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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.

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Technical Management Executive Search & Recruitment

IT, Engineering and R&D

- CTO, CIO, Vice President, Director -

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Engineering/R&D       Information Technology

***ART Mostly Recruits for "C" Level, VP, Director, & Manager Titles***


    EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Software/ IT Services

    LOCATION: US Southwest (Dallas, Texas)

    COMPANY: Software/ IT Services Firm

    HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong results-oriented Chief Information Officer (CIO)

    Recruiter seeks on behalf of a promising software firm, a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who would report to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The Chief Information Officer’s role is to provide vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives. The CIO directs the planning and implementation of Company’s IT systems in support of business operations in order to improve cost effectiveness, service quality, and business development. The CIO is responsible for all aspects of the Company’s information technology and systems.

    •   The CIO participates in strategic and operational governance processes of the business organization as a member of the senior management team.

    •   The CIO leads IT strategic and operational planning to achieve business goals by fostering innovation, prioritizing IT initiatives, and coordinating the evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future IT systems across the organization.

    •   The CIO develops and maintain an appropriate IT organizational structure that supports the needs of Company’s business.

    •   The CIO establishes IT departmental goals, objectives, and operating procedures.

    •   The CIO acts as an advocate for the Company’s IT vision via regular written and in-person communications with the organization’s executives, department heads, and end users.

    •   The CIO identifies opportunities for the appropriate and cost-effective investment of financial resources in IT systems and resources, including staffing, sourcing, purchasing, and in-house development.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Third-party logistics (3PL) provider

LOCATION: US Southeast

COMPANY: Third Party Logistics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: CTO with experience in the development of logistics software

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast-growing third-party logistics (3PL) provider, seeks a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) must have:
-- significant API implementation and maintenance experience.
-- significant Microsoft SQL database experience.
-- significant experience managing developers in multiple locations.

Current state-of-the-industry 3PL, WMS experience a plus.



    EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Capital Equipment

    LOCATION: US -  Northeast (Massachusetts - Boston)

    COMPANY: Growing Capital Equipment firm

    HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A technically accomplished engineering manager able to serve as General Manager of a small business unit.

    Recruiter seeks a General Manager for a small unit of a larger capital equipment firm.  The General Manager must be a change agent for the organization.
          The ideal would be experience in the electronics capital equipment industry.
          Definitely needs to have experience running a business that is in the 5 to 15 M range.
          Having experience turning around an existing business is really ideal.
          Must have international exposure; ideally Asia.
          This individual needs to have an Engineering degree (any discipline) and an MBA would be ideal.
          Ideal would be someone that grew into a GM role from an engineering, product development and/or business development role.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Consumer Products

LOCATION: US Southeast (metro- Atlanta, GA)

COMPANY: Major Consumer Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on, strategic thinking Chief Information Officer (CIO), who could refashion existing IT organization into pacesetter for efficiency in multi-divisional consumer products company. Experience should also include managing multiple hardware platforms, integrated applications, and communication systems. Preferred experience includes budget preparation and execution, negotiating with vendors, managing multiple projects, written and verbal communication. Possess understanding of business processes.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing consumer products client, a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who would report to the CEO. The CIO's duties may be considered as following:

-- Planning - Develop, coordinate, and maintain the Information Technology strategic and operating plans. Ensure alignment with the corporate vision. Develop and maintain the technology architecture and standards.

-- Leadership - Ensure appropriate investment in technology portfolio. Evaluate and promote technology trends. Oversee relationships with vendors and technical organizations.

 -- Technology Management - Approve and oversee Information Technology initiatives. Ensure information systems operate according to internal standards and regulatory requirements.

-- Financial Management - Prepare and adhere to Information Technology annual operating and capital budgets. Develops strategies and standards aimed at minimizing cost. Negotiate or review Information Technology acquisition and maintenance contracts.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Information Technology (VP IT) - Major Broadcast Television Network

LOCATION: US Northeast (New York, NY)

COMPANY: Leading Broadcast Television Network

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Highly polished, corporate CIO

Recruiter seeks an Assistant CIO on behalf of a major broadcast television network, employing over 6,000 people. The VP of Information Technology’s primary responsibility is to oversee operation of the IT department and to ensure it aligns with the business objectives of the organization. This individual’s principal goals are to develop and manage the strategic technology vision within the organization. The VP of IT will design, plan and direct all operational activities of the IT department and direct IT solutions necessary for business operations. The VP of IT will report directly to the CIO, and work closely with other MIS departments, business units, and broadcast operations to identify, recommend, develop, implement and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the organization. The VP IT will be the heir-apparent to the CIO. Travel nationally, 20-30%. Base is Manhattan, but also time in NJ.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Service Sector

LOCATION: US Midwest (metro-Chicago, IL)

COMPANY: Service Sector Firm


Recruiter seeks on behalf of a local service sector firm, a Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO will be responsible for planning the technology arch. and security platforms for firm's information resources, encompassing the roles of business leader, change agent, and technology visionary. Works closely with and maintains effective lines of communication with upper management, technical staff, end user departments and external vendors, etc.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP, Information Technology - Travel Services

LOCATION: US Southeast (Florida)

COMPANY: Major European Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Excellent people skills. A VP IT able to schedule and drive key projects

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major British firm, a VP IT. Major duties:

•   IT Business Partner to the Division President, CFO, Senior Vice President Operations, Vice President Commercial , Vice President Business Development

•   The development of a robust and clear IT strategy as part of the 5 year planning process. 

•   The integration of disparate systems to create best in class booking, asset management, customer management, finance, purchasing and stock systems for the newly formed division. 

•   The provision, development and enhancement of existing e-commerce platforms to ensure that firm has greater than 25% of its business online by October 2007. 

•   The development of content management systems to support global brochure production, online content and ancillary content requirements.  

•   The management of 3rd party relationships with all technical suppliers, with specific emphasis on building a long-term relationship with their booking system partners. 

•   Manage the shared service IT provision (with larger corporate group) and accordingly develop the existing internal IT team to deliver on the integration and enhancement identified above. 

•   Keep abreast of changing external dynamics and industry trends, identify any IT opportunities for division and any system change requirements arising from changing market drivers.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Imaging Science

LOCATION: US Northeast (metro- New York)

COMPANY: Color Technology Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from firms such as Kodak, HP, etc. of interest. Innovative, digitally savvy. Strong Leadership abilities.

Recruiter, on behalf of well established color technology firm, seeks a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to serve at the executive level to provide technological leadership and to direct the development of existing and new color initiatives, particularly products, services and intellectual property. They will report directly to the unit's President. This candidate must possess advanced skills to fully understand the broad scope of color technologies in both analog and digital forms. The candidate must be able to manage a diverse team of employees including color scientists, programmers, engs, etc. Key Activities: Product Development, Core technology development, Identify new licensing opportunities, Color standards maint, Staff management, Identify outsourced resources

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Information Technology, Retail Supply Chain - Major Retail Firm

LOCATION: US - Northern California

COMPANY: Major US Retail Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A Retail Supply Chain IT Head with strong interdepartmental communications skills.

Recruiter seeks a VP Information Technology who manages the Information Technology relationship between the Technology unit and the retail product supply chain lines of business. The VP Information Technology will work with the Retail President and direct report level.
Essential Functions

Manages the relationships with the retail product supply chain lines of business providing technology solutions in support of the Supply Chain and other operations for these companies

Aligns strategy in support of the strategies, leveraging current architectural standards and emerging technologies

Manages the SAP/ERP support team in support of the Supply Chain and other shared services across all companies (Finance, HR, Billing, etc.)

Works with Enterprise Architecture teams to develop the 3-5-year SAP/ERP roadmap including the migration to SAP S4

Selects and implements technology solutions to streamline internal operations, optimize strategic benefits and improve the customer experience

Ensures the delivery of software solutions quickly and efficiently, leveraging agile methodologies, according business project prioritization to enable speed to market. Includes B2B eCommerce and the digitization of the supply chain

Partners with the other members of the office of the CTO to support innovation, data analytics and security capabilities required to support operations

Ensures critical systems for the retail product supply chain units and those of any interfacing systems for other units are adequately covered by a Disaster Recovery Plan

Protect assets by following security standards and monitoring policies and industry best practices

Develop the divisional budget and monitor expenses to ensure costs are within established levels

Oversee the hiring and interviewing process for open positions within the division ensuring that the most qualified candidates are selected

Ensure effective communications are maintained within the division and externally where appropriate; inform employees of plans and progress

Monitor performance of direct reports; provide prompt and objective coaching and counseling; conduct performance reviews

Job Specifications

Typically has the following skills or abilities:

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration or related field or equivalent experience

Fifteen years’ experience in information technology with mastery of best practices, methodologies, and governance

Fifteen years of management experience

Demonstrated ability to effectively set vision and strategy, drive performance and consistently produce tangible results

A strong leader who knows how to motivate, manage, and up-level a team, solve technical problems methodically, interface with customers, and have a maniacal attention to detail and optimization

Demonstrated ability to influence and collaborate across the organization with key internal and external business leaders, partners, suppliers and customers

Demonstrated ability to work through ambiguity, implementing structure and paths to broad organizational initiatives

Capacity to quickly embrace and cascade change throughout the organization and ensure direct reports and employees are committed to do the same

Proven experience managing successful vendor relationships with examples of creativity and thoughtful process in managing commitments, licensing agreements, maintenance and support agreements

Ability to regularly exercise discretion and independent judgment in the performance of his/her job duties



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Wireless Technology - Major Telco

LOCATION: US West Coast Location

COMPANY: Leading Wireless Carrier

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: VP Wireless Technology from a Major Wireless Carrier. Unbureaucratic, results-oriented. Strong management skills and strong ability to launch exciting new technologies.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading telco, a VP Wireless Technology, who would be supervising a department of between 150-300 people. This person must be one of the best in the field, nationally and globally.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - E-Commerce/ Internet

LOCATION: US Midwest (Chicago, Illinois)

COMPANY: Major Consumer Internet Company

Recruiter seeks for a prominent internet company owned by a large media group, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Firm operates a high volume consumer website as well as a suite of customer-facing and internal advertising management applications. The distributed architecture is primarily based upon Java and Oracle technology platforms. It is operated 7x24x365.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Software

LOCATION:  US Mountain West

COMPANY: Telecommunications Corporation

An early stage customer care and billing software division of a small privately held telecommunications services provider seeks a General Manager. This position is responsible for the overall operation, management and direction of the software business unit. This position likely fits best a General Manager who seeks a responsible and stable position in a smaller, well established company environment. KEYWORDS:  Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, CO, UT,  MT, ID, Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs,  Boise, SLC, Provo



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Engineering- MOCVD Equipment


COMPANY: Major Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced, project oriented VP Engineering, good people management skills. Strong costing, manufacturability, product life cycle planning experience.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading semiconductor equipment firm, a VP Engineering, who reports to the business unit General Manager. The ideal profile is a strategic and tactical senior leader to help set and drive firm's vision. This person will manage and inspire a group of 30+ highly educated and technologically seasoned staff. 10-15 + years of hands-on technical development experience in the areas of vacuum deposition and epitaxial growth along with extended experience in progressively responsible senior level management of R&D operations, process and engineering staff.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Technology - Marketing Services

LOCATION:  US Northeast (New England)

COMPANY: Marketing Services Firm

This is a strategic VP Technology position with firm's key management team. It oversees all of firm's internal and client information networks, systems and services as well as media and telecom technology. It develops and articulates, through internal dialogue and dialogue with clients, a strategic vision for firm's client information systems that meets and exceeds client expectations.  It assists marketing as needed in articulating to prospects and clients the value of our information systems and services.  It sets and manages programming priorities, maintaining and allocating appropriate programming resources to enhance systems, integrate new clients and offer new value-added services to clients. It oversees the data and physical security of all information systems, networks and physical plant. It appropriately differentiates between and manages both client technology service initiatives and internal initiatives. It provides general internal and external client access to information systems. It produces and updates a flowing 3-5 year technology plan for all of firm's systems and applications. It leads, it does not trail.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP R&D or SVP Product Development - Batteries

LOCATION: To be discussed

COMPANY: Battery startup

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a battery startup firm, a VPR&D or SVP Product Development, ideally with experience in advanced generation batteries. Firm's proprietary technology uses an advanced composite material to power a range of applications currently served by lithium ion, nickel-metal hydride, and lead acid batteries. The VPR&D or SVP Product Development will be an important member of the company's senior management team. Duties will be both tactical and strategic in nature. This individual is expected to lead a product development effort that will champion the launch of novel technologies for the traditional battery markets, including power tools, stationary, motive power, and automotive battery markets.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Engineering (VP R&D) - Commercial Electronic Systems

LOCATION: US Northeast (Long Island, NY)

COMPANY: Electronic Systems Corporation

A well established electronics manufacturer ($20 million sales) seeks a Vice President of Engineering or R&D Director with a strong hands-on and mentoring ability. The engineering group consists of approximately 8-10 people. The VP Engineering should have both hardware and real time embedded systems expertise, including C++ experience. KEYWORDS: NY, NJ, PA, Northeast, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Automation Director of Engineering

LOCATION:  US Western U.S. location

COMPANY: Computer Products Corporation

A computer products firm with a state-of-the-art technology seeks a Director of Engineering for Automation, who will be responsible for new and on going development. The person must be able to deliver product as planned to meet business objectives.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Network Operations - Telecommunications

LOCATION: US Midwest (Chicago, Illinois)

COMPANY: Telecommunications Firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a telecom client, a Director of Network Operations. The Director of Network Operations will employ technical and administrative expertise in the development of specifications for a voice, video, and data communications system, including designing, managing and operating broadband (coaxial, microwave, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) and base band (twisted pair, coaxial) transmission systems, applying data communications, VoIP, SOFTSWITCHING  and software protocols. Designs, plans, installs, and operates carrier grade interfaces with other carrier communications facilities.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Program Manager - Automotive Parts Supplier

LOCATION: US Midwest (Detroit, Michigan)

COMPANY: European automotive parts supplier

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Automotive Program Manager in Detroit. Candidate speaks fluent Korean and English. Engineering background. Willing to travel - approximately 7 trips to Korea, approx 1-1.5 weeks per trip. Person should have a minimum of 5 years as project manager/ program manager, with 12-15+ years in automotive industry.

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a European automotive parts client, a Program Manager to serve as key liaison between the firm's engineering and manufacturing centers in Europe, Detroit, and Seoul, and major Korean automotive manufacturers, both in Korea and the US. Responsible to insure that all customer requirements (cost, timing, quality and performance) are met. This includes new programs as well as running products. Performance of ongoing risk analysis leading the company’s activities in the resolution of high risk points on programs and running products. Insure that all customer requests are answered within an acceptable time. Manage all programs of the dedicated customer.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director RF Technology

LOCATION:  US - California (Los Angeles)

COMPANY: Fabless Semiconductor Firm (Wireless Networking Products)

A Southern California fabless semiconductor company focused on standards-based systems solutions for wireless connectivity in the enterprise and home environments, seeks experienced managers to add to their staff. The firm offers products that enable technology for ubiquitous connectivity of voice, video, and data. Their initial products  will be based on the dominant Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) standards known collectively as IEEE 802.11. One of the firm's major product groups intend to bridge the gap between the dominant WLAN standards, 802.11b and 802.11a, by supporting both modes of operation cost effectively.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Product Development Manager - EV (Electric Vehicles)

LOCATION: US - Midwest (Michigan - Detroit)

COMPANY: Leading Electric Vehicle Battery manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An efficient, product development manager with automotive electronics experience

Recruiter seeks an EV Product Development Manager

Job Description:
     • Work with various business activities and team members to capture and document the business requirements for new applications, new features, or enhancements to existing applications
     • Maintain a balance between business viability, user desirability and technical feasibility while delivering products with a team;
     • Work closely with Business Partners to understand their product vision, and break it down into an actionable backlog of user stories for the development team;
     • Work hand-on with the development team to prioritize, plan, and deliver solution that meets client requirements;
     • Conduct product experiments, user interviews and other validation techniques to gather feedback and product insights;
     • Lead focus groups, customer surveys, and user testing to inform product priorities. Provide direction as to relevant customer segments to target for research;
     • Lead engineering teams in Detroit and supervise the Detroit lab; monitor all testing procedure and improve the lab functionality.

Knowledge and Education
     • BA/BS Degree in engineering or related technical field required; Master’s in Engineering or MBA preferred.
     • 7+ years of experience (3+ years in a leadership role) in automotive engineering environment, including at least two of the
following: product design, product development, and product validation (automotive electronics products and systems experience preferred) with a demonstrable track record of results. Experience with collaborative global engineering teams and/or foreign assignments preferred.
     • Understanding of strategic planning, business development, sales and marketing, finance, operations, program and project management a plus.

Skills and Competencies
     • Understanding and involvement with product development, business case analysis, commercial issues, profit and loss analysis, financial reporting preferred.
     • Excellent communication (verbal, spoken, & written), presentation, influencing and facilitative skills and ability to work
collaboratively across all levels of leadership; strong technical, negotiation, and interpersonal skills; demonstrated skills as a
consensus builder & leader.
     • Evidence of strategic thinking, planning, and project management skills; Ability to thrive in highly dynamic, time-sensitive, and
collaborative environment; Good business sense and the ability to quickly learn and analyze new markets.

Additional Information:
     • 40-50% domestic & international travel required – visits to customers & global operational / office locations



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Engineering - Space Sector

LOCATION: US - California (Los Angeles)

COMPANY: Early Stage Space Sector Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Preferably VP Engineering from the aerospace or space sectors.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a space sector startup, a VP Engineering. The VP of Engineering will be responsible for leading the firm's satellite and ground station engineering development programs. As the VP of Engineering you will be the technical expert for a variety of projects,spanning requirements development, satellite and ground station design, vehicle integration, manufacturing, reliability, systems engineering, and testing. You will be responsible for overseeing multiple engineering disciplines and designs in all aspects of spacecraft and ground station development. These disciplines range from RF analysis, to structures, to electrical, to power, to data, to software, to systems integration, and quality assurance.

This position requires a highly-experienced spacecraft design engineer who will drive innovative technical designs, ultimately shaping the firm's satellite and ground station programs. A passion for tackling challenging and often seemingly impossible problems is necessary. The VP of Engineering must have experience leading a successful small satellite/spacecraft development program from design through operation.

This role requires a high level of autonomy and ingenuity.

--Technical expert and lead engineer for firm's spacecraft and ground
station development programs

--Managing the risk profile of technical solutions against aggressive
business timelines

--Shepherding a strong engineering culture through mentoring, recruiting,
and collaboration with different technical departments

--Effectively lead and motivate a multi-disciplinary engineering team

--Conduct engineering trade-offs (e.g. design + new build vs off the shelf
component, material selection, etc.) to best position the company for
success from a schedule, cost and risk standpoint

--Aid in the development of technical requirements, verification and test

--Work with business team and senior staff to ensure design and development aligns with promises to stakeholders including timeline and costs to ensure the best possible path for success

--Eliminate unnecessary complexity and optimize cost through intelligent
designs and creative engineering solutions

--Advise senior level management on technical matter, aiding in future
business decisions and company direction.

Basic Qualifications:
--Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or technical discipline

--5+ years of combined work experience in the aerospace industry with 2+
years leading a spacecraft development program

Preferred Skills and Experience:
--8+ years relevant work experience

--Demonstrated technical leadership skills and experience run a spacecraft development program from requirement definition, through build, launch and on-orbit operations

--Deep understanding of systems integration, RF, structures, electrical,
power, and other spacecraft engineering disciplines

--Proficient knowledge in the realms of satellite design, development, test, integration, manufacturing and reliability

--Experience prioritizing design and build schedule across multiple projects and with various stakeholders in a fast paced and demanding environment

--Engineering team management experience


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sr. Battery Design Engineer - EV (Electric Vehicles)

LOCATION: US - Midwest (Michigan - Detroit)

COMPANY: Leading Electric Vehicle Battery manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very hands-on, experienced EV battery technology specialist

Recruiter seeks an EV Battery Systems Design Engineer, on behalf of a leading EV battery firm.

•             Lead the development of battery system hardware and software elements with cross functional support.

•             Support the definition and execution of: functional requirements, system boundaries, component & subsystem interface definition, functional safety, and performance tracking

•             Provide technical guidance to quality and reliability engineering and assist with SFMEA/DFMEA activities

•             Plans and manages engineering activities according to project requirements.

•             Works on specific phases or aspects of projects such as technical studies, new project acquisition, preparation of specifications, technical plans, HV battery system hardware and component development and testing, data analysis and validation.

•             Supports/ensures data quality and writes technical project reports.

•             Reviews project for compliance with engineering principles, company standards, and customer requirements, including opinions and interpretations.

•             Coordinates activities concerned with technical development, scheduling, and resolving engineering test issues.

•             Supports and organizes customer meetings. 


•             Minimum 5 Years Working Experience in related areas.

•             Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or related field required, Masters/PHD degree preferable.

•             In-depth knowledge on vehicle components and system performance

•             Battery components or vehicle key components design experience, familiar with vehicle product development process

•             Knowledge in one or more of the following areas would be beneficial: Traction motor/inverter development and integration; Electronic controller hardware specifying and developing/sourcing; Powertrain integration to vehicle / chassis development and production release;

•             Good project communication and coordination skills

•             Ability to work independently and in a team environment

•             Able to travel 25% of the time.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Electrical Engineer - Electronic Components

LOCATION: US Southwest

COMPANY: Start-up Electronic Components firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: EE with diversified experiences in capacitor design and development.

Recruiter seeks an Electronic Engineer, on behalf of a startup firm in thee capacitance products field, who would lead the design, development and evaluation of film capacitors. Additional responsibilities will include participation in materials development and characterization of ceramic, polymer and composite dielectrics.

Position requires a BS degree in engineering with experience with circuit design and electrical test and evaluation. Direct experience with dielectric materials and capacitor testing is desirable.

Responsibilities - General:
    • Lead the design, assembly and operation of electrical test systems
    • Perform capacitor design and modeling
    • Assemble and operate test systems for AC and DC testing at high voltage
    • Perform electrical characterization on dielectric materials and capacitor components
    • Write test procedures and provide training on test systems and fixtures
    • Participate in research and development of dielectric materials and capacitors
    • Perform technical writing in support of development and documentation of test results

BS in Electrical Engineering

Minimum of 7 years of experience in materials fabrication or development


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Engineering - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Hong Kong or China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer of consumer electronics

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Innovative Consumer Electronics Design Head. Fluent Chinese and English

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asia-based consumer electronics firm, a Director of Engineering. Since the firm's product categories change very fast, the Director of Engineering must be comfortable with this kind of fast-moving product development environment.

What is critical is for the Director of Engineering to have a strong product and engineering sense. The candidate must have a flair in engineering design. S/he could come from any relevant industry - such as consumer electronics, IoT, consumer audio, consumer video, automotive electronics, etc. There is no need to be very experienced in any one particular industry. Instead the firm needs a manager with an innovative mind-set and a strong engineering sense who could to help the firm tackle day-to-day engineering design problems.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Design Director - Consumer Electronics (Notebook Computers)

LOCATION: Taiwan (Taipei) or Hong Kong

COMPANY: Fast-Growing Consumer Electronics Manufacturer (Laptop Computers)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Consumer Electronics Design Director who is extraordinarily creative and gifted in Industrial Design of Consumer Electronics - especially notebook computers - and also an effective developer and leader of talented staff members. The objective here is for the Design Director to help bring already strong brands to "the next step" of acceptance among targeted groups, especially the youth and Millenial markets. Most importantly, is the Design Director's passion and instinct to judge what is a good design and be able to translate that into concrete plans. Red Dot awards a strong plus. Candidates from different cultural origins are welcome.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major consumer electronics firm, an experienced Design Director. The Design Director should have experience in building the brand through design, and lead a team of marketing/brand/ID/Packaging/R&D professional to enhance branding from the design perspective. The Design Director should have track records of brand building for which he needs to work closely with marketing/PR/product design/R&D. The Design team currently has around 25 in total, including ID, Packaging and Artwork Designers, but if the Design Director's capability is proven, the s/he can oversee the R&D and Project Management groups as well.

This position is a high level strategic position. The Design Director will not just execute the ideas from the product/marketing team, instead the Design Director will work closely with them to provide insight on how they can leverage on product/packaging designs to increase the brand values in the B2B and B2C businesses. The Design Director will be involved in every facet of the product life cycle, and work hand in hand with the firm's Marketing and Branding Teams to enhance brand values through compelling creative product/packaging/accessories designs and storytelling.

The ideal Design Director should understand the preferences of the younger generation as the firm's consumers are mostly 20+-. S/he should be able to define, drive and execute design strategies that enhances brand image, loyalty, user experience, and brand recognition. Therefore beside the design talent, the Design Director should also understand how the firm can leverage good products designs to expand their market share and be able to tell a story behind his/her designs.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - EV Battery

LOCATION: Asia location

COMPANY: EV Battery Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Engineering Manager with solid experience managing the design and development of Li Ion battery systems

Recruiter seeks a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a firm in the power systems field. The company provides customized lithium ion battery systems for energy storage applications, ranging from hybrid and pure electric vehicles and specialty vehicles as well as microgrid and smart grid. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will drive the company’s technology strategy, and translate digital innovation into superior products for current and future-ready demand. You will lead multi-disciplinary teams to research, analyze, experiment, digitalize and develop advance battery technology and business-enabling solutions for electric vehicles, energy storage systems and renewable energy solutions. Supported by teams of scientists and engineers, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will set the vision for developing technology and deploying technological advancements to create product breakthroughs. As the chief technologist, the CTO will be empowered with great influence to shape the engineering, product development and innovation capabilities and direction as part of the company’s business plan.

-- Provide strong leadership to the Digital and Engineering teams
-- Build a progressive and innovative engineering culture
-- Strategize and drive firm's technology roadmap and activities to stay ahead of the curve
-- Provide direction on engineering, research and product development processes and practices
-- Identify opportunities for incorporating and acquiring latest technology, including through collaborations and M&A
-- Spearhead and lead company’s collaborations with global research institutions and partners, including creating a network of research partners for the company
-- Drive company’s international patent activities
-- Oversee front-end and back-end digital and infrastructure team (secondary role)

-- At least a Master’s degree in Engineering. Double degrees in Engineering and
Computing/Technology an advantage.
-- About 10 years’ experience in lithium ion battery technology in e-mobility (preferably industrial and heavy-duty vehicles) and energy storage systems such as microgrids and solar panels.
-- Strong technical insights on lithium ion batteries and energy storage at systems level
Possess up-to-date technological trend knowledge
-- Demonstrated contributions to technological development for current or past employment
-- Business-driven; able to strike a strategic balance between long-term direction and
current/mid-term goals
-- Proven track record in leading and developing high performance technology teams
-- Ability to drive collaboration between teams
-- Excellent communication skills

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Mechanical Engineering Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen or Hong Kong)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer of laptop computers and tablets

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Laptop Computer Mechanical Engineering Manager. Fluent Chinese and English. An intelligent and creative Mechanical Design Manager who only might have worked in plastics and metals, but who would be willing to explore new materials

Recruiter seeks a Manager of Mechanical Engineering, on behalf of a leading Asian Consumer Electronics firm, with a state-of-the-art factory in the Shenzhen area. Candidates ideally have experience in high volume notebook computer or tablet manufacturing.

The ME Manager will be focused on the development and manufacturing aspects of NB products (as opposed to R&D and New Product Development). This is a factory-based role. S/he will supervise a group involved in:
1. Construction design of notebook computer
2. Follow the process of notebook computer development
3. Guidance of engineers for design work
4. Supervise and follow up of supplier management
5. Product quality and reliability verification / improvement
6. Tooling design verification for plastic tools
7. Tooling design verification for metal tools
8. Follow up of supplier quality
9. Mass production follow up

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Information Technology - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen or Hong Kong)

COMPANY: Fast-Growing Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced IT Director with experience in a manufacturing environment. Strong ERP experience, especially in Dynamics 365. The IT Director should have a proven track record in managing IT systems and infrastructure and upgrading ERP systems. The IT Director must have a strategic mind set, with visions and ability to use IT platform/latest IT technology to continuously improve corporate performance. Personal traits: a reliable and responsible person, open-minded, goals orientated, high EQ, team player, enjoy challenges and can work under a tough environment. English and Putonghua fluency a must, Cantonese optional

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major consumer electronics firm, an IT Director. Important Requirements:
-  Familiar with D365 system and other common ERP systems
-  Ability to oversee the IT functions for a group of companies on a global perspective
-  With experience working in a group of companies with functions including sales & marketing, R& D, manufacturing and B2B, B2C retail/wholesale businesses, therefore the IT Director must be able to help the firm use the IT system to improve the whole business efficiency, ie from orders placement, to materials management, supply chain, production, quality control, inventory and logistics management, accounting (AR, AP, Cashflow, etc.) to global distributions and replenishment - in other words, the whole value chain.
-  Work with all business partners to help them improve their performance, with a strong can-do mentality and a positive attitude

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Major Diversified Conglomerate

LOCATION: Major Asian location

COMPANY: Major Asian Diversified Conglomerate

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: This very large Group, holding diverse interests in major consumer and B2B service sectors, requires a Group Head of Information Services, who would report to the Group Finance Director. Key characteristics: confident, knowledgeable, respected IT Head who is not egotistical. As Group IT Head, this person will be the key person to introduce and promote new technologies and concepts (Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Services, Social Media, etc.), along with an increased focus on Shared Services whenever practical.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a large Asian conglomerate, a Chief Information Officer (CIO), who would directly supervise 50 at Headquarters. Indirect responsibility over business unit CIO's and IT Directors at approximately 15-20 key business units (note: these IT heads report not to this person but rather to their respective business unit heads, MD's or CEO's)

This crucial position is not about how many people one supervises. To some degree it is almost like a sole contributor with a unique role that is critical to the Group as a whole. The Group IT Head's focus will be to help implement future technologies benefiting all Group units while the business unit CIO's and IT Director's focus, by necessity, will be on getting the normal day's work done. This is the challenge for the Group IT Head. S/he will be oriented toward making efficiencies and integrating new technologies for the long run. Therefore, a key characteristic will be a persistent, cajoling, dogged type of person who also is diplomatic and respectful of existing business unit IT Directors and CIO's. This person must be open minded, able to do a lot of handholding when needed, and have an ability to win people over.... for their business unit's long term benefit.

A very wide range of current titles and experiences might be perfectly suitable for this role. It has been said that perhaps a person who has worked as a Program Director (or with a similar kind of project-by-project orientation) might work well in this role. Some also feel that people who have worked in management consulting might be good, as much of the work here is interpersonal and consultative in nature, as opposed to being mostly oriented toward equipment and software. It is said that due to the size of this organization (over 200,000 employees), people familiar with large conglomerates might understand this kind of role well, but it should be noted that the retiring incumbent (over 15 years in this role) came from a top world retail/ hypermarket chain and he has done well in this position.

Job Description - Background

The Group Information Services Department is a central IT organisation based at the group headquarters. The Group IS Dept. supports all the IT needs of the executive team and Head Office departments and sets the IT direction across all businesses of the Group worldwide.

In the wider group context, the Group IS Dept. supports and maintains a variety of world class IT business services that are used by business units throughout the world. These services provide high a level of economy, security, support and high availability to the group as a whole. Such services include a single global financial consolidation instance, a single financial instance for the majority of the Asian businesses units and Human Resource services for the firm's core businesses. The majority of these services are built using Oracle technology, whilst other collaboration systems are built using Microsoft technology.

As a strategy the Group aims to consolidate common business services and IT infrastructure around the Group and deliver these back as hosted services on a cost neutral basis.

The Group IS Dept. serves the broader IT needs of the global group companies and subsidiaries by facilitating key global projects, ownership of strategic procurement activities, setting IT standards and policy for the group and managing the annual IT Budget cycle.

The overarching mission of the Group IS Dept. is to leverage the group's IT resources and scale to drive synergy and efficiency resulting in higher quality and lower cost IT solutions for the business as a whole.

With the rapid advancement of technology it is incumbent on the job holder to be at the forefront of knowledge on the latest innovative and disruptive technology that can be used to transform business agility and profitability.

Organisational Context

The job holder reports directly to the Group Finance Director and works closely with all other Head Office Department Heads to drive business growth and efficiency through the relevant use of technology.

The job holder works collaboratively with the CEO of a unit involved in the Group's Telecommunications sector and who shares the same strategic goals but in a more specialist area.

Though not direct reports, the job holder works closely with other subsidiary IT Directors and CIO's to help shape and form IT strategy across the group.


The job holder is responsible for the technology vision and innovation culture across the group.

Global ownership of the group IT policies including security and common software/hardware reference architectures.

Ownership of global strategic supplier relationships

End to end provision and support of all Head Office IT systems and services.

End to end provision and support of regional shared service systems.

End to end provision and support of global knowledge management systems, corporate directory services and inter group Telepresence systems.

Key Accountabilities

To improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of IT across the group

To keep close to emerging technologies and champion the adoption of those that will have the most positive impact on our business.

To provide strategic IT direction and policy

To manage strategic supplier relationships including significant contract negotiations on behalf of the group.

To lead and run group wide IT initiatives

To manage and develop a team of highly skilled IT professionals

To benchmark key IT activities and set improvement targets

To provide high quality, reliable and secure IT services for all Head Office departments

To grow and introduce new shared IT services across the group.

To provide technical guidance to the group companies on all major IT investments

To manage and develop the group IT budget process

To actively share and facilitate knowledge sharing within the Group IT community

Maintain tight fiscal control and reporting on all major IT projects

Key Characteristics

Planning & Organizing. Identifies strategic goals and plans the overall direction taking into account the impact of plans across the business. Able to produce plans and forecasts over a five year planning horizon to achieve long term goals.

Controlling Quality & Standards. Creates a climate in which quality is constantly enhanced and drives through initiatives which improve on quality.

Decision Making. Demonstrates a broad business perspective to ensure that decisions have a long term positive impact on profitability.

Innovation. Persistently challenges existing methods and explores new ideas and technology that result in transformational results.

Communication. The Group IS Dept. Head is a confident and inspirational communicator to Board level and able to present to large or small groups. Able to describe complex technical activities in a non-technical manner.

People skills. Able to develop personal relationships with key people across a diverse organization. Able to win people over to new ideas and approaches. Highly adaptable and approachable.

Influencing. Identifies possible objections and constructs powerful counter arguments to address these whilst maintaining an understanding of organisational dynamics and interests.

Drive. Displays a hunger to beat industry standards and maintains overall direction despite diversions, distractions and setbacks.

Desired Requirements

Has a degree in information technology, computer science, Finance or a related field.

20 years' experience, with 8+ years held in a Senior IT Director or CIO position within a multinational organization.

Has a talent for understanding the impact of new technology and is able to spot solutions that will have the most profound impact on business growth from either an adoption or investment perspective.

Ideally has application Development lifecycle experience in large scale Oracle deployments. As for Oracle, if people have dealt heavily with SAP then that is acceptable as well. Both are unwieldy companies, so overcoming the challenges are similar. Oracle is highly desirable especially if the candidate has existing relationships at senior levels. With regard to SAP and or Oracle, the key is that the candidate has directly managed and influenced the supplier at a senior executive level rather than 'just' implemented it. So not a showstopper if the person has SAP rather than Oracle experience.

Has deep experience of strategic planning and implementation.

Has a proven track record in negotiating and managing multi-million dollar contracts with major IT suppliers.

Has a proven ability to manage and motivate large teams of people toward a common goal.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Electronic Engineering Supervisor - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: China (Shenzhen)

COMPANY: Major manufacturer of laptop computers and tablets

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Laptop Computer Electronics Engineering Supervisor. Fluent Chinese and English

A fast growing company in the consumer electronics field, with a state-of-the-art factory in the Shenzhen area, seeks an Electronic Engineering Supervisor. Candidates ideally have experience in high volume notebook computer or tablet manufacturing.

The EE Supervisor will be focused on the development and manufacturing aspects of NB products (as opposed to R&D and New Product Development). This is a factory-based role.

- 8 years of working experience in Computer/Tablet/Notebook products
- Graduate from University of Computer Hardware engineering/Electronics
- Well understand all design requirement of Computer/Tablet/Notebook
- Familiar with Supply chain of Computer/Tablet/Notebook
- Manage the Team to developing the products under the pressure of cost,
schedule, limited resources




        EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Satellite Communications

        LOCATION: Location to be discussed

        COMPANY: Fast growing European satellite communications firm

        HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fluent in English.

        Recruiter seeks, on behalf of fast-growing satellite communications firm, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

        -          to coordinate and be overall responsible of the operations of all satellites in the safe and timely manner.

        -          to conduct daily activity planning for Satellite Operations.

        -          to plan for Satellite Engineering and Operations manpower requirement.

        -          to assist and support in future development of satellite.

        -          to assist Finance Department on Insurance matters.

        -          overall responsible for Spacecraft Engineering, Satellite Control, Orbital Operations, Computer Control System and Ground Engineering Departments.

        -          provide leadership to the division and all departments within the division on direction and vision

        -          Degree in engineering, or computer science, MBA a plus.

        -          Over 10 years of working experience in satellite companies with a track record of managing

        -          Proven ability in fast learning of specific requirements of complex operations

        -          Ability to think creatively and to deliver top quality services and solutions. This should include successful interaction with top executives, must be recognized for his/her abilities in understanding business needs and problems

        -          Be result orientated - Evidences of this competency are shown by establishing, achieving goals that push the team to the required levels in quality, timing and budgets, and identifying alternatives that compensate for possible adverse situations.



        EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Engineering - Packaging Machines

        LOCATION: Sweden

        COMPANY: Fast growing North American sustainable packaging products firm

        HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fluent in Swedish and English. Results-oriented, fast paced manager with strong business acumen. Unbureaucratic and adaptable to a smaller, fast paced firm. Experiences at food packaging films such as TetraPak of interest

        Recruiter seeks, on behalf of fast-growing firm offering sustainable solutions for the processed foods packaging industry, a Vice President of Engineering for their Swedish packaging equipment design center. Candidates must have had a strong track record in machine design and engineering management. It is preferred that candidates come from packaging equipment firms, but experiences in other comparable product areas involving similar types of equipment could be considered. The focus here is leading a team of 6 talented machine design engineers, including being able to direct them according to tight deadlines required by customers. Creativity, leadership and product delivery to manufacturing are important requirements of this position. Reports to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).



        EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - E-Commerce

        LOCATION: Italy

        COMPANY: Major European E-Commerce Firm

        HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fully fluent in English. Knowledge of Italian helpful. Team builder.

        Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a pre-IPO European firm in the e-commerce sector, a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

        § Excellent written and oral communication skills

        § Maturity, judgment, negotiation skills, influence skills, analytical skills, and leadership skills are essential and critical to successful management of programs and projects at this level

        § Deep understanding of the SW development challenges, degree in CS or related field plus 4 years industry exp.

        § Effective management of multiple development projects and a record of successful delivery of software systems as a team leader

        § Ability to deliver in a highly dynamic environment

        § Attention to detail




LOCATION: Germany (Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein)

COMPANY: German Processed Foods Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Plant-oriented very hands-on IT Manager who also has responsibilities and expeiences in plant automation processes.

Recruiter seeks an IT Manager on behalf of a leading German processed foods manufacturer.

    Independent and autonomous responsibility for the area of production-related IT infrastructure and the associated automation technology;
    Ensuring compliance with existing standards and their further development in the area of responsibility;
    Interface coordination between IT (network, server), the electrical workcenter (production, maintenance), engineering and external service providers;
    Further development of standards in the area of Plant Floor IT
    Project planning and management of Plant IT projects with maintenance, expansion and new planning of the Plant Floor IT network, taking into account the planned Capex and cost budgets in coordination with IT;
    Conclusion and monitoring of service contracts as well as the supervision of external companies;
    Planning and monitoring of Plant Floor IT budget;
    Technical support of projects in the field of engineering with regard to Plant Floor IT;
    Instruction and coordination of external companies;
    Training and qualification of employees to achieve the transfer of projects into daily operations and as required in affected areas;

    Completed studies in the field of electrical engineering/automation technology/computer science or a comparable qualification
    Job experience in a comparable position
    Experience in project management
    Very good MS-Office skills
    Good written and spoken German and English
    very good knowledge of IP, routing, VLAN and switching
    Profound knowledge in maintenance of MS SQL databases
    Profound knowledge of Siemens TIA (S7, Simatic Net, Win CC) and Aveva
    Wonderware (Intouch, Application Server, Historian, Galaxy), automation and visualisation solutions
    Experience in the support of Windows networks (Active Directory, DNS)
    Experience in an industrial environment (plant floor)
    Ability to work in a team
    Cost awareness
    Good Communication skills
    Dedication and willingness to perform




    EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Wireless Telecommunications

    LOCATION: GCC Location

    COMPANY: Growing Mobile Communications firm

    HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Operating Officer (COO) coming from a successful mobile telephony startup

    Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing Gulf 3rd Generation network telecom, a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Firm has a single IP network that provides Voice, Video & data service. Firm needs a highly competent Chief Operating Officer (COO) to grow the network to a world class network



    EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Software

    LOCATION: GCC Location

    COMPANY: Growing Software firm

    HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Operating Officer (COO) with proven managerial abilities, organizational talent, team building, and negotiation and communication skills. Solid working knowledge of budgeting, sales, business development and strategic planning. Strong entrepreneurial drive. Chief Operating Officer (COO) exposed to heading a profit centre of a software company. At least 10 to 15 years of relevant experience, leading enterprise software and services company of international repute. Experience in RE industry will be an advantage.

    Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing Gulf software firm, a Chief Operating Officer (COO). The COO would head and manage the software development company of a large size RE group, involved in development and maintenance of software solutions for both in-house and external clients.


    •   Manage company operations to meet budget and other financial goals.

    •   Direct short term and long range planning and budget development to support strategic business goals.

    •   Establish the performance goals, allocate resources and assess policies for senior management.

    •   Demonstrate successful execution of business strategies for company products and services.

    •   Prepare budgets for approval, including those for funding and implementation of programs.

    •   Direct and coordinate financial and budget activities in order to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency.

    •   To travel to multiple locations in UAE and oversees for setting up and managing software services, strategy and implementation.



    EXECUTIVE SEARCH: CTO - Telecom Firm

    LOCATION: GCC Location

    COMPANY: Major Telecom Firm

    Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading Gulf firm in the telecommunications sector, a CTO and a VP Sales. The CTO will be involved with the development of specifications for a voice, video, and data communications system, including designing, managing and operating broadband (coaxial, microwave, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max) and base band (twisted pair, coaxial) transmission systems, applying data communications, VoIP, SOFTSWITCHING  and software protocols. Designs, plans, installs, and operates carrier grade interfaces with other carrier communications facilities. The Vice President of Sales will be responsible for the development of major national corporate accounts, as well as the development of the consumer market.



    EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Satcom Technical Director

    LOCATION: Angola 


    Firm is a value-added service provided by a company specialising in the distribution of data via satellite and high-end web developments. Using the Internet protocol and advanced satellite communication technology, the firm is the first broadband Data Casting service to be launched in the country. The satellite datacasting system, offers the ability to uni-cast, multicast or broadcast large amounts of data at high speeds – something that conventional line-based point-to-point communications systems are unable to accommodate. Firm's business TV uses the latest satellite based video and audio streaming technology. 



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