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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.

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Manufacturing Operations Management Recruitment
-COO, VP Operations, Plant Manager, Factory Manager, Director of Manufacturing, VP Quality, etc.-

Please click here for more information about our Manufacturing Operations Recruitment Practice



***ART Mostly Recruits for "C" Level, VP, Director, & Manager Titles***

                                                                     Sample Manufacturing and Operations Job Titles

      Chief Operating Officer (COO)
      Managing Director
      General Manager
      Corporate or Divisional G.M.
      Vice President, Mfg.
      Plant Manager
      Factory Manager
      Vice President of Operations
      Manufacturing Director
      Plant Manager - Mexico
      Plant Manager - China
      Quality Director
      Director of Continuous Improvement
      Global VP Quality
      Manufacturing Director - EMS




EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Plastics

LOCATION: US - Southwest (Texas)

COMPANY: Major Extruded Plastics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Detail oriented, dependable Chief Operating Officer (COO). Strong comfort level working on the manufacturing floor. Strong communicator.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of well established plastic molding firm a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will manage the business with the exception of sales and marketing functions.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be a key member of the senior management team of the company. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) would have to maintain control of diverse business operations, therefore would be expected to be an experienced and efficient leader, with excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethic. The goal of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) position will be to secure the functionality of the business and drive extensive, profitable, and sustainable growth. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) must have senior management presentation skills and will routinely present to the CEO and at times to the Board of Directors. Job Duties:

Design and implement business strategies, plans, and procedures
Oversee management of product development projects
Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
Establish policies that create a great company culture and vision
Oversee daily operations of the company and work of executives (Manufacturing, Financial Controller, Engineering, Maintenance Engineering,  Quality Assurance, Human Resources)
Lead employees so as to encourage maximum performance and dedication
Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance
Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances)
Manage relationships with partners and vendors.

Required Education, Skills and Experience:
Engineering degree
MBA degree
Proven experience as Chief Operating Officer or General Manager in an industrial setting
Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development
Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities
Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills
Aptitude in decision making and problem solving
Possess the ability to communicate and relate effectively with all levels of the organization and customers  

Additional Highly Desirable Skills:
Some understanding of robotics engineering
The candidate must be a hands-on Plant Manager/COO who is ready to walk the production floor and ensure that the Company’s plans and goals are being met. This is not a corner office Managerial role.
Experience with thermoplastic manufacturing is desirable
Plant expansion and recruitment skills are also required for this position for future growth expectations
Knowledge of automation engineering


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Aircraft Services

LOCATION: Canada - Ontario (Toronto)

COMPANY: Leading aircraft/airline services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A General Manager who is a strong team leader, efficient and capable motivator who handles people with TLC, charisma, and professional resilience.
· Five years' progressive management experience including customer service, ground handling of commercial aircraft or Bachelor's Degree in business.
· Extensive knowledge of all applicable Transport Canada, CATSA, FAA, Labour Canada & WCB Regulations.
· Five-year minimum aviation experience to include handling wide- and narrow-body aircraft.
· Familiar with airline customer computer programs.
· Experience with customer service, understanding of IROP situations, familiar with international ticketing.
· Computer skills required.

Recruiter seeks a General Manager based at Toronto Pearson International Airport, on behalf of a leading Airline Services firm.

SUMMARY: Overseeing aircraft ground-handling services station operations including but not limited to wide- and narrow-body aircraft, baggage, primary customer service and liaison, and identification of new business opportunities.
· Understand contract requirements and customer expectations.
· Determine and maintain the necessary and appropriate amount of personnel and equipment necessary to fulfill these requirements.
· While understanding the work requirements, plan and organize the most efficient use of resources to meet these requirements through development and analysis of employee and equipment work schedules.
· Direct people and maintain equipment to efficiently complete the tasks within established company standards. This is achieved through disciplined following of work schedules in line with established company standards.
· Know company policies and interpret manuals in order to relate the interpretations to subordinates.
· Monitor and/or conduct required training of personnel.
· Provide employee counseling and discipline as needed.
· Be responsible for the security of company funds, supplies, and equipment.
· Be responsible for insuring compliance with established company safety policies and procedures.
· Maintain working relationship with customers and provide prompt response to service requests.
· Actively search for and report to station management future business opportunities.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Factory Manager - Industrial Automation

LOCATION: US - California (San Diego)

COMPANY: Fast growing industrial automation firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Factory manager with strong focus on continuous improvement

Recruiter seeks on behalf of an industrial automation firm a Factory Manager. The focus is on supervising about people doing precision mechanism CNC machining. The Factory Manager reports to the President. This role involves responsibility for Manufacturing, 3 bin inventory, and Assembly and test. The firm has a quality philosophy that emphasizes 100% of all critical dimensions, 100% pretest / burn-in / final test.. Background of the successful candidate;
•    10 years + experience running all areas of production.
•    Good understanding of CNC machining and Assembly/Test automation.
•    Hands on experience of Bin (Kanban) inventory systems.
•    Ability to lead a multi-cultural work group.
•    Desire and ability to continuously solve problems and improve.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager or VP Operations - Metals

LOCATION: US - Midwest (Ohio)

COMPANY: Major Metals manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced, technically and financially capable operations manager with strong project management skills, to serve as VP Operations or General Manager. Position could potentially lead to Company President. Excellent communicator. No-nonsense team player.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of major metals firm, a General Manager or VP Operations. Education as a Metallurgical Engineer with MBA, preferred. Training in 5S/supply chain management/quality concepts, a plus. Supervising a Plant Manager, Technical Director, and others, the General Manager or VP Operations will lead important capital expenditure programs that could significantly expand the output and improve the efficiency of the business.

Ideal Profile - 15 years manufacturing experience, including 10 years supervisory experience. 10 years of departmental cost responsibility. Steel mill melt shop experience, a plus. Plant process engineering. Manufacturing cost control. Plant Facilities, Maint, HSE



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Vice President, Global Operations - Consumer Products

LOCATION: US - Northeast (New England)

COMPANY: Fast growing consumer products divison of large consumer services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: SVP, Global Operations with strong supply chain and operational management expertise to manage fast growth. Experience selling product to firms such as Walmart, Costco, Barnes & Noble, etc., a strong plus.

Recruiter, on behalf of a very large and prominent national consumer services firm, seeks a SVP, Global Operations, for their retail consumer products division. Division's current revenue is approximately $40-45 million for 2006. Revenue in 2004 was $22 million. Sales is expected to be $60 million for 2007. The Senior Vice President of Global Operations for this Consumer Products Division is responsible for producing and selling products for all brands owned or licensed by the parent company.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Operations - Power Generation (Alternative Energy)

LOCATION: US-Northeast (New England)

COMPANY: Startup Alternative Energy Power Generation firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A Director or VP Operations with a strong overall balance of experiences overseeing production, quality, supply chain

A VP Operations with a can-do attitude, dynamic, fast paced, fun, generous, passionate about customers, celebrate each other’s successes. Able to take small or medium sized operation and scale up as business grows.
•    Purpose of the
VP Operations will be to lead all operations functions for firm in both the US & the UK. They will be overseeing Supply Chain, Manufacturing, IT, Quality, Service & Systems teams. Half of this team is already in place, and they will need to hire the remaining positions.
•    The
VP Operations must have experience implementing a complete ERP system as they will be working heavily with the CFO to implement and maintain the management of this system.
•    The
VP Operations must have experience overseeing complete operations of a manufacturing company and have the ability to grow, mentor & coach a team of people.
•    The
VP Operations needs to be well spoken, respectful, and be able to represent the company well as they will be customer facing.
•    It would be ideal for the
VP Operations to be experienced in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, or other types of continuous improvement programs.
•    The type of product that the
VP Operations has been manufacturing or working on is not particularly important, but it would be beneficial to have experience in a heavy growth company.
•    It is important that the
VP Operations has strategic mindset and has the ability to over see all operation and budgeting, including setting and making sure his people are adhering to it.
•    Experience working on and managing international teams

Recruiter seeks a VP Operations on behalf of a fast-growing firm in the energy storage sector. The VP Operations provides leadership in all operational functions, processes, and service. As a member of the Leadership Team, the VP Operations manages the strategy and process development between Production, Engineering, Quality, and Service across all facilities.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    • Oversee all Operational obligations of the company including Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Quality, Service, Information Technology, and Systems Management
    • Implement processes and procedures across all operational departments to facilitate global business growth
    • Lead project management on the global distribution model
    • Ensure world-class company internal systems and ERP to ensure business scalability
    • Drive continuous improvement across all departments
    • Track and Manage COGs margins and traceability to ensure company profitability
    • Implement COGs decrease initiatives
    • Manage high-level costing of goods
    • Lead long-term manufacturing projection planning
    • Oversee the implementation of lean manufacturing, MRP, inventory optimization, warehouse management and modern production planning methods in manufacturing.
    • Develop detailed facility productivity improvement plans incorporating organization design and key performance indicators
    • Oversight of the strategic planning and implementation process to ensure objectives are met according to safety, quality, and customer requirements

    • Oversight of the Operations budget creation and ensure adherence to the budget

    • Promote a culture of positive employee relations and effective teaming in an environment dedicated to world-class customer service excelling in responsiveness, information accuracy and efficiency

    • Partner with key stakeholders, including internal & external suppliers and customers to facilitate timely communication and accurate information flow

    • Oversee the management of the use of the ERP to maintain appropriate user access, alignment of processes and roles, efficient processing of manufacturing/work orders, and accuracy of all data & records

    • Implement the use of additional ERP functionality across the business to fully leverage system benefits

    • Oversee the planning and scheduling of production resources to efficiently meet sales and inventory demand
    • Oversight of the management and control aspects of the manufacturing process including work flows, facility layout, SOPs, materials storage and handling, implementing improvements to increase efficiency, reduce costs and achieve economies of scale

    • Oversee the development and implementation of processes for measuring and monitoring work while focusing on safety, quality, and productivity


    • Preferred Bachelor or Masters degree in electrical/mechanical engineering from an accredited institution
    • Leadership experience in a high accountability culture and metrics driven environment
    • Demonstrated understanding of continuous improvement tools such as 6S, Six Sigma, 8D, 5 whys, DFMEA, PFMEA and controls plans, etc.
    • Ability to think strategically with a high level of initiative
    • Excellent organizational and communication skills
    • Passion for efficiency
    • Effective interpersonal skills to resolve conflict, develop employees and facilitate corrective action while fostering an environment that supports firm’s mission and values



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Operations - FMCG

LOCATION: US - California (metro- Los Angeles)

COMPANY: Multinational FMCG firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Operations experienced in "manufacturing in a lean environment." cGMP's a strong plus

Recruiter, on behalf of an international firm in the consumer packaged goods sector, seeks a Senior VP Operations, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Experience in foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, HBA, etc., required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Manufacturing - Chemicals

LOCATION: US - Northeast (New Jersey/ metro- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

COMPANY: $3 Billion Chemicals Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multi-billion dollar chemical firm, a VP Manufacturing. Position reports to the President. Directs the manufacturing, purchasing and custservice operations for the Company. VP Manufacturing manages utilization of equipment, facilities, and personnel to obtain maximum efficiency and achieve performance objectives. Participate as a key member of the Business Team and assist in developing and evaluating strategic programs and resources required to achieve the long term goals of the business.  

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Operations Manager/Director/VP Operations - Advanced Materials

LOCATION: US - Southwest (Arizona - Phoenix)

COMPANY: Fast growing European cosmetics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very hands on operations manager in a business unit who is able to instill lean processes to an existing team. The firm is particularly interested in a high potential person who could rise to a General Manager level. They are a multi-billion dollar firm with numerous operations in the US and worldwide.

Knowledge in:
--CNC machining would be a plus, but not a must
--Coating processes would be a plus, but not a must
--Measurement engineering would be a plus, but not a must

Processes used:
--Cutting of graphite
--CNC machining
--Laser treatment
--Silicon carbonite coating
--Packing in a low class cleanroom environment

The most important thing to have an ability to manage people who themselves are experts in these fields.

Ceramic or metals machining companies are both possible candidate sources. What is important is not the material. What is important is the knowledge and experiences in high precision processes.

Deep knowledge of the LEAN methodology and the passion to live this philosophy is critical.
S/he needs the understanding of how to work in a matrix and a multicultural, international and intercontinental model.

Background possibilities: composite materials, specialty chemicals, metallurgical products. The person may or may not have a technical degree (chemistry, ChemE, metallurgy), but does know how to run an efficient operation and manage people. A technical degree would be desirable, a least important would be very good technical understanding, which could be adopted during a long experiences in operations.

Recruiter seeks an Operations Manager on behalf of a leading advanced materials firm. The primary responsibility of this position is to develop and coordinate the activities of the Arizona site to be a highly efficient production site for leading edge advanced ceramic components for the semiconductor market. The Operations Manager must be a champion of Operational Excellence and is able to effectively promote a continuous improvement culture, valuing innovation, and customer focused. The Operations Manager will drive change throughout the site with direct responsibilities for leading Production, Manufacturing Process Engineering, Production Planning, Quality, Operations, Lean Management, Continuous Improvement, Logistics, EHS Americas and Building Infrastructure.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following (other duties may be assigned as required):

Lead Manufacturing Operations to delivery exceptional quality, delivery and financial performance.  This includes responsibility for leading all lean management processes, quality, engineering, operations, facilities/ logistics and EHS strategy.
Responsible for sustained production execution (incl. Ramp-up and pilot manufacturing) for the site.

Lead process engineering  to continually improve operational performance (quality, delivery, flexibility, costs)

Champion Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma and implement a customer oriented continuous improvement culture.

Employing and developing methods like lean startup innovation and agile projects managements.

Responsible for continually improving the Customer Experience through partnering with the leaders across functional lines and developing a customer centric mindset within operations.

Responsible for overall achievement of BU P&L as approved in the budgeting process of the division.  Evaluate the results of overall operations regularly and systematically report these results.

Guide and direct the team in the execution of initiatives, strategy deployment, and operational organization.

Facilitating the cooperation with other corporate sites and functions.

Ensure business reporting is available to site and business unit managers to allow effective and timely decision making in the best interest of the business.

Direct the preparation of short-term and long-term plans and budgets and capital plans in accordance with the division and business requirements. Facilitate approvals of financial needs within the firm's Standard Limitations.

Assure effective staff development and succession planning.

Assure procedures and controls are in place to promote communication and optimal information flow within the organization.

Ensure that the responsibilities, authorities and accountability of all direct subordinates are defined and understood.

Ensure that all organization activities and operations are carried out in compliance with firm's Standing Limitations, local, state and federal regulations and laws governing business operations as well as compliance within customer quality system requirements and ISO13485 regulations.

Represent the site in customer interactions-customer visits – resolution of escalated customer issues. Works with a positive attitude and acts within the principles of the firm. Adheres to the firm's Code of Conduct Policy as relates for position.
Participates and/or assists with cross training activities, training of new hires and temporary staff.

Manage department staff consistent with established human resource practices, policies and guidelines including hiring, compensation and termination decisions.

Practice objective performance management providing realistic goals and ongoing feedback, rewarding, conducting annual conferences, and corrective actions as appropriate.

Supervisory Responsibilities
Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the Company's policies and applicable laws.  Supervisory responsibilities include the selection, training and development, assigning work, and performance management of employees.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, ability and/or travel availability required.

Education and/or Experience
Advanced degree preferably in ceramics engineering, science or technology and 7+ year’s semiconductor industry relevant experience. Demonstrated consistent growth in leadership roles ideally in global organization within a subsidiary or plant.  Experience within a multi-product, start-up,  fast paced, technical manufacturing environment required.

Technical Skills
Advanced computer proficiency, MS office programs, data organization and interpretation, ERP/MRP experience. Strong understanding of P/L and balance sheet statements as related to operations Lean manufacturing experience required.

Communication Skills
Above average reading, writing and oral English skills. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, and government officials.  Ability to effectively communicate (orally and in writing) with all levels within the organization. Excellent interpersonal skills required.

Demonstrate exemplary attendance; promote continuous improvement. Be respectful of coworkers and embrace high quality standards. Attention to detail and highly organized.  Respond quickly, timely and accurately to internal and external inquiries. Perform work while acting in the best long term interest of fellow coworkers and the company.

Distinguished through consistent display of leadership by example. Ability to anticipate and practice participative management style. Ability to maintain respect with fellow coworkers while making decisions that impact them.  Ability to think with a customer perspective; understanding the best methods to drive a distinctive customer experience.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Semiconductor Fabrication Director - LED Products

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY: Major LED products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Semiconductor Fabrication Manager who can run a 150 person facility with a minimum of direction. Highly intelligent, results oriented, excellence-motivated and unaffected, unpretentious. "Roll up the sleeves" manager.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leader in its field, a General Plant Manager. As the Manager of Operations, you will be responsible for Front End manufacturing within firm's LED Products business unit.  Your specific areas of responsibility will include crystal growth, wafer preparation and epitaxial growth. In this role you will have the opportunity to exercise your leadership abilities by leading a team of manufacturing managers to meet the needs of the LED Products business.  You will also partner with the LED Products leadership team to make this division successful by driving lean manufacturing initiatives and promoting a culture of continuous improvement and employee empowerment.  A significant responsibility associated with the role will be to lead a factory expansion project for the division.


In addition, you will:

--    Work closely with the equipment maintenance team and be charged with improving tool capabilities, availability and utilization.

--    Reduce and eliminate reworks, misprocessing, and other forms of waste in our processes by supporting and championing operational improvements to the NPI process.

--    Partner with the research and development organization to effectively transfer new processes, products, and technologies into high volume production.

--    Drive continuous process improvement, capacity expansion, yield improvement, cost reduction, and quality efforts within the department.



--    Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering,  Applied Physics, or other semiconductor related discipline. MS or PhD preferred.

--    10 years experience in a semiconductor environment

--    5 years experience in leadership roles

--    2 years in an operations management capacity

--    Candidate must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Manufacturing Plant Manager – Machinery and Assembly - Aerospace

LOCATION: Canada - Quebec (Montreal)

COMPANY: Major Aerospace firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experience in unionized shops. Plant Manager eith experience in management capacity between $20-45 million minimum. An effective communicator, this professional must provide leadership in the manufacturing side, but also able to roll up the sleeves and be involved in the details of the capital plan. Strong team player and bring a strong work ethic and integrity to the organization. Negotiator and presenter ability. Expertise in budget and cost models management. Works well under pressure and meets tight deadlines. Able to multi task. Ability to work in a fast paced environment, with constant business changes. Capable of managing and resolving conflicts. Strategist and visionary to make the company progress.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading aerospace firm, a Manufacturing Plant Manager. Reports to the VP Operations. Anticipates, plans, organizes, manages and assures the follow up of the production plant’s activities; measures performances of the “actual” to rectify (if needed) in order to reach the objectives and mandates planned in accordance with the profitability of the division; works with the immediate participation of the departmental heads and subordinates of the division (Contracts, Methods, Planning, Production et Quality) and the immediate support of the different services of the company (Human Resources, Procurement, Programming, Tooling, Finances, Quality Assurance. etc.);

•   Builds and maintains an effective team to reach the objectives and business needs of the division;

•   Mobilizes, motivates and communicates with all employees;

•   Coaches subordinate, participates in the planning of their training needs and development of competence;

•   Prepares, manages and follows through the annual operations budgets;

•   Commitment to supporting a team-focused environment;

•   Ensures the implementation and respects the highest quality standards by maintaining firm's AS 9100  and other certifications;

•   Sets up all the elements within the plan to reach the annual objectives such as described by the Vice-President of Operations and the Managing Director as regards costs, quality and deadline;

•   Strong preference to a person who is bilingual French/English, but if the candidate is otherwise very suitable and willing to perfect his/her French or English, such candidates might be considered. Strongly qualified candidates from other areas of Canada may be relocated, and non-Canadian candidates also may be considered. Candidates from the automotive industry could be considered, in addition to aerospace industry candidates.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Factory Manager - Industrial Automation

LOCATION: US - California (San Diego)

COMPANY: Fast growing industrial automation firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Factory manager with strong focus on continuous improvement

Recruiter seeks on behalf of an industrial automation firm a Factory Manager. The focus is on supervising about people doing precision mechanism CNC machining. The Factory Manager reports to the President. This role involves responsibility for Manufacturing, 3 bin inventory, and Assembly and test. The firm has a quality philosophy that emphasizes 100% of all critical dimensions, 100% pretest / burn-in / final test.. Background of the successful candidate;
•    10 years + experience running all areas of production.
•    Good understanding of CNC machining and Assembly/Test automation.
•    Hands on experience of Bin (Kanban) inventory systems.
•    Ability to lead a multi-cultural work group.
•    Desire and ability to continuously solve problems and improve.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Plant Manager- Industrial Eauipment

LOCATION: US- Southeast

COMPANY: Major high-speed paper-handling equipment manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Plant Manager with LEAN experience and familiarity with customized paper-sorting or similar equipment manufacturing.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leader in its field, a General Plant Manager. The General Plant Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). A leading national manufacturer of customized high speed sorting equipment requires a Plant Manager for their 300 person facility. BSIE or equivalent. Systems engineering orientation. Six Sigma training a plus. Should have led a manufacturing engineering group of at least 20 individuals. A strong background in process development. Must demonstrate past ability interacting with sales and customers as needed and must have 5 or more years experience in a manufacturing environment.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Aerospace Products

LOCATION: US - Midwest (Wichita, Kansas)

COMPANY: Aerospace mechanical components manufacturer

A key business unit of a well established aerospace precision mechanical components corporation seeks a General Manager for their Wichita operation. The General Manager carries full P/L responibility. In addition to having a well established track record of success in running manufacturing operations within this product sector, the General Manager must be someone possessing strong communication skills, including an ability to pull together groups in finance, sales, manufacturing, engineering, and materials. The General Manager also must have a great business development ability to represent the company before key customers. People experienced in running companies with sales from $10-30 million in annual sales and staff numbers from 100-500 people might be better able to succeed in this role, although all qualified candidates will be seriously considered.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Turnaround General Manager- Aerospace


COMPANY: Canadian division of multinational aerospace corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager must be able to assess the current situation, outline a course of action, and execute the plan to improve communications, delivery, cust rels, etc. This position must possess a high degree of integrity to represent the best interest of the company and its customers.  Proven turnaround management and leadership skills along with excellent communication abilities are essential.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multinational aerospace corporation, a turnaround General Manager with strong aerospace experiences and great leadership skills.

--manage smooth transition into new ERP environment

--facilitate the relocation with minimal negative impact to business

--improve internal communications and develop a 'team' approach

--manage successful rapid 787 business expansion; execution - (profitability, cost, quality, and delivery) at or above expected benchmarks.

--Increase operating efficiencies

--structure, staff, and lead the company to achieve its' goals and objectives

--Relevant experience in aerospace, manufacturing (assembly / machining), and lean experience / success sought. --Must speak English fluently. French skills a plus.

--BA/BS in eng., business, finance, or other related subject and 7+ years combined experience in a financial / manufacturing management role working within a manufacturing environment;



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Operations - Capital Equipment (Machine Tools)

LOCATION: US - Northeast

COMPANY: Growing capital equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Director of Manufacturing with experience in manufacturing complex equipment having +/- 1000 items Bills of Materials.

Recruiter, on behalf of a US$300m capital equipment firm experiencing 5% growth and wishing to expand its US manufacturing operations, taking over manufacturing work from other world facilities, seeks a Director of Operations. The Director of Operations will report to the Company President. Experiences in lean manufacturing, ERP and good people management and work cell experiences are desired.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Operations/ Director of Operations - Mechanical Components

LOCATION: US - California (metro- Los Angeles)

COMPANY: European mechanical components manufacturer

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a firm manufacturing mechanical components, a person who could serve as VP Operations or Director of Operations for a 150 person, $6 million business unit, that was recently acquired by a French corporation. The person should have extensive experience in precision manufacturing, as well as some exposure to Profit and Loss (P/L), 6 Sigma, kanbans, lean manufacturing, etc. The VP Operations must be able to serve as a key change-agent for the business. Turnaround experiences would be useful.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Project Director - Pharmaceuticals/ Biotech/ Medical Devices (Diagnostics)

LOCATION: US - Northeast (New Jersey/ Philadelphia, PA area)

COMPANY: Fast growing diagnostic test kit firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Individual contributor project manager

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast growing diagnostics firm, seeks a Project Director. Reporting to the EVP Operations, this person must have extremely good project management skills related to the coordination of manufacturing. Experiences in the pharmaceuticals, biotech, diagnostics, or medical devices fields is required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Fabrication - Aerospace Components

LOCATION: US - Northeast (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

COMPANY: Major Metal fabricated parts manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced, financially savvy, aerospace components or metal parts experienced general manager. Experience supervising multiple plants a plus. Provides overall management and direction of the Fabrication Group through the supervision of subordinate General Managers.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of major international firm fabricating metal parts for the aerospace, automotive, and other markets, a Vice President, Fabrication. The position oversees 3 plants in North America. The VP Fabrication reports to a Senior Vice President.

1.  Responsible for developing, monitoring, measuring, and managing the group’s business plan to ensure ROI and profitability objectives are met.

2.  Responsible for ensuring group’s goals and objectives are consistent with overall corporate objectives from parent company.

3.  Responsible for administering company policies and developing long range goals and objectives.

4.  Directs and coordinates activities of subordinate management to insure attainment of goals and objectives.

5.  Reviews analyses of activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine progress toward stated goals and objectives.

6.  Confers with Senior Management to review achievements and discuss required changes in goals or objectives resulting from current status and conditions.

7.  Ensure safety and welfare of employees, customers, and visitors while on company property.

8.  Insures all financial and accounting functions are conducted in an ethical and professional manner.

9.  Provides direction for all sales activities within the group.

10. Ensures effective program management of all inter-company, subcontractor, and customer processes.

11. Insures all production and operational aspects of the company are conducted efficiently and in accordance with the Company’s Quality Management System.

12. Reviews business profitability on an on-going basis and makes necessary changes to insure all costs are controlled through sound business practices.

13. Insures that all human resource functions at each assigned facility are carried out ethically and in line with federal, state, and local regulations.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President, Manufacturing Operations - Medical Devices

LOCATION: US - Midwest (metro- Chicago, Illinois)

COMPANY: Medical device firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: medical device manufacturing plant manager, with good balance of operations, supply chain, and IT

Recruiter, on behalf of a medical device manufacturing firm, seeks a VP Operations, reporting to the COO. 10+ years experience managing business operations.  Knowledge of industrial engineering as well as prior experience managing a distribution center is preferred.  Oversees management of manufacturing plant to produce products in the most cost effective manner within quality standards.  Responsible for achieving optimum labor, and least amount of overhead and raw material costs. Formulates and recommends manufacturing policies and programs which guide the organization in maintaining and improving its competitive position and the profitability of the operation.  Directs activities so that approved products are manufactured on schedule and within quality standards and cost objectives.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President - Aerospace

LOCATION: US - Midwest (Ohio)

COMPANY: Major US Aerospace Components Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: AS9100-experienced, financial savvy, multi-site general manager. Experience in metals fabrication a strong plus

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading aerospace products firm, a Vice President, whose chief role will be to oversee multiple business units in the US, Canada, and Europe. Reports to President of Operating Unit. MBA with 10+ years experience in a financial management role working within the aerospace industry; or an acceptable combination of education, experience, and training. Provides overall management and direction of the Group through the supervision of subordinate General Managers.

--Responsible for developing, monitoring, measuring, and managing the group’s business plan to ensure ROI and profitability objectives are met.

--Reviews analyses of activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine progress toward stated goals and objectives.

--Insures all financial and accounting functions are conducted in an ethical and professional manner.

--Provides direction for all sales activities within the group.

--Ensures effective program management of all inter-company, subcontractor, and customer processes.

--Insures all production and operational aspects of the company are conducted efficiently and in accordance with the Company’s Quality Management System.

--Reviews business profitability on an on-going basis and makes necessary changes to insure all costs are controlled through sound business practices.

--Insures that all human resource functions at each assigned facility are carried out ethically and in line with federal, state, and local regulations.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager (Factory Manager) - Plastics Manufacturing

LOCATION: US - California (metro- Los Angeles/ Orange County)

COMPANY: Leading injection molded plastic components firm

Recruiter seeks a General Manager (Plant Manager) on behalf of a leading US firm making custom injection molded plastic parts, particularly for the automotive, appliance, consumer durables, and medical device industries. The purpose of this position is to direct and coordinate activities of all production department(s) in processing materials or manufacturing products in industrial organization by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate supervisors. To excel in this position, you must have a passion for the customer, have a strong plastics background, and be knowledgeable in Injection Molding.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Electronics Contract Manufacturing
LOCATION: US - Southeast (Florida)
COMPANY: Multinational CEM Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multinational contract electronics manufacturer, a Plant Manager, for an important facility in the southeastern US. Product at the plant is approximately $<20M. Staff: 100-150 employees. The Plant Manager will be responsible for Operations, Materials, Program Management and Facilities, and must have a strong background in managing a PCA Assembly and System Assembly manufacturing operation.  Experience in an international, multi-plant Contract Manufacturing firm is highly desirable. The Plant Manager must posses excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Must have the ability to lead in a multi- tasking, highly dynamic work situation. The Plant Manager must be hands on, team player with Customer interface experience.  A proven track record of cost management in a world class manufacturing operation is required.  Must have outstanding organization skills and a strong quality background (ISO 9002). Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Masters degree and/or APICS certification a plus.Minimum of 10 years experience in a manufacturing management positions.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Displays

LOCATION: US - Northeast (New Jersey)

COMPANY: Displays manufacturer

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a firm manufacturing displays, a Plant Manager. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Plant Manager directs and coordinates the production activities of the company, including fabrication and assembly. The Plant Manager is responsible for production process planning and pre-production prototyping. 


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Manufacturing - Semiconductor

LOCATION: US - California (metro- Los Angeles/Orange County)

COMPANY: Fast growing semiconductor firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Person able to manage a small but fast growing product line

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast growing Orange County semiconductor firm, seeks a Director of Manufacturing.

Description: Minimum BSEE. Worked at least 10 years in the IC business. Can solve yield problems. Can oversee timely execution of customer orders. Can become General Manager in the absence of the CEO and Executive Vice President.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant General Manager - Packaging Products

LOCATION: US - Southwest

COMPANY: Well established firm in the flexible packaging sector

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Director of Operations:

--5+ years in progressive roles in a manufacturing environment
--2+ years of management experience
--Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing experience
--Excellent verbal and written communication skills
--Industry knowledge preferred (printing, co-extruded, blown-film extrusion, protective packaging converting)
--Operational leadership of 50-75 employee manufacturing operations-preferred
--Fully proficient with all components of Microsoft Office with emphasis on Excel.-preferred
--Six Sigma certification desired but not required. (Moved from ED&R)-preferred
--Process engineering
--Fluency in Spanish a plus
--BA or BS – required
--Industry certifications preferred

Recruiter, on behalf of a well established firm in the flexible packaging field seeks a General Manager for a new facility, consisting of approximately 60 staff. The General Manager leads and oversees overall plant operations including manufacturing expenses and operational budgeting, manufacturing processing, plant engineering, materials, quality assurance/control, human resources/ administration, warehousing and logistics, equipment and facilities maintenance, and customer service. The position is responsible for and creating an environment of accountability and commitment to continuous improvement. This position will have experience and a track record of success, consistent with the scope and scale of the operation, in the following areas: Materials/Supply Chain/Vendor Interaction, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Processes/Systems, Production Operations, Facilities & Maintenance, Employee Development, Leadership Development, Customer Interface, Community Interface, and Continuous Improvement. This position will report directly to the Executive Vice President of Operations.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

--Directs plant activities to ensure the attainment of financial and operational goals within the business unit in support of the company’s overall financial and strategic objectives
--Establishes the annual operational budget for all expenses related to the business unit.
--Assures budget variances are well managed and controlled
--Cultivates an organizational culture of continuous improvement with focus on the development of organizational and employee C.I. skills and the utilization of various C.I. tools to grow sales, reduce cost, increase throughput, improve quality, reduce inventory, and facilitate general positive change
--Establishes, maintains, and monitors standard costs for both material and labor working closely with members of team to resolve variances
--Responsible for achieving ISO9001-2008 certification and annual re-certifications
--Selects, develops, coaches and evaluates personnel, particularly leaders within the business unit, to ensure the efficient operation of the facility and the professional growth of the employees
--Deploys strong business acumen focused on overall business results within a dynamic manufacturing environment
--Embraces the philosophy that our employees are our greatest assets
--Drive overall organizational success utilizing high energy, innovation, and strategic thinking
--Human Resource Acumen - fair and equal treatment, training & development, progressive discipline, performance management, recruiting, onboarding, compliance and compensation.
--Proven leadership and team-building skills in a high speed, high volume, manufacturing environment

--Business management experience to include budgeting, income statement, and variance analysis
--Comprehensive Continuous Improvement skill set
--Quality Management System development and maintenance
--Project management
--Production planning and material/supply chain/vendor management
--Inventory control and management
--Standard manufacturing ERP system concepts such as BOM/routers/shippers
--Utilization of systems, processes, and metrics
--Equipment operation

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Quality - Pharmaceuticals

LOCATION: US - Southwest (Denver, Colorado)

COMPANY: Medium sized pharmaceutical firm (sterile injectables)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  An accomplished pharmaceuticals or medical device experienced hands-on Quality Manager/ Quality Director. cGMP experience. Personality: hold yourself and others to the highest standard. Take responsibility, be an impact player. Focus on great results rather than progress. Inspire others for excellence.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a medium sized pharmaceutical firm, a Quality Director. This position reports to the VP, Quality. The Quality Director oversees evaluations, tracking, trending, and monitoring of the Quality activities in a 503B outsourcing facility. The position is responsible for the assurance that the drug product has the safety, identity, strength, quality, and purity represented. The candidate should have an excellent understanding of cGMP requirements. The position requires an individual who works independently and in a team environment, experienced in cGMP requirements, quality assurance/control, attention to detail, and excellent communication with other functional areas and sites.

Essential Functions Of Director Of Quality

Responsible for drug preparation and supporting activities including:

---Manage employees who are responsible for all quality activities in a 503B facility.
---Main point of contact for regulatory audits associated with FDA, Board of Pharmacy and customer audits
---Achieves quality assurance operational objectives by contributing information and analysis to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; identifying and resolving problems; completing audits; determining system improvements; implementing change.
---Meets quality assurance financial objectives by estimating requirements; preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.
---Develops quality assurance plans by conducting hazard analyses; identifying critical control points and preventive measures; establishing critical limits, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, and verification procedures; monitoring inventories.
---Validates quality processes by establishing product specifications and quality attributes; measuring production; documenting evidence; determining operational and performance qualification; writing and updating quality assurance procedures.
---Maintains and improves product quality by completing product, company, system, compliance, and surveillance audits; investigating customer complaints; collaborating with other members of management to develop new product and engineering designs, and manufacturing and training methods.
---Prepares quality documentation and reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information and trends including failed processes, stability studies, recalls, corrective actions, and re-validations.
---Updates job knowledge by studying trends in and developments in quality management; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
---Enhances department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
---Work with a team to ensure that the systems involved in a 503B outsourcing facility are in a state of control
---Other duties as assigned to ensure appropriate quality practices

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Technical Services - Pharmaceuticals

LOCATION: US - Southwest

COMPANY: Medium sized pharmaceutical firm (sterile injectables)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Pharma Quality or Compliance Manager with strong Validation Eng experiences

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a medium sized pharmaceutical firm, a Director of Technical Services

Director, Technical Services
This description is intended to be illustrative of the major duties performed by the employee assigned to this position.
General Description:
The Director, Technical Services is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining quality initiatives and compliance objectives.  This role will develop new or existing products, validations, supplier and vendor management, quality by design, and quality innovation under 503B guidance. In addition, this role will develop process methodology and validation protocols for new and existing equipment. This role reviews and approves new product proposals, protocols, internal production, formulations, and other technical documents as needed. Responsible for performing and executing analytical research and development to support firm's strategic projects and product development department goals. Generates new scientific proposals and leads analytical R&D efforts, investigates, identifies, develops, and optimizes new and existing testing methods and techniques. This role sets an example by creating an open environment of mutual respect and honesty and by focusing on the facts and data, as well as, supporting firm's wide initiatives.

Essential Functions:
    • Leads the development of new product formulations for sterile injectables.
    • Manages the stability program – including advisement on stability requirements, overseeing outside vendors, troubleshooting issues, developing protocols and reports to meet company and regulatory agency requirements.
    • Develops process methodologies and validation protocols.
    • Closely works with the Commercial Department for new product development.
    • Partners with Supply Chain in establishing the firm's Supplier Management System.
    • Directs all Quality external activities, including customer technical service activities, and system maintenance.
    • Manages product development projects and establishes timely reporting structure for the entire product life cycle.
    • Prioritize and manage multiple projects.
    • Creates and monitors project budgets as needed
    • Participates in the development, review, and improvement of the facility’s quality plan and manufacturing processes.
    • Directs and manages quality external services, product development, quality/IT, quality by design, validations, aseptic filling, and supplier Management.
    • Utilizes current acceptable industry/FDA requirements to justify, write, and implement process validation and GMP procedures.  Drafts, reviews, and/or assists in the implementation of validation protocols, final validation reports, quality system procedures, performance qualifications, including proper change controls. Maintains validation records and systems to keep ongoing process validations current and applicable to process.
    • Uses appropriate statistical methodology, such as PpK/CpK and trend analysis, to assist in analyzing or reviewing manufacturing, quality, and/or laboratory data for recurring problems or the detection of negative trends. Establishes reports and procedures in conjunction with process engineering to ensure system reliability and product quality. When recurring problems and/or negative trends are identified, recommends corrective action for problem resolution.
    • Assists in drafting Material Review Board (MRB) request to deviate (when appropriate) from current company documents.
    • Reviews processing procedures in new and existing programs to ensure enhanced quality and productivity while remaining in compliance with FDA/cGMP.  Assists, as assigned, the quality systems and production operations with compliance to specified requirements.
    • Conducts risk analysis (Fault Tree, FMEA, or equivalent accepted methods) as part of change control for new and existing product lines to identify potential hazards associated with the development under both normal and fault conditions.
    • Provides direction to employees, according to established policies, procedures, and management guidance. Supervises day-to-day operations of employees. Responsible for hiring, coaching and counseling employees, including performance reviews, disciplinary action and terminations.
    • Evaluates performance and recommends developmental activities for direct reports. Provides technical guidance.
    • Frequently interacts internally with subordinates and other supervisors and functional peer groups. External interaction is typically with suppliers, and/or vendors, may work with external companies or vendors to resolve routine problems and/or facilitate workflow.
    • Assist in investigation of processing issues, complaints, and analytical failures
    • Provides data to Quality Management to support Management Reviews
    • Responsible for providing data to ensure products meet specifications.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    • Various levels of Technical Services personnel
    • Various levels of Product Development personnel
    • Others as assigned.

    • The physical demands and work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    • BS degree in Molecular Chemistry or related science, as Analytical Chemistry or Chemistry. MS preferred or pharmaceutical degree or a combination.

    • Minimum 7 years of experience in a pharmaceutical development managerial position.
    • Supervisory experience is a must.
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, and/or laboratory (GLP), 503B experience preferred.
    • Experience leading new products/projects through implementation in the pharma industry.
    • Deep knowledge of Product Development and process validation (IQ, OQ, PQ), analytical instrumentation, FDA regulatory requirements (GxP), Risk Management concepts, statistical process control, and statistical problem solving.
    • Project Management knowledge is a must.
    • Must have good organizational skills; able to perform work with little supervision. Requires mathematical aptitude with a good background in mathematical skills and statistical analysis skills.
    • Knowledge of analytical laboratory methodologies is a plus.
    • Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
    • Ability to multi-task, with strong organization, time-management and prioritizing skills.
    • Good verbal and written communication skills to create oral presentations and write technical reports.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Operations Excellence Engineer - Pharmaceuticals

LOCATION: US - Southwest

COMPANY: Medium sized pharmaceutical firm (sterile injectables)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  A continuous improvement engineer who could take a current process, leverage their lean tools, and improve the process to reduce scrap, wasted movement, and improve efficiency of manufacturing time. Work closely with operations and engineering, interview them, for improvement ideas, develop improved methods, engineering solutions to maximize quality throughput. Review the entire process of one of firm's product lines from raw material receipt to finished goods. Work on a manual, semi-automated, or automated process

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a medium sized pharmaceutical firm, an Operations Excellence Engineer. Reporting directly to the Director of Operations:

--As a member of Operations team, you will lead the strategy development and continuous improvement deployment across manufacturing operations.
--The Operations Excellence Engineer position coordinates with a variety of business units to develop, test and refine processes and practices. 
--This role must be able to engage with all levels of the operations teams, engineering business process owners and management to innovate and implement processes to support operational efficiency and business growth. 
--This role functions to meet the site’s short- and long-term goals for improved quality performance, increased service levels and reduced COGS. 
--The OpEx Engineer is responsible for building execution plans in support of the Manufacturing processes and other support functions within the plant.
--Close working relationships and consensus building are required with all other Site management staff. 
--The goal is to maximize value through efficient systems and freeing up manager’s time to focus on the business.

Essential Functions:
    1. Designs and implements changes to processes that improve results and reduce cost and eliminate waste.
    2. Coordinates with a variety of business units to develop, test, and refine business processes/practices.
    3. Leverages data to drive continuous improvements in areas such as productivity, waste, and quality.
    4. Teaches lessons learned and key findings to departments with recommendations for changes and updates for training.
    5. Provides direction on improvements to employee training, development, and EHS programs.
    6. Creates a roadmap for tools and technology needed to ensure improvements in processes and process monitoring.
    7. Proactively address problem areas and improve efficiencies.
    8. Streamlines processes to allow for expansion.
    9. Support new manufacturing technology introduction, operations cost modeling and risk management activities.

    1. Minimally a bachelor’s degree in a Life Science or technical discipline.
    2. 7 year experience in operations/manufacturing. Prefer minimum of 5 year of experience in FDA regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. (Medical Device, Food & Beverage or Cosmetics also acceptable)
    3. Knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and associated cGMP guidelines/standards. 
    4. Familiar with the design of SOPs, Work Instructions, and Job Aides to improve workflow and compliance.
    5. Advanced problem solving such as Six Sigma and Lean training, Green Belt or Black Belt preferred
    6. Ability to manage cross functionally with direct and indirect influence.
    7. Strong quantitative capabilities.  Adept at drawing conclusions from a variety of data sources.
    8. Prioritizes tasks according to business objectives and can pursue several objectives simultaneously.
    9. Can work independently with a high degree of self-motivation.
    10. Demonstrated written and oral communications skills including strong presentation skills.
    11. Capable to organize multiple projects and report and present to executive leadership
    12. Excellent organizational skills.
    13. Highly goal and result oriented
    14. Ability to train others
    15. Strong Microsoft Office skills are essential, proficient in the use of spreadsheets and word processing programs

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Validation Engineer - Pharmaceuticals

LOCATION: US - Southwest

COMPANY: Medium sized pharmaceutical firm (sterile injectables)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A Validation Engineer with experience from pharmaceuticals or medical device firms. The role is responsible for evaluating and validating the equipment and procedures used in development and production of a variety of products. Additionally, this role ensures all systems are running according to necessary specifications and operates within regulations to ensure the production of quality products for the Company’s 503B cGMP manufacturing facility.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a medium sized pharmaceutical firm, a Senior Validation Engineer. Reporting directly to the Director of Engineering:

Essential Functions:
    • Ability to take ownership and accountability for the Validation function across multiple fast paced projects.
    • Computer System Validation (CSV) experience with process control and automation systems
    • Experience with automation, commissioning, qualification or operations in a cGMP environment.
    • Direct experience developing validation protocols and execution of protocols.
    • Knowledge of current industry standards such as GAMP5 and ASTM E2500.
    • Tactical thinker with experience working with customers developing testing, validation and/or quality strategies.
    • Excellent client communication skills.
    • Schedule, plan, manage and execute studies for cleaning verification and validation.
    • Review and approve validation project documentation.
    • Coordinate and interface with the process unit heads, quality and engineering groups for assuring successful project execution.
    • Lead and coordinate cross-functional teams for project validation.
    • Prioritize, manage, and execute multiple projects utilizing the project management methodologies.
    • Support the development of best and proven validation practices in the validation department, based upon current industry guidelines and practices.
    • Author relevant standard operating procedures for ensuring compliance with the company’s policies.
    • Support regulatory submissions and regulatory agency inspections whenever required.

    • Supervise external resources for completion of critical tasks.

    • Bachelors’ degree in life sciences or engineering or relevant fields preferred
    • At least 5 years of experience in a highly regulated environment like biotechnology, pharmaceutical or related fields, including a significant exposure to regulatory requirements.
    • Experience in project management.
    • Knowledge of cGMP requirements as they pertain to the validation of manufacturing and lab equipment in a pharmaceutical environment.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Manufacturing - Thermoformed Plastics

LOCATION: US - Midwest (metro-Chicago, Illinois)

COMPANY: Multinational Automobile Products Company
Major multinational manufacturer of plastic thermoformed products sold to consumers and auto fleets, seeks a Director of Manufacturing for the Chicagoland plant. Directs and oversees all manufacturing processes. Responsible for planning and directing the layout of equipment, workflow, assembly methods, workforce utilization and all related manufacturing requirements. Director of Operations interacts with Quality, Purchasing, Production, Manufacturing, Engineering, Product Design, Shipping and Receiving.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Manufacturing - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Arkansas)

COMPANY: European multinational industrial equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  "manufacturing in a lean environment."  Director of Manufacturing who has run assembly plants, not fabricating plants. They will need to have a heavy background in logistics & materials flow. The focus of this  Director of Manufacturing is to improve material flow from suppliers, through assembly, out the back door, and to customers."

Recruiter, on behalf of a European industrial equipment firm, seeks a Director of Manufacturing. Reports to the Managing Director. Oversee Purchasing/ Production & Inventory Control, Fac Maint., Quality, Manufacturing, Demand Center, Rotational Molding, and Industrial Eng.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Americas Regional Head of Operations - Logistics Services

LOCATION: US Southwest (Houston, Texas area)

COMPANY: Major IBC (intermediate bulk container) firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Americas Regional Head of Operations requires excellent communication and teamwork with the Sales Team, Operations, Customer Service globally and Corporate HQ office. The position also requires excellent working relationships and networking with potential and existing customers to promote the use of firm's IBC throughout their supply chain.

Recruiter seeks an Americas Regional Head of Operations, on behalf of a major IBC (intermediate bulk container) firm. This Position has the responsibility to provide overall leadership and direction for the Operations functions across the US, Mexico and other locations assigned, including managing customer satisfaction, fulfilment to customers, depot operations, and the supply chain. Key objectives will include managing customer service metrics such as On-time Delivery and Quality metrics, while also driving down the overall logistics cost (trucking and depot operations) with maintaining high quality service levels.

Supply Chain
--- Lead the Regional Supply Chain and Operations. This includes Planning, Operations Management, Procurement Management, Inventory Control Management, Hiring & De-hiring Management, Operational Systems Management and Operations Optimization.
--- Support procurement with third party transportation (3PL, distributor, etc.) selection process as well as final contract negotiations.
--- Manage the development of supply chain strategies and plans to continually improve services, fulfillment and optimize cost.
--- To work with Global planning team regarding forecasts and maintaining sufficient inventory levels
--- Excellent control of stock inventory and accountability
--- Ensure daily targets are met accordingly to agreed lead time

--- Manage Regional Depot/Warehouse Operations (both internal and 3rd party depots), ensuring a safe work environment while delivering quality IBCs at a low cost
--- Ensure smooth and effective turnaround of IBCs, with optimum cost management and utilization and minimum damages/wastages/repairs.
--- Lead and manage third party depot vendors, including vendor selection, process standardization and performance management.
--- Ensure regional depots comply to required operating standards, including inventory management, fulfilment and procurement.
--- Excellent control of stock inventory and accountability
--- To develop and implement depot improvement plan (including inbound/outbound management)
--- To manage logistics service provider to ensure smooth operations and distribution to both domestic/international
--- To ensure all IBCs are fully tagged and duly processed via SAP

Customer Service
--- Responsible for providing first class service to consistently meet & exceed customers' expectations.
--- Ensure excellent working relationship at all levels with customers and end users.
--- Initiate and coordinate on-time delivery to customers.
--- Work with customers to form equitable performance standards for future measurement.
--- Provide support in key account management.
--- Follow-up with end users regarding de-hiring and coordination of on-time collections.
--- Continuously seeking improvement on service level KPIs, including complaint management.
--- Conduct regular Customer Service review visits.

--- Strong background in supply chain management, including planning, operations management, logistics service providers management, inventory management, process and systems improvement
--- Experience with and knowledge of 3PL/4PL service providers (primarily trucking, with rail and shipping a plus)
--- Ability to create organizational capabilities to support and drive strategy; manage and create operational logistics effectiveness.
--- Strong project management ability & problem solving skills
--- Team leadership and management of people
--- Strong initiatives for cost improvement - vendor services, turnaround time, fulfillment, trade lanes optimization etc.
--- Good working attitude with strong sense of urgency to accomplish defined and yet challenging goals set by the Management.
--- Prior working experience with SAP is preferred.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Operations - Medical Devices

LOCATION: US - Northeast (metro- New York area)

COMPANY: Medical Device Manufacturer
Long Island, NY medical device company, with 2002 sales at approximately $16 million, seeks a Director of Operations for a growing 50,000 sq. ft pick-pack-ship operation employing under 50. Person must be experienced in an FDA regulated, ISO-certified clean room facility. Position will involve total management responsibility for facility, including receiving, warehousing, production, shipping, and maintenance.4-year degree required. This position requires a hands-on operations manager (there is no manufacturing here) who potentially could grow into a COO position. 

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Manufacturing

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Florida)

COMPANY: $15 million manufacturer of industrial relays and controls
ISO certified Florida manufacturer of electronic relays and controls for the power industry seeks Director of Manufacturing. This position reports directly to the President. Oversee responsibilities of on-time delivery, shortening product cycle time, optimizing product costs, supply chain management and achieving high levels of inventory turnover. Must  develop, plan and implement manufacturing strategies for processes and product. Ability to budget and manage department expenses, act as liaison between other departments to achieve production goals and integrate quality assurance utilizing ERP system, manufacturing planning, MRP and scheduling.  Interpersonal skills in communication, teamwork and conflict resolution are essential.  Must possess a BS/BA degree along with a minimum of 10 years electronic manufacturing experience.  Knowledge of the power industry or electromechanical manufacture helpful, particularly from firms such as Siemens ABB, Basler or Schweitzer.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Packaging

LOCATION: US - Southwest (Nevada)

COMPANY: Fast growing packaging products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Minimum of 10 years of management experience in a manufacturing environment. Extensive background in plastics/injection molding is required. Packaging experience preferred. Six Sigma certification. Bachelors Degree. Strong organizational, problem solving & communication skills. Ability to effectively lead and develop others. Demonstrated performance Lean manufacturing

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast growing national packaging products firm, seeks a Plant Manager. The primary duties of the Plant Manager will include planning, guiding, and directing the plant operations to achieve plant objectives for safety, quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Medical Devices

LOCATION: US Midwest (Metro-Minneapolis, MN)

COMPANY: Major Medical Device Testing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: As a Site Manager, you will be responsible for administrating the strategic business needs of the firm's Business Unit via integration of several business functions, including Quality, Operations, IT, and Marketing. This position includes analysis of financial and operational data as well as technical, managerial, and business development consulting. Responsible for accountability within the organization and the management of the day-to-day operations of the business. Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related science discipline desired. Minimum 10 years of managerial experience in a technical service area. Experience in the medical device industry desired, along with mechanical testing knowledge. Shock, vibration and material testing knowledge desired.
o Integrator. Ability to hold things together and harmoniously integrate the major functions of the business unit.
o Leadership and Managerial skills. This position will supervise approximately 60 people
o Customer Service Oriented
o Detail-oriented
o Strong communication skills
o Team player
o Self-motivated/self-directed
o Critical Thinking skills. Ability to resolve issues from a logical perspective.
o PLEASE NOTE: This should be seen primarily an operations-focused role supervising technical people.

Recruiter seeks a General Manager, on behalf of a major firm in the medical device testing field.
o Manage day to day aspects of the business unit. Assists with the formulation of company policies, coordinating all divisional department activities, developing long range goals and objectives to meet business and profitability growth objectives.
o Responsible for attaining revenue goals and implementation of plans defined by corporate strategy.
o Responsible for developing and implementing strategies and tactics for the business unit as it pertains to its core business.
o Responsible for the establishment of quantitative methods to evaluate the status of the business unit which will guide decision making for the business unit.
o Responsible for integration and guiding new product or service programs which will contribute to growth within the business unit.
o Assist with pricing policy, price maintenance, price schedules, and analysis, evaluation and approval of off-list prices in order to be competitive in the market and attain margin goals.
o Responsible for direction and review of external contractual negotiations, and assisting/participating in negotiations as necessary.
o Contribute to the corporate strategic growth plan via annual business audits, evaluations, and submission of multi-year business plans.
o Consult with General Manager regarding business development proposals that support corporate initiatives.
o Assist with staffing within the business unit.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Quality Director - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: US Northeast

COMPANY: Well established American industrial equipment manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Excellence-driven Quality Director

Recruiter seeks a Quality Director, on behalf of a firm making measurement and testing equipment and instruments. The Quality Director reports to the Vice President of Operations. Provides strategic and direct quality assurance leadership for firm's domestic and international manufacturing operations insuring continuity and consistency of processes, procedures, and methodologies relative to firm 's ISO/QMS.
o Establishment of a Quality Management System (QMS), and periodic assessment of QMS effectiveness with an eye toward continuous improvement through the use of internal audits, along with the rigorous examination of process failure events, and finding and correcting root cause(s).
o Serves as focal point for firm's ISO Registration and internal audit activities both domestic and internationally.
o Management of PCARs, deviations and annual Management Review Meeting action items.
o Review/approve process control plans and SPC methods, DFMEAs and PFMEAs.
o Review, approve and sign production test procedures.
o Develop and distribute QMS and product/process performance metrics.
o Perform vendor process audits as needed.
o Development and distribution of process and product performance metrics for use by senior managers.
o Work with Supply Chain management ensuring supplier performance is regularly reported and that appropriate and timely corrective actions are implemented.
o Perform audits to ensure processes are complied with and to determine if improvements to processes are necessary.
o Provide process audit training to quality and sourcing personnel.
o Maintain and update critical supplier audit system and schedule.
o Strategically lead supplier performance improvement projects in an effort to increase the supplier capability of consistently meeting firm requirements.
o Aid Supply Chain in the evaluation and qualification of new supplier materials and/or new suppliers following a defined new product development process.
o Participate in the product development process with special emphasis on DFX and design validation.
o Management oversight responsibility for the calibration and/or certification of measuring tools used in manufacturing, test and product development.
o Conduct supplier audits to drive process standardization, waste elimination and continuous improvement.
o Travel to supplier locations to resolve quality problems.
o Work to resolve supplier technical issues in a timely manner to ensure continuity of supply.
o Up 20% domestic and international travel as required.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Engineering - Pharma

LOCATION: US - Colorado

COMPANY:  Fast-Growing Pharmaceuticals Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Medical Devices or Pharma industry experienced Engineering Director, ideally with facility expansion experiences.

Recruiter seeks a Director of Engineering. Reporting to the Senior Vice President of Operations, the Director of Engineering will have broad experience managing all engineering aspects of a fast-growing sterile manufacturing facility. As a key leadership position within the organization, the Director of Engineering is responsible for leading and managing the team to maintain and support the physical operations of the facility, including new construction, building maintenance and equipment installation.

The Director of Engineering will drive continuous improvement and cost containment for all areas related to plant engineering, manufacturing equipment, utility expenses and safety.
    • Overall responsibility of facilities and assets through their lifecycle including design, construction, implementation, and maintenance.
    • Sets facilities and equipment management, maintenance, asset management predictive maintenance, and equipment reliability strategy around efforts to optimize business processes.
    • Develops long term capital planning and execution plans aligned to the organization's strategy.
    • Manages team and responsible for facilities and reliability engineering functions within the Denver-area facility
    • Manages resources including expense priorities, capital and expense budgeting, and facilities and asset management (e.g., metrology/calibration, facility machine shop, critical systems, and spare parts
    • Partners with cross-functional groups/resources to achieve tactical execution plans of business objectives to ensure operational excellence, risk identification and reduction in compliance with quality, safety, and environmental standards
    • Drives culture, insures staff morale and employees' safety
    • Negotiates and oversee the development and execution of plans, budgets and schedules for all facility and equipment modifications, expansions, shutdowns, infrastructure programs, capital investments for lifecycle management, capacity, upgrades and/or new construction in partnership with cross-functional teams.
    • Responsible for general plant-wide manufacturing, contract management (e.g., security, cafe, cleaning services, services and service contracts, pest control) and establishing appropriate performance measures, SLA (Service Level Agreements), and standards
    • Responsible for and drives the implementation of site facilities master plan.
    • Oversight on cleanroom qualification, construction, controlled manufacturing drawings/procedures, and validations of the manufacturing plant
    • Plans and directs all aspects of engineering activities and projects within an organization.
    • Ensures all engineering projects, initiatives, and processes are in conformance with organization's established policies and objectives.
    • Utilizes best practice engineering methods and provides expert technical guidance for engineering initiatives.
    • Incorporates components, materials, and tools that result in cost-effective and quality output.
    • Manages overall engineering budget and costs.
    • Directs team members and develops a robust talent development and succession planning in alignment with functional growth strategies across the engineering organization

    • Requires a bachelor’s degree of Engineering
    • 10+ years of managerial experience
    • Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing concepts and Six Sigma
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including advanced Excel
    • Proven successful project management leadership skills
    • Must support and solicit input from team members at all levels within the organization
    • Pharmaceutical background preferred
    • Working knowledge of cGMPs and pharmaceutical background preferred including cleanrooms (ISO 5-7)
    • Develop relationships and leverage them to influence change
    • Excellent documentation and communication skills and interpersonal relationship skills including negotiating and relationship management skills with ability to drive achievement of objectives
    • Demonstrated ability to direct teams and provide coaching and feedback, including responsibility for all employee actions including hire/fire authority and partnering with HR on all aspects of employee relations
    • Expert knowledge of financial acumen as it relates to facilities and asset management
    • Ability to work and excel within a fast paced, dynamic, and constantly changing work environment
    • Ability to interact professionally with all organizational levels and proactively escalate issues to appropriate levels of management in the organization
    • Senior Manager experience in facilities and asset management required and demonstrated track record in operations management required


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Director of Operations - Pharma

LOCATION: US - Colorado

COMPANY:  Fast-Growing Pharmaceuticals Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Medical Devices or Pharma industry experienced Operations Director. Strong communicator, "factory floor comfortable and involved person," great team motivator.

Recruiter seeks a Senior Director of Operations. Reporting to the Senior Vice President of Operations, the Senior Director of Operations is responsible for the overall manufacturing functions of the site, including Formulation, Filling, Inspection, and Packaging (FFIP). The Sr. Director of Operations will lead manufacturing teams to produce cGMP compliant drug products, which meet customer, cost and lead-time expectations.

Leads the manufacturing teams to meet customer cost and lead-time expectations while adhering to cGMP standards. The role also requires a continuous improvement mindset to deliver on cost and quality targets.

1. Responsible for overall manufacturing functions.

2. Maintains corporate compliance with cGMP standards and maintains 503B regulatory status.

3. Works cooperatively with all functional areas of the business to facilitate innovation while ensuring that the firm delivers products and services of the highest quality in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

4. Liaison with all relevant regulatory bodies including the FDA and State Boards of Pharmacy. Serve as Production SME during regulatory audits.

5. Works closely with the sales, marketing and operations teams to facilitate product registrations, field actions/recall management, product life cycle management and asset management in line with business objectives to drive business improvement and competitive advantage for the firm.

6. Delivers service levels and costs in-line with customer and company expectations, respectively.

7. Management and development of individual team members.

8. Prudent management of budgeted expenses.

9. Ensures compliance with standard operating procedures, forms, and training activities.

10. Close coordination with QA, Technical Services, and Safety representatives in driving continuous improvement

· Leads several direct reports based on facility needs including Manufacturing Managers.

1. Bachelor’s degree in engineering, science or related discipline. Master’s degree is preferred.

2. Minimum 10 years in related Manufacturing position preferred. At least five years in a significant managerial role.

3. Demonstrated knowledge of cGMP guidelines/standards is required.

4. Comprehends standard operating procedures, forms, training, and quality control activities

5. High integrity and good judgment. Strong, daily site presence required for this role.

6. Excellent organizational skills.

7. Team player and proven flexibility; high degree of motivation.

8. Strong hands-on, “roll up your sleeves” orientation, with emphasis on achieving results

9. Ability to think strategically and execute on strategy.

10. Strong Microsoft Office skills are essential, as are experience in project and budget management.

11. Excellent people management, analytical and problem-solving skills. Mentorship acumen is key to sustainable success in this role.

12. Demonstrated written and oral communications skills including strong presentation skills.

13. Preparation of metrics/goal evaluations for key performance indicators is vital

14. Strong collaboration with and empowerment of staff is essential.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Plastics

LOCATION: US - Northeast (New Jersey)

COMPANY: Well established plastic sheeting firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a growing NJ manufacturer, a Plant Manager. Minimum of ten years experience as a plant manager in a related industry, supervising at least twenty employees. Good working knowledge of manufacturing reporting. Experience with manufacturing Quality programs a plus. Some working knowledge of printing on plastic, laser engraving, roll lamination, die cutting, hot stamping, etc. a plus. Experience with developing and managing vendor relationships a plus. Self-starter, good motivator and solid team player.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Six Sigma Blackbelt - Pharmaceuticals/ Biotech/ Medical Devices (Diagnostics)

LOCATION: US -  Northeast (New Jersey/ Philadelphia, PA area)

COMPANY: Fast growing diagnostic test kit firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Individual contributor project manager

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast growing diagnostics firm, seeks a Six Sigma Blackbelt. Reporting to the EVP Operations, this Six Sigma Blackbelt focuses on technology transfer and process improvements between the lab and production line. Work will involve process improvement projects. Experiences in the pharmaceuticals, biotech, diagnostics, or medical devices fields are highly desired.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President of Manufacturing Operations

LOCATION: US - California (metro- San Diego)

COMPANY: $25 million+ Industrial Electronics Corporation

The Vice President of Manufacturing Operations must build and develop manufacturing operations organization, processes and procedures to support strategic direction. Must establish operations initiatives for improvement in quality, volume planning, vendor management, cost, delivery, safety and employee relations. Reports to the COO. Reporting to this position are: Manufacturing Manager, Purchasing Manager.




EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Electronic Components

LOCATION: China (Hong Kong)

COMPANY: Major electronic components manufacturing company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A Chief Operating Officer (COO) with over 20 years experience in manufacturing operations, sales & marketing, finance or general management experience, with P & L responsibility in large corporations in the industry. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) should be able to lead projects of market and product development and drive business strategies and programs to achieve market share and business objectives. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) should have a high level of leadership, strong management skills and strategic thinking, with initiatives teambuilding and decision making. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) should have an ability to motivate, influence and drive systems implementation, and be able to interact with all levels of professional associates. Excellent communication skills and proficiency in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Master Degree in Engineering or Business Management or related disciplines

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading electronic components firm serving the consumer electronics sector, a Chief Operating Officer (COO), who will be at the direction of the President of the firm's Asia Pacific Business Unit. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be empowered to marshal resources to optimize the overall manufacturing operations of the Asia business unit, which includes multiple facilities in China.  Duties and responsibilities:


---Take the challenge in managing the business and spearhead the development of leading edge communication products; high layer count capabilities for high-end computing and networking markets; and high mix / low volume manufacturing geared to specialty industrial market in the region;

---Provide leadership in areas of APBU's Corporate functions, including operation excellence, quality, engineering, R&D, supply chain and technical services; as well direct oversight and overall responsibilities of managing the operational results of the facilities by supervising the respective general managers of the manufacturing facilities;    

---Oversee the profitable management and provide leadership on all manufacturing capability and capacity projects in achieving the set business goals and objectives;

---Driving performance measures for the operation and monitoring technology & operational capability, as well as talent and competency in optimizing the operational results and margin;

---Identify the strategies / maximize the resources to explore new business opportunities to achieve growth of the business in the region;

---Developing and cascading the organization's strategy/mission statement to the functional and manufacturing site leaders,

---Implementing appropriate rewards/recognition and coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with company goals

---Planning by prioritizing customer, employee, and organizational requirements

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Chemicals/Plastics

LOCATION: Korea (Seoul)

COMPANY: Fast-growing biopolymer technology company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Korean General Manager. A tough, no-nonsense manager, mostly coming from a Director of Operations or Plant Manager background.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an international technology firm, a Korean Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who could run a Korea-based polyester resin product (PBAT) manufacturing business.

***Understandable English.
***Experience in resin or polyester manufacturing a plus. PBAT manufacturing experience greatly preferred.
***Work at an international company a strong plus.
***Experience in plant scale-up to perhaps 50-100 staff would be very useful.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Assistant General Manager of Manufacturing - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer and marketer of notebook & tablet computers; other products: consumer electronics (IoT), consumer audio, electric vehicle (e-bikes)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An accomplished Head of Manufacturing and Quality Operations at a leading Notebook Computer firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Consumer Electronics firm,a  Manufacturing GM/ AGM who is working at or worked at any of the notebook factories, like ASUS, ACER, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, etc.

***The candidate will oversee the manufacturing related functions of the factory, which include Production & SMT,  primarily on notebook computers manufacturing and some e-bikes and CE products.

***Under this position will be one Production manager and a few Production supervisors, underneath are shop floor personnel. Factory size including workers around 1000+

***reports to the factory GM and will work closely with Project Management, Quality, PE, Warehouse and Engineering R&D

Preferable have solid track records working in factories, with manufacturing experience in any of the notebook factories, such as Quanta, Compal, Wistron, Pegatron, Inventec etc. Taiwanese candidates who has China working experience are most ideal, but other candidates can be considered.

Degree in Science, understand the industry and products, familiar with the industry standards in notebook manufacturing and familiar with tools, skills and knowledge for world class manufacturing standards, quality and reliability.

Good management and people skills, fair English, can think outside the box, passionate and very flexible.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Managing Director - Textiles/ Apparel

LOCATION: Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar)

COMPANY: Well-established European apparel Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced General Manager with strong procurement expertise. Fluent English and Mongolian

Recruiter seeks an experienced Managing Director on behalf of a well-established European apparel firm. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Managing Director would direct purchasing operations, decide price and sign contracts, trace sustainable product, ensure purchase quality, oversee the plant operations (production, quality, maintenance, people), run logistics and shipment, supervise the company as a whole.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager, Manufacturing & Quality Engineering - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer and marketer of notebook & tablet computers; other products: consumer electronics (IoT), consumer audio, electric vehicle (e-bikes)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An accomplished Head of Manufacturing and Quality Operations at a leading Consumer Electronics firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading Consumer Electronics firm, a General Manager, Manufacturing & Quality Engineering. This fast growing company in the consumer electronics field, has a state-of-the-art factory in the Shenzhen area. The ideal candidate should have a background in quality and manufacturing engineering of electronic products. This position will be more technically oriented and less on management, so s/he must be a hands-on person, who knows how to tackle manufacturing problems to ensure only high quality products will be produced. The General Manager, Manufacturing & Quality Engineering will work closely with the R&D Director on issues relating to manufacturability, efficiency, lowering costs & improvements of engineering designs, product quality etc.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: NPI Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer and marketer of notebook & tablet computers; other products: consumer electronics (IoT), consumer audio, electric vehicle (e-bikes)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Business-savvy, technically strong NPI manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, an NPI Manager.

--Degree in Engineering of Electronic / Computer Science/Computer
--5 years+ in NPI management.
--Good knowledge in computer notebooks and ITC products
--Good analytical skills, self motivated and can work independently
--Fluent in English and Chinese (eg Putonghua).

--Define product specifications and architecture
--Lead the Engineering team to develop world class consumer electronic
products (mainly Notebook & ITC products)
--Product improvement recommendations and manufacturing feasibility
--Collaborate with Quality and manufacturing teams to develop process flow and process supplier validation
--Lead cross-functional activities during NPI stage.
--Act as project manager to oversee project schedules and deliverables to be completed on time
--Will need to communicate with oversea customers from time to time



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Greater China General Manager - Logistics Services (Trucking)

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: Fast growing European surface logistics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented China General Manager with significant expertise in running an efficient surface logistics business in the Greater China region. Fluent Mandarin Chinese and English.  The China General Manager must have excellent motivational and leadership skills – breeds a ‘Can do’ attitude in teams. S/he must have the ability to persuade and influence, via natural rapport and relationship building skills. The China General Manager must have experience in managing large, multi-disciplinary, geographically diverse teams

Recruiter, on behalf of a major European concern with significant global logistics assets, seeks a China General Manager who would lead and assume overall responsibility within the business unit. The China General Manager would be responsible for shaping the strategy and direction of the business unit to create an innovative, high performance organization.  Responsibilities include:

•   Fleet engineering and maintenance of owned transport assets

•   Transport Safety

•   Transport scheduling and planning

•   Order taking (Bulk)

•   Transport contractor management

•   Transport contractor selection


The China General Manager will:

•   Formulate and agree with the Regional Manager's operating budget and own the annual targets.

•   Ensure that the priorities are clearly understood and ownership and alignment is evident across the whole BU.

•   Ensure that productivity, profit, service, growth and safety targets are clear and stretching.

•   Work to ensure customer needs are met and targets achieved.

•   To be part of the commercial process including contracts pricing and operational service agreements.

•   Drive effective contractor management to achieve best value for the firm.

•   Implement global best practices, embedding strong policy and process compliance and a culture of behavioural safety.

•   Develop relationships at senior and board level within all customer organisations so as to facilitate the maintenance and growth of each account.

•   Identify and define the firm's proposition in the market place to ensure that we continue to grow with both existing and new customers.

•   Ensure that firm is legally compliant in all areas of responsibility.

•   Comply with corporate Code of Ethics.

•   Lead and develop a flexible, trained and motivated team.

•   Work with the HR team to identify training and development needs and to agree performance requirements with relevant direct reports.

•   Work with the HR team to ensure that capability and succession are maximized.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Electronic Components


COMPANY: Major European electronics components manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A Chief Operating Officer (COO) with a strong capability of instilling efficiency in a 1,000 person electronic components business unit. Experience in semiconductors, passive components or printed circuit boards could be of interest. A successful track record in senior level manufacturing management would be required. Ideally, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) candidate would also possess an MBA. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) should be a strong strategic visionary with globally minded organizational skills. S/he must be a change agent who would motivate and inspire others with a drive for innovation.

Recruiter, on behalf of a very successful European manufacturer of electronic components, seeks a Chief Operating Officer (COO). The Chief Operating Officer (COO) would

---Drive, administer and coordinate the production plant, and with special attention to quality, manufacturing and engineering with respect of corporate policies, goals and objectives

---Drive a culture of excellence from the shop floor to the managerial staff

---Shape and develop lean production strategy and organization and ensure the achievement of strategic goals at the optimum pace

---Take responsibility for all aspects of the facility including delivering on sales, cost, EBIT, inventory and other key goals, as well as managing the annual budget

---Ensure cost effective operations and infrastructures so the organization is well positioned in a rapidly evolving, competitive environment

---Determine future operational opportunities that support new technologies and long term growth

---Guarantee that quality standards and customer requirements are met



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: President International Operations - Automotive


COMPANY: Major Asian automotive manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong automotive President International Operations with solid track record in Asian and world automotive sales, marketing and operations. President International Operations from one of Big 5 world automakers - VP level - who has set up international operations abroad, who can take care of JV partners, distribution networks, vendor base, etc.

Recruiter, on behalf of a leading Asian automotive firm, seeks a President - International Operations. S/he will be responsible for the entire International Business of the firm. Currently the firm is one of the largest Automotive exporters in the firm's country. The firm has very ambitious growth plans for the next five years, by which around 30% of their total business should come from International markets. The firm is seeking a President International Operations who can strategize and implement this growth. The person should  preferably be from the Auto Industry, having experience of setting up and running businesses overseas. Nationality is open and the firm will pay what it takes to get a great President - International Operations. S/he will have respective regional heads, country managers as reports.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Indonesia Country Manager - Logistics Services

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

COMPANY: European Logistics Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  Internationally trained General Manager with Freight Forwarding operations, sales and business management experience

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European firm in the logistics services field, an Indonesia Country Manager. The Country Manager, who will report to the Asia Regional Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will have the following duties:

-- Relationship Building with Shipping Lines, transporters and warehousing vendors

-- Identify and develop relationship with key Shipping Lines, transporters and warehousing companies

-- Negotiate the best possible freight rates so that we enjoys competitive edge.

-- Sourcing & Developing of new agents in the network: a)   For Airfreight    b)    For Ocean

-- Participate in global/regional contracts with large corporate accounts for benefit to the entire network.

-- Identify and develop scope of viable projects in the logistics scenario

-- To keep professional contact with Management / Professional Associations.

-- As General Manager, to carry out such jobs and other connected or incidental jobs, which are necessary due to exigencies of companies work and business requirements. Also to carry out

such jobs that is within capabilities and / work in any other post which may be temporarily assigned.

-- Organize system of location wise  report/ meeting with a strong focus on review of performance and address issues and problems faced by the concerned Location

-- Responsible for implementation of all company policies, guidelines, SOPs effectively.

-- Provide support to all offices addressing all their issues.

-- Ensure effective implementation of company policies and due attention as and when required to identify deviation and address it accordingly.

-- Ensure highest standards of corporate governance

-- Involve in disputes pertaining to International accounts and thereby expediting their quick settlement

-- Ensure regular MIS and reporting.

-- Implement all decisions taken during various review & budget meetings held from time to time.

-- Set clear cut goals/targets to key personnel in all branches and ensure they meet the organizational targets/budgets.            

-- Generate MIS report (Statistics) as per guidelines set by the corporate office in respective areas of finance, sales, service deviations and administrative matters, which are important for review

by the management.

-- Generate statistics on competition and their performance.

-- Changes in service rates at the market place by the competition.

-- Shift of clients from us or within the competition and the reason.

-- Information on major investments being made in the industry.

-- Changes in any legal and statutory requirement perceived to have any direct or indirect effect on our business.

-- Understanding the competitors strategy and suggest counter strategies or other innovations to fight competition to eventually establish leadership.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager (Factory Manager) - Plastics Manufacturing

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Leading injection molded plastic components firm

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager (Plant Manager) on behalf of a leading US firm making custom injection molded plastic parts, particularly for the automotive, appliance, consumer durables, and medical device industries.To excel in this position, the China General Manager must have a passion for the customer, have a strong plastics background, and be knowledgeable in Plastics Injection Molding.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Vice President Manufacturing - Electronics Manufacturing

LOCATION: China (Ningbo)

COMPANY: Major US Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: China Manufacturing Director with strong electronics experiences. Knowledge of Lean Production/Six Sigma.  Good command of English and Mandarin Chinese in verbal and written forms. Strong leadership and inter-personal skills with ability to work through all levels of organization, internal and external. Be able to work under pressure, self-motivated and have positive attitude as well as good team spirit. Professional leadership, teamwork and good communication skills; Strong analytical, organizational and planning skill required. Ability to travel up to 50-75% within China and Taiwan during peak work loads.

Recruiter seeks a China Vice President Manufacturing, on behalf of a leading American electronics firm. The China Vice President Manufacturing reports to the company President. The China Vice President Manufacturing will deliver a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods, and create a special infrastructure of people within the organization ("Black Belts", Test Engineers, etc.) who are experts in these methods. The China Vice President Manufacturing will have proficient management skills that are technically appropriate and in cultural harmony and will develop, execute and maintain project work plans and budgets. The China Vice President Manufacturing will maintain successful high-level OEM customer relationships and make intellectual contributions to the knowledge base of the firm. 

•   Identify and remove the causes of defects and errors in manufacturing and business processes.

•   Oversee production operations and factory floor planning.

•   Manage the workforce, including supervisory and administrative support staffs.

•   Safety of facility and employees, including environmental reporting.

•   Support Corrective and Preventive Action Programs through continuous improvement.  Responsible for continuous improvement in all areas of the factory operation.

•   Participate in all new program start-ups to determine and communicate required schedules and documentation.  Support implementation of the strategic direction of Operations in China.

•   Control and reduce production cost while improving quality by training programs, cross training of operators, process improvement, etc.

•   Responsible for financial reporting.  Budget development and adherence requirements.

•   Contribute to the overall company performance by active participation as part of the management team by daily communication with the subordinate departments’ heads.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Manufacturing Director - Printed Circuit Boards

LOCATION: South China


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: The Manufacturing Director, with strong expertise in the PCB sector, should have demonstrated Leadership, Excellent Communications with customer interfacing, Planning and Execution skills.
--20 years of working experience with minimum of 10 years’ progressive production management/supervision experience in a sizeable organization of printed circuit board industry or a comparable manufacturing setting.
--Able to communicate technical specification with engineering and quality.
--Familiar with Lean Manufacturing Practices.
--Strong leadership especially sophisticated skills on People Management.
--Cost conscious, hands-on, analytical and quick respond.
--Sound business acumen and interpersonal skills, self-motivated.
--Good command of communication skill, fluent English and Mandarin.
Able to work under pressure and strong desire to achieve aggressive targets.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading printed circuit board manufacturer, a Director of Manufacturing. The Director of Manufacturing would report to the General Manager.

--Oversee and direct manufacturing operations for a plant or a division of the plant.
--Manage and develop manufacturing operations to meet delivery schedules at the optimum level of productivity and quality as well as oversee the allocation of production personnel, materials, and equipment resources.

--Develop and implement policies and procedures, formulate manufacturing operations strategies, build and mentor manufacturing employees and drive business results. Ensure departmental procedures and standards are up-to-dated implemented and followed effectively and efficiently. These procedures and standards are being reviewed regularly whereas necessary new procedures are set up for any improvement purposes.
--Oversee and maintain manufacturing budgets.
Identify and implement improvements for cost down, enhance productivity and upgrading efficiency, quality, less scrap & reworks.
--Manage production flow, analyzing capacity and technical capability, and working with function support areas to development and implement enhancements.
--Chair routine meetings to track key manufacturing issues and support activities.
--Identify the cause of production issues and institute appropriate corrective actions.
--Develop the staff by providing challenging leadership opportunities, along with tools, techniques, training and resources to expand their knowledge.
--Ensure compliance with Health and Safety policies, systems and processes.
--Familiar with Lean Manufacturing Practices.
--Experience in high layer, advanced HDI, flexible circuit, rigid-flex, substrate manufacturing, and new product introduction to support leading edge communication products; high layer count capabilities for high-end computing and networking markets; geared to specialty industrial market in the region; mSAP technology experience preferred

Education, Qualification and training
Bachelors’ Degree, preferably in Manufacturing, Engineering, Management or related discipline.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Engineering - Printed Circuit Boards

LOCATION: South China


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An experienced PCB Engineering Manager
--At least 10 years of working experience in PCB field experience in which at least 5 years in management level
--Well versed in solving technical problems in different processes of PCB manufacturing
--Familiar with the operation and function of PCB facilities, machinery and equipment
--Proficient in written and verbal English, Chinese and Mandarin
--Experience in high layer, advanced HDI,flexible circuit, rigid-flex, substrate manufacturing, and new product introduction to support leading edge communication products; high layer count capabilities for high-end computing and networking markets; geared to specialty industrial market in the region; mSAP technology experience preferred

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading printed circuit board manufacturer, a Director of Engineering. The Director of Engineering would report to the General Manager.

--Responsible for leading the Engineering related Departments including ME, PE, SE and EIE  to ensure the smooth operations for all PCB products lines in Plants
--Evaluate requirements and direct engineering activities associates with product design, development and modification
--Recommend and oversee expansion and modernization of manufacturing facilities

--Develop overall engineering strategy and objectives to help ensure the company achieves its overall business objectives
--Provide technical and management leadership to a multi-disciplinary group of engineers
--Direct design, development and improvement designs for the PCB products and technologies
--Ensure that good or high end technology concepts are used in the development of products
--Monitor, analyse and work with manufacturing to drive capability improvements throughout the plant
--Develop technology roadmaps and work with senior management to justify investments in new technology and process capability, while maintaining a competitive cost position
--Meet with key customers on a regular basis to understand current and future design needs. Review customer technology roadmaps and provide periodic gap analysis and recommendations
--Provide leadership to promote the strategic use of quality systems to fully understand the baseline manufacturing capabilities and to advance these capabilities
--Promote multi disciplinary/multi organizational teams to improve manufacturing quality and capability
--Develop a strong relationship with the technical supplier community to gain their on-site participation in the technology development and improvement process
--When a new capital update is required, provide direction and oversight on business justification, generation of machine specification and acceptance criteria, supplier evaluation and installation with full operational documentation
--Stay abreast of industry technology developments
--Work close with the sales organization to stay close to customer development while presenting technology updates as required
--Provide monthly updates on the status of all key programs and development

Education, Qualification and training
Degree holder or above in Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering or related discipline

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of New Product Development & Advanced Development - Printed Circuit Boards

LOCATION: South China



--Bachelors degree in Engineering/Chemistry/Materials required; advanced degree preferred
--Ten (10)years minimum PCB experience with 5 in management position
--Strong project management experience
--Oral and written communication skills, including formal presentations
--Excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills
--Self-starter with a proven record of troubleshooting, analysis planning, leadership, and project management skills
--Proficient in written and verbal English, Chinese and Mandarin
--Analytical skills specific to PCB processes and development initiatives
--Experience in high layer, advanced HDI, flexible circuit, rigid-flex, substrate manufacturing, and new product introduction to support leading edge communication products; high layer count capabilities for high-end computing and networking markets; geared to specialty industrial market in the region; mSAP technology experience preferred
--Ability to employ Lean, Six-Sigma, or other continuous improvement methodologies to enhance processes, procedures, and forms/templates.
--Technology research, project scheduling &, controlling

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading printed circuit board manufacturer, a Director of New Product Development & Advanced Development. The Director of New Product Development & Advanced Development would report to the General Manager.

--Responsible for providing strategic, operational, and technical leadership for New Product Introduction and Advanced Development.
--Responsibilities include the smooth introduction of standard and non-standard product into volume manufacturing; developing new process capabilities; managing staff, mentoring, and career development; developing operating budgets; developing capital expenditure justifications in support of new capabilities; and coordinating corporate strategies and initiatives with respect to process capabilities and equipment.

--Plan, direct and coordinate the introduction of new products and technologies
--Drive the development and improvement of manufacturing and engineering processes and new process capabilities
--Monitor, analyze and work with manufacturing to drive capability improvements throughout the factory
--Develop technology roadmaps and work with senior management to justify investments in new competitive technology and process capabilities
--Meet with key customers on a regular basis to understand current and future design needs. Review customer technology roadmaps and provide periodic gap analysis and recommendations
--Use quality systems to understand baseline manufacturing capabilities and to advance these capabilities.
--Promote multi disciplinary/multi organizational for NPI and Adv Development
--Develop a strong relationship with the technical supplier community to gain their on-site participation in the technology development and improvement process.
--Provide strategies and leadership for the justification of equipment providing new capabilities including generation of machine specifications, acceptance criteria, supplier evaluations, and installation with full operational documentation.
--Stay abreast of industry technology developments
Work close with the sales organization to stay close to customer developments while presenting technology updates as required

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of QA - Printed Circuit Boards

LOCATION: South China


HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Seasoned Quality Assurance Director with:
--Demonstrated Leadership, Excellent Communications with customer interfacing, Planning and Execution skills.
--Degree holder in engineering field. Industrial or chemical engineering is preferred.
--10-15 years of working experience in electronics field (PCB field is preferred) in which at least 8 years in plant Quality management level
--Excellent communication skill required for customer interfacing, fluent in both spoken & written Chinese and English
--Excellent interpersonal skills
--PCB field, process, failure analysis knowledge
--Concept in quality management, e.g. SPC, 6 sigma, ISO9000, QS9000, TQM, IPC, TS16949
--Experience in high layer, advanced HDI,flexible circuit, rigid-flex, substrate manufacturing, and new product introduction to support leading edge communication products; high layer count capabilities for high-end computing and networking markets; geared to specialty industrial market in the region; mSAP technology experience preferred

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading printed circuit board manufacturer, a Director of QA. The Director of QA would report to the General Manager.
--Responsible for establishing & administering quality policies and system for Plant PCB operations.
--Lead and guide the development and execution of continuous quality & reliability improvement
--Ensure PCB quality standards meet customer requirement
--Drive cross functional team to achieve robust manufacturing with to strive for targeted yield achievement.

--Establish quality policies that ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with specifications
--Lead Quality Department to work other function managers in planning and implementing quality programs.
--Review and manage the responses to external complaints, audit findings and internal complaints, for the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.
--Manage and execute quality programs that lead to improvements in quality, costs and overall effectiveness and efficiency.
--Advise management on the overall quality & reliability of products and manufacturing robustness.
--Coach and train Quality talents


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Quality Manager - Apparel

LOCATION: Vietnam (HCM City)

COMPANY: Medium sized US designer and retailer of children's clothing

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very self-directed Quality Manager with strong experiences in the apparel sector. Strong English fluency.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of well established American designer and retailer of children's clothing, a Vietnam Quality Manager.

The Quality Manager would be involved in setting up the new facility to make sure that they are in compliance with Costco standards and would pass the GMP and Code of Conduct audits.

Quality Manager in charge of overseeing all production and compliance with quality control standards of various major US retailers including Code of Conduct Audits, Factory procedures and policy.

This person would make sure that the firm is compliance with the QA standards and good manufacturing practices, worker conditions, safety, cleanliness, labor law, needle and sharp objects maintenance records and all other related issues.

This person would also be present in the factory at all times every day of production. It is important that this person has had many years of experience with factories producing for major retailers or brands.

- Must be able to develop new QC standards and protocols for the factory to follow.
- Must visit the factory on a daily basis during the production season to insure compliance and oversee quality.
- Must have minimum 10 years experience.
- Must report to our US office frequently of his findings.
- Must be able to bilingual (Vietnamese/English).
- Must have good communication skills in English, as management is based in the US and only speaks English. Most contacts will be by phone, skype, and/or email in English. The Quality Manager therefore must have strong comprehension and spoken English; written skills should be good enough to write reports in English.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Managing Director - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: Thailand (Bangkok)

COMPANY: Leading US industrial manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Worldclass-trained Factory Manager. Thai-English bilingual Thailand General Manager. Successful track record of management and leadership. The Asia Managing Director should have experience implementing and leading Best Management and Quality Systems

Recruiter seeks an Asia Managing Director for a major industrial equipment division of a US$7.5 billion American corporation.  Reporting to the VP of International Operations, the Asia Managing Director will supervise wholly owned company facilities. The Managing Director-Asia is charged with leading manufacturing functions efficiently and cost effectively. S/he must work to improve and track the productivity of each operation and work with the managers of each operation to maximize quality, efficiency, and reduce costs. The Asia Managing Director will:

-- Lead the daily operations.

-- Implement systems to improve the effectiveness of each operation, reduce costs, and work closely with each manager for continuous improvement.

-- Develop the management team improving their leadership of their departments.

-- Work closely with the Managing Director Sales to ensure meeting sales needs on a daily basis.

-- Work with Production & Quality Managers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide on time delivery and ensure the managers are following the ISO Standards. Look at ways of improving and organizing the operation.

-- Work with the Financial Controller on monitoring the costs associated with each operation and make the necessary corrective actions when necessary.

-- Work with the Vice President on special projects.

-- Work with the HR Director on labor and transitional issues.

-- Travel to other locations and learn the business.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager - Tier 1 Automotive Products

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: US automotive products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Chinese plant manager with strong automotive manufacturing experiences. Results driven with a sound record of progression and reducing operating costs

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager on behalf of a medium sized tier one automotive supplier. The firm has two plants in the Ningbo area. The China General Manager is responsible for the supply chain function, administration, manufacturing, finance and sales, and s/he will have full P&L responsibility over the China business unit. The China General Manager must be fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin). Must possess effective communication skills, manage a diverse group of employees, build a team culture and collaborate seamlessly with peers, subordinates, and executive management. Strong preference: 10+ years experience in manufacturing, with experience in automotive interior products. Background in plastic injection molding, thermal forming, water jet cutting a strong plus.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager/ China Managing Director - Pumps

LOCATION: China (Suzhou)

COMPANY: Leading European Pumps Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: China General Manager with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Familiar with western business practices.

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager, on behalf of a European pumps manufacturer. Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese. All around good business professional with a strong Profit and Loss Mentality.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Plant Manager - Furniture

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location

COMPANY: Major Global furniture firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Plant Manager, experienced in high quality product manufacturing. Ideal: woodworking, casegoods

Recruiter seeks a Plant Manager, on behalf of a major furniture manufacturer. Leads, directs, and controls the day-to-day activities of a large, complex manufacturing plant to achieve short and long-term financial and operating objectives. Responsible for managing all aspects of Safety, Quality, Productivity, Service, and Inventory for the facility.

•Implement Lean manufacturing techniques and support EDGE (Employee’s Dedicated to Growth and Excellence)

•Maintain a clean and safe plant, support company’s environmental, health and safety goals

•Establish and direct plant policies and procedures

•Set shift schedules and plant production goals

•Establish and maintain a positive community relationship

•Provide ongoing supervision and coaching for employees, guiding them in current positions and assisting with career development and training

•Coordinate timely and accurate purchasing, production and shipping

•Work across the organization, understand all facets of the company’s business and contribute to the company’s overall success

•Schedule and conduct regular plant meetings

•Identify problems and quickly implement corrective action

•Set budget, control costs and comply with company’s internal reporting and accounting requirements


Education and Qualifications:

•BA/BS in Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Management or equivalent

•10 - 15 years of manufacturing experience that includes supervisory responsibilities

•Furniture manufacturing experience is a must

•Strong track record of successful use of Lean tools

•Strong track record of exceeding budgeted performance

•Six Sigma Blackbelt certification is a plus

•Capable of working without boundaries to accomplish critical tasks



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director, Global Corporate Quality - Electronic Components

LOCATION: China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Medium-sized business unit of US$1B+ European Multinational Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong communicator, firm character with strong devotion to Quality. A person with fluency in Mandarin Chinese is a plus but not required. English fluency required. Experience with custom products, particularly electronic components, would be a plus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multinational electronics firm whose medium sized business unit employs 150 people in the USA and Europe and 3,000 in China (3 plants), a Corporate Global Quality Director. Position includes Quality Assurance, Supplier Quality, and Manufacturing Quality. The goal of the Global Corporate Quality Director is to instill a Quality mindset in all offices and departments. The principal responsibilities will be to develop root cause analysis, audit systems and corrective action. There will be a dotted-line relationship to the General Manager, Asia, but this position reports to the unit President. While the regional focus will be on China, there might also be interest in implementing quality in factories in Mexico, the Philippines, and Eastern Europe.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Plant Manager - Building Materials

LOCATION: China (Shanxi Province)

COMPANY: European Building Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: China General Manager with strong manufacturing optimization skills. Familiar with western business practices.

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager, on behalf of a European manufacturer. Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager - Consumer Goods

LOCATION: China (Dongguan)

COMPANY: International Procurement Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Consumer goods China General Manager with manufacturing experience. Fluent English and Mandarin. Motivated, outgoing, hands-on, team leader. Independent thinker, with an ability to solve problems effectively.

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager, on behalf of a global procurement firm that specializes in decorative metal bath accessories and giftware. Reporting to the President, the China General Manager will oversee the daily activities of business, including production and R&D departments. The China General Manager will help transform the business from an OEM purchasing/trading company to a manufacturer working from a direct cost basis with raw material suppliers and developing its own production operation.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager/ China Plant Manager - Plastic Products

LOCATION: China (Donggua)

COMPANY: Major Plastic Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fully bilingual, results-oriented Chinese (Mandarin)-English China Manufacturing Director. Cantonese fluency a strong plus. China General Manager with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager or China Plant Manager, on behalf of an established firm providing foam products, labels, and rubber components to the electronics, hard-disk drive, medical and automotive sectors. Reporting to the Managing Director and General Manager at headquarters, the China General Manager will promote and market successfully the services and products of the company and the group; establish and maintain excellent relationship with customers, suppliers and business partners; procure the achievements of the goals and targets set and participate in the strategic planning of the company and group. The China General Manager will be responsible for the profitability of the company and group, and the overall operations and financial management functions including bottom-line results of the company.

-- Full management responsibilities of the company with the oversight of a proper system of sound internal contrails in the company in compliance with the group’s policies and good accounting practices

-- Reporting analytically in financial, administrative and operational performance, with corrective plans, where necessary and meeting business and profit objectives.

-- Organizing and ensuring a prompt reporting system of the required reports is in place, and presentation of company’s performance, and budgets at executive meetings.

-- Report monthly P&L, sales vs. sales budget, cash flow and accounts receivables.

-- Report monthly headcount, machine and labor productivity, material yield improvements, rejects and corrective actions and its trend (per report schedule).

-- Report continuous improvement on resources (4M) (per report schedule)

-- Prepare annual sales budget and profit and loss (per budget preparation schedule).


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Factory Manager - Foods (CPG/FMCG)

LOCATION: Indonesia

COMPANY: Leading Asian Food Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Plant Manager with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Fluent English and Indonesian

Recruiter seeks a Factory Manager, on behalf of a well established Asian food and beverage products leader. Duties:

•   Plan, build, project managed and operate a non-dairy creamer factory

•   Plan and provide leadership and direction for the  day-to-day operations of the operations in the factory

•   Drive and motivate continuous quality, technical and formulation improvements with regular quality engineering audits and process performance reviews

•   Managing daily operations efficiently to ensure all product delivery schedules are fulfilled according to requirements

•   Responsible for coordination of logistics and equipment maintenance program

•   Manage the planning process to ensure all daily operation activities are executed and meet according to orders and deliveries.

•   Assure the effective use of Corrective Action and Preventive Action, including follow-up on commitments

•   Efficient utilization of delivery resources, storage space and manpower

•   Maintain a high standard of housekeeping, warehousing and optimize the inventory.



 •  Experience in setting up and running a CPG (foods) factory

•   Minimum 10 years relevant working experience, with at least 3 years in a managerial capacity in a quality control, manufacturing or engineering occupation, preferably in F&B manufacturing related industries

•   Problem-solving capability, customer focus and commitment to continuous improvement

•   Ability to work independently

•   Understanding of Quality and Safety systems


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Managing Director/ China Plant Manager  - Advanced Materials

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: Leading American Electrical Equipment Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: China General Manager with solid ethics and understanding of western business practices. Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager/ China Plant Manager, on behalf of a highly regarded US firm in the electrical components and electrical equipment manufacturing field. To manage this fast growing business unit, the China General Manager/ China Plant Manager should have had experiences with composites manufacturing.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager - Electronic Components

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading US Electronic Components Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia General Manager with strong experience in lean manufacturing in the electronic sector. English and Mandarin Chinese fluency.

Recruiter seeks an Asia General Manager, on behalf of a major US electronics manufacturer.

•   Lead, motivate, and inspire the team (cross-culture team) to execute in an environment where continuous improvement (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and waste elimination result in achievement of safety, quality, service, inventory, cost, and productivity objectives.

•   Monitor site performance continuously, looking for ways to combine, rearrange, and simplify tasks to make better use of materials, machines, manpower, etc.  Assign / justify resources necessary to resolve problems / eliminate waste to achieve / improve standards.

•   Evaluate team member performance and provide timely, regular, effective feedback as part of the performance management system.  Develop training and succession plans for each staff member.  

•   Provide support and coaching necessary for the individual and the organization to grow and prosper.  

•   Stay abreast of company policies, procedures, regulations, plans, and interdepartmental relationships. Communicate requirements to the team and ensure team is meeting or exceeding expectations.

•   Represent the company to handle the local legal issues with the approval from Corp and to communicate with local government agencies. 

•   Coordinate the EPO functions and communicate with local EPO leaders to ensure the successful local operations as a whole

•   Review resource requirements and assign resources to achieve objectives.  Identify resource constraints and find solutions or alternatives.

•   Determine long term staffing requirements based on forecast and strategic needs.  Interview, hire, and develop team members to meet performance expectations.

•   Monitor work area performance continuously.  Use area metrics and team ideas every day to combine, rearrange, and simplify tasks to make better use of materials, machines, manpower, etc.

•   Lead lean kaizen events to facilitate team collaboration and root-cause problem solving.  Teach and drive use of A3 process to identify opportunities, define problems, and use data to eliminate waste.

•   Ensure communication of standards (labor / work / rate) to team and vigorously eliminate obstacles to achievement.

•   Monitor and communicate service levels continuously.  Use team cooperation to implement lean concepts that improve service to customers.

•   Monitor staff performance continuously and provide timely feedback, including annual performance appraisal process.

•   Develop people and the team as a whole.  Includes, but is not limited to, preparing development and training plans for each team member, implementing, and coaching towards effectiveness.  Develop and execute succession plans for all key positions to sustain long term success.

•   Coach and support team members to increase capabilities and prepare for advancement.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager - Electronic Components

LOCATION: China (Hong Kong and Guangdong Prov.)

COMPANY: Major US electronic component firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Minimum 10 years previous relevant working experience in EMS industry with at least eight years of production management experience. Previous experience in high mix low volume, and low mix high volume production environments are required. Able to manage a world class, high quality, lean manufacturing operation of more than 400 operators and staff. A driver, achiever, high profile leader of high quality manufacturing, capable of managing different levels of multinational people. Proficient written and spoken English, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin).

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US electronics components firm, a China General Manager, reporting to the corporate Chief Operating Officer (COO). The China General Manager will manage and oversee operations including production, forecating material control, manufacturing engineering, equipment engineering, shipping and customs in firm's electronic manufacturing factory in Guangdong, China. The China General Manager will work with end customers and manage internal departments to achieve and improve on delivery and quality commitments, total customer satisfaction, as well as provide technical solutions and introduce advanced methodologies to facilitate production quality and efficiency.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Finance Head - Media Firm

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Fast growing international media firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Finance Manager with 10+ years' experience in financial management at multinational companies

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing media company, a Head of Finance, who reports to the Regional Asia Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

-   Primary role is to ensure the implementation of corporate financial processes & systems by leading the financial control function

-   To ensure timely and quality financial reports being submitted to corporate and compliance of group accounting policies and all external reporting requirement

-   Part of responsibility would be the development, implementation and communication of internal control procedures to secure safety of the company assets

-    Ultimately accountable for all finance functions and provides the highest level of advice and recommendations to the Management   Part of the strategic management team to drive the business


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Manufacturing Operations- RFID Products


COMPANY: Major Asian RFID products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Core activity is the structuring and management of a designated first class mass production factory which is currently in the ramp up phase. In the next 3-5 years, the extension of the entity to a 300 - 400 employee factory is planned and has to be executed. Manufacturing heads with good startup phase experiences would be best. Experience in securing knowledge and technology transfers. Fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin) and strong communication talent, especially the handling of different Asian cultures smoothly.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian RFID products firm, a VP Manufacturing Operations, with relevant experience of at least 10 years with demonstrated outcomes in running and managing of mass production entities. Distinctive experience in ramping up and running of continuous mass production operations combined of galvanic and assembly processes is desired. The VP Manufacturing Operations should have experience in implementing continuous improvement processes (Kaizen) for galvanic and assembly processes, extensive material know how (plastic/ metal) is preferred



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager - Alternative Energy Products

LOCATION: China (Jiangsu Province -Suzhou)

COMPANY: American Wind Turbine Components Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on China Manufacturing Director. High integrity

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established US manufacturer for the wind turbine market, a China General Manager. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the China General Manager of this WOFE will be responsible for creating a world class manufacturing organization, establishing the operation, establishing a high-integrity, lean sigma, operating culture, becoming #1 rated world-wide supplier. Lean sigma, NEI philosophy. ISO certifiable procedures at start-up and 08 certification. 6Sigma.

•   In depth knowledge and experience with China culture and manufacturing in China

•   10 + years manufacturing leadership experience

•   Experience in establishing a Lean environment

•   5+ years in operations senior leadership

•   Demonstrated ability to act and lead independently

•   Willingness to travel domestically and internationally

•   Experience in dealing with China government entities to operate in China


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: China (Taicang, Jiangsu Prov.)

COMPANY: Major American industrial component firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Chinese plant manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major US firm, a China General Manager. Provides direction to production and support staff employees in compressor manufacturing and assembly. Responsible for the current and long-range operation, productivity and growth of the manufacturing organization and general direction.  Leads by example, adhering to established company values. Coaches team leaders to improve individual and team performance.  Communicates to appropriate levels to assure that all levels are informed of operational results and goals.

•   Responsible for overall performance of site, including quality, productivity, and cost

•   Assures employees are consistently trained and developed so that talent is retained and succession plans remove gaps in bench strength

•   Provide strategic input and direction for the operation to Operations leader

•   Participates on teams with other professionals to identify and implement best practices


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Plant Manager - Automotive Products

LOCATION: China (Jinan, Shandong Prov.)

COMPANY: Major European automotive component firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Chinese plant manager from world class auto parts firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European automotive parts firm, a China Plant Manager. China Plant Manager candidates must be fluent in English and Chinese Mandarin. Reporting to the General Manager, the China Plant Manager must have strong lean manufacturing and high quality expertise, ideally with metal or plastic parts for the automotive industry.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Director of Operations - Electronic Components

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Major US Manufacturer of Wire Harnesses

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fully bilingual, results-oriented Chinese (Mandarin)-English China Manufacturing Director. Cantonese fluency a strong plus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US firm in the electronic components field, a China Director of Operations with strong exposures in lean manufacturing techniques. Reports to Vice President of Operations.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Senior Manager Asia Operations - Consumer Products

LOCATION: China (Fujian Province - Fuzhou)

COMPANY: International Consumer Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A highly trustworthy and experienced China-based Senior Manager – Asia Operations. Experience in toys, furniture or other consumer products a plus. ASTM codes suffiicient. Reports to North America based Director of Operations.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established consumer products firm, a China Senior Manager – Asia Operations. The company uses products manufactured in a many different supply chains, both domestically and internationally. Finished goods are sold internationally to customers ranging from regional chains to international big box retailers. The company is looking to create the position of a China based Senior Manager – Asia Operations “on the ground” in China to ensure that all their Asia-based business partners are meeting the goals and objectives set by the executive team. By building a multi-functional team and working directly with their Asia-based partners and agents, the Senior Manager – Asia Operations will install programs, processes and procedures to ensure that the company’s supply chain in Asia provides the required good quality output delivered at the right time, at the right cost.

•   Experience implementing a quality management system throughout the supply chain, including installing  processes to affect the quality of document control, work in process and finished product

•   General management experience in a manufacturing or distribution facility

•   Experience with wood based consumer products

•   Experience working and managing a staff in Asia

•   Knowledge of ASTM standards

•   Good negotiation skills

•   Exposure to and participation in lean manufacturing principles

•   Fluency in Chinese (Mandarin), English


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Quality Head - Notebook Computers


COMPANY: Major Notebook Computer and Tablet Computer Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Accomplished Laptop Computer Quality Head. Fast paced, efficient, able to inculcate a culture of continuous improvement and quality

Recruiter seeks a Head of Quality on behalf of a well established notebook computer manufacturer.
S/he must have extensive experience in the whole notebook computer processes, which include but not limited to engineering/ production /QA /QC, s/he must be very knowledgeable on the latest industry practices and quality standards to ensure that firm's products will match the quality or even surpass the big brand names.

The whole quality department is under this person's jurisdiction, from incoming materials, to manufacturing quality, to finished product quality to customer quality. This person should ideally be from one of the renowned notebook brands and have been in charge of the whole notebook quality department.

The Quality Head reports to the General Manager and to the CEO of the company.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Director, Quality - Electronic Components

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen & Chongqing)

COMPANY: Medium-sized business unit of US$1B+ European Multinational Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong communicator, firm character with strong devotion to Quality. A person with fluency in Mandarin Chinese is a plus but not required. English fluency required. Experience with custom products, especially high mix products, would be a plus.

Recruiter seeks a Quality Director on behalf of a major European electronic components firm. The environment in the plants at this firm is that there is extreme flexibility in the assembly lines. Therefore, candidates whose experience has largely been with standard products, probably would find this kind of production model too complicated to adjust to.

The business unit employs 3,000 in China at 3 plants. The Quality Director will oversee Quality Assurance, Supplier Quality, and Manufacturing Quality. The goal of the Quality Director is to instill a Quality mentality in the manufacturing staff. The principal responsibilities will be to develop root cause analysis, audit systems and corrective action. There will be a dotted-line relationship to the General Manager, Asia, but this position reports to the unit President.

Candidates do not have to have come from the electronic component sector. What is most important is that the Quality Director be an outstanding communicator, who can be a clear motivator in establishing a first class Quality-first mindset.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Startup Managers - FMCG (Beverages)

LOCATION: Vietnam (Hochiminh City)

COMPANY: Multinational FMCG Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Vietnamese-English bilingual managers, ideally with experience at major international food products firms. Ability to start up sales and operations in country.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading and growing multinational firm in the consumer products sector (beverages), the following Managers:

--Director of Operations

--Purchasing Manager

--Finance and Adminstration Manager

--Commercial Manager (Sales and Marketing Director)

--Human Resources Manager



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Plant Manager - Medical Devices

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: US based medical device firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: US trained Chinese Mandarin/ English bilingual medical device Vice President of Manufacturing

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a US based firm in the medical devices field, a Vice President of Manufacturing. This China based VP Manufacturing will report to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The VP China Manufacturing will be responsible for overall manufacturing activities and reports to the company COO, and s/he must have over 15 years experiences in production management in the medical device industries. The China Plant Manager must have exp. with precision medical grade plastics would be very helpful. A key duty of the Vice President would be to coordinate the ramp up of several new plants, including the hiring of Plant Managers


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager - Metal Hydraulic Components

LOCATION: China (Tianjin & Shanghai)

COMPANY: American hydraulic metal component manufacturer

Recruiter seeks for a US firm with over US$700 million in sales, a China General Manager to supervise manufacturing operations at 2 plants in Tianjin, China, and 1 plant in Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province, China. Responsibilities include production oversight, as well as product development, purchasing and logistics. The China General Manager should have exp. with the management of high volume manufacturing operations in a metalworking/ assembly environment, use of manufacturing metrics and control systems, plus a history of productivity improvement and cost reduction. Experiences at a J.V. or W.O.F.E. Bilingual skills in English and Mandarin Chinese essential.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: China (Shanghai)

COMPANY: European electromechanical equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained factory manager

Recruiter seeks a China Plant Manager, on behalf of a leading European manufactuer of Electric motors, gear boxes, inverters, selling their products to the Industrial equipment, Mobile equipment, Wind Generators, Photovoltaic systems sectors. Reporting: to the China Managing Director, with a functional report: to the Group’s Manufacturing COO, the China General Manager is responsible for all industrial operations, including:

•Research, develop and define standards of all processes within the factory

•Set production flow

•Organize labour and responsibilities for each working position

•Guarantee planned efficiency of labour, machines, and processes

•Deal with all technical matters related to factory and office building

•Guarantee all services (electricity, air conditioning, compressed air…) are correctly and economically run

•Guarantee all internal procedures for manufacturing and logistics are correctly defined, written, communicated and regularly checked

•Organize effective Quality system with regular reports


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Plant Manager - Automotive Products

LOCATION: China (Tianjin)

COMPANY: Global UK automotive products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Chinese plant manager with strong automotive manufacturing experiences

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major British automotive products firm, a China Plant Manager. The firm provides key components to leading automakers, such as Toyota, Nissan, GM, Ford, Hyundai etc.. The China Plant Manager must be fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and English and should have a strong track record of managing factories at leading western automotive firms.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Plant Manager - Consumer Packaged Products

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Multi-billion dollar multinational conglomerate

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Chinese plant manager from world class FMCG firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an Asian Consumer Products firm, a China Plant Manager. China Plant Manager candidates must be fluent in English and Cantonese or Putonghua. The China Plant Manager must be a progressive plant manager whose abilities will help the firm build market share in mainland China.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Operations Excellence - Aerospace

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location

COMPANY: Major American aerospace firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced aerospace operations excellence director. Strong multicultural experiences. A minimum of ten (10) years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience implementing Toyota Production System (TPS) or similar systems. Experience successfully leading Continuous Improvement / Lean and Quality initiatives in a highly regulated industry. Experience leading Kaizen events in a manufacturing environment. Experience with ISO, NADCAP, AS9100, and/or FDA. Effective knowledge transfer skills.

Recruiter seeks a Director, Operations Excellence, on behalf of a leading manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products for the commercial and business jet aircraft markets. The Director, Operations Excellence drives focused Lean Six Sigma initiatives at the manufacturing facility based on the strategic priorities and needs of the company. * Develops and maintains site Policy Deployment.
* Drives towards meeting balance scorecard metric targets including: safety, quality, delivery, productivity and cost.
* Provides assistance to champions, functional departments, and business unit leaders in identifying, planning and implementing Lean and Six Sigma projects that tie
strongly to business strategic priorities.
* Conducts Kaizen events using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to generate priority initiatives with measurable results.
* Responsibilities also include expert knowledge and practical application of problem solving 8D, PDCA and DMAIC tools and methodologies. Provides problem solving
training and coaching to all levels of the organization.
* Provides technical guidance and mentorship to Lean Leaders and Black Belts and Green Belts to drive project execution. Identifies and tracks all Operational Excellence improvement projects and cost savings.
* Provides standard work guidance and support to all the levels of the organization, especially the shop-floor.
* Provides shop-floor and administrative areas Lean support. This includes expert knowledge and application of the TPS principles of Lean – 5S Workplace Organization,
Value Stream Mapping, Visual Factory Management, Error Proofing, Total Productive Maintenance, Kaizen, Kanban/Pull Systems, Set-Up Reduction, and Standard Work.
* May lead complex projects that cut across various organizational, functional and international boundaries
* Conducts regular plant Lean assessments.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China Quality Manager - Automotive Electronics

LOCATION: China (Guangdong)

COMPANY: Major American automotive electronics manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, excellence-driven electronics Quality Manager. Strong preference to Quality Managers with automotive sector experiences. Fluent Chinese and English.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an American automotive electronics firm, a Quality Manager, who reports directly to the Vice President – Test, Validation & Operations.

--- The Quality Manager will champion, support or lead quality and factory improvement initiatives. The Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that all managers, process owners and supervisors develop and maintain their part of the quality management system.
--- The quality manager monitors and advises on how the system is performing, which may often include the publication of statistics regarding company performance against set measures.
--- A key role of the quality manager is that of ensuring that customer requirements and expectations have been accurately identified and that the organization is meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
--- This role may also extend to determining how customers’ expectations will change over time and what the organization needs to do to meet these changing expectations.
--- Additionally he/she will be responsible for supporting the development and maintenance of a customer-focused culture within the organization.
--- The quality manager will also be involved in developing the quality goals and targets in the organization’s strategic plan.
--- Knowledge of statistics is required with general numeracy, coupled with good interpersonal skills. The job function covers all aspects of a work group's or company's
operation and requires the ability to assimilate and analyze information.
--- Internal contacts: Senior and middle level project managers, engineering personnel of all other departments, product development support teams, and assembly line operators. External Contacts: Management and Engineering Personnel of other Group sites, customer managers, engineers and quality personnel, and component suppliers.

Main Responsibilities:
• Promoting quality achievement and performance improvement across the organisation
• Maintaining a constant awareness of the business context and company profitability
• Assessing product specifications and customer requirements
• Ensuring compliance with national and international standards
• Considering application of environmental and health and safety standards
• Agreeing, executing and tracking in-house standards
• Defining processes and procedures in conjunction with operating staff
• Bringing together staff of different disciplines and driving the group to formulate and agree comprehensive quality procedures
• Working methodically to establish a clearly defined management system that all staff can apply
• Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation to the TS16949 and VDA 6.3 standards
• Supervising technical staff in carrying out tests and checks, often in a laboratory environment
• Ensuring tests and procedures are properly understood, carried out and evaluated and that product modifications are investigated if necessary
• Collating and analysing performance data against defined parameters
• Writing technical and management system reports
• Supervising the program of internal auditing
• Supervising the program of continual improvement to product or services
• Pinpointing relevant quality-related training needs
• Supply chain management
o Working closely with purchasing staff to establish supplier quality performance criteria and monitor supplier performance
o Assessing suppliers' product specifications and quality plans
o Supervising the programme of supplier audits
• Liaison activities
o Liaising with other managers and staff, particularly in areas such as design, production and purchasing
o Persuading sometimes experienced and reluctant staff to change their way of working to incorporate quality methods
o Acting as key contact with customers' auditors and being responsible for ensuring the execution of corrective actions and ongoing compliance with customers' specifications
• Establishing reasonable standards of service for customers or clients
• Preparing clear explanatory documents such as customers' charters
• Monitoring performance through gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports
• Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
• Plans, directs, and coordinates manufacturing processes in the factory
• Develops, evaluates, and improves manufacturing methods, utilizing knowledge of product design, materials and parts, fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment capabilities, assembly methods, and quality control standards
• Analyses and plans work force utilization, space requirements, and workflow, and designs layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency.
• Confers with planning and design staff concerning product design and tooling to ensure efficient production methods.
• Confers with vendors to determine product specifications and arrange for purchase of equipment, materials, or parts, and evaluates products according to specifications and quality standards.
• Estimates production times, staffing requirements, and related costs to provide information for management decisions.
• Confers with management, engineering, and other staff regarding manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, and other considerations to facilitate production processes.
• Applies statistical methods to estimate future manufacturing requirements and potential.
• Support simultaneous engineering with the design, manufacturing and test groups including DFA, FEA and FMEA activities.
• Collaborate with internal and external suppliers, vendors and partners (e.g. Scan-Speak) of the company.
• Communicate and collaborate with internal and external customers.
• Provide support to the ongoing development of transducer products.
• Highly developed written, verbal, and interpersonal skills
• Updating departmental procedures and providing advice, reports, and presentations for senior management

• A minimum of a university degree in a technical subject (Acoustics, Electronics, Mechanics, Manufacturing, Industrial Management or related subjects)
• Factory or operations experience
• Thorough knowledge of audio and acoustic parameters, particularly transducers
• Thorough knowledge of QOS/QMS operating systems
• Knowledge of transducer R&D and automatic production test equipment including Klippel, Soundcheck, MLSSA, FEA, FMEA and TS16949 requirements
• Experience in a similar role / position
• Basic understanding of Microsoft Office software
• Technical understanding of systems engineering


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Fast-Growing Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced consumer electronics plant manager or general manager. Experience in manufacturing consumer electronics, IoT products, desktop computers or notebook computers. Good management and people skills, fair English, can think outside the box, passionate and very flexible.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading consumer electronics firm, a Manufacturing General Manager, who will oversee the manufacturing related functions of the factory, which include Production & SMT. Under the General Manager will be one Production manager and several Production supervisors. Factory size including workers is around 1000+. The factory General Manager will work closely with Project Management, Quality, PE, Warehouse and Engineering R&D. The General Manager should be familiar with tools, skills and knowledge for world class manufacturing standards, quality and reliability.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: China General Manager - Automotive Electronics

LOCATION: China (Guangdong)

COMPANY: Major American automotive electronics manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:The China General Manager – Automotive OEM Group is responsible for all aspects of the company’s automotive OEM operation activities. The China General Manager will focus on the structuring and operation of the automotive OEM factory function as a cohesive unit; the conceptualizing and day-to-day management of simultaneous projects; delivering high volume, high yield products to agreed specifications within time and budget constraints. Additionally the China General Manager is required to find innovative solutions to customer requirements and needs, while mentoring a large staff in the aspects of the automotive OEM market segment. Fluent Chinese and English.

Recruiter seeks a China General Manager, on behalf of an American automotive electronics firm. The China General Manager reports to the Group President.
• responsible for the entire automotive operation;
• provides overall leadership to all departments with ability to interact at all levels;
• drives performance measures of all operations;
• ensures that all tasks and activities of the company comply with all local and international statutory requirements;
• plans, directs and coordinates all aspects of the business;
• ensures that the image, status and integrity of the company’s well-known & respected brand name are maintained;
• business plan development & Budget plans

• At least 5 years’ experience in Automotive OEM Operations Management
• A minimum of a university degree; or equivalent experience.
• Strong background and work experience in Project Management
• Excellent computer skills and proficient in excel, word, outlook, and access
• Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
• Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff groups and major projects or initiatives.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style.
• Budget development and oversight experience
• A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
• Excels at operating in an fast pace, community environment
• Excellent people manager, open to direction and +Collaborative work style and commitment to get the job done
• Ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the organization.
• Ability to look at situations from several points of view
• Persuasive with details and facts
• Delegate responsibilities effectively
• High comfort level working in a diverse environment
• “Out of the box thinker” must be key driver contributing to the corporate profitability and willing to take innovative risk while balancing on time deliverables.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Executive Global Operations Director - Industrial

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading Global Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Global manufacturing head

Recruiter seeks a Executive Global Operations Director on behalf of a major industrial corporation. The Executive Global Operations Director's primary purpose is to manage global multi-site operations optimizing capacity, execution, delivery and cost to drive significant performance improvement.  Implement and drive global sales and operation planning to assist with the design of critical metrics which will include quality, throughput, assets, and operating expense.  This position is both strategic and tactical in nature and will drive rapid, measurable, and sustained continuous improvement for manufacturing operations.  This role will have a high degree of shop floor presence and intimate, hands-on involvement with critical operation issues. Responsibilities Include:

------Maintain a safe and clean work environment for all employees in manufacturing locations

------Define world-class quality and performance metrics and to align performance goals, measures, and leadership drivers throughout the Package Products global manufacturing locations

------Redefine functional responsibilities of individuals, departments, and plant locations to align with Package Products strategic growth and operational targets

------Create a continuous improvement culture and develop and empower team members and stakeholders through coaching, counseling, and inspiring them to perform to world-class standards

------Ensure quality assurance, proper controls, and effective use of best practices in order to drive an integrated approach throughout the business and capitalize on cross-regional knowledge worldwide


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Quality - Automotive Parts

LOCATION: China (Dongguan)

COMPANY: Medium sized German automotive parts firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Manufacturing specialist to implement a TS 16949 system

Recruiter, on behalf of a well established German automotive products firm, seeks a VP Quality with TS16949 experience who could work with firm's Japanese, German, and Chinese Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive customers. Must be able to foster continuous production of products consistent with established standards



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Manufacturing - Plastic and Metal Products

LOCATION: US Northeast (Pennsylvani