive to build a brand in Canada. (Sales in the country now are approx. US$1 million and products are distributed already in Canada) Recruiter is targeting Toronto, southern Ontario, and Montreal). Position reports to the corporate President.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Canada Western Regional Sales Manager - Food Ingredients

LOCATION: Canada - (Vancouver, BC; Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba)

COMPANY: Canadian Distributor of Food Ingredients

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Highly entrepreneurial and hands-on, and have strong Western regional sales contacts

Recruiter seeks on behalf of the Canadian distributor to one of the leading food ingredients companies, a Canadian Western Regional Sales Manager. The sales territory would be new for the company, so candidates with established contacts in Western Canada would be of great interest. The Western Regional Sales Manager would have to work out of their own home. The firm has a distribution center in Vancouver.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Business Development Manager: Toronto-Ottawa Corridor- IT Services
LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (metro-Toronto, southern Ontario, metro-Ottawa)
COMPANY: US$90 million IT services/ ERP/ management consultancy
British-headquartered US$90 million IT services/ management consultancy employing over 500 worldwide and founded in 1981, expanding into Ontario, seeks a seasoned Business Development Manager who is familiar with the Southern Ontario territory, particularly metro-Toronto.  Firm especially is looking for someone who has experience with Enterprise Resource Planning solution selling experience and a person who is comfortable selling to large organizations. Firm requires person e who has sold large services projects in the  1 - 5 million dollar range. Recruiter is targeting Toronto, Southern Ontario, Ottawa, Kannata, Montreal




Finance Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Oil & Gas

LOCATION: Canada (Alberta)

COMPANY: Canadian Energy Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Post-IPO CFO who is fast paced and familiar with North American standards

Recruiter, on behalf of a Canadian energy development firm, seeks a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The CFO should have strong O&G experience, must know Canadian GAP, and have public traded company experience in Canada or the US. The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) should understand Canadian securities laws and have a strong corporate governance background. Management experience a must, accounting levels, CA/ CPA etc. Strong background in OA&C, and a background in accounting computer systems.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Oil & Gas

LOCATION: Canada (Ontario)

COMPANY: Canadian O&G Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: CFO with a CPA or CA background

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a Canadian energy firm, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who reports to the CEO. The CFO has comprehensive responsibility for all financial reporting, audit, compliance and governance issues and s/he is the primary contact with the regulators and specifically the Toronto Stock Exchange. As an executive of the Corporation, the CFO is responsible for managing the financial activities in a manner that results in growth, profitability and that enhance shareholder value. The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is responsible for: ensuring the overall excellence of the finance function of the Corporation by ensuring timely and accurate financial reporting and the integrity of related systems and procedures; supporting the CFO’s responsibilities and duties as the senior financial person of the Corporation; providing assistance and expertise to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors; contributing to the organization's strategic direction and growth; and handling Mergers and Acquisitions. The CFO will also be responsible for managing all accounting functions for the Corporation including: managing financial accounting and reporting; budgeting and cash flow management; managing risk and developing processes, structures and systems; presenting at investment meetings; other accounting, finance and special project responsibilities as required; communicating financial issues with non-financial professionals; preparing monthly, quarterly and year-end consolidated financial statements and the MD&A; reviewing statements and transactions to ensure compliance; and conducting internal reviews to ensure compliance and transparency. The Chief Finance Officer (CFO), will also be reviewing contracts and preparing relevant tax returns, handling financial performance analysis, dealing with control and authorization of expenditures as directed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and reporting and analysis of costs. Other responsibilities include:

§   Reporting and analysis of working capital employed in and the cash flow of the Corporation.

§   Preparation of financial database and reports with analysis and comparisons against budgets and related objectives on a consolidated monthly and quarterly basis.

§   Working closely with the CEO and other executives and employees as related to development and implementation of business plans, objectives and reporting against these plans.

§   Fostering good working relationships with the corporation’s banks, auditors, Board of Directors and shareholders.

§   Assisting as required in the financial aspects of acquisitions, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and other alliances;

§   Performing all other related finance functions as may be required by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors;

§   Ensuring compliance with Corporate Policies and all regulatory, statutory and legal requirements applicable to the CFO’s duties and responsibilities;

§   Ensuring that the financial statements, together with other financial information fairly present in all material respects the financial condition, results of operations and cash flows for the Corporation.



Supply Chain Management & Operations Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Supply Chain Management - Construction Materials

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (Toronto)

COMPANY: Well established Canadian Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A Director of Supply Chain who should have experience in custom materials, ideally with a strong overall knowledge of operations management, as well as purchasing and materials management.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Canadian firm in the construction materials field, a Director of Supply Chain Management, reporting to the firm's CEO.

The firm is looking for a Director of Supply Chain Management to join their dynamic team
They are continuously looking for the best and most promising individuals to join their tightknit and unique team. The Director of Supply Chain Management oversees and manages all activities related to the products and goods that a business maintains and supplies to its customers. The Director of Supply Chain is responsible for setting and executing the Company’s supply chain strategy, overseeing the Company’s inventory procurement and inventory management practices, managing the vendor supply base, as well as overseeing warehousing and transportation operations. The Director Supply Chain will participate as a key member of the executive leadership Team and will ensure that the firm's supply chain practices support and enable its ongoing business growth.

Over the 10+ years you’ve worked in supply chain management you have proven to be an innovative, self-motivated, and an outside the box thinker who thrives on leading a Team of professional logisticians to drive  company profitability and continuous improvement. You are attentive to detail and thrive handling multiple priorities. You have the “hands-on” experience to manage all aspects of the supply chain function. You are comfortable making effective decisions under pressure. You are proactive and helpful towards your  coworkers and clients and prefer to be involved in the action rather than watch from  the sidelines.

The Director of Supply Chain Management has many diverse and interesting responsibilities, the primary ones are outlined below:
    • Lead a Team of direct and indirect reports of approximately 60 people by providing leadership to business unit supply chain members , establishing goals and development plans.
    • Manage a supply chain operating budget in excess of $2M in direct salaries, $4m in purchased logistics services and $18M in inventory.
    • Oversee the management of the warehouse operations to ensure efficient receiving, picking and shipping operations.
    • Utilize data analysis, business intelligence, and reporting tools to forecast supply and inventory needs across the organization.
    • Monitor developments within country and external markets to stheirce materials and meet current/future supply chain needs.
    • Work closely with Sr. Procurement and Logistics manager on strategic stheircing and logistics objectives.
    • Establish and monitor key performance indicators and metrics for supply chain planning and forecasting; enact changes based on findings.
    • Develop and, if necessary, implement disaster recovery and business continuity plans in pursuit of risk management goals.
    • Facilitate, lead, and support all supplier relationships, and periodically conduct supplier capability assessments.
    • Regularly report on supply chain performance to executive team, and other stakeholders.
    • Seek and establish ways to further align the supply chain unit with the organization's financial revenue goals. Compiles departmental budgets and assists in financial forecasting.
    • Maintain strict control over materials' inventory levels in order to meet internal and external demand of product.
    • Manage an annual budget or capital investment plan for supply chain functions across the organization.
    • Identify discrepancies betTheyen inventory records and take action accordingly.
    • Conduct periodic spot-checks of inventory levels.
    • Supervise a team of supply chain employees.
    • Work to develop efficient, cost-effective supply chain strategies and manage company inventory
    • Manage relations with vendors, communicating requirements such as quantity, delivery times, and quality.
    • Lead the development of supply chain strategy recognizing business growth opportunities
    • Other duties as assigned.   

What type of experience and skills do you have?
    • 10+ years experience with Supply Chain Management and/or Logistics
    • Post-secondary or Bachelors degree in Supply Chain, Business, Engineering  or a related field
    • Demonstrated ability to accurately calculate, post, and manage finances allocated to the supply of materials while operating within a budget.
    • Direct working knowledge of supply and demand planning, purchasing, inventory management, and warehouse and transportation operations.
    • Must possess a high level of moral judgement for handling confidential information and monetary transactions.
    • Strong problem identification and resolution skills.
    • Exceptional oral and written communication abilities
    • Ability to deal with people tactfully, diplomatically, and professionally at all times.
    • Exceptional organizational abilities with task prioritization, multi-tasking, use of timelines and time management techniques
    • Strong aptitude and ability to provide unparalleled customer service
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and under pressure
    • Able to learn and work on various ERP systems.
    • Must be self-directed and self-reliant
    • Successful completion of Criminal Background Check

What is considered an asset?
    • Previous management experience
    • Knowledge of MS Office: Word, Excel, and Outlook and Business Vision (BV)
    • Exceptional conflict resolution, negotiation, and objection handling skills
    • Able to build and maintain lasting relationships with internal and external parties.
    • Professional/mature demeanor under stressful situations


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Manufacturing Plant ManagerMachinery and Assembly - Aerospace

LOCATION: Canada - Quebec (Montreal)

COMPANY: Major Aerospace firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experience in unionized shops. Plant Manager eith experience in management capacity between $20-45 million minimum. An effective communicator, this professional must provide leadership in the manufacturing side, but also able to roll up the sleeves and be involved in the details of the capital plan. Strong team player and bring a strong work ethic and integrity to the organization. Negotiator and presenter ability. Expertise in budget and cost models management. Works well under pressure and meets tight deadlines. Able to multi task. Ability to work in a fast paced environment, with constant business changes. Capable of managing and resolving conflicts. Strategist and visionary to make the company progress.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading aerospace firm, a Manufacturing Plant Manager. Reports to the VP Operations. Anticipates, plans, organizes, manages and assures the follow up of the production plant’s activities; measures performances of the “actual” to rectify (if needed) in order to reach the objectives and mandates planned in accordance with the profitability of the division; works with the immediate participation of the departmental heads and subordinates of the division (Contracts, Methods, Planning, Production et Quality) and the immediate support of the different services of the company (Human Resources, Procurement, Programming, Tooling, Finances, Quality Assurance. etc.);

•   Builds and maintains an effective team to reach the objectives and business needs of the division;

•   Mobilizes, motivates and communicates with all employees;

•   Coaches subordinate, participates in the planning of their training needs and development of competence;

•   Prepares, manages and follows through the annual operations budgets;

•   Commitment to supporting a team-focused environment;

•   Ensures the implementation and respects the highest quality standards by maintaining firm's AS 9100  and other certifications;

•   Sets up all the elements within the plan to reach the annual objectives such as described by the Vice-President of Operations and the Managing Director as regards costs, quality and deadline;

•   Strong preference to a person who is bilingual French/English, but if the candidate is otherwise very suitable and willing to perfect his/her French or English, such candidates might be considered. Strongly qualified candidates from other areas of Canada may be relocated, and non-Canadian candidates also may be considered. Candidates from the automotive industry could be considered, in addition to aerospace industry candidates.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Turnaround General Manager- Aerospace


COMPANY: Canadian division of multinational aerospace corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager must be able to assess the current situation, outline a course of action, and execute the plan to improve communications, delivery, cust rels, etc. This position must possess a high degree of integrity to represent the best interest of the company and its customers.  Proven turnaround management and leadership skills along with excellent communication abilities are essential.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multinational aerospace corporation, a turnaround General Manager with strong aerospace experiences and great leadership skills.

--manage smooth transition into new ERP environment

--facilitate the relocation with minimal negative impact to business

--improve internal communications and develop a 'team' approach

--manage successful rapid 787 business expansion; execution - (profitability, cost, quality, and delivery) at or above expected benchmarks.

--Increase operating efficiencies

--structure, staff, and lead the company to achieve its' goals and objectives

--Relevant experience in aerospace, manufacturing (assembly / machining), and lean experience / success sought. --Must speak English fluently. French skills a plus.

--BA/BS in eng., business, finance, or other related subject and 7+ years combined experience in a financial / manufacturing management role working within a manufacturing environment;







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