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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.

  Executive Upper Management & General Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: USA Managing Director - Process Controls Automation

LOCATION: US - Southeast

COMPANY: European Process Controls Automation Equipment Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: USA General Manager with proven sales skills and management of a foreign firm's US operation.

Recruiter seeks, a USA Managing Director, on behalf of a European manufacturer of specialized process control automation equipment and instrumentation. Candidates probably best suited will be Sales Directors or National Sales Managers who have had multi-regional territorial and multi-industry key account management exposures. German or Dutch language skills a strong plus. The USA Managing Director must be prepared to do extensive nationwide travel.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: President - Retail


COMPANY: $2 billion+ American Retail Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Retail industry experienced President, to lead an important, high growth division. Must have strong charisma, rooted in a well documented track record of success in the retail sector.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of $1 billion+ iconic American retailer, a Division President. This unit makes maximum use of its 3 channels --stores, catalogue business and e-commerce -- and the Division President should be prepared to provide energy and visionary leadership to these aspects of sales and marketing. The position requires a strong retail industry experience, which could include a variety of management profiles.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Major telecom services firm

LOCATION: US - Southeast location

COMPANY: Well established telecom services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Operating Officer (COO) who is a strong "people person," able to mentor subordinate managers and to harmonize fast-paced, collaborative operations environment without "departmental walls." Not a "closed door" manager.

Recruiter seeks a Chief Operating Officer (COO) on behalf of a well established telecommunications firm. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will provide executive leadership with overall responsibilities for sales, marketing, engineering and operations. The ideal candidate will have a strong proven profit and loss focus for a global communications company managing revenue of $100M plus, launching new products and a track record of leading companies through rapid and profitable growth.

Highlights of the major job duties and responsibilities:   
----Leadership, planning, and executive management of the following groups:
----Sales and Marketing
----Product Development
----Project Management
----Execute and deliver the strategic plan for EBITDA goals
----Serve as a key contributor of the team that sets the company's strategic direction
----Formulate long-term objectives and standards of performance for all departments
----Responsible for a staff of global employees of more than 200 Experience in managing diverse, simultaneous projects of varying complexities
----Develop and drive financial goals of the company
----Experience working alongside product development teams to get products through a complete life cycle
----Proven ability to assess financial models to meet the strategic objectives
----Proven experience working with the senior staff and  Board of Directors
Position requirements:
----Bachelors degree, Masters degree preferred
----Minimum of ten years executive and operational experience in telecommunications or technology industry, preferably with global experience
----Experienced executive management in a 24X7 operational environment
----Superior organizational, analytical, and numerical skills
----Must have excellent written and verbal communications skills
----Highly energetic and outgoing style


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: USA President - Industrial Automation

LOCATION: US Southeast

COMPANY: German Industrial Equipment Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strategic General Manager, experienced in managing rep firms and distributors. Strong leadership skills, collaborative management style

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a highly regarded German leader in the industrial automation sector, a President for their USA business unit.

• The Divison President will establish major annual sales and marketing objectives.

• The Divison President will prepare annual budgets … Sales Projections, Profit & Loss Pro-Forma and Capital Investments.

• The Divison President will identify critical issues and key objectives that must be addressed in the forthcoming year … e.g. new product introductions, new sales aids, training, organizational goals, etc.

• The Divison President will determine, define and communicate strategies and sales programs to management team, sales organization, and operational staff … to focus the organization on common goals, key objectives, and implementation activities.

• The Division President will define and implement Sales Representative, Distributor and sales policies consistent with desired corporate image and business philosophy.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Filtration Products

LOCATION: US - Southeast location

COMPANY: Privately held filter manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Excellent interpersonal, communications, public speaking, and presentation skills. A Chief Operating Officer (COO) with solid working knowledge of budgeting, sales, business development, and strategic planning with demonstrated P&L responsibilities (>$1 million annual revenue). Ability to generate respect and trust from staff and external constituencies. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) should have at least 15 years of experience, with 5 in an executive level position, such as general manager or vice president in a related manufacturing and/or applied research and development organization is preferred. Ideally, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will have knowledge of and experience with implementation of principles of lean manufacturing and/or six sigma. Experienced with management of international operations highly desired.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a firm developing breakthrough filtration products, a Chief Operating Officer (COO) reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is responsible for the company's day-to-day operating activities, including revenue and sales growth; expense, cost and margin control; and monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management.

o   Direct company operations to meet budget and other financial goals.

o   Direct short-term and long-range planning and budget development to support strategic business goals.

o   Establish the performance goals, allocate resources, and assess policies for senior management.

o   Demonstrate successful execution of business strategies for company products and services.

o   Direct and participate in acquisition and growth activities to support overall business objectives and plans.

o   Participate in capital market development, including participation in road shows, bank meetings, analyst meetings, and more.

o   Develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies to support overall company policies and objectives.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: President (CEO, North America) - Service Sector

LOCATION: US - Southeast (South Carolina)

COMPANY:  International Service Sector Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: President with strong analytical and organizational skills; excellent written and verbal communication skills; excellent negotiation skills; excellent people skills. Ability to tolerate ambiguity and stress.concentrate on his/her role as CEO North America.

Recruiter, on behalf of an international services firm, seeks a President or CEO, North America, who would be reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The US Division President (CEO, North America) will manage the growth and operations of the US Division in order to maintain short- and develop long-term financial and organizational viability while fulfilling commitments to customers. Effectively manage all aspects of the Company’s operations in North America.

--The President or CEO, North America will ensure effective allocation of limited resources across all areas of the Company to accomplish customer-driven priorities.

--The President or CEO, North America will develop and maintain an organisational structure for effectively integrating all operational departments.

--The President or CEO, North America will develop and implement processes, systems, policies and management structures as needed for a maturing organization, including ensuring the Company meets its statutory obligations and operates accounting, commercial, and other policies consistent with the parent company guidelines.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: North America CEO - Enterprise Software


COMPANY:  Fast growing European enterprise software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales oriented CEO. Pragmatic CEO. Hands on VP Sales type. Ideally started with large companies and also had successfully managed smaller companies. CEO, President, General Manager or VP Sales with experience selling software in the enterprise content management sector , electronic discovery sector, etc. a strong plus.

On behalf of a major European enterprise software firm, recruiter seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for firm's US and Canada business unit, The company is experiencing a 66% growth rate, and will need a CEO who can manage growth, as well as knowing how to execute sales of software. The North American unit consists of 15-20, and is expected to grow to 50+ in one year's time. The North American CEO should have an entrepreneurial mindset, and should have been a top sales performer. Since the North American unit is the key unit of the firm's growth, the North American CEO should also become a Board member.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CEO (Chief Executive Officer) - Consumer Electronics
LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, GA)
COMPANY: Startup Consumer Electronics Company

Electronics startup company with plans to integrate voice recognition technology into a variety of consumer electronics products, seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The ideal CEO candidate for this position will be coming out of a business development background who has had significant experience closing deals with major cable TV companies. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) candidates coming from companies making set top boxes (General Instrument, Scientific Atlanta, etc.) would be perhaps most appropriate, but a CEO candidate from a hardware or software company with strong MSO contacts could be considered. CEO candidates  from cable TV companies themselves can also be considered for this challenging position. (Recruiter is targeting Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Raleigh, NC, Roanoke, VA, etc.)


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Hi-Volume Mechanical Components

LOCATION: US - Southeast (eg., Nashville, TN; Knoxville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; Greenville, NC)

COMPANY: Multinational industrial and automotive metal products supplier

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, highly sales-focused general manager able to lead multiple site operations across North America

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established European international leading supplier to the automotive and industrial markets, a General Manager, who will be responsible for the complete P&L of these operations. The General Manager will have a strong focus on sales. The company globally has captured nearly 50% of worldwide market share. A mix of hands on and strategic work will be required in sales in order to grow US, Canadian and Mexican business that has not been optimized in the last years. Few competitors, a high value added product and a dynamic top management willing to move fast and take calculated risks, make the possibilities of growing the business exciting and rewarding. In addition, the Group has just laid the foundation to start sales in Mexico, and the future General Manager of North American operations is expected to build on these efforts. Frequent travel in North America & Mexico, occasional travel to other worldwide locations. Also a priority is to ensure that the team creates the lowest cost structure, including in manufacturing.  A top-level management team is in place that makes this part of the job easier.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CEO/ President - Manufacturing

LOCATION: US - Southeast (South Carolina)

COMPANY: Small Custom Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must have strong leadership ability, strong cost accountability experience (especially manufacturing cost), and an ability to keep targets.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of US $6 million assembly firm, a President or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with solid experience in manufacturing costing, ideally with specialized, custom assembled products. Operation consists of under 100 employees assembling specialized mechanical products. CEO candidates with experience in the recreation vehicle market would be a plus.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President - Semiconductor Capital Equipment

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY: Major US Semiconductor Capital Equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager with technical and marketing background. Min 10 years' experience in the Semiconductor capital equipment field

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading US semiconductor capital equipment maker, a Vice President/ Business Unit Manager, who, reporting to a Senior Vice President, would be responsible for:

•   Product marketing

•   Product development

•   Technical and after-sales support

•   Engineering, including development, design, and systems engineering

•   New business development

•   In addition, the VP/ Business Unit Manager will have responsibility for Operations to ensure the effective delivery of products to customers, management of inventory, and cost reduction initiatives.  



Sales, Marketing and Business Development

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Railway Components

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY: Major railway components firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Well accomplished Vice President of Sales and Marketing from the transportation sector
---Senior level experience in Commercial and Sales activities
---10 to 15 years’ experience in a Sales and Commercial role.
---Extensive knowledge of the North American Rail Industry more specifically in Transit Rail

Recruiter seeks a Vice President of Sales and Marketing on behalf of a leading company making products for the rail transportation sector. Reports to President.
---To manage, empower and motivate all Commercial and Sales activities for the North America product lines
---To develop a strategy and be responsible for identifying and merging market opportunities, growing market share, and key customer relationships in all business sectors.
---To provide management and direction for the Commercial department to include both customer service and pricing
---To ensure that business objectives and stakeholder interests are fully reflected in the management of the commercial and sales activities


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President, Sales - Semiconductor Capital Equipment


COMPANY: Major semiconductor capital equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong leadership development skills. Roll-up-the-sleeves, strategic thinker and mentor to staff. This VP, Sales position is best for a longer-term visionary strategic thinker, providing direction to the sales managers. Not suitable for an inveterate "prospector" type who works best in roles where s/he is personally involved in every single aspect of the sale. Marketing orientations might be more suitable than a pure sales focus. Process Equipment or Metrology equipment to the compound semiconductor (II-VI and III-V)market a strong plus.  Must have solid experience in the fast-growing Asian market. Knowledge of Mandarin, Korean or Japanese a plus, but if not, intimate experience of Asian semiconductor markets is necessary.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a world leading US firm in the semiconductor capital equipment field, a VP Sales. The Vice President of Sales is responsible for directing the global sales of semiconductor equipment products in the MOCVD and MBE markets.  The successful candidate will develop and execute a multi-faceted sales strategy to grow the business and build the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  The VP Sales works in parallel with the leadership team to assess and develop effective sales processes, go-to-market strategies, business development initiatives and service delivery.  This executive also spearheads major customer opportunities.  The VP Sales reports to the Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales.  Reports for this position include: Sales Managers in the USA, Greater China, Japan, and Europe. Key Attributes/ Requirements

The ideal candidate is an accomplished sales leader and team-builder with a history of managing sales & service in a highly competitive environment.

---15+ years (5+ at a senior level) direct management of global sales & service functions; Experience in global high-tech capital equipment sales a must

---Proven competency in MOCVD and MBE technology as applied in multiple markets and applications

---Ability to execute at the "C level"  (CEO, CTO, COO)

---Employ different sales strategies such as:  high volume, relationship-based, and multi-million dollar transaction-based selling

---50% + travel, including international



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales & Business Development - Telematics

LOCATION:  US - anywhere

COMPANY: US division of European telematics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Sales and Marketing with strong experience selling telematics to Tier 1 and 2 US auto insurance carriers and commercial fleet customers

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European telematics supplier to the auto insurance industry, a VP Sales & Business Development. The VP Sales & Business Development will plan, direct and supervise the sales for the company across all product lines and customer categories for personal carriers and implement sales processes and procedures to ensure that the company achieves its revenue and unit forecast for personal lines carriers

Primary Accountability:
Meeting revenue and units-in-service forecast for personal line carriers
Propose, negotiate and close contracts for sale of all products and services to prospective clients across all customer segments of personal lines insurance in order to achieve the budgeted revenue and units-in-service forecast
1. Achieving personal lines revenue forecast
2. Achieving personal lines units-in-service forecast
3. Manage the sales prospect pipeline and develop proposals in response to RFPs
4. Develop and implement a sales process and plan

1. Develop a sales strategy to win key production accounts (who are the key targets and why, what is the specific client conversion strategy to win each account (what would it take), priority list by conversion probability)
2. Must develop and manage on an on-going basis an effective qualifying methodology which filters out enquiries or prospects
3. Develop, implement and manage the sales process at an organisation wide level for client prospecting, sales follow through and close, across all product lines and customer segments for personal line carriers
4. Establish a procedure for tracking sales progress on a client by client basis for personal line carriers and update the prospect pipeline
5. Assign sales targets with measurable progress milestone for each member of the sales team
6. Decide the allocation and prioritisation of time and effort by the sales team on a client by client basis
7. Jointly organise key account meetings with account management and product management to share and publicise the product road map with clients
8. Provide market based inputs for sales prospects with revenue and units-in-service potential for each product line on per client basis (where applicable) and conversion estimates for targeted personal line carriers


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: North America Sales Director - Aircraft Interiors

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY:  Major European cabin interiors manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced aircraft cabin interiors sales director with strong customer contacts with major US and Canadian airlines. Fluent English. French skills a plus.

Recruiter seeks a North America Sales Director on behalf of a leading European aircraft cabin interiors firm. The North American Regional Sales Director is responsible for coordinating the internal and external activities at the facility necessary for the sale of approved cabin interior product lines, growth of market share, customer base and profitability, in accordance with approved profit margins, at the assigned airline accounts.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following, other duties may be assigned:
Responsible for representing firm in a professional manner via: sales calls, product and company presentations, trade shows, conference calls and meetings
Coordinate with V.P. Sales & Marketing on group and individual “Cockpit Goals” to be agreed upon for the upcoming fiscal year
Understands market conditions to determine assigned customer cabin interior needs for both OEM and retrofit programs, product attributes and features, competition, other potential programs in coordination with V.P. Sales & Marketing and Manager-Customer Relations
Coordinate with V.P. Sales & Marketing and Manager-Customer Relations to provide a “Situation Analysis” of each assigned customer for the development of a unique sales strategy to position firm as the company and product of choice for future offers at each specific airline:
All strategic activity at the customer will require close coordination with the Manager-Customer Relations for a unified approach internally and with customer
With the Manager-Customer Relations, create a team approach to insure customer satisfaction and meeting firm's goals and objectives
With the Manager-Customer Relations, become the customer advocate internally for recommendations to solve problems and resolve conflicts with customer
Coordinates internally and with Corporate HQ to prepare RFP responses in accordance with defined procedures for internal approvals and preparation of proposals
Sales Director to be responsible for strategic content of proposals, i.e., Executive Summary that highlights firm's attributes of proposal to insure meeting customer RFP requirements for firm proposals, budgetary quotes to be approved by V.P. Sales & Marketing on a case-by-case basis
Maintains an update and status of programs for the scheduled Offer Status and Sales Staff Meetings
Prospecting and networking to penetrate current or stagnant “non-company” customers
Understands new product development and knowledge of competition products and market trends to contribute to sales requirements in the marketplace for all classes of cabin interiors
Must have technical aptitude and understanding of product line specifications, industry regulations, configuration drawings, certification process with a relative understanding of cabin interior materials and manufacturing to effectively communicate engineering issues
Provide customer support information to firm's Product Support organization on a timely basis
Maintain proper documentation and supporting negotiations of all pre-award activity to insure the accuracy and completeness of an awarded program; in the event a program is lost, all efforts must be made to obtain a debrief on “why lost”, or a summary report based on best intelligence to document reasons in consideration of next proposal
Work closely with model shop and firm to define sample interiors requirements for scheduled customer cabin interior shows and what is anticipated for the upcoming year
Coordinate with V.P. Sales & Marketing on a Travel and Entertainment budget; prepare expense reports in a timely manner
Must be able to consistently travel to customer both as planned and unforeseen events with minimum notice
Other responsibilities as required.

Core Competencies: 
Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally   
Expresses ideas and thoughts in written form   
Exhibits good listening and comprehension   
Keeps others adequately informed       
Selects and uses appropriate communication methods
Customer Service
Displays courtesy and sensitivity           
Manages difficult or emotional customer situations
Meets commitments           
Responds promptly to customer needs       
Solicits customer feedback to improve service   
Responds to requests for service and assistance   
Follows instructions, responds to management direction
Takes responsibility for own actions       
Commits to doing the best job possible       
Keeps commitments               
Meets attendance and punctuality guidelines
Job Knowledge
Competent in required job skills and knowledge   
Exhibits ability to learn and apply new skills   
Keeps abreast of current developments       
Requires minimal supervision           
Displays understanding of how job relates to others   
Uses resources effectively               
Planning and Organization
Prioritizes and plans work activities           
Uses time efficiently                   
Plans for additional resources           
Integrates changes smoothly               
Sets goals and objectives           
Works in an organized manner
Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness   
Displays commitment to excellence       
Looks for ways to improve and promote quality   
Applies feedback to improve performance   
Monitors own work to ensure quality           

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

This position requires a Business or Engineering degree or a combined equivalent
This position requires at least 5 years of sales experience or equivalent aerospace industry background
Ability to work with multiple different cultures in a professional and persuasive manner
Demonstrate strong team and leadership skill sets.
Ability to speak effectively before customers or employees of firm.
Excellent presentation skills are required.
Excellent verbal and communication skills.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills; ability to conceptualize new ideas, strategies, etc.
The candidate must be results oriented; a self-starter and fast learner with proper training, both formal and on-the-job
Work within the company organization recognizing reporting authority and responsibilities
Will be required to integrate information from various sources and provide recommendations

Language Ability:
Ability to read interpret, analyze documents such as regulations, manuals, policies, procedures, databases and presentations.  Ability to write reports and correspondence at a high level.  Ability to speak effectively with employees at all levels in the organization.

Reasoning Ability:
Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form. Ability to deal with problems involving several concrete variables in standardized situations.

Computer Skills:
Proficient in MS Office Suite (Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint)

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: USA Sales Manager - Electronic components

LOCATION: US -  East Coast

COMPANY: Major European electronic components manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Electronic Components Sales Manager
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, or equivalent experience.
Minimum of five years technical sales experience in the electronics component industry.
Ideal candidate will have prior experience selling timing devices, semiconductors, preferably including real-time clocks.
Proven track record of meeting/exceeding sales goals.
Excellent communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.
Highly motivated self-starter.
Willingness to travel up to 60%.

Recruiter, on behalf of a major European firm in the electronic components sector, seeks a USA Sales Manager. The firm's products are sold to the following markets: mobile phones, consumer products, computers, automobile electronics, watches, industrial controls, as well as medical implantable devices and other high-reliability product applications. The USA Sales Manager reports to the Global VP Sales and will:
-- Develop and grow the territories of the US and Canada as assigned.
-- Identify and develop new market segments.
-- Responsible for meeting/exceeding sales and budget goals.
-- Provide technical and sales support to customers from design phase through mass production.
-- Provide leadership and support manufacturer representatives and distributors within the territory.
-- Establish and maintain key customer relationships at all levels, including Engineering, QA, Purchasing, Logistics, and Management.
-- Identify and communicate any new product/industry trends related to the product line.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Southeast Regional Sales Manager - Building Materials

LOCATION: US - Southeast

COMPANY:  European Building Materials Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales Manager with proven sales skills and management in the US South region

Recruiter seeks, a Southeast Regional Sales Manager on behalf of a growing European firm in the building materials sector. The Southeast Regional Sales Manager will be able to develop and maintain a complete knowledge of firm's sales, products, and marketing functions including, but not limited to:
    •  Meeting sales objectives, campaigns and promotions, sales presentations.
    •  Selling all headquarter-authorized programs, as well as incremental selling opportunities, growing the business
    •  Develop strong business relationships with existing and new customers to provide service and value beyond the customer's expectations. Communicate plans and effectively manage merchandising resources to build sales volume.
    •  Works with Sales Agents to facilitate new business leads.
    •  Interact with Customer Service/Sales to ensure strong customer satisfaction is always achieved.
    • Attend trades shows – performing all related trade show functions to include set up and breakdown, etc.
    • Develop and implement targeted strategies to penetrate and specialized product markets within national accounts.
    • Provide in-depth training on product knowledge, sales techniques, and market trends to sales team members to ensure they are equipped to effectively promote and sell new products.
    • Collaborate with marketing and product development teams to create tailored sales materials, presentations, and collateral to support sales efforts.
    • Monitor and analyze market trends, competitor activity, and customer feedback to identify opportunities for growth and improvement in the new products segment.
    • Actively participate in industry events, trade shows, and conferences to represent the company and promote the new products line.
    • Track and report on sales performance, market share, and other relevant KPIs to measure the success of the new products business initiatives.
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • Successful candidates must possess a minimum, of three (3) years of sales representative experience, preferably in the building materials industry.  
    • Must be able to work independently with little immediate direction at most times.
    • Must be willing and able to travel domestically extensively and occasional international travel (up to 75%).
    • Must possess strong Microsoft office skills to include WORD, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • Must possess a valid US driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.
    • Previous experience in outside sales and customer service required.
    • Ability to build rapport with clients.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills
    • Deadline and detail-oriented
    • Reside within sales region (Southeast)
    • Ability to work independently & be self-motivated to achieve goals.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: US National Sales Director - Logistics Services

LOCATION: US - Southeast flexible (South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, other)

COMPANY: Fast-growing logistics services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Unbureaucratic, fast paced Sales Director with strong experiences selling  logistics services, ideally trucking services, to sectors such as the automotive or CPG/FMCG sectors.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of an award-winning logistics services firm, a US NationalSales Director who could staff a fast-paced sales team and shape a targeted and aggressive sales and marketing strategy. The firm has 600 trucks that primarily have moved auto parts from Mexican factories to US based automotive firms. At this next stage of the firm's growth, they envision a larger firm with deeper penetration of the automotive sector and into other sectors, including but not limited to the consumer products (CPG/ FMCG) field. The US Sales Director will be reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Brazil Sales Director - Insurance

LOCATION: US - Florida (Miami), or other USA location

COMPANY: Health insurance firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  Experienced "go-getter" sales manager familiar with insurance sales to the Brazilian market

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing international health insurance company, a Brazil Director of Sales. Reporting to the VP Sales Latin America, the Brazil Sales Director is responsible for ensuring the growth of the company in its Brazil markets, working closely with different areas of the company to ensure that the distribution obtains everything necessary to sell the company's products.

Job Responsibilities:
    • Manage the firm’s product portfolio, driving market penetration of existing products. Identify and evaluate opportunities for differentiated new products, product line expansions and product improvements.
    • Responsible for new sales budget, forecasting, and regional strategies for its markets.
    • Analyze sales data trends to identify notable shifts. Develop action plans as needed.
    • Monitor market trends impacting the firm’s products, developing strategies to maintain a market leadership position.
    • Direct supervision of the personnel in charge.  
    • Own and manage competitive analysis for the firm’s competitors, ensuring that firm’s products are effectively positioned in the marketplace.
    • Lead price strategy development taking into account competitive landscape.
    • Develop sales tools and training to drive desired sales team and distribution behavior.
    • Identify new sales channels, brokers and agents.
    • Lead the implementation of new strategic initiatives (i.e. new products, new partnerships, new sales channels, entering new markets)
    • Ensure growth is profitable and aligned to the company’s short- and mid-range plans
    • Continuously forge strong and sustainable relationships with producers throughout its markets.

Job Requirements:
    • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business or related field required. Master’s degree is preferred.
    • Minimum 5 years of marketing/sales experience required in IPMI within the region.
    • Direct experience in the development, implementation, and regulatory approval of health insurance products.
    • Extensive travel to its markets is required.
    • Strong interpersonal skills.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.  
    • Ability to lead cross-functional teams and external resources to execute strategic initiatives.
    • Proven success working within a matrixed organization and establishing strong relationships across all functions.
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks that vary in complexity and urgency.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Portuguese is required.
    • To act at, all times, in accordance with the company’s code of conduct and best practice standards.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sales Director - Aerospace materials

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY:  Major aerospace products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very well organized aircraft materials sales director with solid track record in the aircraft industry. A strong ability to manage regional sales managers.

Recruiter seeks a Sales Director on behalf of a well established US firm in the aircraft materials field. Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, the Sales Director will supervise 4-5 sales managers in the US. Additional coverage of the Asia-Pacific region might also be involved.

•    Plan and take appropriate actions to meet or exceed assigned targets for the assigned region, or as directed.
•    Provide relevant information to develop timely, updated forecasts for the assigned region.
•    Create key account, market segment and region-wide plans, tactics and strategies to support corporate goals and targets.
•    Handle all aspects of quotations, proposals, contract preparation and successful negotiations.  Provide program management support for strategic activities, as necessary.
•    Gather customer requirements and competitive information to make preliminary judgments on the possible fit for new business opportunities.
•    Utilize sales tools including Salesforce to capture, analyze and report on regional markets events, customer changes and competitive intelligence.
•    Ensure company is qualified to all regionally-based OEM, sub-tier and aftermarket specifications for all existing products and support qualification of new product offerings.
•    Ensure customer base is properly informed and kept current on product developments.
•    Lead successful resolution for customer concerns within the assigned region.
•    Document and maintain accurate list of contacts, meeting notes, programs, projects and product usage information for all customers within the assigned region.
•    Provide other support to the corporation and subsidiaries, as required.

•    Must have prior experience managing aerospace customers within region. Customers include Aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and all levels of sub-tier interior / structures / engine supplier companies and other industry entities.
•    Self-motivated, quick learner, comfortable working independently with minimal supervision.
•    Strong aerospace industry knowledge with a strong knowledge of, and established relationships with the aerospace customers in the region. The ideal candidate will have experience working directly with an aircraft OEM and/or major tier one supplier.
•    Experience with cost and pricing models, technical sales approach, remotely based regional sales management and key account management.
•    Ability to work with technical products, preferably with aerospace composites.
•    Project and time management skills to manage multiple activities ranging from short term transactions to long lifecycle of engineered solutions.
•    Superior relationship management skills; able to influence through remote communications; fully developed communication and presentation skills.
•    Travel throughout the assigned region, to corporate sites and to trade shows.
•    Must have excellent computer skills including MS Office suite.
•    Candidates must currently reside within the assigned region, preferably near strategic customers.

•    Bachelor degree, engineering, technology or science preferred
•    Master’s degree or MBA preferred
•    7 years relevant aerospace sales experience, composites industry experience preferred


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Manager, Licensing & New Business Development - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY: Fast Growing consumer electronics and leisure products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced Marketing/ Business Development Manager with good understanding of consumer branding and licensing
- Overall, 5+ years of related experience in new business development and sales, brand development and/or brand licensing.
- Significant experience in New Business Development role with demonstrated track record of success in growing the business through definition of new growth opportunities, leading outreach to key strategic partners and acquisition of new customers.
- High Energy, optimistic and highly resilient. Setbacks don’t stop you.
- Confident communicator and comfortable sharing your perspective with others at all levels of organizations (internally and externally)
- Results orientation: You naturally focus on outcomes and impact to the business.
- Creative and Critical thinker with ability to be generate new ideas, use analytic skills to assess and priorities and take feedback from others to continuously build and improve.
- Willing and able to put in the time and energy required to build a startup. Naturally set the pace for yourself and know that it takes hard work (in addition to great ideas and people) to build new businesses.
- Great Team Player: You recognize that teamwork is essential to success and you are willing and able to roll-up sleeves to get the job done. You thrive on collaboration and bring out the best in others through your everyday actions.

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast growing consumer electronics firm, seeks a Manager, Licensing & new Business Development. Reporting to the VP Licensing & New Business Development, this Manager will:
1) Develop new business opportunities across consumer electronics
- Define opportunities for growth, leveraging industry and consumer insights and trends. Develop business case to frame and prioritize opportunities.
- Develop strategic roadmap for building the business including brand definition, portfolio strategy, product innovation, pricing strategy, brand activation and sales/ retail strategy.
- Identify licensees and other key partners to fuel growth plans; drive outreach, networking, pitching, selection and relationship building to develop a strong and effective licensee base.

2) Develop Licensees and Brands to drive growth.
- Manage relationships with Licensees, ensuring that there is a shared vision for the brand; alignment on strategy and clarity on plans to support.
- Regularly engage licensees to understand business performance, what’s working, what’s not working and opportunities to improve across the business including product innovation, retail footprint, retail marketing/promotion plans and product level activation)
- Ensure all aspects of the execution are aligned to brand vision including packaging, displays, collateral, media, promotions etc.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Latin America Sales Director - Computer Parts

LOCATION: US - Florida (Miami)

COMPANY: Fast-Growing Computer Parts Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced hunter-prospector Latin America Sales Manager/ Latin America Sales Director who thoroughly knows the ins and outs of the Latin America computer products market. Fluent English and Spanish

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing American firm in the B2B computer parts and computer services sector, a Latin America Sales Manager or Latin America Sales Director who can establish and maintain business in the Latin America region. The prime focus is to particularly be on Spanish-speaking countries. It is imperative that the Latin America Sales Manager or Latin America Sales Director be a self-starter and path-breaker who can open doors to new customers and negotiate deals personally and follow up on those customers.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Marketing - Security Electronics


COMPANY:  Major Security Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Marketing with a strong background in the consumer electronics industry

Recruiter, on behalf of a growing consumer electronics firm, seeks a Vice President of Marketing. S/he will be responsible for management of the firm's business, including planning, implementing and executing online & print customer acquisition campaigns to generate business growth along with managing product acquisition and launch.

•   P&L responsibility, annual budgeting and marketing plans

•   Develop Marketing strategies that ensure customer base growth with profitable returns

•   Manage & improve existing search engine strategy (paid and organic)

•   Development of acquisition and retention programs for various customer types, product segments, etc.

•   Management of New Products, Online marketing programs and Print marketing programs. Utilize analytics to monitor site activity and drive strategic marketing decisions

•   Develop, plan, execute and analyze all direct marketing campaigns, including landing pages, sponsorship content, acquisition and retention emails, etc.

•   Drive sales while maintaining integrity of brand

•   Interface closely with IT, Purchasing, Engineering, Finance and senior management on regular basis

•   Develop and maintain customer loyalty programs.

•   Participate as a strategic partner in the development of the company’s long term plans


Experience and Requirements

•   Minimum 5 years experience managing online customer acquisition campaigns for a fast growing, entrepreneurial company that relies heavily upon E-Commerce for its Direct Response Marketing activity

•   Measurable experience in paid and organic search, affiliate programs, comparison shopping engines, email and other online programs

•   Demonstrated ability to deliver a quantity of valuable new customers within the framework of ROI goals, as a key part of a successful business enterprise

•   Ability to create the strategic direction of increasing E-Commerce activity from a variety of online channels to expand market share

•   Solid grasp of IT functionality within web structure, applications and inventory management

•   Understanding of how to utilize analytics to drive strategic marketing decisions

•   Proficient in retention initiatives, including email, site merchandising, customization, and other onboarding tools

•   Effective and influential spoken, written, electronic and presentation skills essential with employees, vendors and cross-functional teams at all levels

•   Proficient in online business management, ranging from IT platforming to order applications, order processing & fulfillment, forecasting and inventory management.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Biometrics

LOCATION: US Southeast - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

COMPANY: Major European Technology Conglomerate

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Sales and Marketing with experience in the retail sector

Recruiter seeks a Vice President, Sales & Marketing, on behalf of a very large European firm. The VP, Sales & Marketing will have the exciting challenge to establish a sales and marketing organization for a technology start-up company that will be a subsidiary of a well known international biometrics company.  This business will be based in the U.S., operating upon a proven business/ sales model, with the goal to achieve substantial growth and financial targets within a two year period of time. The VP, Sales & Marketing will be responsible for establishing a commercial network to support a high volume, high pressure, and high reward sales environment with the purpose of marketing and selling leased, high tech biometric security access control systems, targeted for small to medium sized businesses in the U.S. marketplace. Expected potential is $50-100M in annual sales within 5 years.  The VP, Sales & Marketing will be responsible for staffing of sales teams and providing ongoing motivation and monitoring to the team. If successful, the VP, Sales & Marketing is targeted to transition to President & CEO after approximately one year as VP, Sales & Marketing.  


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President of Sales (VP Sales) - Scientific Instrumentation


COMPANY:  European Instrumentation Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, individual contributor VP Sales, results-oriented sales manager with experiences selling optical/ electrooptical based measuring instrumentation to the research market - such as spectrophotometers, scintillometers, radiometers, or other complex instrumentation

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a very well established European instrumentation firm, a VP Sales, whose territory would cover the US, Canada and Mexico. The Vice President of Sales would be responsible for all sales and marketing activities. Customers are scientific institutes, OEM, industrial. 30% travel.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President of Sales - Pressure Sensitive Tape

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY:  European adhesive tape firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented adhesives or tape sales manager with experiences selling into the automotive, industrial or consumer sectors. Excellent communicator. Strong clients' relationship capabilities. Facilitates in handling pressure. Results driven. Persuasive Motivator for his/her team and colleagues to ensure goals are achieved. Knowledge of MS Office. Knowledge of Salesforce is a plus. Being able to travel extensively on a national level.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European tape manufacturer, a VP Sales. This person will be a highly accomplished and capable sales manager (title could be manager, director or VP, depending upon experience), but this person must be above all able to plan, build and manage the firm's expansion and development of the US masking tape market. The person needs to be a very hands-on person, as opposed to a person who supervises dozens who actually do the sales. This will therefore be, above all, a builder of a product's sales. Initially, s/he will supervise one person, but as needed, other people can be hired. The product currently is mostly sold through distributors but a retail channel is desired. The person needs to be creative and able to build a credible and cost-effective sales plan.


Under the supervision of the Executive Vice President, the main goal of your role is to drive & coordinate the full range of masking tape commercial activities in the USA. The commercial activities include all the different market segments in which the company is already present and the development of new markets.

--Analyse the sales trend short & long term of current clientele and the market potential for new clients.

--Verify & adapt the current sales strategies for potential new markets, channel of distributions capacity & competition edge.

--Establish & apply the commercial strategy with the support of the executive committee;

--Maintain & develop strong relationships with key clients to ensure the company is maximizing all the opportunities of the client's potential including training and development of clients' team. This will be made through regular client meetings and building a joint development plan for each client;

--Lead the USA sales team and ensure SMART objectives are in place;

--Clearly & regularly communicate these sales objectives to the team and drive the team to achieve them;

--Participate to the recruitment process of new sales representative;

--Set provisional budget of the clients' sales, the pricing lists, the incentive & discount programs based on volume, and the spending budget;

--Coordinate the contract negotiations with the main national clients (price, transport, payment terms, etc…);

--Develop, jointly with the R&D and the marketing team, the product range & the sales strategies to apply;

--Answer the clients' requests regarding products, delivery dates and complains. Evaluate the degree of clients' satisfaction through regular surveys;

--Check periodically the clients' credit status;

--Check the inventory levels and recommend actions if necessary;

--Create Sales reporting to highlight the USA team's performance;

--Validate the commission & expenses payment of the sales team.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President of Sales - Software

LOCATION: US - Southeast  (Nashville, Tennessee)

COMPANY:  Leading Software Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced VP Sales, strong leadership and mentoring ability

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading software firm in their market sector, a VP Sales and Marketing. Oversees and drives the sales of all enterprise software product lines to increase market share and sustain margins. Meet or exceed agreed sales targets. Critically appraise, recruit, coach and develop the sales team to meet market initiatives. Create and establish a culture of information gathering and competitive intelligences. Promote business tool development to improve firm's knowledge of business conditions, buying characteristics and target markets. Provide concise and insightful reporting to senior management to aid the decision making process. A minimum of 15 years in complex enterprise software sales, preferably in a high tech industry. The VP Sales and Marketing should have experience managing a sizeable sales force and sales support group. Estimated travel is 50%.


XECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Business Development - Online Media Content

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Florida)

COMPANY:  Well established media content firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Aggressive, online media Business Development Director or Vice President

Recruiter seeks a self-directed VP Business Development who can help firm expand their content distribution relationships with online media groups in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The VP Business Development should be able to also do high level direct selling when applicable, and help manage/motivate a sales staff.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales and Marketing - Semiconductor Capital Equipment
LOCATION: US - East (Virginia; Raleigh, NC)
COMPANY: Semiconductor Equipment Corporation

International semiconductor equipment manufacturer whose tools found in many of the world's leading semiconductor fabs, seeks a VP Sales and Marketing. The VP  Sales & Marketing sought must be an aggressive sales leader with a solid track record of success and a strategic mind. Experiences in any sector of the semiconductor capital equipment market could be considered, such as the semiconductor process equipment, semiconductor test equipment or semiconductor inspection equipment product areas. While the emphasis will be on US sales, additional experience in sales in East Asia and Europe could also be of interest. Fluency or conversational abilities in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Dutch or Italian, could be of interest. (Recruiter is targeting Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA, New York, NY, etc.)


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director, Business Development - Logistics Services

LOCATION: US - flexible location

COMPANY: Fast Growing Reverse Logistics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales Director with strong contacts in the OEM, telecom, wireless and automotive sectors, ideally involving Reverse Logistics

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a fast growing reverse logistics firm, a Business Development Director who can drive a fast growth of firm's Reverse Logistics business. Asian experience and relationships would also be very helpful.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: North America Sales Director - Adhesive Tape

LOCATION: US Southeast

COMPANY: Major European Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-oriented, unbureaucratic, adhesives or industrial tape Sales Manager. The ideal Sales Director is a visionary, communicative and charismatic; with complete dedication to the company; to be endowed with intuitive decision making skills and capable of extraordinary performances; knows how to motivate the resources assigned

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major European manufacturer of adhesive tape products for the packaging sector, a North America Sales Director. Reporting to the North America General Manager, the North America Sales Director's principal responsibilities are:

*   Implement the company's commercial directives, in terms of pricing and sales conditions;

*   Manage the existing commercial network and propose new organizational solutions;

*   Define and monitor the ongoing sales activities and the variations from the budget;

*   Cultivate a rapport with the existing customers and individuate new market segments to implement new business opportunities;

*   Analyse, interpret and anticipate the market and the competition, in order to collaborate with the decisions of market strategies.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Sales Director for North America - Exhibitions

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia)

COMPANY:  Industrial Products Exhibition and Industry Promotions Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: US Sales Director with strong industry experiences. Charismatic, strong industry networking contacts. Experience selling conferences and exhibitions.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading firm in the industrial materials sector, a Sales Director whose territory will cover the United States and Canada. Reporting to the President and CEO, the Sales Director will analyse the North American market, propose and implement a plan of actions to grow the firm's clients. The main responsibility for the Sales Director is sales of booths and sponsorships from US and Canadian firms. At the operational level, close reporting should be conducted with General Management. Coordination and exchanges are essential with Marcom and Media.


The firm represents, promotes and expands markets by providing global or local networking and information services. Through knowledge and networking, the firm offers a comprehensive service package with 6 main lines: information channels, learning resources, business intelligence, publications, exhibitions and Innovation programs. Publications include strategic studies, technical books and  a weekly international e-letter and yearly industry show.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Commercial Development Manager - Food Packaging

LOCATION: U.S. location

COMPANY: Major global food packaging manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strategic-thinking business development manager experienced in the food packaging sector

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major food packaging firm, a Commercial Development Manager. Provides leadership to the organization and guidance for project execution on new business and application development. Owns stewardship of the pipeline projects and data integrity for targeted development areas. Drives product, application, and market development activity.

Job Scope
Scope of accountability:
• Geographic – Americas
• Market – As assigned

Key interfaces
• Reports to Commercial Development Director
• Works with sales team and converter, Brand Owner/Manager to drive
new projects
• Consultant with technology and marketing on new products,
technologies and markets.
• Work closely with Marketing as a key resource in support of market development activity.

Core Accountabilities
Activities/Tasks unique to the job
• Drive execution of pipeline projects and stewards the projects through the development process
• Supports and leads the development of Scoping projects.
• Prospecting responsibility for new technology to identify potential new customers and opportunities in the bounds of what market development have
• Participate in making commercial viability assessment (i.e. competitive assessment, customer need, etc.) on new technology to expedite time to
• Lead in trial evaluation and follow up with potential customers and markets. Drive for commercialization and identification of product
• Drive new technology/product toward commercialization, and assist in handover to sales of fully commercialized product.
• Member of project team providing critical feedback on fitness for use of technologies or products.

Key Metrics
• Safety
• Business controls/compliance
• NBD volume
• Customer/market development
• New business / application opportunities
• T&E budget

Job Requirements
Skills required for position
• Min. 5 years in sales and/or application development in target industry.

Subject matter expert.
• Willingness to travel (50% +)
• Analytical and problem solving capability
• Presentation skills
• Interpersonal and planning skills
• Commercial awareness
• Customer Orientation
• Performance Orientation
• Teamwork
• Influencing Capability
• Work independently
• Proactive
• Self motivated
• IT literate
• Project management skills and process oriented

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: US National Sales Manager - Semiconductor Equipment

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, GA)

COMPANY: Semiconductor Capital Equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced and polished hunter-prospector sales manager, ideally BSME, with experiences selling capital equipment to major national companies.

Recruiter seeks a national sales manager on behalf of a fast growing semiconductor capital equipment firm. The firm refurbishes some of the world's leading semiconductor equipment and they sell equipment and parts and service contracts to major global electronics firms, such as Apple, Raytheon, Samsung, BAE. Their customer base is national.

The firm is planning now to hire a sales person whom they would describe as a hunter-prospector, who could build new customer relationships.

The ideal candidate has experience and exposure to semiconductor equipment, either in using the tools or maintaining them. However, the firm is open to a very broad range of product experiences. Sales experiences with other kinds of equipment, or electro-mechanical components, such as pumps, gears, motors, etc., etc. could be considered.

Ideally the person has engineering training or, at least, is very adept at selling technical products to technical customers.

This position will work with many of the premier semiconductor companies that are developing next-generation devices to support them in terms of equipment, spare parts, upgrades, and services.

The ideal candidate must have excellent communication skills and be able to work with team members at all levels of the organization.

The firm's equipment and services are in high demand due to the increased demand for electric vehicles, the Internet of Things, and 5G telecommunications infrastructure. They sell to the very companies leading the development and production of these latest technologies.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sales Manager - Aerospace materials

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY:  Major aerospace products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very well organized aircraft materials sales manager with solid track record in the aircraft industry. 

Recruiter seeks a Sales Manager on behalf of a well established US firm in the aircraft materials field. Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, the Sales Manager will call on customers in the Western US region, possibly also in the Asia-Pacific region. Responsibilities
•    Plan and take appropriate actions to meet or exceed assigned targets for the assigned region, or as directed.
•    Provide relevant information to develop timely, updated forecasts for the assigned region.
•    Create key account, market segment and region-wide plans, tactics and strategies to support corporate goals and targets.
•    Handle all aspects of quotations, proposals, contract preparation and successful negotiations.  Provide program management support for strategic activities, as necessary.
•    Gather customer requirements and competitive information to make preliminary judgments on the possible fit for new business opportunities.
•    Utilize sales tools including Salesforce to capture, analyze and report on regional markets events, customer changes and competitive intelligence.
•    Ensure company is qualified to all regionally-based OEM, sub-tier and aftermarket specifications for all existing products and support qualification of new product offerings.
•    Ensure customer base is properly informed and kept current on product developments.
•    Lead successful resolution for customer concerns within the assigned region.
•    Document and maintain accurate list of contacts, meeting notes, programs, projects and product usage information for all customers within the assigned region.
•    Provide other support to the corporation and subsidiaries, as required.

•    Must have prior experience managing aerospace customers within region. Customers include Aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and all levels of sub-tier interior / structures / engine supplier companies and other industry entities.
•    Self-motivated, quick learner, comfortable working independently with minimal supervision.
•    Strong aerospace industry knowledge with a strong knowledge of, and established relationships with the aerospace customers in the region.  The ideal candidate will have experience working directly with an aircraft OEM and/or major tier one supplier.
•    Experience with cost and pricing models, technical sales approach, remotely based regional sales management and key account management.
•    Ability to work with technical products, preferably with aerospace composites.
•    Project and time management skills to manage multiple activities ranging from short term transactions to long lifecycle of engineered solutions.
•    Superior relationship management skills; able to influence through remote communications; fully developed communication and presentation skills.
•    Travel throughout the assigned region, to corporate sites and to trade shows.
•    Must have excellent computer skills including MS Office suite.
•    Candidates must currently reside within the assigned region, preferably near strategic customers.

•    Bachelor degree, engineering, technology or science preferred
•    Master’s degree or MBA preferred
•    7 years relevant aerospace sales experience, composites industry experience preferred 


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: US Eastern Regional Sales Director - Packaging Equipment

LOCATION:  US Southeast

COMPANY: Fast growing "Green" Food packaging equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Aggressive, self-directed Sales Director (hunter-prospector profile) with strong packaging equipment sales experiences to the fast-food, beverage and CPG sectors. Experiences at firms like TetraPak, SCA Weyerhauser, Georgia Pacific, Pactiv, Huhtamaki, etc. would be of interest. Entrepreneurial

Recruiter seeks an Eastern Regional Sales Director for a fast growing packaging equipment firm. The Eastern Regional Sales Director should be an accomplished individual contributor sales leader with a proven track record. Compensation will be competitive, and will feature a good commission program, so the Eastern Regional Sales Director should be money-motivated and a driven sales manager who is willing to travel extensively throughout the region. Reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Supply Chain Services
LOCATION: US - any location
COMPANY: Logistics and Distribution Services Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a Supply Chain services client, a VP Sales. Candidates deemed most suitable for this role might have come from logistics services firms such as Federal Express, UPS, DHL, etc., or possibly from mgmt consulting firms that offer supply chain services. Candidates should have proven track records of strong sales to leading manufacturing firms. 



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Marketing Services
LOCATION: US - Southeast (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
COMPANY: Marketing Services Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a $20 million privately held, South Florida marketing services company, a VP Sales to help guide the company toward a hoped for $70 million revenue goal in 5 years. The person must be a strategic thinking, hands on, B2B relationship sales manager, with an ability to shape a successful sales process and sales organization. Experience selling services to the financial, leisure or automotive markets would be of greatest interest. A person with experience in a small organization or with startup or entrepreneurial experiences would be of interest. Above all, the person's track record must evidence the VP Sales' personal success in shaping a sales effort.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP, Sales and Marketing - Telecommunications Services
LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina, etc.)
COMPANY: $20 million Telecom Firm

A Southeastern regional CLEC firm (approximately $20 million sales) operates state of the art Nortel Networks DMS switches for local and long distance services, seeks a VP Sales and Marketing. Serving a broad and diverse business customer base, the firm provides a full array of voice and data telecommunications services.

The VP Sales and Marketing should be above all a superior, aggressive sales manager who also possesses a strategic aptitude for pricing and marketing.



LOCATION: US -  flexible location
COMPANY: Consumer Durable Goods Manufacturer

On behalf of a well established manufacturer of high-end furniture, recruiter seeks a SVP Sales, reporting to the COO. The Senior Vice President of Sales will need to be a top closer with extensive industry contacts, ideally including the Midwest, Southwest and West Coast. The person must be prepared to be a hands on SVP Sales doing extensive national travel.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Electronics

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia)

COMPANY: Electronic Components firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of electronic components firm selling to the OEM, CM, telecom, consumer electronics and computer markets, a VP Sales. The VP Sales would provide strategic and tactical direction to the field organization, executing the business plan and objectives for the group. The VP Sales is primarily responsible for developing new account relationships, as well as maintaining and maximizing the firm's existing account base. The ideal VP Sales candidate will be a proven semiconductor or electronic components sales director with a minimum of 5 to 10 years progressive sales experience. This person should revel in a fast paced, high volume non-technical sales organization. General management skills including the ability to read, analyze and utilize P&L, opportunity management and employee/ manager development would be of great interest.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Marketing - Videographics semiconductors
LOCATION: US - any location
COMPANY: Fabless Semiconductor Startup
A graphics chip startup firm using a business model very similar to that of ATI or Nvidia, has just raised its first round of financing (US$9 million), and they now seek a VP Marketing. The firm is developing silicon chips which might greatly enhances the video gaming experience. The company has an experienced team of technological experts and innovators and is backed by top-tier venture capitalists.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: US National Sales Director - Logistics Services

LOCATION: US - flexible (Detroit, Chicago, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, other)

COMPANY: Fast-growing logistics services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Unbureaucratic, fast paced Sales Director with strong experiences selling  logistics services, ideally trucking services, to sectors such as the automotive or CPG/FMCG sectors.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of an award-winning logistics services firm, a US NationalSales Director who could staff a fast-paced sales team and shape a targeted and aggressive sales and marketing strategy. The firm has 600 trucks that primarily have moved auto parts from Mexican factories to US based automotive firms. At this next stage of the firm's growth, they envision a larger firm with deeper penetration of the automotive sector and into other sectors, including but not limited to the consumer products (CPG/ FMCG) field. The US Sales Director will be reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales and Marketing - Optical Instrumentation
LOCATION: US - Southeast (RTP, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia)
COMPANY: UK Scientific instrumentation firm

A small division (sales volume now approx. $4.5 million) of a medium sized British group of companies in the photonics field seeks a person to serve as Manager, Director or VP of Sales and Marketing. Sales contacts at firms such as Lockheed, BAE, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Bechtel, General Electric, or at display manufacturers and integrators, or at LED manufacturers and integrators, would be considered a plus. Recruiter is targeting Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, Raleigh/ RTP, North Carolina. Position reports to the CEO of the US division.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales and Marketing - Consumer Goods
LOCATION: US - flexible location
COMPANY: Consumer Products Company

Fast growing FMCG company needs a VP Sales and Marketing, who could bring their firm to the next level. Up to now, the firm's sales have been handled principally by the firm's founder, along with two others. The firm is looking for someone with established non-food relationships with the main players in the retail industry (Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Walgreen's etc.), preferably someone who calls on these buyers (General merchandise, sunglasses, etc). Clearly, VP Sales & Marketing candidates with experiences in startup or smaller consumer goods companies with track records of success, or people from larger consumer products companies who are interested in less bureaucratic and more results-oriented companies, would be of greatest interest. Recruiter is targeting northern NJ, central NJ, South Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Business Development - Medical Imaging Equipment

LOCATION:  US - Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia; Raleigh, North Carolina; etc.)

COMPANY: Nanotechnology products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Business Development with strong contacts with medical equipment firms

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a startup firm, a VP Business Development. Experience with firms like GE, Siemens, Philips, Analogic, L-3, Varian, etc., would be required.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Retail Marketing - Durable Goods
LOCATION: US - Southeast (North Carolina or South Carolina)
COMPANY: Consumer Durables

Recruiter seeks a VP Retail for a very successful consumer durables company. Reports to President. The major focus of the VP Retail Marketing is to develop the marketing plan for the firm's future and present retail stores. The firm currently has 3 stores, but intends to go national. This person must have leading-edge experiences in this field. The VP Retail Marketing must develop the retail strategy and game plan, including identifying mall locations.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Marketing Director - Air Conditioners

LOCATION: US location (flexible)

COMPANY: Leading multinational consumer appliance firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: experiences at Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, etc. a plus

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multi-billion dollar global household appliances firm, a Director of Marketing with strong experience in the consumer Air Conditioner market. Should have depth in marketing or product strategy, be familiar with air conditioner technology trends and sales policies. Strong awareness of technology and brands important. Willingness to travel internationally.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Directors of Business Development - Logistics Services

LOCATION: US: Southeast

COMPANY:  Major 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on Sales Directors focusing on a variety of industry sectors, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobile products, consumer products, etc.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading 3PL firm, several Directors of Business Development, who could be based from home offices. The positions report to either a Vice President or to an Executive Vice President. As the primary facilitator for all business development activities, the Business Development Director has the responsibility for all communications between the firm and the customer.  It is expected that the qualified candidate will have significant industry relationships. Successful candidate will have 10-15 years experience in supply chain, transportation, inventory, process control, with exposure to strategic partnerships or  alliances with logistics providers, specifically in pharmaceutical/ medical or consumer products industries. Successful candidates will have at least 5 years of business development experience in a 3PL environment.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: U.S. National Sales Manager - Chemicals (Coatings)

LOCATION:  US - Location Open

COMPANY: Well established European industrial coatings firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A fast-paced, sole-contributor sales manager around whom a US sales team could be built.

Recruiter seeks a U.S. National Sales Manager on behalf of a very successful European company making liquid and powder coatings. Approximate turnover: USD$175M.

The candidate must be familiar with the industrial coatings and have strong B2B contacts. S/he should:
--be a Hunter, who will enjoy building and expanding the North American market
--have a high self-motivation and self-direction ability (this is US employee #1).

Ideally, the U.S. National Sales Manager should work for an industrial paint manufacturer. Alternatively,s/he can also be experienced working at a manufacturer of paint shops or at a chemical pre-treatment firm.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: National Sales Manager - Automotive Equipment

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia)

COMPANY: Manufacturer of frame equipment

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Aggressive national sales manager

Recruiter seeks on behalf of an automotive equipment manufacturer, a US national sales manager, who would:

•   Establish and implement annual sales program with franchises and national accounts on the corporate level

•   Create and recommend specific target market programs to increase sales overall

•   Project future sales quotas and establish plan to meet those goals

•   Recruit new distributors where firm does not have a strong presence

•   Provide sales skills training with current distributors to increase sales in existing territories, set sales goals and help them achieve those goals.

•   Participate in developing advertising programs, web specials or any incentive programs for firm's distributors that might sell equipment.

•   Participating in trade shows



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Marketing Manager - Consumer Products

LOCATION: US - Southeast 

COMPANY: Fast growing consumer goods retailer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A creative consumer products marketing manager
• A minimum of five years related experience in merchandising, purchasing, catalog pagination, web merchandising, product development international sourcing and manufacturing for a multi-channel retailer preferably within Toy Industry.
• Bachelor's Degree (four year college or university)
• Analytical Skills - Ability to use thinking and reasoning to solve a problem.
• Communication, Oral - Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word.
• Communication, Written - Ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely.
• Detail Oriented - Ability to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task.
• Negotiating - Proven record of win-win negotiations.
• Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method of performing a task.
• Team Player - Ability to work within a team of performers each skilled in her/her own specialty.
• Computer Skills - Required: Excel, Word, Publisher, Outlook; Preferred: Access; Understanding of POS systems (i.e. MOSIS)
• Understanding of market conditions as it relates to merchandising.
• Previous experience in new product design and development preferred.

Recruiter seeks a Marketing Manager, on behalf of a trusted multi-channel retailer specializing in high quality, unique products for the home and garden. Duties and responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to the following:
• Source both domestically and internationally products within designated categories that fit brand merchandising strategy.
• Apply professional knowledge of merchandising principles in order to meet sales, gross margin, and contribution objectives.
• Develop exclusive proprietary products with IP protection potential.
• Manage product collateral, creative work requests for all exclusive product and support needs of creative services team
• Responsible for full life cycle of product management from conception and sourcing to supporting customer service and online managing online reviews.
• Communicate and develop partnerships with all vendors.
• Keep abreast of current industry and design trends.
• Sample, test and evaluate prospective new products to ensure compliance with all applicable standards.
• Negotiate and confirm pricing, packaging, delivery, terms and advertising with catalog vendors.
• Monitor and evaluate vendor performance and determine key strategic partnerships.
• Prepare data and material for product presentation to Vice President and Merchandising Team members.
• Analyze product performance.
• Provide supporting materials for catalog and web design, layout, photography, and copywriting. Proofing same at various stages of production.
• Participate in weekly merchandise meetings with all departments.
• Work closely with QC to ensure quality and safety testing conformity.
• Project sales by item. Assist Inventory Control with recommendations for initial buys and reorder quantities and reducing overstocks.
• Monitor back order report and assist Inventory Control in resolving any related issues.
• Participate in the development of the annual trade show schedule and work within budget.
• Attend trade shows according to product line responsibility.
• Support corporate business plan.
• Responsible for the management and development of support staff.
• Ability to manage a high volume of work, multiple priorities and deadlines in a dynamic work environment
• Collaborate with creative and marketing teams to ensure products within categories of responsibilities are marketed to planned objectives.
• Evaluate trends within categories/sub-categories and recommend seasonal strategies.
• Work with purchasing and QA to guarantee on time ship dates and in stock goals.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: US National Sales Manager - Furniture

LOCATION: US - flexible location

COMPANY:  European consumer durables product firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing European manufacturer of case goods and juvenile furniture in the lower price ranges, a US National Sales Manager. Candidates initially would work from anywhere within the US that is accessible to major airports. Experience selling in the firm's market, in particular, would be of great interest. Firm's global sales in 2005: approx $20M; 2007 sales targeting US$60M. The US Sales Manager will report to the CEO in Europe. The company is looking for an energetic, flexible, unbureaucratic, goal oriented individual to get them into the US market, which they expect to take approximately 25-40% of their capacity. RTA furniture experience a plus


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: International Director, Channels Marketing - Telecommunications

LOCATION: US - Southeast

COMPANY: Major Microwave Communications corporation

Recruiter seeks for a leading company in the microwave communications equipment field, an International Marketing Director who could help develop and improve the firm's channels marketing organization outside of North America. Candidates should have had significant experiences in working with mobile telecommunications carriers and/or base station channels in Europe in particular. Travel to Europe and worldwide should be considered heavy (over 50%). English fluency is required, and knowledge of other European (or Asian) languages would be considered an asset.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Regional Sales Managers - Metals

LOCATION: US Southeast

COMPANY: $200M metals and alloys firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A metals sales manager with a strong track record of success. The Regional Sales Manager's focus would be on sales to major firms in the ferrous foundry and steel industry. Travel to regional centers of the foundry and steel industry would be expected. Comfort in being an independent "self-starter" would be necessary for this position. Important: this company does NOT require the person to be familiar with their product or even their customer base. They will train. The key requirement is a good sales person who has a can-do attitude and strong enthusiasm to run the territory effectively with minimal supervision.

Recruiter seeks Regional Sales Managers (Texas/Oklahoma Region, Southeast Region) on behalf of a well-established American division of a European metal products firm. The firm is a diversified supplier of raw materials to the ferrous foundry and steel industry in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Its products include briquetted alloys, silicon carbide grain, pig iron, ferro-alloys, ceramic filters, desulfurizers, and many other products. Offering customers with world-class products from worldwide sources via an extensive sales and distribution network, combined with an outstanding sales and technical team in both product application and metal casting gives the firm the ability to identify and develop specific solutions for individual businesses. 



To develop and maintain a strong working relationship with key customer decision makers in the following manner:


---Regular and timely contact via personal sales calls, telephone communications, correspondence, technical sessions, product trials, and trade society functions.


---Development of personal relations with the key customer decision makers, and influences in order to create a partnership between the customer and the company. This involves the contact situations described above, as well as appropriate business entertainment within the guidelines of the corporate integrity statement.


---Development and maintenance of a customer information bases which includes personnel, product consumed, customer production data, purchasing methods, method of product use, quality expectations, financial capabilities, business strategies, and competitive factors. This is compiled in order to increase the value of the firm's service to the customer, and to efficiently utilize the resources of the company.


---Provide technical information and services to customers in order to maximize market share and promote an enhanced product value to customers.


---Promotion of a favorable company image by participation in trade society industry, and customer functions.




---To develop and monitor territorial sales objectives to maximize market penetration and company profitability. These are coordinated with the regional sales manager and marketing annually and maintained on a monthly basis via sales "action plan".


---To establish and manage a sales expense budget in order to perform the duties described, efficiently attain our company goals, and promote a positive company image.


---To prepare and submit required and informative reports, including but not limited to account profiles, call reports, forecasts, budget reports, market research, competitive reports, corrective action reports, target reports, etc.


---To maintain a strong working relationship with the regional sales manager, other area sales managers, and support personnel through continuous and diligent communication (personal contact, telephone contact, correspondence, and documentation) to provide the company with the information necessary to achieve our agreed-upon objectives. This is provided by the above-described reports.


---To maintain a strong working relationship with the customer service representative to assure that they are performing their duties in such a manner as to positively contribute to the company's objectives and image.


---To assist in the training and continual education of firm's employees.


---To function as a liaison between our company and its customers and to negotiate the sales of firm's products for the maximum benefit to the company.


---To actively contribute to the Quality Assurance program.




Finance Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Finance Officer (CFO) - Manufacturing

LOCATION: US - Southeast (North Carolina)

COMPANY: Well established manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Problem-solving, well organized Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a well established manufacturing firm, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who would report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Main duties and details:

---Develop company's annual budget and related analyses                     

---Work with Chief Operating Officer (COO) to define Finance organization                         

---Work with Chief Operating Officer (COO) to communicate company's goals for upcoming year           

---Prepare monthly and annual financial statements for internal distribution                

---Thorough assessment of company's (cost) accounting processes                 

---Move standard costs to Oracle operating system

---Conduct month-end closing review with Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Finance staff              

---Ensure that proper controls exist around the movement of inventory

---Define any holes in company's (cost) accounting practices and develop

---Analyze variances to budget and prior year and identify trends corrective action

---Evaluate all financial statement reserves                            

---Assist Chief Operating Officer (COO) with monthly business forecasts and communication with investors  

---Annual financial statement audit                             

---Implement company's corrective action plan with regards to internal controls


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Electronic Chemicals


COMPANY: Early Stage US Electronic Materials Startup

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with strong fundraising contacts at Asian Consumer Electronics (especially displays and solar panels) or Venture Capital firms. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) should be fluent in English; Korean, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese skills a strong plus. CPA or CA desirable.

Recruiter seeks a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a US based startup firm developing chemicals for the electronic displays and photovoltaics industries. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)'s chief role is to raise money and to ensure that it is used wisely.

•   Assess necessary funding levels to support strategic objectives

•   Identify appropriate funding methods and specific funds/groups to target

•   Utilize, cultivate, and strengthen relationships with appropriate private equity and venture capital contacts

•   Work closely with marketing to increase awareness of firm as a strong investment opportunity

•   Lead the development of appropriate materials to “craft the story”

•   Lead preliminary meetings with appropriate potential investors

•   Communicate consistently with management team and board on progress

•   Building detailed financials models for valuation purposes

•   Provide valuation, negotiation, transaction structuring, and due diligence support

•   Anticipate internal and external financial factors to help guide forecasts and budgets

•   Participate with management team to identify ways to achieve financial targets and “hit the numbers”

•   Provide insights regarding pricing, product mix, and market focus.

•   Interact with current investors to ensure everyone understands what we can and cannot achieve financially




EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Head of Finance - Advanced Materials

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Georgia - Atlanta)

COMPANY: Leading multinational advanced materials manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Finance Manager with strong forecasting expertise

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major multinational industrial firm, a Head of Finance. The Head of Finance is responsible for the finance and accounting for a $220M manufacturing company. This position is responsible for maintaining the financial books and records; maintaining internal accounting controls to safeguard company assets; developing financial strategy recommendations for future company growth; and improving efficiencies and reducing cost across the business. Additional responsibilities include managing the process of identifying, measuring, accumulating, analyzing, preparing, interpreting and communicating financial and cost information used to plan, evaluate and control the company’s resources. These responsibilities requires the incumbent to work with the president and other senior management, Corporate Controlling and Accounting in Germany, the Regional Center, outside auditors and other related parties. In addition, the Head of Finance also serves as Treasurer and officer of the company.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following (other duties may be assigned as required):

    • Direct report to the Global Head of Finance (functional) and the local President (legal)
    • Work closely with the President and other senior management in running and growing the business and being an active sparring partner in the management team regarding all financial, strategic, and commercial aspects.
    • Being an integral part of the global Finance team developing and implementing an effective reporting and steering framework for the business
    • Effectively lead the local Finance & Accounting team, further develop its role as business partner, and optimize processes and procedures to improve department efficiency and effectiveness
    • Prepare reliable and accurate monthly financial statements and management accounts as well as the quarterly and year-end reporting packages for the entity in close collaboration with the Shared Service Center
    • Lead the local financial planning process including monthly forecasting and annual budgeting
    • Provide financial reports and deviation analyses to local and global senior management in a timely manner, not only including the numbers but also summarizing underlying business reasons that drive the results and providing advice on areas for improvement
    • Actively drive identification and implementation of profit improvement and efficiency measures across the business and ensure rigorous tracking
    • Ensure rigorous capital expenditure review, approval, and monitoring processes and take an active role in assessing the financial attractiveness and strategic rationale of relevant investment projects
    • Drive the optimization of working capital
    • Foster an optimal usage of the new SAP platform to improve reliability, quality, and timeliness of financial information and increase the degree of automation in data preparation
    • Maintain the integrity of the corporation’s financial books and records in accordance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) as well as the company’s guidelines
    • Ensure the maintenance and further development of an effective internal control framework and issue necessary guidelines, commensurate with a manufacturing company of that size
    • Serve as Treasurer and Officer of the company
    • Provide required information to the Regional Center for preparation of federal and state tax returns
    • Coordinate and direct the local activities relating to the annual financial audits as well as internal audits
    • Closely interact with the Shared Service Center to ensure and improve the accuracy and timeliness of services provided (incl. preparation of vendor payments, employee payroll, cash receipts, fixed asset records, and other accounting entries)

Supervisory Responsibilities

    • Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the Company's policies and applicable laws.
    • Supervisory responsibilities include the selection, training and development, assigning work, and performance management of employees.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  An individual should have experience managing the entire spectrum of finance and accounting in a manufacturing environment including budgeting, forecasting, accounting, cash management and other related duties.

Education and/or Experience

    • Successfully completed Bachelor's degree in Finance or Accounting or equivalent educational background
    • At least 8 years of experience in the areas of Finance and Accounting in a manufacturing environment, thereof at least 5 years in management roles
    • Fluent in English both written and spoken
    • Experience in managing the entire spectrum of finance and accounting in a manufacturing environment including budgeting, forecasting, accounting, cash management and other related duties
    • Accounting expertise (esp. International Financial Reporting Standards)
    • Excellent SAP know-how (especially FI and CO modules) and advanced Excel skills
    • Highest level of integrity and professionalism, exhibiting a high level of energy and initiative with the ability to meet deadlines
    • Excellent leadership skills and proven track record in motivating teams
    • Well established empathy and social skills that enable the build-up of trustful relationships across the business
    • Courage and assertiveness to constructively challenge counterparts if necessary
    • “Self-starter” with the ability to work with a minimum of supervision

Language Skills

Ability to write business correspondence. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, and government officials.  Ability to communicate effectively (orally and in writing) with all levels within the organization. Excellent interpersonal skills required.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Finance & Administration Manager - Import/Export


COMPANY: Australian Government

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced, project-manager type Financial Controller

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a division of the Australian Government, a Finance Manager. The Manager, Finance and Administration, Americas Region, would have oversight for North and South America.  Responsibilities would include all region financial functions, performance reporting, planning and administration and the provision of expert business advice.The successful candidate would have strong skills and experience in business planning, financial performance monitoring, and financial reporting. Good analytical and interpretive skills and a demonstrated working knowledge of contemporary financial and reporting policies, practices, procedures and systems are required. It is necessary to have excellent oral and written communication, negotiation and presentation skills, including the ability to establish rapport with a wide range of people, adjusting approaches to suit different cultures and situations. This Americas Finance Manager requires a Bachelor degree or higher in Accounting, Business Administration or related area and a CPA, CA or similar designation, ideally including audit experience in a medium to large public accounting firm. A minimum of 5 years of experience in a senior financial management position, capacity to travel 25% of the time, and experience with computer-based accounting packages will be expected.





Supply Chain Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Vice President, Purchasing - Food Services

LOCATION: US - Southeast

COMPANY: Major food services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: SVP, Purchasing with strong supply chain management expertise with a focus on commody sourcing.

Recruiter, on behalf of a very large and prominent food services firm, seeks a SVP, Purchasing. The purpose of the SVP, Purchasing is to provide executive direction and leadership to 15-20 employees for short term and long term (multi-year) purchasing strategies, programs, and activities for key food commodities. In addition, the SVP, Purchasing is responsible for developing and overseeing sourcing and risk management strategies using hedging tactics and applicable derivatives to stabilize future price volatility and margins.


Direct Reports:  (2) Vice Presidents, (1) Director Commodities Purchasing

Roles and Responsibilities

•   Direct and lead the purchasing and negotiation strategies, programs and activities for firm's operating companies in an efficient and cost effective manner. Establish strong working relationships with strategic partners to optimize value creation for all parties

•   Provide direction and oversight to the team in order to develop and implement risk management strategies using hedging tactics and applicable derivative instruments to stabilize future price volatility and margins

•   Engage with the Director of firm's Sustainability to ensure that effective strategies are developed and implemented regarding targeted areas of engagement.

•   Interpret and act upon changes in global meat and commodity markets to provide leadership and guidance to the overall Supply Chain team

•   Maintain active communication with leaders from Marketing, Operations, Finance, Quality Assurance, etc. for concept development, designing new programs, discussing product options, providing market education, etc.

•   Manage multiple third party-purchasing relationships to ensure the highest levels of service are provided, effective communication strategies are in place, and that mutually beneficial partnerships exist

•   Provide leadership and support for the enterprise-wide innovation efforts relating to supplier  engagement

•   Provide leadership and support for the department- led efforts regarding Supply Chain Transformation.  Most notably, the development and implementation of a shared service/team buying organizational structure

•   Travel domestically and internationally, as needed, to current and prospective suppliers to provide product and process familiarization, resolution of issues, product development assistance, general business updates, product cost negotiations, etc.

•   Participate in industry trade groups to represent firm's and benchmark against other industry leaders and utilize these learnings to develop and implement operating strategies

•   Assist in Supply Chain business planning, as needed


Required Qualifications, Skills and Abilities

•   Excellent communication skills with the innate ability to influence others outside and across the traditional organizational structure- including senior company leadership, to build meaningful team relationships, and to drive for results across functional lines

•   Sophisticated negotiation skills and RFP management. Strong knowledge of related industry operating costs, procurement methods, and pricing practices

•   Strong knowledge of governmental action in areas affecting the commodities industry, supply and demand fundamentals, and currency valuation dynamics

•   Ability to assume leadership roles, as appropriate, within industry trade groups to influence and shape industry-led efforts

•   Demonstrated ability to educate others regarding the commodity industries through informative meetings and presentations

•   End-to-end understanding of the Supply Chain

•   Strong multi-tasking abilities in an extremely fast-paced environment with an ability to innovate and create strategies that significantly improve supply chain efficiencies

•   Experience developing  sourcing strategies and cultivating supplier relationships


Required Education and Experience

•   Bachelor’s degree in business, or related field.

•   Master’s degree preferred

•   15+ years  of progression in leadership responsibilities in food and commodity purchasing

•   Demonstrated purchasing/negotiation expertise with 10+  years of broad experience in commodity analysis, product cycles and food/energy purchasing with emphasis on component /formula pricing, econometric modeling, and derivative/hedging strategies




EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Supply Chain Management - Plastics

LOCATION: US - Southeast (North Carolina)

COMPANY: $140 million plastic products manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Supply Chain who is well rounded in procurement, materials/ inventory, and logistics. Strong interpersonal skills and a team player

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing plastics firm with operations on the east and west coasts, a Vice President of Supply Chain Management. The VP Supply Chain reports to the President and s/he would have direct management responsibility of over Purchasing, Logistics, Materials Management and Production Scheduling. The VP Supply Chain should be a seasoned professional who could correctly align and interconnect these departments to maximize corporate capital efficiency. The VP Supply Chain would set and oversee purchasing protocol, improve and mature material management, improve and mature logistics, and maximize MRP systems. S/he would correctly balance and minimize inventory investment, setting controls based on demand forecast versus actual sales. It is expected that the VP Supply Chain should have strong MRP systems knowledge, Mapics certification and strong analytical capabilities. Experience with a national retail customer base a plus.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Procurement - Heavy Equipment

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Tennessee)

COMPANY: $350-400 million division of multi-billion dollar European heavy equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Procurement who is a problem solver and analyzer. Mostly need strategically oriented VP Procurement who could analyze opportunities and limits to current supply chain. This is an extremely fast growing division ($200 million last year, near $350-400M this year, with 65-70% due to procured equipment). The VP Procurement will need to know how to alter well-worn supply chain organization that was OK for a $100M division, but too limited for the growth path of this unit. Exp. procuring for eng. services a plus, as this is also a growth area

Recruiter seeks on behalf of world leading European equipment firm, a VP Procurement, for their US operation. This position reports to the Managing Director, Power Generation and Transport equipment. $150 - $300 million in annual procurement. VP Procurement candidates must have excellent skill in developing new sources of supply for structural and fabricated steel and large components and subsystems. Firm's contracts are generally Design and Represent (D&R), so while the firm does multiple hundreds of million in business as an "OEM", they do not manufacture. All materials and subsytems are procured for erection on site.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Supply Chain - Plastics

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Atlanta, Georgia)

COMPANY: Leading consumer plastics manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Supply Chain with Continuous Improvement expertise. Bachelor's degree with 10+ years of senior management experience in a global procurement role. CPSM/CPM professional designation preferred. Strong understanding and working knowledge of MRP II. Significant experience with global sourcing, including managing lead times, logistics and quality. Significant forecasting and planning experience. Exceptional negotiating and analytical skills. The successful candidate needs to have strong professional background in all aspects of Supply Chain management. Experience will include material planning and sourcing/ procurement, domestic and international, as well as inventory management. The successful candidate will have extensive business process experience. Candidate should have a demonstrated ability to manage a global organization at multiple levels, and to lead cross-functional work teams.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a Vice President - Supply Chain and Business Improvement on behalf of a successful firm manufacturing plastic products for the consumer market. The Vice President - Supply Chain and Business Improvement will develop and deploy a global sourcing program. This role will direct both internal and external policies and processes to ensure an integrated sourcing system that meets customer requirements, minimize the total supply chain cost and maximize supply chain effectiveness, including conforming to established quality standards, establishing an inventory flow that is responsive to the needs of the business. The Vice President - Supply Chain and Business Improvement will evaluate, plan and implement business process and procedures improvements throughout the corporation. The Vice President - Supply Chain and Business Improvement will be a cross-functional position working in all areas of the corporation.

--Direct and coordinate organization's global procurement operations including oversight of all procurement personnel and activities.

--Actively manage and develop procurement staff including development and implementation of training programs and performance metrics.

--Lead the purchasing and material sourcing functions in setting and achieving strategic objectives for supplier negotiations, seeking out opportunities to drive cost reductions, and proactively identify and act upon key trends in the supply chain.

--Provide leadership in using advanced planning tools to model, simulate, and release optimized materials plans to the organization. Development, planning and implementation of schedules.

--Analyze and manage inventory levels in support of company's financial objectives.

--Develop and maintain strategic alliances with key suppliers globally

--Develop and implement processes for identifying, evaluating, and selecting potential suppliers and negotiate favorable business trms and service level agreements

--Minimize supply risks by continually developing and securing alternative sources of supply. Develop contingency plans for addressing critical shortages quickly and cost effectively.

--Analyze global purchasing processes and procedures and design and implementation changes designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of company's procurement capabilities

--Implement supplier evaluation and performance measuring systems and processes

--Ensure that all procurement operations and activities comply with the company's quality standards

--Develop and maintain a system of effective analysis of business functions and processes, resulting in knowledge based recommendations for improvements

--Provide leadership in presentation of improvement and implementation of agreed upon improvements



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Supply Chain Services
LOCATION: US - any location
COMPANY: Logistics and Distribution Services Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a Supply Chain services client, a VP Sales. Candidates deemed most suitable for this role might have come from firms such as Federal Express, UPS, DHL, etc., or possibly from mgmt consulting firms that offer supply chain services. Candidates should have proven track records of strong sales to leading manufacturing firms. 


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President, Worldwide Materials - Consumer Electronics/ Computers
LOCATION: US - Confidential
COMPANY: Multi-billion dollar Multinational Electronics Corporation

Vice President, Worldwide Materials responsible for leading, developing, implementing and managing global Materials strategies with each regional Materials Lead in Firm's geographies to assure optimal supply, flexibility, quality, delivery performance and sourcing compliance, are executed by each applicable site. This position parallels a VP, Worldwide Purchasing; both report to a Senior Vice President. This position is largely Materials-focused, not procurement-oriented. Candidates coming from manufacturers of computers, consumer electronics, or leading contract manufacturing firms specializing in electronics and other electronic assembly would be most appropriate. Recruiter seeks Vice President, Worldwide Materials candidates who have supervised materials operations at a large number of manufacturing facilities, preferably in a multitude of countries. The key mission of this person is to harmonize and fine-tune the worldwide materials organization.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Directors of Business Development - Logistics Services

LOCATION: US: Southeast

COMPANY:  Major 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on Sales Directors focusing on a variety of industry sectors, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobile products, consumer products, etc.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading 3PL firm, several Directors of Business Development, who could be based from home offices. The positions report to either a Vice President or to an Executive Vice President. As the primary facilitator for all business development activities, the Business Development Director has the responsibility for all communications between the firm and the customer.  It is expected that the qualified candidate will have significant industry relationships. Successful candidate will have 10-15 years experience in supply chain, transportation, inventory, process control, with exposure to strategic partnerships or  alliances with logistics providers, specifically in pharmaceutical/ medical or consumer products industries. Successful candidates will have at least 5 years of business development experience in a 3PL environment.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Director of Procurement - Latin America - Consumer Packaged Goods

LOCATION: US- Southeast (Miami, Florida)

COMPANY: Major US Consumer Products Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fully bilingual, results-oriented Spanish-English or Portuguese-English Senior Director of Procurement - Latin America. Focus on commodities

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading US firm in the CPG/ FMCG field, a Senior Director of Procurement for Latin America. Position reports to an EVP Procurement - Latin America.

-- Overall leader of Procurement function in the Latin America Region.  

-- Oversees the buying of ~ $ 2 billion worth of Commodities, Packaging, Ingredients and Indirect Materials and Services.

-- Manages a staff of ~ 140 people deployed in ten countries. Leads organization that optimizes regional scale and scope and serves the LA region through combined material category and Business Unit responsibilities.

-- Operates in volatile economic and political Latin American environment, with trade restrictions and volatile currencies.

-- Is responsible for the successful delivery of all Procurement related cost management,  growth/ innovation, customer service and quality initiatives for the LA Region.  

-- Leads development/delivery of LA Region specific Procurement goals and long term strategies.

-- Drives functional alignment/linkage/execution across all areas of corporate Procurement and material categories to leverage global scale in support of LA Region goals and initiatives.  

-- Has fiduciary responsibility for company spend and compliance.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Director of Supply Chain - manufactured goods

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc.)

COMPANY: High Volume Products Manufacturer

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European manufacturing corporation with plants in the US, Canada and Mexico, a Senior Director of Supply Chain. This high level manager will report directly to the President of the Americas, with strong relationships to the VP Manufacturing, Purchasing Managers, CS Associate Director, Plant Managers, Site Supply Chain Managers, Business Unit Directors, Sales and Marketing, Outside vendors, International colleagues, Customers, and IT. Candidates should have significant multi-disciplinary experiences at a high volume manufacturer, with experience managing Purchasing, Logistics, and Materials Management, as well as superior communications and interpersonal skills. The Senior Director of Supply Chain will establish and manage key business processes across the network of organizations that comprise the supply chain for the corporation's Americas Division, including Purchasing, Logistics, Materials Management, and Cust.Ser. The emphasis is on the development and management of effective supply chain processes.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director, Business Development - Logistics Services

LOCATION: US - flexible location

COMPANY: Fast Growing Reverse Logistics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales Director with strong contacts in the OEM, telecom, wireless and automotive sectors, ideally involving Reverse Logistics

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a fast growing reverse logistics firm, a Business Development Director who can drive a fast growth of firm's Reverse Logistics business. Asian experience and relationships would also be very helpful.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Projects Director - Power Generation

LOCATION: US Southeast (Tennessee)

COMPANY: Leading European Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, fast-paced procurement director/ contracts director with heavy industry experiences. Knowledge of constr'n and operation of power plants; knowledge of general accounting and project accounting principles; knowledge of how to schedule and track complex projects. Proven skills in  negotiations. Special training in project planning/controls; excellent verbal and written communication, problem-solving skills.

Recruiter, on behalf of a leading European firm in the power generation field, seeks a Projects Director, who would be responsible for project execution, contract acceptance, customer satisfaction and financial return for one or more highly complex and/or large-scale projects; or for multiple project with a single customer. Serves as prime interface with customer and consortium partner(s) to resolve issues of mutual concern. German or French skills a plus.

-   Organize, structure and manage a project team to meet the needs of the project and control project costs.

-   Supervise project manager(s) assigned to projects(s) for which he is responsible.

-   Ensure on-time delivery of quality information, material, workmanship, field service and product performance.

-   Review and manage the project schedule and approve changes, ensuring all contract parameters are being met.

-   Approve all purchase orders for contract materials, services and Quality requirements.

-   Issue various periodic reports detailing financial and schedule status of project (s).


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Strategic Sourcing - Services Firm

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Charlotte, North Carolina)

COMPANY: Leading Services Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Director of Strategic Sourcing able to raise the professional level of procurement skills and technologies in department

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of major national services firm, a Director of Strategic Sourcing, who would report to COO. Responsible for the development and implementation of strategic and tactical supply chain management for contracting, arch. design, repair, operating and maintenance service contracts to support the management of new and existing facilities.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sourcing Director, Director of Sourcing - Consumer Products

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Memphis, Tennessee)

COMPANY: Consumer Products Company

A leading consumer products company in Memphis, TN seeks an Asia Sourcing Director to significantly improve the firm's efficiences in sourcing, manufacturing and product delivery. Key openings include:

--Planning and Sourcing Director: focus on oversight of contract manufacturing, particularly in Asia

--Manager of Sourcing or Director of Sourcing


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Manager of Demand Planning - Packaging Products

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Virginia)

COMPANY: Major Packaging corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: The Demand Planning Manager supports achievement of the company’s customer service and financial objectives via effective and efficient forecasting for products and materials on a global scale.
• Bachelor’s degree required. Business or Supply Chain preferred
• 5+ years of experience in Demand Planning for seasonal, retail products
• CPIM certification preferred
• Prefer experience in managing employees
• Strong analytical thinking and process orientation skills
• Critical, time-sensitive decision making
• Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, while prioritizing workload
• Team oriented and positive attitude
• Ability to work cross-functionally without departmental silos
• High energy and performance level

Recruiter, on behalf of a major packaging firm, seeks a Manager of Demand Planning, who reports to the Director of Logistics.
• Manages the Demand Planning department, all demand planning employees, and owns the demand planning process.
• Proactively collaborates with suppliers, customers, purchasing, logistics and account management teams to create, evaluate, and approve an item level demand forecast at specified periods.
• Continually monitors, evaluates and analyzes inventory and sales patterns (trends, mix, bias, cannibalization, and other patterns), paying special attention to new items and discontinuations. Provides fact based analysis of current trends and gaps.
• Day-to-day resolution of critical issues affecting inventory and order fulfillment via root cause analysis and corrective actions
• Manages and reports monthly on all Demand Planning KPI’s.
• Provides safety stock and buffer stock recommendations for supplier locations and distribution centers.
• Works closely with key suppliers to assist them in production planning constraints.
• Prepares forecast analysis and status reports for management and customer presentations.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: MRO Buyer - Building Materials

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Knoxville, TN)

COMPANY: Major Building Materials Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, highly responsible, intelligent buyer, especially with experience in the MRO space

Recruiter seeks an MRO Buyer on behalf of well established building materials manufacturer. The MRO Buyer is responsible for procuring the MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) goods and services which keep the plant running effectively. Monitor and document vendor performance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Review engineering notifications and drawings covering areas of responsibilities.
    • Expedite orders, when necessary, effectively manage expedites to eliminate emergency surcharges.
    • Orders parts, or items for any requested the plant or office maintenance, repair, operations equipment, services
    • Provide support (quotes/options) in response to requests for maintenance, repair, operations equipment, services, for plant and office.
    • Responsible to ensure Inventory levels of MRO items are optimized to support Operational needs meet financial objectives by keeping Inventory levels to optimized levels.
    • Maintains parts and supplies inventory by receiving, inspecting, and verifying items; identifying and storing items; recording location; reordering items.?
    • Verifies orders received against packing slips and original order.
    • Maintains clean and safe work environment by following standards and procedures, complying with legal regulations.?
    • Contacts Team Leads and Department Supervisors relative to availability of materials, delays, changing orders and handling problems to meet the production plan. Communicates to maintenance team updates on delivery dates for orders at risk.
    • Expedites operations that delay schedules and alters schedules to meet unforeseen conditions.
    • Maintains inventory records and requisitions as necessary to ensure delivery schedules are met.
    • Recalculates raw material inventory, as needed, by analyzing trends in demand, changes in lead time, minimum order quantities, standard packs, and safety stock levels.
    • Assists and/or performs in all areas as assigned.
    • Comply with safety regulations (OSHA and Company) and maintain clean and orderly work areas.
    • Perform all other duties as assigned or needed. 

    • Requires a high school diploma/GED or equivalent experience. Some college preferred.
    • 1+ years of manufacturing experience desired.  
    • 2+ years inventory control/buyer experience.
    • Must be familiar with automated systems, including computer-based programs including MRP systems. (SAP preferred)
    • Familiarity with data entry recordkeeping on PC/Computer systems.
    • Must be able to utilize computer and software to perform defined duties.
    • Must be highly motivated and able to work independently.
    • Must be able to lift and move objects up to 60 pounds consistently with heavier weights as necessary at times.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Supply Chain Manager

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Nashville, Tennessee)

COMPANY: Multinational Manufacturing Firm

A growing and successful company, a division of a larger corporation, seeks a Supply Chain Manager who is excited about the challenge of updating and implementing a wide range of changes to the company's supply chain processes in order to accommodate growth due to expanded sales. Recruiter is particularly targeting candidates in Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Little Rock, Lexington, etc.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Materials Manager - Chemicals

LOCATION: US - Southeast (metro- Atlanta, Georgia)

COMPANY: $ Multi-billion Multinational Chemical Corporation

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of one of the world's largest chemicals manufacturers, a Materials Manager. In this position, you will plan, direct and supervise the supplies and finished stock inventories while adhering to all corporate purchasing guidelines. The Materials Manager will also ensure optimum quality, service and inventory supplies to meet customer demands at the lowest possible inventory investment consistent with quality, production, sales, and service requirements. In addition, you will develop production and inventory forecasts and subsequent modifications to support business demands.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Supply Chain Manager - Fabrics

LOCATION: US - Southeast (South Carolina)

COMPANY: Fabric Manufacturing Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a division of a multinational specialized products manufacturer, a plant Supply Chain Manager. You will establish and manage key business processes across the network of organizations that comprise the supply chain, including Planning, Logistics, and Materials Management. The emphasis is on the development and management of effective supply chain processes. PRIMARY WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Sr. Director of Supply Chain - Americas, Vice President of Manufacturing - Americas, Purchasing, CS Associate Director, Plant Manager, Site Leadership Team, Sales and Marketing, Outside vendors, Customers, Information Technology Group



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Procurement Manager - Power Generation

LOCATION: US Southeast

COMPANY: Leading European Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, fast-paced purchasing manager with heavy industry experiences. Effective negotiating and strong interpersonal skills and the application of fair and ethical business practices. Ability to independently resolve issues with difficult customers. Asian sourcing or Eastern European sourcing of great interest.

Recruiter, on behalf of a leading European firm in the power generation field, seeks a Procurement Manager. Reporting to the VP Procurement, the Procurement Manager is responsible for the Procurement execution of all procurement activities on any assigned project or projects which includes the administration of all sub-contracts and the purchase, expediting, inspection and transportation of all material equipment and services. Ten years of procurement and/or related experience in industry. C.P.M. from the NAPM a plus.  

-   Procure all material, equipment and services on assigned project below the As sold Budget.

-   Participate in the initial project meetings to determine and agree to specific procurement strategies policies, procedures, lines of communication, and to specify necessary terms and conditions of purchase.

-   Develops and issues the Project Procurement Instructions, the Project Bidders List, and the Procurement Plan, which establishes the manner or procurement execution for the project.

-   Develops and maintains effective lines of communication between Procurement, Business Development, Project Management, Engineering, Constr'n, Finance, and the Customer, to ensure proper flow of information, prompt approvals and decisions when required.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Risk Management

LOCATION: US - Southeast

COMPANY: $Billion+ European Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Director of Risk Management with strong contracts background

Recruiter seeks on behalf of major European firm, a Director of Risk Management. Works with the Managing Director, heads of Business Development, Business Applications, Projects and Eng., Supply Management and Quality to ensure risks are identified from proposal preparation stage until warranty issues of projects are closed out. Reporting lines will be per Sector requirements. There will be a direct link to the Head of Sector Risk Management and to SVP, ECS Business. 10 years of experience in managing projects to successful completion. Experience in tendering, closing contracts and project execution.  Management of large/complex projects including international content is preferred.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Materials Manager - Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc.)

COMPANY: Multi-billion dollar Electronics Contract Manufacturing Firm

Leading electronics contract manufacturing firm seeks a Materials Manager. Person will be responsible for approximately $400 million in business. Focus will be on asset management. The Materials Manager must be a tactician skilled in dealing with excess inventory problems.



Manufacturing & Operations Management

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Operations (Chief Operating Officer Level) - Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

LOCATION: US - Southeast

COMPANY: Fast-growing Industrial Equipment Division of $Multi-Billion Multinational Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced VP Operations who has run a multi-plant manufacturing business on the order of USD$500 - 800M+. This is a fast-growing business that requires an involved, unbureaucratic, and well-organized person. It should be considered at a Chief Operating Officer (COO) type level. The VP Operations must have had personal oversight of at least 1,000 staff, preferably covering a minimum of 6-8 plants and/or distribution centers. This operation includes U.S., Mexican maquiladora and Canadian operations. The VP Operations must be an excellent communicator with a collaborative, consultative style. Experience in LEAN is necessary, as is an ability to recruit, nurture and grow managerial ranks. Language skills in Spanish a strong plus.
         • Bachelor’s Degree in operations management, supply chain, business administration, or related discipline.  MBA or other advanced degree is preferred.
         • 15+ years of progressively responsible manufacturing management experience with several years in a senior management role having significant business and operational impact.
         • Experience with ERP/MRP systems.
         • Experience working with integrated computer programs and/or applications.

For the right person, there is a potential to advance to a President role after a few years of solid performance.

Recruiter seeks a Division Vice President of Operations, on behalf of a fast growing business unit of a large and successful multinational corporation. Position Summary: The VP of Operations is to develop and empower a management team that can achieve the goals and objectives of the plant operation to generate operating profit.  Will provide leadership, motivation and guidance to all company operations at assembly, distribution, manufacturing, and production locations to include manufacturing, logistics, manufacturing engineering and maintenance, material control, purchasing, and quality assurance and control to enhance the flexibility and to improve overall costs, quality and on-time delivery of company products.  Manage responsible areas either directly or through subordinate personnel.  Directly supervises Plant Managers at all facilities. The VP Operations:

         • Serves as senior executive responsible for the attainment of firm's manufacturing objectives with a focus on safety, quality, and financial performance for all of firm's assembly, distribution, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.
         • Develops and coordinates annual business plans for each facility and track performance against the plan.
         • Develops objectives, policies, and plans for the operations activities to enable the accomplishment of the company’s strategic plans.
         • Actively participate in the firm's sales and operations planning process to clearly understand projected mid- and long-term supply and demand and in making decisions related to seeking new business or capacity additions with the end objective being to achieve the optimal capacity utilization levels to maximize the firm's profitability.
         • Advises and consults with Plant Managers and other key managers to guide the company in maintaining and improving its competitive position and the profitability of its manufacturing operations.
         • Assigns personnel and directs the efficient and economical manufacture of all company products consistent with quality objectives and delivery schedules.
         • Through manufacturing management, directs and coordinates the efficient and economical manufacture of all company products consistent with engineering specifications, quality objectives, and marketing forecasts.
         • Through manufacturing management, maintains product quality levels consistent with engineering specifications and manufacturing cost objectives and oversee the service of equipment and the maintenance, security, and safety of the company’s buildings and grounds.
         • Through purchasing management, directs the procedures and policies for purchasing materials, equipment, supplies and services to ship products in a cost-effective and timely manner.
         • Coordinates and directs major projects such as expansion of facilities, acquisitions and installation of capital equipment, major repairs and overhauls, plant layout changes, etc. to the best economic advantage.  Review and approve capital and expense expenditures.
         • Meets principal deliverables of safety (TCIR rate), quality (customer scorecards), and financial performance and position the firm as the supplier and investment of choice for the parent company.
         • Establishes and manages a process to monitor and measure performance against objectives, intervene as necessary if performance is not meeting objectives.
         • Reviews periodic cost estimates and reports and devises corrective actions or improvements where necessary and/or advisable.
         • Maintains high quality performance to customers by supporting activities such as lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, quality audits, and others.
         • Through manufacturing management, ensures quality policies, procedures, and initiatives are compliant with Company and ISO-9001:2015 standards as well as customer defined quality systems and requirements.
         • Review status of new launch activity and profitability at each event via program reviews.
         • Interacts with customers for new launch preparation, quality issues, and cost reduction proposals.
         • Reviews status of cost reduction activities at the plant level and corporate level.
         • Maintains positive working relationships with customers, suppliers, affiliate company officials, and parent company executives by representing the organization during facility tours where such contacts are critical to the achievement of manufacturing objectives.
         • Confers and collaborates with Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Human Resources to identify and alleviate problems.
         • Promote a safe and healthy working environment and compliance with federal and state safety regulations by monitoring safety and health awareness and corrective action activities.
         • Ensures regulatory compliance in all areas of responsibility to include those related to environmental and transportation areas together with identification, handling and disposal of hazardous wastes.
         • Plans and establish the organizational structure, relationships, functions, line of authority, etc. for each subordinate area.
         • Develops annual budgets for all assigned areas, either personally or through subordinates.
         • Establishes and maintains inventory levels and controls to conform to budgets and forecasts.
         • Ability to effectively manage production operations in unionized or union-free settings to accomplish work goals.
         • Safety Focus - Adheres to all workplace and trade safety laws, regulations, standards, and practices by learning and following safe work procedures in a manufacturing environment.
         • Cost Consciousness - Works within approved budget; Develops and implements cost saving measures; Contributes to profits and revenue; Conserves organizational resources.
         • Communications - Communicates accurately, clearly, effectively, and directly both verbally and written, internally and externally, across all mediums, audiences, and situations.
         • Flexibility - Adapts to and works with a variety of situations, individuals, and groups; is open to different and new ways of doing things; willingness to modify one’s preferred way of doing things.
         • Global Mindset - Embraces the idea that there are differences between the global and local levels, and that these differences should be acknowledged and leveraged as a strategic business advantage.
         • Core Values - Ability to genuinely champion Company vision, mission, values including the ability and willingness to demonstrate and uphold the Company's Core Values of Empowerment, Innovation, and Integrity.
         • Customer Focused - Demonstrates dedication to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and acts with customers in mind.
         • Quality Orientation - Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; strives for continuous improvement and looks for ways to improve and promote quality; applies feedback to improve performance; monitors own work to ensure quality.
         • Demonstrating Beliefs and Principles - Openly confronts actions or decisions that do not align with his/her core beliefs, values, and principles; lets people know where he/she stands on issues and why; willing to agree to disagree when appropriate.
         • Developing Others - Ability to delegate responsibility; plans and supports the development of individuals' skills and abilities, and coach to develop their capabilities so that they can fulfill current or future job/role responsibilities more effectively.
         • People Leadership - Inspires, motivates, and empowers employees to perform well by creating a climate in which employees want to do their best; ability to quickly inspire confidence and establish trust, credibility, and rapport with executives and employees.
         • Managing Through Systems - Can design practices, processes, and procedures which allow managing from a distance; is comfortable letting things manage themselves without intervening; can make things work through others without being there; can impact people and results remotely.
         • Change Management - Defines requirements and resources needed to implement new ideas; converts ideas from general concepts into actionable implementation plans; communicates changes effectively; builds commitment and overcomes resistance; Monitors transition and evaluates results.
         • Creativity and Innovation - Displays original thinking and creativity; meets challenges with resourcefulness; Generates suggestions for improving work; develops innovative approaches and ideas; encourages new ideas and innovations; presents ideas and information in a manner that gets others' attention.
         • Accountability & Dependability - Takes personal responsibility for own actions and the quality and timeliness of work, and achieves results with little oversight; follows instructions, responds to management direction; keeps commitments and completes tasks on time; commits to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals.
         • Valuing Diversity - Appreciates and leverages the capabilities, insights, and ideas of all individuals including those with culturally different backgrounds; works effectively with individuals of diverse style, ability, and motivation; values diverse perspectives and working with others as a way to achieve the best output possible.
         • Diagnostic Information Gathering - The ability to identify the information, assistance, and support needed to clarify a situation, seek that information from professional partnerships with others inside or outside the organizations, and use skillful questioning to draw out the information, when others are reluctant to disclose it.
         • Problem Solving - Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; able to do firsthand investigation, analysis, and track back to arrive at the root cause of a problem and then identify best possible solutions or countermeasures that must be done to resolve the problem or achieve the goal; works well in-group problem solving situations.
         • Technical & Professional Skill and Expertise - Ability to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill acquired through formal training or extensive on-the-job experience to perform one's job at a high level of accomplishment; works with, understands, and evaluates technical information related to the job; advises others on technical issues.
         • Self-Development & Continual Learning - Displays an ongoing commitment to learning and self-improvement; making an effort to acquire and apply new knowledge or skills for work; uses training, feedback, or other opportunities for self-learning and development; actively seeks feedback and works on compensating for weakness and limits.
         • Fostering Teamwork - Ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity; fosters commitment and team spirit; capable of working well with others both on the team and cross-functionally to achieve individual goals, team goals, department goals, and/or organizational goals; supports team decisions.
         • Leveraging Customer Networks - Understands how work gets done in organizations; purposefully develops internal and external customer relationships to build value through collaboration; builds networks that allow him/her to efficiently drive projects through the organizational structure; maximizes productivity while staying within constraints of formal organizational policies and rules.
         • Strategic Decision Making - Organizes work, sets priorities, and determines resource requirements; determines strategies to achieve short-term or long-term goals and objectives after developing alternatives based on logical assumptions, facts, available resources, constraints, and organizational values; adapts strategies to changing conditions; coordinates with other parts of the organization to accomplish goals; monitors progress and evaluates outcomes.
         • Integrity, Trust, & Respect - Accomplishes results while maintaining respect for others, empathy, trust, fairness, and positive communications and relationships; demonstrates high ethical standards, integrity, and moral character; supports Company policies and practices in all work activities; is seen as a direct, truthful individual; follows through on commitments; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
         • Change Leadership - Manages, leads, and enables the process of change and transition; prepares, helps, and supports those affected by change deal with the impacts; includes the ability to develop, sponsor, or support the introduction of new and improved methods, products, procedures, or technologies; exhibits the characteristics of successfully leading change: creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, strategic thinking, and vision.
         • Guiding Behaviors - Demonstrates firm's guiding behaviors: develops and maintains effective relationships with others; takes the initiative on actions to accomplish goals and objectives and proactively looks for ways to improve existing processes; takes personal responsibility for own actions and for the quality and timeliness of work, and acts with a sense of urgency to achieves results; can be counted on to exceed goals successfully and constantly drives for results.
         • Builds Effective Teams - Inspires and fosters team commitment, spirit, pride, morale, and trust; creates a feeling of belonging in the team; fosters open dialogue; facilitates cooperation and motivates team members to accomplish group goals; shares wins and successes; lets people finish and be responsible for their work; defines success in terms of the whole team;  ability to work with multiple teams and departments, comfortable leading, managing up and down levels in the organization.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Semiconductor Fabrication Director - LED Products

LOCATION: US location

COMPANY: Major LED products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Semiconductor Fabrication Manager who can run a 150 person facility with a minimum of direction. Highly intelligent, results oriented, excellence-motivated and unaffected, unpretentious. "Roll up the sleeves" manager.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leader in its field, a General Plant Manager. As the Manager of Operations, you will be responsible for Front End manufacturing within firm's LED Products business unit.  Your specific areas of responsibility will include crystal growth, wafer preparation and epitaxial growth. In this role you will have the opportunity to exercise your leadership abilities by leading a team of manufacturing managers to meet the needs of the LED Products business.  You will also partner with the LED Products leadership team to make this division successful by driving lean manufacturing initiatives and promoting a culture of continuous improvement and employee empowerment.  A significant responsibility associated with the role will be to lead a factory expansion project for the division.


In addition, you will:

--    Work closely with the equipment maintenance team and be charged with improving tool capabilities, availability and utilization.

--    Reduce and eliminate reworks, mis-processing, and other forms of waste in our processes by supporting and championing operational improvements to the NPI process.

--    Partner with the research and development organization to effectively transfer new processes, products, and technologies into high volume production.

--    Drive continuous process improvement, capacity expansion, yield improvement, cost reduction, and quality efforts within the department.



--    Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering,  Applied Physics, or other semiconductor related discipline. MS or PhD preferred.

--    10 years experience in a semiconductor environment

--    5 years experience in leadership roles

--    2 years in an operations management capacity

--    Candidate must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Plant Manager- Aerospace

LOCATION: US- Southeast

COMPANY: Major high-speed paper-handling equipment manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Plant Manager with LEAN experience and familiarity with customized paper-sorting or similar equipment manufacturing.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leader in its field, a General Plant Manager. The General Plant Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). A leading national manufacturer of customized high speed sorting equipment requires a Plant Manager for their 300 person facility. BSIE or equivalent. Systems engineering orientation. Six Sigma training a plus. Should have led a manufacturing engineering group of at least 20 individuals. A strong background in process development. Must demonstrate past ability interacting with sales and customers as needed and must have 5 or more years experience in a manufacturing environment.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Electronics Contract Manufacturing
LOCATION: US - Southeast (Florida)
COMPANY: Multinational CM Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a multinational contract electronics manufacturer, a Plant Manager, for an important facility in the southeastern US. Product at the plant is approximately $<20M. Staff: 100-150 employees. The Plant Manager will be responsible for Operations, Materials, Program Management and Facilities, and must have a strong background in managing a PCA Assembly and System Assembly manufacturing operation.  Experience in an international, multi-plant Contract Manufacturing firm is highly desirable. The Plant Manager must posses excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Must have the ability to lead in a multi- tasking, highly dynamic work situation. The Plant Manager must be hands on, team player with Customer interface experience.  A proven track record of cost management in a world class manufacturing operation is required.  Must have outstanding organization skills and a strong quality background (ISO 9002). Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Masters degree and/or APICS certification a plus.Minimum of 10 years experience in a manufacturing management positions.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Manufacturing - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Arkansas)

COMPANY: European multinational industrial equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  "manufacturing in a lean environment."  Director of Manufacturing who has run assembly plants, not fabricating plants. They will need to have a heavy background in logistics & materials flow. The focus of this  Director of Manufacturing is to improve material flow from suppliers, through assembly, out the back door, and to customers."

Recruiter, on behalf of a European industrial equipment firm, seeks a Director of Manufacturing. Reports to the Managing Director. Oversee Purchasing/ Production & Inventory Control, Fac Maint., Quality, Manufacturing, Demand Center, Rotational Molding, and Industrial Eng.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Manufacturing

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Florida)

COMPANY: $15 million manufacturer of industrial relays and controls
ISO certified Florida manufacturer of electronic relays and controls for the power industry seeks Director of Manufacturing. This position reports directly to the President. Oversee responsibilities of on-time delivery, shortening product cycle time, optimizing product costs, supply chain management and achieving high levels of inventory turnover. Must  develop, plan and implement manufacturing strategies for processes and product. Ability to budget and manage department expenses, act as liaison between other departments to achieve production goals and integrate quality assurance utilizing ERP system, manufacturing planning, MRP and scheduling.  Interpersonal skills in communication, teamwork and conflict resolution are essential.  Must possess a BS/BA degree along with a minimum of 10 years electronic manufacturing experience.  Knowledge of the power industry or electromechanical manufacture helpful, particularly from firms such as Siemens ABB, Basler or Schweitzer.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Technical Supervisory Production Positions - Building Materials

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Knoxville, TN)

COMPANY: Major Ceramic Tiles Manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Detail oriented, dependable technical supervisors. Strong comfort level working on the manufacturing floor. Strong communicator.

Recruiter on behalf of a well established ceramic tile manufacturer:
--Press Supervisor
--Glazing Supervisor
--Kiln Supervisor
--Selection Supervisor (Packaging Supervisor)

       • Requires a high school diploma or equivalent.
       • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
       • Requires knowledge of safety policy and procedures.
       • Ability to read/write English.
       • Basic computer literacy.
       • Extensive knowledge of quality standards and overall ceramic manufacturing.
       • Must possess relevant technical schooling or equivalent work experience.

       • Requires 5 - 7 plus years’ experience in the ceramic tile industry with a strong background in press, glaze, kiln or selection (packaging).


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Production Shift Supervisor - Building Materials

LOCATION: US - Southeast (Knoxville, TN)

COMPANY: Major Building Materials Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: fast-paced, results-oriented and efficient production supervisor

Recruiter seeks a Production Shift Supervisor, reporting to the Plant Manager. Supervises all aspects of plant during off-shift (2nd/3rd) and weekend operations (4 day work week).  Communicates all issues with Plant Manager, HR Manager and Production Supervisors as applicable. The position is responsible for actively managing the performance of people and processes in a manufacturing setting. Key performance areas include safety, quality overall equipment effectiveness, and operator productivity.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
---Enforces health, safety, and environmental regulations and adheres to SOPs and company directives.
---Directs and coordinates the activities of associates engaged in all areas of the plant.
---Communicates clearly, concisely and consistently with Team Leads and Production Supervisors and Managers.
---Plans and establishes work assignments, and production sequences to meet production goals.
---Ensure that all operations are running to standard at all times with an eye to high quality and high capacity.
---Monitor the performance of associates and provides feedback in the moment daily
---Coach and provide consistent application of associate relation policies.?
---Oversees training of production personnel to perform work assignments safely and efficiently.?
---Utilize automated timekeeping and HR systems for accurate accounting of work hours.
---Has the authority to recommend termination, schedule vacations and time off, or process disciplinary action. Is responsible to correct and communicate in a timely manner to payroll all necessary information to process payroll.
---Prepares and conducts performance evaluations.
---Consistently enforces company policies.
---Performs other duties as assigned.
---A.S. or B.S. degree in related field preferred. (High School Diploma or GED required)
---Minimum Ideal candidate will possess a minimum of 3 years related experience required;   Supervisory/management experience strongly preferred.
---Experience with developing, implementing, and documenting procedures.
---Must be computer proficient using Microsoft Office applications.


Technical Management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Third Party Logistics

LOCATION: US Southeast

COMPANY: Major Third Party Logistics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: 3PL industry experienced leading-edge Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major Third Party Logistics firm, a Chief Information Officer (CIO). Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the CIO manages, directs, and sets strategy for the organization's information technology activities.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Third-party logistics (3PL) provider

LOCATION: US Southeast

COMPANY: Third Party Logistics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: CTO with experience in the development of logistics software

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast-growing third-party logistics (3PL) provider, seeks a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) must have:
-- significant API implementation and maintenance experience.
-- significant Microsoft SQL database experience.
-- significant experience managing developers in multiple locations.

Current state-of-the-industry 3PL, WMS experience a plus.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Consumer Products

LOCATION: US Southeast (metro- Atlanta, GA)

COMPANY: Major Consumer Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, strategic thinking Chief Information Officer (CIO), who could refashion existing IT organization into pacesetter for efficiency in multi-divisional consumer products company. Experience should also include managing multiple hardware platforms, integrated applications, and communication systems. Preferred experience includes budget preparation and execution, negotiating with vendors, managing multiple projects, written and verbal communication. Possess understanding of business processes.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing consumer products client, a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who would report to the CEO. The CIO's duties may be considered as following:

-- Planning - Develop, coordinate, and maintain the Information Technology strategic and operating plans. Ensure alignment with the corporate vision. Develop and maintain the technology architecture and standards.

-- Leadership - Ensure appropriate investment in technology portfolio. Evaluate and promote technology trends. Oversee relationships with vendors and technical organizations.

 -- Technology Management - Approve and oversee Information Technology initiatives. Ensure information systems operate according to internal standards and regulatory requirements.

-- Financial Management - Prepare and adhere to Information Technology annual operating and capital budgets. Develops strategies and standards aimed at minimizing cost. Negotiate or review Information Technology acquisition and maintenance contracts.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP, Information Technology - Travel Services

LOCATION: US Southeast (Florida)

COMPANY: Major European Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Excellent people skills. A VP IT able to schedule and drive key projects

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major British firm, a VP IT. Major duties:

•   IT Business Partner to the Division President, CFO, Senior Vice President Operations, Vice President Commercial , Vice President Business Development

•   The development of a robust and clear IT strategy as part of the 5 year planning process. 

•   The integration of disparate systems to create best in class booking, asset management, customer management, finance, purchasing and stock systems for the newly formed division. 

•   The provision, development and enhancement of existing e-commerce platforms to ensure that firm has greater than 25% of its business online by October 2007. 

•   The development of content management systems to support global brochure production, online content and ancillary content requirements.  

•   The management of 3rd party relationships with all technical suppliers, with specific emphasis on building a long-term relationship with their booking system partners. 

•   Manage the shared service IT provision (with larger corporate group) and accordingly develop the existing internal IT team to deliver on the integration and enhancement identified above. 

•   Keep abreast of changing external dynamics and industry trends, identify any IT opportunities for division and any system change requirements arising from changing market drivers.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Engineering- MOCVD Equipment


COMPANY: Major Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced, project oriented VP Engineering, good people management skills. Strong costing, manufacturability, product life cycle planning experience.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading semiconductor equipment firm, a VP Engineering, who reports to the business unit General Manager. The ideal profile is a strategic and tactical senior leader to help set and drive firm's vision. This person will manage and inspire a group of 30+ highly educated and technologically seasoned staff. 10-15 + years of hands-on technical development experience in the areas of vacuum deposition and epitaxial growth along with extended experience in progressively responsible senior level management of R&D operations, process and engineering staff.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VPR&D or SVP Product Development - Batteries

LOCATION: To be discussed

COMPANY: Battery startup

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a battery startup firm, a VPR&D or SVP Product Development, ideally with experience in advanced generation batteries. Firm's proprietary technology uses an advanced composite material to power a range of applications currently served by lithium ion, nickel-metal hydride, and lead acid batteries. The VPR&D or SVP Product Development will be an important member of the company's senior management team. Duties will be both tactical and strategic in nature. This individual is expected to lead a product development effort that will champion the launch of novel technologies for the traditional battery markets, including power tools, stationary, motive power, and automotive battery markets.


North America Human Resources Management




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