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The Recruitment of Global, Pan-Asian, & Nation-Specific Strategic Managers is Our Specialty

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A Sampling of Past Search Requests


ART is an executive search firm that takes great pride in that our professionally trained headhunters are able to find outstanding candidates without ever using online advertising. Our level of training and market knowledge is a major distinction between ART recruiters and so many of our competitors.

This is a list of a few of our past searches. It is intended to show some typical types of searches that we are called to fill, but if a job in your discipline, industry or location is not listed, that absence of course does not necessarily mean that our clients may not now or soon have a suitable position for your experiences. Nor does it mean that we are not equipped to recruit in a market, industry, or discipline for which there might be no jobs posted below.

               To view sample positions from your field of expertise, please scroll to your discipline's heading:
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Senior Management & General Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or Bangkok)

COMPANY: European Consumer Electronics Distributor

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Consumer Electronics Sales Director with strong experiences across multiple countries in SE Asia in introducing top line consumer electronics products

Recruiter seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on behalf of a European consumer electronics firm with particular focus on luxury audio products. Objectives:
- Triple sales in the coming 3 years
- Significantly increase sales proportion of the secondary brands in the portfolio
- Identify new revenue opportunities with current brand portfolio
- Find new brands to launch in current markets
- Enter at least three new country markets in the coming 1-2 years, likely Indonesia and India
- Strengthen the brand equity towards suppliers and clients
- Position the company for whole or partial sale to supplier or financial investor


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Pharmaceutical CRO

LOCATION: Major Asian Location

COMPANY: Major Pharma CRO

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager who is very business-capablej, with extensive  Pharma CRO experience

Recruiter seeks a General Manager on behalf of a major pharmaceutical CRO. The General Manager will lead the firm's country business, commercial and operations activities with a global customer base and achieve P&L targets and achieve corporate required KPIs.

    • Develop firm's business activities while meeting budgeted revenue and profit objectives.
    • Provide strategic plan to build the business within Asia Pacific and drive growth with global customers.
    • Achieve the operations efficiency at laboratories and logistics (sample taking) by streamlining the operational processes.
    • Support the development, implementation and optimal use of the company’s Laboratory Information Management System eLims and ensure its efficient usage at all levels of the laboratory to improve productivity and profitability.
    • Manage the IT solutions activities required by the site.
    • Increase profitability to meet best industry standards in all activities.
    • Lead the marketing and sales activities (in collaboration with other companies within the group) to achieve the growth plan and ensure that the relations with the clients are good and efficient. Lead meetings with key clients, at all levels and develop an in depth knowledge of customer requirements through regular meetings.
    • Ensure that cross-selling synergies with other laboratories in the group are being developed and comply with corporate guidelines.
    • Take appropriate measures to improve economic profit, including hands-on personal commitment in addressing situations where profit levels are too low.
    • Hire, motivate, develop and retain excellent people, define and agree goals and milestones with immediate subordinates, and ensure goals are defined and communicated to their respective teams. Set up customer centric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor progress. Follow up as appropriate and become hands on if required to ensure achievement of goals.
    • Map out and qualify all acquisition targets in your country, with the support of global M&A team with the goal of expansion of capabilities and or to serve the Asia Pacific market.

    • Personality Profile:
It is imperative that the candidate has high energy, drive and a passion to succeed. The candidate needs to be numerate with business acumen and at the same time demonstrates empathy for others and strong interpersonal skills.
    • Type and duration of previous experience:
Approximately 10 years of professional experience. At least 3 years of these with full responsibility for P&L of a business with at least 50 staff and sales >5M USD per year and proven financial success, preferably in the business services sector or in a small / mid-size company or BU operating competitively. Must have practical knowledge of the drug discovery/ pre-clinical market with prior exposure to clients in this market. Must have a commercial understanding of operating in the Asia Pacific CRO market. Understanding of the employment laws and requirements for human resources in the country.

    • Career track:
We look for people who made a fast track career until now, have clearly been promoted by their past employers but have not yet reached their full potential and still have the burning hunger/drive to excel working for our Client. The job offered should be a challenge for them and a clear progress from their current position. We look for hands-on leaders, hardworking doers with common sense, not strategists or well-rounded large company politicians. Excellent understanding of financial matters, thrifty and cost minded. Candidates with clear career path progression and loyalty to employers are preferred.

    • Educational Background:
Academic education (at least university Masters’ level) with very good grades is required. A MBA or equivalent is desirable but not an absolute requirement. A Master or PhD in Sciences from a top university (e.g. in engineering chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, biology, molecular biology and genetics) would be appreciated but is not an absolute requirement.

Candidates with MBA or equivalent but without a degree in engineering chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, biology, molecular biology and genetics will also be considered provided they possess strong experience in running operations and in handling full P&L with strong financial and business acumen and have worked in the Pharmaceutical CRO market.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Real Estate

LOCATION: Southeast Asia

COMPANY: Leading American global hotel company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A commercial property development operations manager. Alternatively, a person with a strong background as an Asset Management Director can be considered. Key attributes:
1. Can work with people of all levels
2. Positive attitude
3. Energetic and fast-paced
4. Willing to grow
5. Ability to multitask

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major Southeast Asian commercial property and development firm, a Chief Operating Officer (COO), who will report to the firm's Chairman/ CEO.

Property/Development Role
--Secure new biz in managing of development or property enhancement.
--Asset enhancement experience (ability to do A&A)
--Manage development project
--Has commercial property management experience preferred (Office, Shopping Mall, industrial)
--Ability to speak Mandarin is a huge plus
--Able to do feasibility studies for property and understand property accounting

--Is also a director of the company. ie, accountable for the company’s operation
--Lead a group of people in growing the business to the next level
--Manage the operation of the company



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Managing Director - Medical disposables

LOCATION: Thailand (Bangkok)

COMPANY:  Major European medical device manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:Asia general manager with good experience in the medical disposables area

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European manufacturer of medical disposables, a Managing Director (MD), who would be in charge of their Thailand business unit, which produces medical examination gloves.
• At the first stage, management of the operational area, production area (production of 100 m. gloves per month, several dozen SKUs).
• At least 5 years of experience, within the past eight years, in management in Thailand, at the position of an MD (managing director) or CEO (chief executive officer) or in another similar position – in an independent company, controlled by Western investors, operating in accordance with the Western standards of management, reporting, finance, audit, with at least one production plant to operate at an industrial scale, (if operating in a continuous mode - this would be an advantage), with production lines, employing at least 250 persons, including at least 7 direct reports;
• An advantage would be production experience in disposable articles industries and in establishing new production units, and in implementation of projects for enhanced efficiency/optimization.

• participates in the development and implementation of the development strategy;
• supervises the correct functioning of the production plant and the company;
• responsible for the P&L of the production plant (including optimization, calculation of production costs, implementation of sales plans)
• manages processes of the whole production plant, including production, maintenance, sales, procurement, logistics, finance, R&D and administration
• supervises operations of production and maintenance (production planning, implementation of production plans, quality assurance);
• supervises the development and implementation of the company’s commercial policy;
• participates in commercial activities of the company (selection of customers, selling prices, selection of suppliers, etc.);
• leads projects to enhance efficiency and optimization of processes;
• prepares and implements budgets;
• responsible for correct organization of work, safety, trainings, enhancement of the work system, implementation of the quality system, condition and technical level of the company;
• develops KPI schemes for the local team and controls their implementation;
• cooperates with Thai institutions and state offices and with Asian companies; cooperates with and reports to the Management of the Group.

Required skills:
• ability to work in an international environment;
• very well developed managerial competencies;
• high level of interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team;
• analytical thinking;
• ability to set priorities and focus on details;
• independent in making decisions, self-assertive, dynamic in operation, effective and bold;
• involved and focused on the performance of the entrusted tasks;
• assumes full responsibility for the decisions made;
• highly developed organizational skills;
• experience in personally leading the meetings with local subordinates;
• very good abilities to organize and plan the time for self and for subordinates;
• ability to work under time pressure and with multiple tasks;
• very good knowledge of the MS Office suite, in particular: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint;
• English – C1, unrestrained communication in technology and business.
• Driving license: B (international)


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Dental Products

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location

COMPANY: Asian Dental Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Dental Products Country Manager. A National Sales Director able to start up sales in country. Possesses a high business acumen, strong decision making skills and a strong customer focus.

Recruiter seeks a General Manager on behalf of a major dental supply company. The General Manager will direct and supervise the sales and internal operations of the branch, including management of the sales team; and develop firm strategies to further the branch's maximum growth and profitability while providing quality service to the customer. S/he will manage around 10–15 staff and direct report to the CEO in the head office.   

·Analyzing and evaluating sales activities as well as market trends and customer needs for sales optimization;
·Developing sales team by providing ongoing training and development and by giving specific and constructive feedback to foster development of skills;
·Reviewing and evaluating the work of direct reports to assess job performance;
·Identifying process improvements to increase efficiency or reduce costs;
·Participating in the selection process determining personnel needs to ensure coverage on all jobs and that branch obligations are met.

The ideal candidate, have the similar job experience in dental supply industry, possess a Bachelor’s degree in sales, management, or related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A minimum of 5 years of experience with a proven track record in sales is required. General computer proficiency including knowledge of MS Office is required. Previous experience in the following areas: customer service, sales, office and asset management, as is previous experience supervising sales teams. Related industry knowledge is a plus.
The ability to effectively lead people and build a high performing team, being adaptable, and facilitate ongoing development is key.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager- Material Handling Equipment

LOCATION: SE Asian Location

COMPANY: Asian division of multinational material handling equipment corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  A well-organized, results-oriented General Manager with experience selling material handling equipment to the local marine cargo and logistics sectors. Strong sales development and customer satisfaction focus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major firm in the world materials handling equipment sector, a Country General Manager. Working with an industry market leader and alongside a highly dedicated team, the General Manager will be responsible for directing and controlling the Country business group activities to achieve optimum sales and profitability through effective use of the branch assets and personnel and within policy and procedures profiled by the Company. Key roles and responsibilities including but not limited to:

Financial & Operational Planning
-Develop and implement an annual Country business plan for achieving the budget
-Present a yearly financial plan, including financial statements and budgets to the SEA Managing Director
-Implement strategies to identify and mitigate risk to the operations and performance of Branch Operation

Business Development
-Develop plans to grow business and increase customer coverage across Country operations
-Monitor customer coverage and customer churn numbers and take action to maximize performance in these areas
-Establish strong relationships with large suppliers, government authorities and influential local bodies and individuals

People Leadership & Development
-Coach, lead and develop direct reports and ensure processes and systems are in place and used effectively to manage staff performance and development and people capability
-Liaise with the Executive team to resolve any inter-company issues affecting Country performance
-Ensure all managers and supervisors have business goals in place that align with the branch business plan. Track performance against goals (KPI's and scorecards) through monthly meetings with staff

Skills and Experience
-Relevant Tertiary qualifications
-Typically, 10-15 years of management experience in the industrial sector
-Important to this role will be a track record in sales and sales management
-Materials handling industry specific sales experience would be an advantage
-Sound commercial acumen and a history of having P&L responsibility
-Strong leadership and change management skills
-Managed large teams to get results


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Director - Animal Nutrition

LOCATION: Thailand (Bangkok)

COMPANY: Major animal health and nutrition firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:Asia regional general manager with strong operational, financial and business development expertise across multiple countries. 60% travel

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major health and nutrition firm, a Managing Director of their Asia business. Reporting to a COO (Chief Operating Officer), the Asia Managing Director will be responsible for the overall management of firm’s Asia Business Unit. This role includes a wide variety of sales, marketing, operational and leadership functions for managing a branch office focused on growing the Asia Pacific market in a sustainable manner. This position requires staying abreast of industry changes, competition, governmental regulations, employee development and representing firm in a professional manner. As well as distribution partner development, training and support.

• Develops business plans and sales expectations for each of the territories within the Asian market.
• Identifies and takes the appropriate actions to successfully implement the business plan and provides updates to the Executive Team.
• Provides timely information and analysis to the appropriate firm personnel on market conditions, sales activities and business opportunities.
• Works closely with firm Technical Service, Marketing, Customer Service, Regulatory, Business Unit Leaders and other departments to coordinate activities in a collaborative and team
• Establishes business relationships with new customers and maintains business relationships with existing customers, providing them with technical support, marketing support, sales support and product information.
• Coordinates and assists in sales training and product information meetings for employees, customer personnel, producers and prospects.
• Manages the branch business office for firm in Asia in a fiscally responsible manner according to guidelines set forth by the Executive Team.
• Determines and develops marketing plans, sales programs, and materials consistent with company objectives.
• Identifies, hires and develops professional team members to grow our Asia business sales.
• Develops and maintains relationships with industry influencers. Provides them with current firm research information and leverages their partnership to identify new opportunities.
• Collects and analyzes sales and expense performance against established objectives and budgets. Recommends appropriate actions to the Executive Team and implements the approved actions to grow the Asia business in a sustainable fashion.

• Revenue growth of the Asia Business Unit
• Expense management
• Sound managerial decision
• Ability to cooperate and collaborate with the Asia distributing partners to grow the business in their regions
• Employee job satisfaction with the Asia Business Unit and ability to build and maintain a strong team
• Effective working relationship across the organization (ability to cooperate and collaborate)
• Demonstrated commitment to firm Core Values

• Reports directly to the COO (Chief Operating Officer)
• Manages and develops the Asia team (administrative, sales and technical service)
• Works closely with all other Business Unit Leaders
• Works closely with Marketing, Technical Service, Regulatory, Customer Service and most other departments from time to time

Education, Experience and Skills:
• Minimum four year college degree in agricultural sciences or agricultural business.
• Advanced degree is a plus.
• Minimum five years work experience in a related field.
• Strong verbal communication and presentation skills.
• Strong written and oral communications skills.
• Ability to work independently, set priorities and organize workload effectively.
• Must be a self-starter.
• Proven ability to manage and develop office and professional staff.
• Maintain a positive attitude that effectively engages customers and others in the presence of multiple demands for time and attention.
• Considerable mental concentration is required to work effectively and meet deadlines under frequent time pressures and with frequent interruptions.
• Ability to analyze a wide range of financial, intellectual and practical problems, proposes reasonable solutions, makes logical decisions, carries out decisions made and follows up when
• Strong ability to focus on tasks at hand and pay strict attention to details.
• Accurately apply arithmetic, algebraic and geometric calculations.
• Must maintain the integrity of highly confidential company information.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Hospital Sector

LOCATION: Asian location

COMPANY: Fast growing medical services corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very results-oriented, well organized, hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO)

 Recruiter  seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing hospital services firm, a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of a new hospital, inclusive of the profit and loss of the hospital's business, as well as the related resources associated with the hospital operation.

In this capacity, the Hospital CEO carries responsibility for integrating the strategic plan of the Hospital with the operations. Through the Clinical Service Unit structure, the CEO provides management oversight for the development of high quality, cost effective and integrated clinical programs within the hospital. The management portfolio held by this leader is notably diverse, with corresponding broad organizational implications and complexity, characterized by substantial scope of responsibility in this respect.

The Hospital CEO will exercise management responsibility over the hospital ensuring efficient services that are designed to meet the needs of patients, physicians, the public and staff. This will either be done directly, or through delegation of responsibility to the management staff.

Desired Skills & Experience:
• Work requires a minimum of 10 -12 years’ experience in responsible hospital operations at the administrative leadership level.
• Demonstrated leadership and complex organizational management skills.
• Well-developed planning, marketing, organizational development, and business skills.
• Experience in hospital administration in a large and complex setting inclusive of P and L responsibility
• The ability to work with physicians, staff and professionals in multiple settings and locations and to promote diversity in the workplace.
• Information systems capabilities and an appreciation for the data which will be required to make meaningful management decisions. Negotiation and financial analysis skills.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: ASEAN Regional Leader - Food Service

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading American QSR Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Southeast Asia General Manager with strong knowledge of franchising; results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and Chinese or Bahasa M/I languages.

Acute business acumen, knowledge of development, knowledge of marketing and leadership skills that highlight the ability to influence.

Recruiter seeks an ASEAN Regional Leader, on behalf of a leading US QSR chain. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), International, the Singapore/ SE Asia Regional Leader will have span of Control: Restaurant Operations, Development (RE and construction), Marketing & Menu, Supply Chain.


Role Overview:  The Singapore/SE Asia Regional Leader is a key member of firm's International Leadership Team and is charged with leading a dedicated support team focused on driving / enabling franchisee operational effectiveness, profitability and new market and restaurant growth. This includes developing and implementing strategies and tactics that drive top-line sales, traffic, customer satisfaction and restaurant operating profit (ROP). The Singapore/SE Asia Regional Leader is also responsible for development of new franchise and country relationships that enables / drives increase market share and net unit growth.


The Singapore/SE Asia Regional Leader has full P&L accountability for their region  This includes effectively utilizing and partnering with Support Center resources to augment the team’s needs and capabilities.


 Role Responsibilities:

o          Create clear expectations, goals and accountabilities for every person in the SE Asia Regional Support Team.  Set a clear personal development plan for each person and provide feedback on a quarterly basis.

o          Develop and implement an annual business plan that …

o          Drives positive transaction and comparable store sales growth

o          Increases year-over-year franchise AUVs

o          Increases profitability (ROP).

o          Improves “operational excellence” metrics such as speed of service, Guest Experience Monitor (GEM) and Metric Moving Scorecard (MMS)

o          Develop and implement a process to review markets (countries) for target development; includes market and partner assessments, building relationships and new market partners.

o          Delivers year-over-year on development targets for new unit growth and net restaurant counts by utilizing effective development processes, securing sound real estate and efficient construction methodology.

o          Effectively conduct QBR’s to include post meeting action items and follow-up.

o          Ensure timely and effective communications with Support Center Team.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager -Petrochemical Services

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major US energy services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Managing Director/ General Manager with consumer electronics experiences

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a leading American firm in the O&G services field, an Asia General Manager.

--Responsible for the overall profitability, future development and growth of the Malaysian and Singaporean Companies (MSC).

--Responsible to ensure that the Companies comply with all legal requirements.

--Generate and implement written policies that address the requirements of personnel, client’s suppliers, and ensure that they are complied with by all employees.

--Responsible for the quality of the Companies services and products.

--Responsible to lead strategic business development within the companies through involvement in high level client visits, marketing and sales plans and overall promotion of company's services and products to the marketplace.

--Responsible to measure management performance.

--Responsible to review and approve all Company contracts with clients and suppliers.

--Responsible to prepare and implement current and long-term objectives for the Companies and measure the attainment of these goals.

--Represent the Company in its relationships with major clients, alliance partners, bankers, government bodies and professional societies.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Singapore Managing Director - Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing Communications

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading European Business Communications Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Singapore Managing Director with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic

Recruiter seeks a Singapore Managing Director, on behalf of a leading European firm in the field of business communications. Responsibilities of the Managing Director:


•         Assume responsibility for the overall functioning of the Agency in Singapore

•         Strong business background with ability to grow the revenue of the Agency

•         Be responsible for Profit and Loss

•         Motivate and develop team members consisting of Sales, Account Management and Creative staff

•         Oversee the management of existing accounts as well as the development of new accounts

•         Provide direction to the Sales, Account Management and Creative teams

•         Be involved in concept generation and evaluation of creative work



•         10 years of experience in an Agency environment. At least 3 years experience in a similar position

•         Experience in ITC below the line communication

•         Strong management experience

•         Track record of building successful client relationships

•         History of success in supporting new business acquisitions

•         Demonstrated ability to think strategically

•         Strong presentation skills

•         Strong written and verbal communication skills (English)

•         Ability to evaluate work generated by the Creative Team

•         Strong contacts in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry will be advantageous



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam General Manager - Medical Equipment

LOCATION: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

COMPANY: Asian Medical Equipment Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Vietnam General Manager with strong sales experiences

Recruiter seeks a Vietnam General Manager, on behalf of an Asian medical equipment firm. Fluency in English and Vietnamese is required, as is experience developing relevant distribution networks in the country.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam General Manager - Furniture

LOCATION: Vietnam (Hochiminh City)

COMPANY:Startup European Furniture firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Vietnamese-English fluent Vietnam General Manager, ideally with experience in furniture manufacture

Recruiter seeks a Vietnam General Manager, on behalf of a European startup face that is setting up a furniture factory in Vietnam to fabricate luxury furniture and interior products for luxury villas around South East-Asia. The Vietnam General Manager would run the firm's business and factory in Vietnam, including from the early startup phase. Experience in P/L essential.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Managing Director  - Metal Parts

LOCATION: Vietnam (Hochiminh City)

COMPANY: Major European Metal Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Vietnam Managing Director with strong western business skills

Recruiter seeks a Vietnam Managing Director, on behalf of a European manufacturer serving the industrial and high tech sectors. Reporting to the Group CEO in France, the Vietnam Managing Director will be responsible for this new factory and business unit. Fluency in English and Vietnamese; French skills a plus.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Managing Director - Hydraulic Products

LOCATION: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

COMPANY: Leading European Pumps Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Vietnam Managing Director with strong sales focus. Fluent English and Vietnamese

Recruiter seeks a Vietnam Managing Director, on behalf of a leading European Pumps Firm. The Vietnam Managing Director should have 5-10 years of experience in Management, and have experience in distribution channels in industrial products



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Food Packaging

LOCATION: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

COMPANY: Major German firm manufacturing process, filling and packaging equipment and technologies for the food industry

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Well-established, internationally oriented General Manager, preferably with well-established experience and contacts related to serving customers in the food and beverage sector, as a provider of packaging equipment or packaging technologies.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading European firm in the food packaging sector, a General Manager.


    • Responsible for the company as a whole
    • Responsible for the legitimacy of business operations, to sign contracts and official documents
    • Representative of firm in front of customers, authorities and staff in the region and country
    • Actively driving sales activities
    • Ensure compliance with local and international laws (e.g. tariff law, labor law, social security law, tax law, ...)
    • Responsible for the preparation of the Profit & Loss statement, tax-related topics, financial results and various balance sheet items
    • Business responsibility regarding his/ her additionally assigned operational role (e.g. Sales, Project Engineering, Project Management, After Sales, …)
    • Responsible for the local infrastructure, and to make infrastructure-related decisions in line with the agreed budgets
    • In charge of the disciplinary and professional leadership of the employees of the subsidiary, to make personnel decisions after conferring with the headquarters
    • Recognize and prevent risks to the company
    • Transfer the strategic instructions of the Regional Committee into concrete projects and to be responsible for the implementation of these strategic targets in the local environment
    • Optimize overall sales activities like New Machine business and After Sales
    • Identify and analyze local development and market trends, to discuss them within the Regional Committee and to implement the derived strategies in his/ her country
    • Coordinate his/ her decisions closely and consequently with the headquarters
    • Ensure to achieve the set targets for the JV. Possible KPIs are order intake, revenue and Ebit

Functional objective:

    • Strong background in the Food and Beverage industry
    • Strong knowhow in the relevant markets in the country
    • Converting the strategic instructions of the executive board into concrete projects and developing strategies on his/her own initiative to sustainably increase turnover and yield of the subsidiary
    •    Determination of the situation on the local market
    • Knowledge of possible market gaps and ensuring to develop solutions to close these gaps
    • Recognising and preventing risks to the company
    • Identification of measures to achieve objectives and counteracting should there be a deviation in plans


    • Minimum 7- 10 years intensive professional knowledge in a General Management or comparable Management function
    • technical or economics degree (technical college, university, master), or well-founded knowledge of engineering and business management acquired in another manner
    • High degree of social competence and loyalty
    • Balanced combination of leadership and team orientation
    • Thinking like an entrepreneur
    • Strong technical and soft skill abilities in Sales, negotiations and representation
    • Will and willingness to further develop the organisation and structures on the basis of the proved and tested
    • Active, creative thinking
    • Target orientation
    • Holistic, international approach
    • High degree of intercultural skills
    • Knowledge of the language of the country of deployment (English is a must)


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Malaysia CEO - Franchised Food Service (Leisure Dining Chain)

LOCATION: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

COMPANY:Successful Asian Franchised Restaurant Chain

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Operationally competent, business savvy food sector general manager. Fluent English and Mandarin Chinese. A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills and a strong eye for detail, quality and excellence.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a very successful Asian founded chain of leisure restaurants, a Malaysia Chief Executive Officer (CEO), whose duty would be effectively run and expand the firm's chain business in Malaysia. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will manage a team of 300+ employees, and will be in charge of overall operations. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will report to the shareholders, strategize and implement expansion and operational improvement plans, and set KPI's with the shareholders and master franchisor.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Managing Director - Apparel

LOCATION: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

COMPANY: North American Apparel firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Solid, organizationally competent, Asia Managing Director with good operations and business management expertise.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a North American apparel firm, an Asia Managing Director, who would supervise firm's entire East Asian operations, to ensure continuity and going-concern of all the entities, and to safeguard the assets of the entities. The primary role of the Asia Managing Director is to lead and represent the East Asian operations in the sourcing, production, logistics and distribution of apparel from Asia to firm's customers worldwide.

•   Drive profitable results through executing against financial, operations and strategic business plans presented and approved by the board of directors;

•   To provide a significant contribution to how the US organization operates;

•   Manage and liaison with related companies and management of these companies to meet delivery dates and quality requirements for firm's customers. Manage procurement of raw materials, manufacturing services and service contracts to deliver finished product to firm's customers;

•   Financial management including internal controls, financial reporting, transfer pricing, treasury and taxation for the firm and related East Asian Operations to safe guard the assets of the Company;

•   Establish and report on key performance measurements including annual budgets and key performance indicators to maximize returns for the firm and related East Asian Operations;

•   Establish the Global Logistic hub in Malaysia with key objective in logistic planning, transshipment & drop shipment requirements, and timely delivery to firm's customers;

•   Manage effective relationships with forwarders, banks, local government authorities, audit and tax advisors; and

•   Overall management of employees and employment service contracts for the firm and related parties.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vice President, Sales and Marketing - Luxury Hospitality

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

COMPANY: Fast growing Asian hotels firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Aggressive but polished VP Sales and Marketing with experience in the luxury resort or luxury real estate sectors.

Recruiter, on behalf of a very successful Asian developer of luxury resorts, seeks a VP, Sales and Marketing. The VP Sales and Marketing will be charged with recruiting a sales team to identify the key segments for marketing the company's latest high profile luxury beach resort and spa. Experiences running similar marketing and branding programs would be of great interest. The VP Sales and Marketing would be responsible for conducting seminars, roadshows, and presentations to market and sell the project.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager - CPG Solutions

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

COMPANY:  Leading Consumer Products Services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  Indonesia General Manager with strong contacts in the food (CPG) sector

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a major firm providing advanced solutions for the global consumer products (CPG/ FMCG) sectors, a General Manager. The General Manager participates in the formulation of business strategies with top management, participates in the formulation and administration of company policies with top management, and supports top management in sales and forecast reporting of the assigned Business Unit. The General Manager will direct and coordinate activities of the assigned Business Unit to achieve company’s financial and strategic objectives, as well as recruit, manage, and develop human resources within the business unit. The General Manager formulates, plans, organizes and implements sales strategies to achieve business unit sales targets. S/he also will oversee sales programs/ activities for an organizations products and services.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Asia - Industrial Products

LOCATION: Thailand (Bangkok)

COMPANY: European Automotive Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: General Manager, with manufacturing and sales expertise

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a French firm with global sales revenue approx US$400M, an Asia General Manager. Firm's objective is that their manufacturing facilities in Asia are producing at lowest cost and at a world class level. As for their ambitious sales development objectives, the future Asia General Manager will have direct control over sales teams in the region. Focus will be on managing key projects across Asia. The Asia General Manager should have logistics, production management experience in the automotive or other highly competitive industrial sector and sales or marketing experience. The Asia General Manager should have had a minimum of 5 years in a highly competitive lean manufacturing/ continuous improvement environment, in addition to a few years in a sales or business related position. A degree in Eng. in an international environment and experience working for a multinational recognized for its excellence would also be ideal.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Managing Director - Entertainment (Games)

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Entertainment (Games) Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  Asia Managing Director, hands-on, with strong business development acumen

Recruiter seeks an Asia Managing Director on behalf of a leading entertainment firm. The Asia Managing Director will be responsible for the set up, organization, and development of firm's Asian operation.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia CEO, Asia COO, Asia VP Sales - Internet B2C Firm

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Very fast growing internet firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: smart, talented, ambitious people with a strong interest in entrepreneurship

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a very fast growing internet firm that is now active in 40 countries, an Asia CEO, Asia COO, and Asia VP Sales

- Drive growth

- Implement strategic goals and objectives of organization throughout all company departments (Research, Sales, Merchant Management, Editorial, Customer Service, Finance and Admin)

- To give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization's philosophy, mission, strategy, and its goals and objectives.

- Master of Science or MBA degree

- A proven track record and strong motivation to drive the growth of firm

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills

- Ability to work under pressure with excellent organization and coordination skills

- Highly driven individual who likes to build new business

- Fluent in English



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager – Joint Venture - Aviation

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY:  Leading Global Aviation Sector Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: JV General Manager with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Driven with high energy

Recruiter seeks a General Manager, on behalf of a leading global aviation sector firm. Reporting to the JV Board, the General Manager’s duties and responsibilities include executing strategy, formulating policies and implementing best business practices in ensuring the smooth establishment, implementation and operations of the Joint Venture. Job Accountabilities:

•   Key driver in ensuring the establishment, implementation and the success of the JV.

•   Plan, direct and organize activities to ensure the JV’s overall goals and objectives are achieved while providing customers with a quality training experience;

•   Ensure the JV standards, policies and processes are met and are compliant with industry best practices based on JV partner’s standards, policies and other industry best practices;

•   Act as an advisor to the Board on objectives and policies for effective management of the business and answer relevant queries that may arise from JV partners;

•   Direct preparation of business plans and present to the JV Board for approval;

•   Responsible for annual budget process and ensuring targets approved by the JV Board are met;

•   Ensure accurate and complete weekly, monthly, quarterly reports are distributed to JV partners and Board as required;

•   Determine accurate staffing levels for the JV operations and monitor such levels to ensure productivity and efficiency by using metrics;

•   Accountable for Quality Management System of  the JV;

•   Develop and implement a strategic plan to capitalise on the fast paced development in Asia

•   Maintain commitment to client satisfaction and ensure superior customer experience ;

•   Accountable Manager for the JV towards all regulatory bodies in Asia



•   Proven track record of successfully establishing Joint Venture Companies in Asia or other parts of the Asia Pacific region.

•   More than 15 years experience in managing  businesses and growing revenues and profits year over year;

•   Specific Joint Venture experience within the aviation industry especially the  training and simulation sector will be an added advantage

•   A graduate, in a business, finance or engineering discipline. An MBA qualification would be preferred.

•   Strong cultural awareness and experience of both Asian and American business practices.

•   Good negotiator and previous experience in handling Senior Management and BODs of Multi National Corporations

•   Strong background and experience with Asian customer base

•   Very solid negotiation skills

•   Interpersonal ability and excellent presentation skills;

•   Adaptability and flexibility;

•   A creative thinker, able to relate effectively to complex situations and organisations;

•   The dedication and commitment to meet the expectation and requirements of internal and external customers;

•   The ability to lead and motivate staff and develop and sustain positive relationships with a range of stakeholders



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Medical Devices

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Growing US Medical Device Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sales Director with track record multi-country Asian medical device sales, ideally in the orthopedic sector. Bachelor degree in business-related or life science field is required, with a minimum of seven years of progressive sales and sales management experience in implantable orthopedic medical devices, including distribution management.  Representation of MIS orthopedic implants is preferred.  Demonstrated technical and consultative sales training and professional oral and written communication skills is required.

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Director, on behalf of a medical device firm. The Asia Sales Directror, who reports to the Global Vice President of Sales, will manage the Asian and Australian/NZ international distribution network in the sales and surgeon development effort, as well as represent the Firm's interests in associated surgical communities, regulatory bodies and professional associations. Core Responsibilities:

1.  Sources clinically-competent distributors with established surgeon relationships for representing Firm's products within specified geographic areas.

2.  Provides sales and clinical training in the representation of Firm's products and management of cases.

3.  Provides intermediate sales and clinical support as needed through the developmental period.

4.  Oversees the profitable sales efforts through personal contact with distributors and their sales teams, providing direction and counsel as needed.

5.  Provides support for distributor strategic planning to introduce Firm's new products or developing Firm's representation within the territory.

6.  Assists the Distributors in compliance with Firm's administrative procedures, including forecasting, managing case schedules, and developing business opportunities.

7.  Ensures the expedient response to surgeon training needs and coordinates surgeon training sessions.

8.  Leads and coordinates the representation of Firm's interests in associated surgical communities, regulatory bodies and professional associations.

9.  Assists in establishing and maintaining effective relationships with hospital and outpatient surgical facilities.

10. Coordinates the representation of Firm's at trade shows, training and educational events, and other indication-specific conferences.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Oil & Gas

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major Asian Petrochemical services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: COO with SE Asian petrochemical sector experiences

Recruiter seeks a Chief Operating Officer (COO), on behalf of one of Asia’s leading providers of integrated subsea engineering solutions to the oil and gas industries. Firm provides mobile gas (CNG & LNG) infrastructure in Asia. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will report to the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will be assisting in the general management and performance of the company as dictated by the overall strategy agreed by the Board of Directors.

•   To assist the Group CEO in building and leading an effective and cohesive executive management team with effective succession planning;

•   To assist in the evaluation of the executive management team;

•   To assist in representing the Group CEO in his absence to bankers, regulatory authorities, shareholders and the board of directors;

•   To assist in the creation of an appropriate vision and long term strategy for the company to be agreed by the Board;

•   To assist in developing and putting in place strategic operating plans and budgets for each of the  business units and departments that reflect the long term objectives and priorities of the Board.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager - Machine tools

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Asian distributor of major machine tool brands

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales-oriented turnaround Asia General Manager

Recruiter seeks an Asia General Manager, on behalf of a leading firm inthe cutting tools, metrology equipment field. The Asia General Manager reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Major duties:

Establishing and maintaining productive working relationships with the entire team Setting goals, communicating these goals to the entire team and coordinating the work necessary to accomplish them  Creating and maintaining improvements on all systems and procedures Strengthening customer relations through exemplary service and outreach to the community  Hiring of employees and all disciplinary actions



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager - Scientific Instruments

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major European Scientific instrument firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia General Manager who is a self starter with a high energy level who could lead a team with high morale, based on team spirit.

Recruiter, on behalf of a leading manufacturer of analytical instruments, seeks a General Manager in Asia. The Asia General Manager will develop and implement a Sales & Marketing strategy based on the requirements and possibilities of the local market. The General Manager will be responsible for the ‘day to day’ management of the local organization, including:

-   Organizing an adequate sales team

-   Organizing service & support

-   Manage and supervise the distribution

-   Profit and loss



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Corporate Vice President or Managing Director - Cable Television

LOCATION: Major Asian capital

COMPANY: Leading International Investment Bank

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Cable TV Asia Managing Director

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading investment bank, an Asia Managing Director or Corporate VP who has had experience in digitalization in leading markets of Asia, the US or UK, and who has a sense of how to make this happen. Should understand content deals. Business savvy, and able to judge content deals. Works well with customers and understands how to win them to the more expensive digital market.

 - Oversee cable television investments

 - interaction with senior management

 - review of business issues, acquisitions

 - review of current and new technology options

 - understanding of content strategy

 - strategic thinker for the investment

 - review of performance



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Contract Manufacturing

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Multinational Contract Manufacturing firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with ability to expand business and improve manufacturing and supply chain efficiences. Chinese-English bilingual. Metalworking background helpful. Self motivated, and a good leader

Recruiter, on behalf of a leading Asian publicly listed contract manufacturing firm, seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will be assisted by Group Finance (CFO) and Individual Subsidiary key personnel (mainly General Managers). The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has to oversee the day-to-day operations, finance and general management of the Group. S/he needs to travel to these subsidiaries and be able to assist in expanding the revenue and increase the bottom-line in the fabrication, tooling and metal stamping arena in these subsidiaries. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) must have sufficient hands on experience and knowledge in the manufacturing arena. Technically sound, knows processes, understands the market requirements in metal fabrication and metal stamping, knows how to do quotations, is a leader, has the EQ to be working with all levels within the organization ...



Sales & Marketing Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Corporate Strategy General Manager - Telecommunications

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Corporate Strategy Manager with world-class telecom experiences

COMPANY: Major Telecommunications firm

Recruiter seeks a Corporate Strategy General Manager, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a major telecommunications firm. The Corporate Strategy General Manager will lead the Corporate Strategy and Innovation Department and will be accountable for:

•Ensure that information and guidance for top level management’s decision making on strategic alternative scenarios & business implications is available

•Manage the development of medium to long term strategic market/ business guidance to Regions & Functional Dept for business improvement

•Ensure that 3-year roadmap on company strategic business imperatives is available with considerations of regulatory landscape, technology development, market & business dynamics, regional synergy, & company propositions

•Ensure a continuous strategic market analysis is conducted

•Manage industry scouting and partner interaction with local and global partners to shape the roadmap of firm

•Help define new product opportunities, shaping and channeling initial concepts through to product and planning teams and managing the commercial negotiations and terms for joint products


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales - Automotive Parts

LOCATION: Major Asian City

COMPANY: Fast-growing Asian Automotive Parts Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Sales Vice President with multiple Asian and global country experiences in selling autoparts.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast-growing Asian auto parts manufacturer, a Vice President of Sales. Responisibilities:

- To Analyse the industry trend and identify new growth areas.

- To identify potential opportunities and develop New Business in the responsible markets.

-To Formulate and implement Business Strategies to achieve Sales Target and Growth

-To build, guide, coach and leave a cohesive Sales Team -To develop and build strong relationships with business partners

-Actively expand and maintain networking contacts.

-Based on experience, can be responsible for South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (Exports)



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: ASEAN Business Director - Packaging Equipment

LOCATION: Malaysia or Indonesia

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Southeast Asia Regional Sales Manager with packaging equipment experience. Fluent English. Other ASEAN languages a plus

COMPANY: Major European packaging equipment manufacturer

Recruiter seeks an ASEAN Business Director on behalf of a leading European packaging equipment manufacturer. The overall objective is to develop the Sales network, additionally to the established and agreed local agent network. Deploy marketing plans for each product in the region of his zone in order to cost-effectively penetrate the targeted market segment.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sales Manager - Software

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced ERP Software national sales manager. Hunter-prospector profile - Identify market opportunities, Qualify to Closure. Proven track record in handling mid to large accounts. Proven track record of achieving & over achieving quota is a plus.

COMPANY: Major international ERP Software firm

Recruiter seeks an Indonesia Sales Manager, on behalf of a leading international firm making ERP Software.

- Develop Territory business verticals, such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality/Retail and Services

- Positioning of company’s winning propositions through presentation and articulation of effective selling strategies

- Develop and Maintain a positive pipeline of opportunities

- Develop and Manage assigned geographic territory

- Achieving Territory quota on Net license revenue, and Professional services revenue.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Marketing Manager - Automotive Parts

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location

COMPANY: Leading Asian automotive parts manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast paced marketing manager experienced in the automotive sector

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading Asian firm manufacturing auto parts, a Marketing Manager, who promote brands, products, services, and companies. The Marketing Manager needs to be creative to raise brand, product, or service awareness, and need to be analytical to understand market segments. The Marketing Manager also needs to be hard working and possess excellent communication skills. Marketing is a result-oriented job, as the results of marketing can be quantified both clearly and quickly.

Job Description:
• Understand and analyze the market, including competitors and consumers for current and future market or demand to ensure marketing activities are on track with
the company’s strategy.
• Work closely with other related departments such as Sales, A&P and R&D department to ensure the company and products are market well.
• Analyze the existing marketing, consumer and dealer’s schemes and to also enhance it to be more attractive for each market segment.
• Refine segments, promotions and campaigns based on evaluation of campaign conversion, customer retention, customer cross-sell, campaign dilution and campaign
• Build loyalty programs for deployment to segments (promotional copy, rules and restrictions, legal review, customer service review, etc.)
• Evaluate external proposals and recommend to the reporting manager on the proposal and its relevance.
• Develop new marketing promotions and collaborations to fit the overall marketing strategies.
• Develop and execute go to market strategy for new products or projects.
• Recommend new strategies and database marketing programs to drive enhanced revenue from existing customer base.
• Attending and organizing sales promotional events and exhibitions.
• Coordinating with and reporting to managers to carry out campaigns.
• Develop reporting and metrics to understand overall customer retention/repeat behaviour across key segments.
• Oversee day-to-day implementation and analysis of the loyalty programs.
• Validate proper execution of all database marketing campaigns across multi-channel environment (e.g., website, email, care line).
• Analyze third party data sources and recommend strategies to improve overall acquisition, retention, and conversion activities.
• Monitor the competitive landscape, testing new approaches and adopting best-practice strategies.
• Develop and monitor success at program, customer segment, and campaign level.

Requirements (Minimum qualifications and experience):
• A degree in marketing, mass communications or equivalent.
• Min 5 - 7 years in Marketing, Business Development, CRM, Communications or equivalent experience and good track records.
• Excellent command of written and spoken English
• Good interpersonal and communication skills.
• Good command of written and spoken Mandarin and /or a third language an advantage.
• Experienced in organizing events and sales drive.
• Ability to think outside the box and be creative.
• Ability to implement strategies by using or adapting tactics.
• Ability to adjust to and work with teams.
• Attention to detail.
• Interest in and awareness of markets and financial implications.
• Understand basic business and management principles.
• Good use of Microsoft Office; Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. PowerPoint.
• Experience or interest related to the automobile or motorcycle is an advantage.
• Able to work independently, meet datelines, under pressure and a team player.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Vice President, Sales - Semiconductor Capital Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major US semiconductor capital equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong leadership development skills. Roll-up-the-sleeves, strategic thinker and mentor to staff. This is best for a longer-term visionary Asia Vice President, Sales, providing direction to the sales managers. Not suitable for an inveterate "prospector" type who works best in roles where s/he is personally involved in every single aspect of the sale. Marketing orientations might be more suitable than a pure sales focus. Process Equipment or Metrology equipment to the compound semiconductor (II-VI and III-V) market a strong plus.  Must have solid experience in the fast-growing Asian market. Knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin), Korean or Japanese a plus, but if not, intimate experience of Asian semiconductor markets is necessary.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a world leading US firm in the semiconductor capital equipment field, a VP Sales - Asia. The Vice President of Sales - Asia is responsible for directing the global sales of semiconductor equipment products in the MOCVD and MBE markets.  The successful candidate will develop and execute a multi-faceted sales strategy to grow the business and build the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  The Asia VP Sales works in parallel with the leadership team to assess and develop effective sales processes, go-to-market strategies, business development initiatives and service delivery.  This executive also spearheads major customer opportunities.  The VP Sales - Asia reports to the Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales.  Reports for this position include: Sales Managers in the USA, Greater China, Japan, and Europe.


Key Attributes/Requirements

The ideal candidate is an accomplished sales leader and team-builder with a history of managing sales & service in a highly competitive environment.

---15+ years (5+ at a senior level) direct management of global sales & service functions; Experience in global high-tech capital equipment sales a must

---Proven competency in MOCVD and MBE technology as applied in multiple markets and applications

---Ability to execute at the "C level"  (CEO, CTO, COO)

---Employ different sales strategies such as:  high volume, relationship-based, and multi-million dollar transaction-based selling

---Translate strategy into action plans coupled with successful implementation

---History of driving substantive improvements in both operational excellence and sales effectiveness

---Demonstrated successes in launching complex, new product releases resulting in accelerated revenue



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales DirectorAsia Managing Director - Electronic Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: US Electronic Equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sales Director/ Asia Managing Director who is trustworthy, fast-paced and above all, an accomplished sales professional, fluent in English and familiar with business practices on both sides of the Pacific.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major International maker of electronic component assembly equipment, an Asia Sales Director / Managing Director. The Asia Sales Director / Asia Managing Director reports to the company President. Ideally, the Asia Sales Director / Managing Director would be fluent in Chinese and be well-traveled throughout Asia, possessing a technical degree or highly conversant in similar technology.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia-Pacific VP Sales and Marketing - Enterprise Software
LOCATION: Singapore
COMPANY: U.S. Enterprise Software Firm

Recruiter seeks an Asia-Pacific VP Sales and Marketing with good networking products application experiences. The Asia-Pacific VP Sales and Marketing initially will supervise approximately 3-4. Asia-Pacific Sales turnover is expected to be approximately US$6M. Focus will be on sales to network service providers (Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel, etc.) and large banks, primarily through channels.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP, International Sales & Marketing - Supply Chain/ Logistics Services

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: 1+ Billion €  European logistics services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Self starter. ODM-oriented, aggressive, International Sales & Marketing Director

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major European logistics services firm, a Vice President, International Sales & Marketing. Reporting to the CEO, the VP, International Sales & Marketing will identify and develop strategic opportunities for the continued expansion of the business and to design and implement global sales and marketing programs.

•   A demonstrable track record of profit growth achievement in international business development, with 6-8 years of such experience, preferably in the consumer electronic or computer sector.

•   Previous experience in closing deals at senior level with Asian ODMs

•   Knowledge of the complexities of the world-class supply chain management

•   Strong commercial acumen with good negotiation and customer relationship management skills, and the ability to describe fully  a long term partnership relationship built on value delivery.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Director of Sales & Marketing - Aviation Services

LOCATION: Southeast Asia

COMPANY: US Aviation Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Service oriented Asia Sales Director with experience selling high end corporate services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recruiter seeks an Asia Director of Sales & Marketing, on behalf of leading US firm providing private jet charter, aircraft sales and acquisition and aircraft management services to companies and high net worth customers. The Asia Sales and Marketing Director will be responsible for high level marketing for corporate aviation services targeting corporate and individual consumers. Will be in charge or directing all marketing efforts and initiatives, public relations, advertising, and overseeing a team of marketing staff.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Business Development Manager - Logistics Services

LOCATION: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Business Development Manager with strong business development track record in the logistical services field

COMPANY: Major International freight forwarding service firm

Recruiter seeks a Business Development Manager, reporting to the General Manager of a major logistics services firm. Solicit/ develop of trade lane, industry,commodity, etc. Ability to meet company's objectives and personal targets. Experienced and sound knowledge of project handing and sea freight forwarding.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Southeast Asia Business Development Manager - IT Services

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Fast growing Singaporean IT Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales-oriented, multi-country SE Asia Sales Manager with strong results-orientation, self-starter, excellent communicator

Recruiter seeks a Southeast Asia Business Development Manager, on behalf of fast growing Asian IT services firm. The ASEAN Business Development Manager will oversee all aspects of client relationships and sales from lead identification and development, through proposal generation and negotiation, to post-sale account and relationship management.  S/he will be assigned a sales territory and a yearly sales target.  The position involves interaction at all levels with the firm's clients, including CEOs, HR Directors, and Senior VPs and key project staff.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Indonesia Country Manager - Cosmetics

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

COMPANY: Leading Cosmetics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An aggressive, sales-oriented national sales director. Skincare and haircare products (OTC/ ethical) a plus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing firm in the HBA/ cosmetics sector, an Indonesia Country Manager. The Indonesia Country Manager reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Country Manager is responsible for the profit and loss, sales and marketing of firm's business in Indonesia as well as to spearhead  firm's business operations in Indonesia.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asian Regional Marketing Director- Wines

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Asian Wine Distributor

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced Asia CPG Marketing Director with focus on marketing fine foods or luxury consumer goods

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading Asian distributor of fine European, American, and Australian wines, an Asia Regional Marketing Director. The Asia Markting Director will head the company's Marketing & Public Relations efforts in increasing brand equity in firm's regional markets. S/he will be the company's spokesperson to the media, at events, trade/Investment fairs, seminars and public forums. Very strong public speaking abilities in English, with exceptional skill in business relationship building.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Southeast Asia Sales Director - Enterprise Software

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: US Software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Marketing-oriented, strategic-thinking Southeast Asia Sales Director who has managed sales in multiple ASEAN countries

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of fast growing US enterprise software firm, a Southeast Asia Sales Director. Reporting to the Managing Director - Asia-Pacific, the Southeast Asia Sales Director is responsible for all sales activities in ASEAN to maximize sales revenues and meet corporate objectives. This includes motivating and leading account managers and sales engineers, developing and implementing pro-active competitive strategies, and forecasting revenues accurately.  Firm's sales approach is via channel partners with direct touch. Firm's sales people have to manage both channel and direct touch activity, we do not have separate teams for each activity.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Southeast Asia Sales Manager - Barcode Readers

LOCATION: Southeast Asia

COMPANY: Barcode Reader Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, Asia regional sales manager with barcode reader sales experience. Good closing skills, team player, creative, sales driven, able to work independently, and motivated to grow the business

Recruiter seeks a Southeast Asia Sales Manager on behalf of a barcode reader firm. Reporting to the Vice President, Worldwide Sales, the ASEAN Sales Manager will be responsible for market development and direct sales of scanner, POS and petroleum dispenser product lines. Fluency in English required. Other regional language skills also desired.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales and Marketing Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Southeast Asian location

COMPANY: Consumer Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, consumer electronics sales manager building sales in a new country market. Experience selling to the middle- to high-end customer base. Reports to Managing Director.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf a major regional retailer of luxury goods and consumer electronics, a Country Sales and Marketing Manager. This Asia Sales and Marketing Manager must have had experiences selling consumer electronics, preferably cameras. Duties:

-- To lead a sales team in house, and to develop a sales team for wholesaling to targeted provinces.

-- To educate the team about product knowledge of camera.

-- To set up marketing plan for promoting the sales of well known brand camera.

-- To work out marketing plan for each quarter after knowing the culture and consumer behavior of local people.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Composite Materials

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major composite materials manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: results-oriented Asia Sales Director, with a sales focus on the industrial market

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Director for a leading composite materials firm that sells to structural composite fabricators in the industrial, automotive, oil and gas, wind energy and other diverse markets.

-Managing all commercial issues and the entire sales process for a portfolio of current buying accounts.

- Implementing product, price and promotional policies of the marketing department.

- Lead follow up and prospecting.

- Pull-through sales; represents the company and its products to the entire value chain and end-users.

- Customer voice on internal multifunctional teams - quality,

-Forecasting and market planning input - consumption and use analysis.

-Market identification and exploration activities for new applications.

- Market research and "value in use" economic analysis for new applications.

- Selecting, developing and managing distributors or other channels to market.



-Proven sales management track record as a materials supplier to the composites, chemicals, or plastics industries. Experiences selling specialty chemicals, textiles, fiberglass, plastics, carbon fiber, composites, resin transfer molding, etc. would be considered acceptable.

-Minimum 5 years sales experience in a technical business to business setting.

-Excellent written and oral communication skills.

-Ability to work in a matrix environment

-New Business Development experience in new application arenas for materials / composites.

-Written and spoken fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese, Korean or Japanese



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Software

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major Software Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very hands-on Asia Sales and Marketing Director with experience selling software to the consumer products industry.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading software firm, a Director of Sales - Asia, who, reporting to the Asia Pacific Managing Director, would develop the firm's Asia sales. Track record in CRM products would be especially useful.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales and Marketing Manager - Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Southeast Asian location

COMPANY: Consumer Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Fast-paced, consumer electronics sales manager building sales in a new country market. Experience selling to the middle- to high-end customer base. Reports to Managing Director.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf a major regional retailer of luxury goods and consumer electronics, a Country Sales and Marketing Manager. This Asia Sales and Marketing Manager must have had experiences selling consumer electronics, preferably cameras. Duties:

-- To lead a sales team in house, and to develop a sales team for wholesaling to targeted provinces.

-- To educate the team about product knowledge of camera.

-- To set up marketing plan for promoting the sales of well known brand camera.

-- To work out marketing plan for each quarter after knowing the culture and consumer behavior of local people.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Sales Director - FMCG (Foods)

LOCATION: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

COMPANY: Major European Foods firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Unbureaucratic, results-oriented, internationally trained Vietnam CPG Sales Director

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established leading European leader in the processed food field, with over US$2 billion is global sales, a Vietnam Sales Director.  The Asia-Pacific region is a fast-growing region for the firm, with average growth rates of 10% in the last 3 years. The Vietnam market is already a major market for the firm in Asia. To continue building on this momentum, the firm is seeking a highly qualified Vietnam Sales Director, experienced at international CPG firms. The Vietnam Sales Director will be responsible for strengthening the firm's distribution network in Vietnam, recruiting a Sales Team, stimulating and supervising distributors, and developing the firm’s sales in Vietnam.

---10 years of experience / training (+/- 2 years) with a blue chip FMCG Company

---Fluency in English and Vietnamese

---A proven track record of developing sales through distributors

---A proven track record of stimulating controlling and developing its distributors towards international standards.

---A willingness to evolve into a smaller structure, thus having a greater autonomy and potential for impact.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Sales Manager - Chemicals (Plastics)

LOCATION: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

COMPANY: Major European Chemicals firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: An experienced Plastics Sales Manager selling into the industrial sector

Recruiter seeks a Vietnam Sales Manager on behalf of a major European chemicals firm. Reporting to the Asia Pacific Managing Director, the Sales Manager will be responsible for planning and management of the nationwide sales activities. S/he also has to lead the sales team to ensure execution of sales activities. The markets covered by the Sales Manager will include: Electronics, Household Appliances, Healthcare, Packaging, Construction


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Country Manager - Power Tool Products

LOCATION: SE Asian location

COMPANY: Leading industrial tools firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Sales Country Manager with strong leadership and mentoring abilities. Experiences selling into the industrial, automotive, construction or DIY sectors of greatest interest. Result driven, mature, independent and posses self-initiative. The Country Manager should have strong experiences in channel management

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a global industrial tools manufacturer, a Sales Country Manager with full P&L responsibility, who reports to the General Manager for Southeast Asia. Responsibilities:

• To provide leadership and management for Country, promoting firm's products to the various channel distributors in order to maximize company’s sales and profit growth objectives.

• To develop sales plan and strategy and ensure effective execution in the market place.

• To maximize sales effort of the domestic and export market to meet or exceed sales budget.

• To work closely with product and marketing management to provide market/customer input in the development and execution of sales and promotion programs.

• Manage several brands for maximum growth with minimum channel conflict

• Expand presence in existing and new market segments and product groups.

• To work with and manage major distributors for the various product channel and build up good customer rapport

• To coordinate with customer service and logistic department to improve order fill rate and timely delivery schedule to local customers

• To conduct market/customer surveys and feedback and recommend improvement action steps

• To personally manage major industrial distributors and key account to ensure effective execution in the market place



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Indonesia Country Manager - CPG

LOCATION: Indonesia

COMPANY: Major Consumer Products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Indonesia Country Manager with solid consumer products successes

Recruiter seeks an Indonesia Country Manager, on behalf of a major consumer products manufacturer of Liquid Detergent, Powders, Creams, Soaps, Liquid Household Products, Shampoos & Conditioners. The Indonesia Country Manager will have responsibility for developing the local team, market & distributors; drive sales team to achievement the sales target every month; drive distributors for penetration of distribution to all market segments: general trade, modern trade & horeca segments. Also responsibility to activity promotion program (trade program & consumer program) for the objectivity: create brand images & awareness product product in market.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Business Development Manager - Consumer Products Packaging

LOCATION: SE Asian location

COMPANY: Major consumer products packaging firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: ASEAN Sales Manager with solid contacts in the consumer products field. More than 10 years in middle-senior management experience and a successful record in developing new markets and industrial sales & marketing is required for this position. Highly developed communication, selling and influencing skills. Proven ability to manage teams and work positively within a matrix reporting structure. Proven mentoring and coaching skills

Recruiter seeks a Southeast Asia Business Development Manager on behalf of a company that engages in the manufacture and sale of glass containers for breweries, food companies, and soft drinks.

§   To be the Executive responsible for identifying, quantifying and delivering sources of current and future profitable glass packaging sales for the company, and provide direction and development of the sales and marketing team in order to maximize these opportunities.

§   This role includes responsibility for market analysis, strategic growth plans, new business development, product portfolio management, pricing strategy, customer contractual relationship, and liaison with the group companies of Southeast Asia



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: APAC Regional Sales Managers - Electronic Components and Electronic Systems

LOCATION: Southeast Asia

COMPANY: Fast Growing North American Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Self-directed Asia Sales Manager. Fluent English plus at least one other Asian language. Preference will be given to Asia Sales Managers with working industry knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF), Cable TV and Optical Systems. Experience selling to Cable TV MSO's a plus. The Asia Sales Manager will be required to do extensive travel through the Asia-Pacific region (up to 75% depending on location).

Recruiter seeks 2 Asia Regional Sales Managers - one for North Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Northern China), one for Southern Asia (ASEAN, Hong Kong, South China) - on behalf a growing electronics firm. Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, the Regional Sales Manager - Asia Pacific, will be responsible for promoting firm's products, maintaining and generating sales within his/her designated region through the following duties:

•   Management and direction of the Distributor network in individual region;

•   Responsibility for direct sale accounts in individual region

•   Implementation of corporate sales plan;

•   Quarterly sales forecasting and biweekly activity reporting of region;

•   Provide outside sales support, develop relationships with existing customer base, and generate new accounts

•   Following market/customer technological trends and providing input to management; and identifying product development opportunities

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales & Marketing - Enterprise Software
LOCATION: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
COMPANY: Major US Telephony Software firm

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a US firm in the unified messaging software field, a Vice President of Sales for the Asia Pacific region. This sales territory covers: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. The company currently has over 20 people in place in their Asia-Pac group. The VP Sales & Marketing will drive Asia Pacific sales through Asia regional sales managers and regional and international distribution networks.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of International Sales - Safety Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major US Safety Equipment Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A Director of International Sales with experience in both Asian and European markets

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a growing equipment company, a western-trained Asia-based sales director with familiarity in both Asia-Pacific and European business markets to lead US-based manufacturer's overseas sales efforts. Responsible for Asian and European sales subsidiaries.  Recruit and train new sales managers in Asia and Europe, establish and manage distributors. Create and implement sales strategies consistent with long-term corporate business plans. Provide customer input into new product development process. Salary range USD140-160K plus performance-based short-and long-term incentive that, combined, is targeted at 47% of base. Requires substantial travel (60%+)



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Aerospace

LOCATION: Open, but Singapore preferred

COMPANY: Major Aerospace component manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  fast-paced, unbureaucratic Asia aerospace Sales Director.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of an AS9001/ISO 9001 certified producer of precision machined parts for the commercial aerospace sector, an Asia Sales Director. An ideal background would be a person from the landing gear, aircraft bushings or MWD components area who sells into the MRO space.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager - Cosmetics

LOCATION: Southeast Asia

COMPANY: Major cosmetics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong Sales oriented general manager with retail experiences
• Possess a degree in relevant business or marketing field with at least 10 or more years of working experience in FMCG industry, with experience heading and/or managing a company/division’s operations.
• Strong marketing knowledge with good presentation and negotiation skills.
• Knowledge of health and beauty market especially Nutricosmetics will be an advantage.
• Successful track records of working with Pharmacies and Beauty Industry.
• Possess problem solving and analytical skills with strategic thinking.
• Strong leadership, a team player, self-starter, positive minded and able to work under pressure.
• Good command of English & BM. Knowledge of Mandarin is an advantage..
• Possess good communications and interpersonal skills.
• Possess own car and willingness to travel.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major cosmetics firm, an Asia General Manager.
• Directly responsible in the operations and driving the Nutricosmetics business which will include sales thru Channels, Concept Stores and online platforms.
• Handle all aspects of Sales & Marketing to drive revenue and profitability in line with company’s objectives including sales promotions, channel incentives etc. and ensure product sell-thru.
• Liaise with Principal and key business partners.
• Recruit, develop and manage Channel Accounts, particularly retailers like pharmacies, beauty clinics and beauty spas.
• Manage a team of personnel with a direct reporting line for Beauty Retail Manager and Key Accounts Managers.
• Create and implement an annual business plan taking into account all areas of growth: commercial agreements, marketing actions, merchandising and retail
opportunities, profitability, trade terms etc. including finding new business opportunities and expanding the customers’ base.
• Monitor the company’s performance against business plan and develop alternative strategies when needed.
• Ensure development of expertise and know-how and support organization changes.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Manager - Medical disposables

LOCATION: Thailand (Bangkok)

COMPANY: Major European medical device manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: multi-country Asia sales manager with good experience in the medical disposables area

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European manufacturer of medical disposables, an Asia Sales Manager selling medical examination gloves. Key competencies:
---Proven ability to achieve sales targets
---Good communication skills both verbal and written
---Good negotiations skills
---Good command of English
---Chinese (Mandarin/or Cantonese – most welcome)
---Good team player
---Proficient in Microsoft Office

---Responsible for the performance and development of the new accounts contributing own experience and contacts to the organization
---Meet sales targets
---Ensure that each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly environment, maintaining solid product knowledge and all other aspects of customer service
---Provide timely feedback to HQ Sales regarding performance
---Communicate customer requests to management
---Monitor competitors, market conditions and product development
---Maintain sales activity records
---Participate in sales events, meetings
---Adhere to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Southeast Asia Regional Sales Manager - Packaging

LOCATION: Major Southeast Asian location

COMPANY: Major Global manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: SE Asia Regional Sales Manager with good results-orientation. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Science, Business or Marketing. Minimum 5 years in sales/marketing/business development. Experience in medical device/ pharmaceutical manufacturing or flexible packaging industries will be added advantage
--- Outstanding Business Acumen, resourceful, assertive, analytical and effective problem solving skills and must possess ownership to solutions and the completion of the task or duty assigned. Mature personality, self-starter with good salesmanship, strong integrity, high degree of flexibility and motivation, supportive team player with dynamic personality, customer sensitivity. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, able to communicate with all levels effectively both written and oral. Travel Requirement - +50%

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major world maker of flexible and rigid plastic packaging for food, consumer products, medical and pharmaceutical companies, a Southeast Asia Sales Manager.

--- Create and execute a strategic account plan that is in alignment with business strategy
--- Lead key business negotiations, supporting firm’s interests demonstrating an ability to influence decision and actions
--- Possess a detailed understanding of the company, its product offerings and system solutions, its industry (packaging), and its competition
--- Identify emerging market, customer trends and opportunities, develop strategies to maintain current customers with focus on key accounts and develop new market opportunities
--- Market development and Value Proposition Management
--- Submit regular statistics reports on sales activities and achievement in a timely manner
--- Handle communication with customers diligently
--- Work with other functional teams to achieve overall company’s goals
--- Manage accounts receivables, ensure collection are made when due


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Startup Managers - FMCG (Beverages)

LOCATION: Vietnam (Hochiminh City)

COMPANY: Multinational FMCG Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Vietnamese-English bilingual managers, ideally with experience at major international food products firms. Ability to start up sales and operations in country.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading and growing multinational firm in the consumer products sector (beverages), the following Managers:

--Commercial Manager (Sales and Marketing Director)

--Finance and Administration Manager

--Director of Operations

--Purchasing Manager

--Human Resources Manager


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Asia Sales & Marketing Manager - Aerospace Parts

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading US Aerospace Parts Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced commercial aerospace aftermarket parts sales manager experienced in, or able to take on a larger Asia-Pacific responsibility. High degree of management competence. Excellent interpersonal skills with demonstrated written and verbal communication skills and experience in customer interface

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major American firm selling aftermarket parts to the Asian commercial airliner fleets, seeks a Senior Sales and Marketing Manager. 8-10 years in a commercial, business or sales & marketing management role. Aerospace experience preferred, with a wide product knowledge and technical background. The Sales & Marketing Manager will manage and drive Sales Campaign; Develop & maintain effective forecasting/budgeting process; Support SBUs’ Aftermarket strategy and objectives, CustSup Directors and Cross-SBU development activities



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Southeast Asia Sales & Marketing Manager - Industrial Components

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major European Industrial Component Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Very hands-on Asia Sales and Marketing Manager. Ability to build market from scratch across ASEAN area. Must have sold to the petrochemical and refinery sector. Minimum of 5 years direct sales and/or marketing experience in the chemical (not commodities), petroleum refining or petrochemical industries with knowledge of app eng and refining/ petrochemical processes. Ability to sell technical solutions; work closely with internal and external customers on a project and team basis and interacting closely with other functional areas. Ability to operate simultaneously in both Western and Asian business cultures. Fluency in English a must.  Proficiency in other Asian languages a plus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European firm in the industrial components field, a Southeast Asia Sales & Marketing Manager. Reporting to a General Manager, the Southeast Asia Sales & Marketing Manager would be resonsible for sales of advanced products to the SE Asian petrochemical and refinery sectors. Sales currently is very small, so this position requires a person who can effectively build a SE Asia sales business from scratch, both through his/her own direct sales efforts and through the identification of competent distributors and agents across SE Asia.

--- Serve as primary interface with and manage key customers by providing commercial and technical assistance and solution based recommendations; identify and cultivate new customers segments and channels    Increase customer base in key segments

-- Strategically manage product portfolio on a regional basis. Implement sales & marketing strategy (product pricing, placement and promotion) consistent with plans, forecasts, and goals.  Manage Asian distribution channels (agents, distributors, internal sales), negotiate contracts  and interface with manufacturing. Optimize channel - price - product relationship to maximize sales, profits, and market share

-- Identify new market, product, and application opportunities via market research and customer interface, define new product development with R&D and manufacturing, commercialize resulting products. Champion market introduction and penetration of new products in order to maximize sales and profitability

-- Prepare sales and market forecasts.  Ensure competitiveness


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Southeast Asia Sales Director - Enterprise Software

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: US Enterprise Software firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Southeast Asia Sales Director with good regional enterprise software sales and marketing experience.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a US enterprise software firm, a Southeast Asia Sales Director. Reporting to the VP Asia-Pacific, the ASEAN Sales Director needs to be very strategic-minded and good at working with distributors in region countries. Must have strong managerial skills in order to mentor sales team across SEA.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia-Pacific Sales Director - Software

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Regional Sales Director with strong knowledge of the Asian retail sector
o Preferably Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese or Korean speaker.
o 5+ years of experience in channel/partner sales: building and managing multiple global relationships, responsibility for creating and managing partial or complete channel programs on a global or regional scale
o An entrepreneurial and team focused attitude with unbounded energy, and the ability to work in a fast paced, transaction oriented, hyper growth start-up environment
o Clear understanding of software product sales, preferably with a background in Retail POS.
o Ability to integrate a leveraged channel model into a very successful direct sales organization without creating conflict
o Strong analytical and writing abilities and exceptional presentation skills

COMPANY:Major POS Retail Software Solutions Firm

Recruiter, on behalf of a major software firm in the point of sale retail solutions field, seeks an Asia-Pacific Sales Director. For this firm, which sells products to major world and regional retail chains (restaurants, apparel, etc.), partners are a central component of their continued success in the Asian Pacific arena. As part of the firm's strategy to continue to grow their business and continue this success, they are seeking a "game changer" Asia Sales Director who can lead their partner business in the APAC region.

The right person will be driven, passionate and talented. S/he will have responsibility for localizing the firm's channel program and driving growth through it. Together with the sales, account management, pre sales and consulting teams, the Asia Sales Director will ensure that partners are enabled to succeed together with the firm.

A strong background in sales, partner management and business development is required. Candidates for Asia Sales Director must have a passion for achieving scale by co-selling and reselling with partners. The Asia Sales Director will have proven experience of working across departments within one's own and the partners' organization to build alignment, consensus and excellent results.

Ideally, the right candidate will live in Hong Kong or perhaps Singapore, but other locations are possible for strong candidates able and willing to travel throroughly around the Asia-Pacific region.

Essential Functions

o Managing and executing an annual and quarterly business planning process using a strategic planning model; Identifies key go to market strategies and measures for revenue growth
o Uses strategic and critical thinking, judgment, and decision making in measuring and managing the business.
o Identifying and escalating key inhibitors to achieving sales results
o Make effective use of cross-functional resources and understands how to use these resources and skill sets to execute plan and achieve results.
o Expand the existing channel programs to all geographies and partners
o Leverage the existing programs and establish local practices to work with the dynamic Retail community
o Team with the firm's Sales team to optimize the effectiveness of channel engagements
o Build awareness of firm's products within large enterprises.
o Consistently perform above expectations in delivering superior results
o Establish partner delight in all dealings
o Up to 50% Travel

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales & Business Development Manager - Auto parts

LOCATION: Southeast Asian location

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Major Automotive parts firm

COMPANY: Experienced automotive parts Asia Sales Manager

Recruiter, on behalf of a major automotive parts firm, seeks an Asia Sales Manager
-- Handle of customer inquiry , preparation of detail cost breakdown and quotation to customer.
-- Ensure & maintain processing procedure by consolidating all customers orders in the form of delivery instruction, schedules into Monthly Sales Order at the beginning of each calendar month and monitor sales & deliveries to customers.
-- Maintain year-to-date sales record versus plan.
-- Ensure the preparation of all sales invoice and responsible for the presentation of all shipping documents to customers and payment collection.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Country Manager- Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems

LOCATION: Vietnam (Hochiminh City)

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: results-oriented Vietnam sales director

COMPANY: Major European Semiconductor Manufacturing Systems Firm

Recruiter seeks a Vietnam Sales Director with the following experiences: strong English skills; knowledge in Fan Industries, refrigeration or AC industries, RHVAC; has a proven track record on selling; strong people management with solid leadership skills; solid in administration skills, especially report building; both in sales report and KPI report; good relationship skills both with Clients/Customers and colleagues. Reports to Asia-Pacific Managing Director


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Senior Asia Sales Manager - Software

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Unbureaucratic Asia sales manager with multiple Asian country experiences selling software to major Asian telecoms. Fluent English, ideally also fluent Chinese (Mandarin).

COMPANY: Fast growing European telecom software firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a fast growing European software frim providing backend core systems for wireless broadband networks, a Senior Asia Sales Manager.  The Senior Asia Sales Manager reports to the Asia-Pacific Managing Director. The Asia Sales Manager will work directly with customers or indirectly through partners such as system integrators, resellers and distributors. It is the Asia Sales Manager's responsibility to ensure sales quota and other objectives that are agreed with the Asia Managing Director.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Indonesia Business Development Manager - CPG Packaging

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

COMPANY: Major European Packaging Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Indonesia Business Development Manager with CPG/ FMCG or packaging experiences. Highly self-directed, able to work independently from home office. Fluent Indonesian and English. Around 5 years sales experiences in food packaging industry or FMCG industry. An Indonesia Business Development Manager experienced at developing and managing sales channels. Strong presence and good communications skills.

Recruiter seeks an Indonesia Business Development Manager, on behalf of a major European manufactuer in the packaging sector. Reporting to the Asia Pacific Commercial Manager, the Indonesia Business Development Manager will:

1.  Maintain customers in Indonesia and Mideast and handle customer complaints;

2.  Develop new customers and distributors;

3.  Develop and manage sales channels;

4.  Provide sales forecast on time and communicate with other departments for production preparation


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Manager - Snack Foods


COMPANY: Snack foods manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia sales manager with industrial and food service market contacts across the Asia-Pacific region

Recruiter seeks an Asia-Pacific Regional Sales Manager, on behalf of a leading American food products firm. The Asia-Pacific Sales Manager is responsible for prospecting,qualifying, and targeting opportunities for firm’s core products as well as new Growth Drivers (snack pellets and pastas) towards attainment of assigned sales volume and corporate business plan objectives. Major responsibilities include understanding the Asian customer sets primarily in industrial and food service markets; by participating in customer meetings to present firm's products, working on product applications to targeted customers, and executing on the sales action plan.

1. Formulate, recommend and communicate strategies and objectives to attain profit and volume goals for firm's Asia Pacific business.

2. Attain sales profit and volume objectives by implementing the business plan, analyzing and developing responses to current market conditions and building close working relationships with customer management, marketing and R&D teams through personal sales calls, distributor training, participation in association events, and trade shows across all Asia Pacific countries.

3. Business Management: Accountable for the total Asia Pacific sales volume number including Growth Driver
volume goal. Develop, build, and maintain an active database of customers from various segments. Identify
targeted customers who can bring new sales to the Company and meet budgeted goals. Input into the 3-year
strategic plan and annual business plan.

4. Achieve weekly sales call objectives. Maintain and build an active Top 75 list from various key segments. Work with Director, International Business on a regular basis to discuss opportunities and obtain feedback and
coaching on sales performance.

5. Identify customer-driven opportunities for innovative new products and technologies. Act as an interface between customers, vendors, and HH R&D and Product Development teams.

Job is located in a major Asian city. Requires a bachelor’s degree. 7-10 years of related experience and/or training. In-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific market and its key ingredient customers (emphasis on snacks)
Established relationships with key customers is strongly preferred. Must speak English and fluency in Mandarin or other Asian languages a plus. Foodservice knowledge and food technology/food science background is a plus

--Self-driven and able to work autonomously
--Excellent oral and written communication skills
--Superior facilitation and communication skills both verbal and written.
--Exceptional negotiation, account management, and strategic selling skills.
--Strong interpersonal, relationship building and consultative skills.
--Strong computer skills for effective use of planning software tools and MS Office suite.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Manager - Chemicals (Coatings)

LOCATION:Southeast Asia

COMPANY: Speciality Chemicals distribution firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Aggressive Asia sales manager, covering Asian territory, with solid chemical sales experience across multiple countries.

Recruiter sees, on behalf of a major chemicals distribution firm, an Asia Sales Manager, covering the territory of Asia. More details:

1.  Person with 5 to 10 years’ experience in sales to the Paints and Inks Industries.

2.  Knowledge of pigments is prerequisite. Technical knowledge of other raw materials will be advantages.

3.  Knowledgeable and well versed connection with major customers in Paints and Inks Industries is a strong advantage

4.  Strong Management experience of a sales team and process excellent leadership skill in guiding the team to expand the Asian Market

5.  Provide confirmed working history that demonstrate excellent analytical, organizational and problem-solving aptitude

6.  Process at least a Bachelor’s degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree in Chemistry / Marketing or equivalent.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Product Planning Director - Automotive

LOCATION: Thailand (Bangkok)

COMPANY: Major Automotive Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Thailand automotive marketing director. Fluent English. Experience with a Japanese OEM would be preferred. Bachelor’s degree in business or automotive-related field. MBA preferred.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer a Product Planning Director. The responsibility of this automotive sector Product Planning Director is to:
* Be able to organize a team
* have direct responsibility for Brand Strategy and Product Planning.
* oversee the market research function to introduce effective consumer research methodologies and execute as required to support product planning with rationale and direction.

* Minimum 5-10 years’ experience with an automotive OEM in a product planning or related role
* Strong analytical and problem solving skills
* Candidate must have a thorough understanding of the Thailand auto market, customer needs, competitive products & environment, and pricing dynamics
* Must be able to work with limited resources to gather and create data that can be actionable in developing future product plans
* Ability to communicate across cultures
* Must be comfortable presenting to top management
* To work effectively with headquarters team



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Asia Pacific - Embedded Software for Consumer Electronics

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Startup IC Firm for Consumer Electronics Industry

Recruiter seeks an Asia Pacific General Manager, on behalf of a firm selling RF-to-Baseband transceiver IC's for analog and digital TV's, set top boxes, VCR's and PVR's. Set-up Asia regional office from ground up. Identify new applications and markets for existing products. Provide feedback on competitive market/technical trends, and future new products or technical adjustments to current products where needed.  The Asia Pacific General Manager generates sales forecasts for the region.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Commercial Aviation Leader (Equivalent to Director, Sales and Marketing or Business Development) - Aerospace

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Self-directed Asia Business Development Director with strong contacts in the civilian aviation field. This requires an individual with a proven history of exhibiting highly effective  leadership skills, combined with a strong drive for results in order to grow the regions business (revenue and order intake) and increase market share.

COMPANY: Leading global aerospace firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a global aerospace leader, an Asia Commercial Aviation Leader, who reports to the Global Vice President of Civilian Aviation Sales. The Asia Commercial Aviation Leader supervises 5-15 Account Leaders in the region. The Asia Commercial Aviation Leader will lead and bring cohesiveness to an experienced and regionally distributed sales team and responsible for the solution selling of Products and Services in the Commercial Aviation sector for the region. S/he provides leadership, guidance and support for the sales team enabling them to achieve defined revenue, yield, retention and growth goals for their assigned accounts. The Asia Commercial Aviation Leader also drives a solution selling approach with the sales team by leveraging the entire suite of firm's Products and Services capabilities. S/he works effectively as a key team player within the Regional Management Team and provides a strategic sales and marketing perspective pertaining the Commercial Sales of the Product and Training aspect of the business.


Governance / leadership

---Leverage unit to increase the knowledge of the market; monitor and provide input on the competitive landscape

---Leverage the sales tool, the customer segmentation tool, the pricing tool, and the supply-demand tool

---Lead weekly/monthly Sales reporting activities (defined timeframe/process)

---Manage sales activity, forecasting process, establish order intake, strategic planning

---Identify business development opportunities and interface with the Global Business Development team for larger deals

---Provide pricing input to unit, implement and govern pricing strategy

---Provide coaching as necessary to team members (weight varies by regional needs)

---Manage accounts assigned by the Regional Business Leader


Account Planning

---Segment client accounts by tier level

---Assign  targets and accounts amongst account leaders

---Develop account strategies and apply customer segmentation appropriately for all customers by leveraging existing resources

---Assign all customers signed to an account leader and develop, refine and maintain an account strategy for each of their assigned accounts

---Hire, Lead, motivate and assess the sales staff


---Sales Activity

---In collaboration with global capture team, provide a strategic plan to measure and implement superior customer service, build relationships and ensure customer satisfaction

---Pulling upon capture team SME resources

---Salesforce CRM management


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia-Pacific Business Development Director - Network Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore or Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

COMPANY:  U.S. Network Infrastructure Equipment Company

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading US electronic equipment firm selling to the Asia-Pacific telecom industry, an Asia-Pacific Business Development Director. The territory coverst all the countries of the Asia Pacific region, except China. Current sales volume is approximately US$35 million. Highest growth markets in the territory include India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries of Indochina. The Asia-Pacific Business Development Director, Telecom Network Asia Pacific, should have good knowledge in the telecommunications industry, ideally in power supplies (e.g Telecom Rectifiers, DC Power Systems, Monitoring Systems, Outdoor Cabinet etc). S/he must have a strong technical background, as well as a strong ability to be fully conversant with the Telecommunication technologies.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Asian Sales - Electronic Test Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore
COMPANY: Electronic Test Equipment manufacturer

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a growing firm making board-level manufacturing test and diagnostic equipment for the electronics industry, a Greater China Sales Manager with extensive sales/ marketing experience in the Asian region, particularly China and Taiwan. Since the bulk of electronic assembly and test at board level now happens in Asia, the firm wants to have a key business development officer in Asia. The firm's customers include many of the major contract manufacturers and OEM's. The Asian Sales Director will be involved in both direct selling and in the management of the firm's Asian distribution network. The main purpose of this job will be to develop sales in Asia.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Business Development Manager - Aerospace

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Self-directed Asia Business Development Manager with strong contacts in the civilian aviation field.

COMPANY: Leading global aerospace firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a global aerospace leader, an Asia Business Development Manager, who reports to the Director of Civilian Aviation Sales. The Asia Business Development Manager has an aggressive marketing and sales plan to execute. S/he will lead and bring cohesiveness to an experienced and regionally distributed sales team and responsible for the solution selling of Products and Services in the Commercial Aviation sector for Asia. The Asia Business Development Manager provides leadership, guidance and support for the sales team enabling them to achieve defined revenue, yield, retention and growth goals for their assigned accounts.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asian Business Development Manager - Precision Medical Instruments

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Business Development Manager with precision scientific instrument sales experience.

COMPANY: Leading German medical devices firm

Recruiter seeks an Asia Business Development Manager, on behalf of a major German medical devices firm. Reporting to the firm's Asia General Manager, the Asia Business Development Manager will be responsible for the sales of equipment, market development, maintaining and strengthening the key accounts.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing - B2B Services

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing with multi-country B2B sales experience. Fluent English. Business level Mandarin Chinese a strong plus.

COMPANY: Fast growing Asian B2B services firm

Recruiter seeks an Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing on behalf of a fast growing Asian business services firm. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing is responsible and clearly focused on generating new sales, achieving and maintaining sales targets, marketing and financial objectives. Furthermore the Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing is responsible for the Profit and Loss of the region, and the management / development of the Asia-Pac sales and marketing team.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Director - Enterprise Software

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sales Director with strong contacts selling to the retail sector. ERP experience

COMPANY: Fast growing Enterprise Software firm

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Director on behalf of a growing software firm. Reporting to a VP Sales and Marketing, the Asia Sales Director would be responsible for driving lead generation, sales and collection, monitoring sales funnel and managing client meetings. Expected  5+ years experience in ERP or Enterprise Software Sales


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales and Distributor Manager - Machine tools

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sales Manager with experience in multi-country sales of industrial equipment. Outgoing personality with the ability to think strategically and act ‘hands-on.’ Intercultural expertise with strong negotiation skills. At least 10 years of hands-on sales management experience preferably in machine tools or other high tech or other related industrial markets with at least 5 years in leading positions in China or Taiwan, ideally in multinational companies. Fluent English and Chinese (Mandarin).

COMPANY: Leading European Metalworking Equipment Maker

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Manager, on behalf of a leading European firm making machine tools for the sheet metal processing field. Reporting to the President, the Asia Sales Manager will accelerate the distribution sales organization of the firm in Taiwan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, China and the Philippines. Define sales strategy and business expansion in the region, to increase market share, sales and profit in the region. Conduct market survey and competitor analysis for strategic planning, competitive product strategies and plans. Identify market opportunities and market trends, competitor activities and customer requirements.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Manager - Steel Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sales Manager with experience in equipment sales

COMPANY: Growing Equipment Firm

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Manager on behalf of a steel equipment fabricator serving a wide variety of industries (oleochemical, cement, power, etc.). The Asia Sales Manager should have knowledge of steel structures, a strong ability to bring in sales, and maintain good rapport with the customers. The Asia Sales Manager should be able to develop and lead a marketing team, and be capable of managing projects effectively.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Sales Manager - Notebook Computers

LOCATION: Malaysia

COMPANY: A major notebook computer manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced, solutions-sales laptop sales manager.
--Plan and manage the large enterprise, key account and Small medium business(SMB) in Malaysia including IT and IOT products

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading notebook computer manufacturer, a Sales Manager.
---Plan and formulate the overall consumer/enterprise sales strategies and action plans
---Work closely with the sales and area development teams to develop the strategic business plans
---Engage the key distributors and top management of key retailers/corporations to grow the business
---Plan and develop business and consumer solutions with proper solutions and software partners
---Identify and develop new/potential business opportunities to grow the business to achieve the revenue and profit targets
---Identify the key and strategic partners for business growth and long term profit generator

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: APAC Sales Manager - Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: US marine equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Strong time and project management skills. Highly self-motivated and goal oriented. Ability to work from home office. Strong presentation and inter-personal skills. Competent reporting on business and opportunity progress. An Asia-Pacific Sales Manager who understands expectations and work independently under minimum supervision to meet or exceed expectations. Excellent technical training skills with the ability to communicate technical solutions clearly. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Effective and efficient delivery of quality results. An Asia-Pacific Sales Manager with a high level of initiative and ability to work independently with the ability to work with all levels of the organization, including senior management.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading firm in the equipment for the marine and mining markets, an Asia-Pacific Sales Manager. Reporting to the VP Sales and Marketing, the Asia-Pacific Sales Manager acts as the primary field representative of firm to end users, distributor/partners, industry associations and technical organizations. The Asia-Pacific Sales Manager is responsible for creating profitable revenue growth by managing existing distribution channels as well as complex technical sales projects with long life-cycles, within the scope of the firm strategy and within an international team.

•   Present and sell company products and services to current and potential customers in accordance with Company and business unit strategy, value propositions, and competitive advantage.

•   Manage existing distribution channels as assigned for the maximum benefit of firm and the end-user.

•   Ensure the proper representation and recognition of the firm brand to the ultimate end-user and manage and educate distribution towards this end.

•   Responsible for field activities for assigned projects and accounts.

•   Act as company representative to industry associations and certifying bodies.

•   Attain maximum net income from the sales of company products and services within the context of company policies.

•   Develop and achieve short and long term sales goals for assigned territories and accounts.

•   Make necessary field visits, contact customers attend conventions and exhibitions as required to promote the sale of products in the assigned areas.

•   Network with fellow sales managers on customer contacts and application assistance as required within assigned areas.

•   Be technically knowledgeable of applications within area of responsibility and provide consultation and technical solutions to end-user application problems.

•   Practice a sense of business morality, ethics and quality in all activities in accordance with firm strategy and code of conduct.

•   Prepare market and customer sales forecast by product as required.

•   Communicate market information to sales management; e.g. information on competitive environment, customer market changes, industry regulations, etc.

•   Participate in strategic planning processes and meetings and help prepare business plans for areas of responsibility as required.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Sales Manager - Sports Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Sales Manager with ability to build strong distributor relationships across Asia-Pacific. Fluent English.

COMPANY: Leading European sports equipment firm

Recruiter seeks an Asia Sales Manager on behalf of a leading European sporting goods firm. Reporting to the firm's Asia Managing Director, the Asia Sales Manager will need to develop an action plan for each country in line with the company vision, and then implement and follow up of the results. The Asia Sales Manager will manage and challenge firm's customers (distributors/agents) to expand sales. Benchmark competitors and ensure strategic market reporting with HQ.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Manager - CPG (Foods)

LOCATION: Singapore

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Position requires a fast-paced, results-oriented Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Manager coming out of the packaged retail consumer goods market. Preference would be Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Managers who are now marketing brand managers or sales account managers at packaged food firms like Campbell's, Heinz, Sara Lee, etc., who are ready to move into a larger Asia-Pacific responsibility.

COMPANY: US Consumer Packaged Goods Firm (Foods)

Recruiter seeks a food industry Asia Sales and Marketing Manager who directs distributor and customer activities to deliver sales and merchandising objectives. Focus on strategic direction into customer focused activities. Plan and execute fact-based customer presentations. Responsible for local market programs that are consistent with brand strategies. The Asia Regional Sales & Marketing Manager will be actively involved with all key customers and their decision making levels.

-- Develop, grow and manage a multi-country sales operation in Asia Pacific, covering territory from India to Australia. This includes, but is not limited to the efforts of our distributors and their key accounts

-- Oversee, develop and implement local marketing programs of the regional distributors

--5 years Retail Packaged Goods and/or Foodservice sales experience. Distributor management experience preferred. BS degree in Business or related field. Fluent in English. Conversational Chinese preferred. Must be a self-starter and be able to work independently. Extensive travel throughout the asian region is required


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Business Development Manager - Logistics Services

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major European Logistics Services firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Business Development Manager who is a self starter with experience in selling airfreight/ logistics services to customers

Recruiter, on behalf of a leading European Logistics Services firm, seeks a Business Development Manager in Asia. The Asia Business Development Manager  will develop and implement a Sales & Marketing strategy for the freight-forwarding company. Strong in airfreight knowledge although some experience in seafreight would be added advantage. Reports to General Manager, based in Singapore.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Pacific Business Manager - Semiconductor Capital Equipment
LOCATION: Singapore
COMPANY: Major US Semiconductor Capital Equipment Corporation

A leading provider of semiconductor mfg automation systems that enable semiconductor manufactures to protect their valued assets throughout the manufacturing process while increasing manufacturing productivity seeks an Asia Pacific Business Development Manager. While a location in Hsinchu is preferred, semiconductor capital equipment sales candidates in Singapore or other Asian locations could be considered. Recruiter seeks an Asia-Pacific Sales Manager whose familiarity with the Taiwan semiconductor wafer fab market is absolutely required.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asian Sales Director - Consumer Electronics
LOCATION: Singapore; Malaysia; etc.
COMPANY: U.S. Fabless Chipsets for Consumer Electronics, Wireless Products, etc.

U.S. startup firm making current and next generation chipsets to top-tier and second-tier OEMs and ODMs in Asia. Firm's patented ASIC products are used in consumer electronic products such as wireless headsets, mobile phones, and PDAs. Reporting to the Vice President of Sales, you will first build sales of ICs for wireless headset applications in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Recruiter seeks an Asian Sales Director with proven experience in the Consumer Electronic Products space and  5+ years experience in hi-tech sales to Asian OEMs, ODMs and/or Contract Manufacturers.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Pacific Sales Manager - Specialty Chemicals & Adhesive Tape

LOCATION: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

COMPANY: Fast growing European Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: The ideal Asia Pacific Sales Manager  has matured experience in this position within international industrial realities;  the sector of origin is not decisive but it is preferential to have ability and experience in dealing with products of wide scale consumption. Principal markets to sell this product: Packaging, automotive (car refinishing distributors), building (distributors). The capabilities of the Asia Pacific Sales Manager: strong managerial, organizational and commercial capacities. The ideal candidate is a visionary, communicative and charismatic; with complete dedication to the company; to be endowed with intuitive decision making skills and capable of extraordinary performances; knows how to motivate the resources assigned

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European manufacturer of adhesive tape and speciality chemicals, an Asia Pacific Sales Manager. Reporting to the Global Sales Director, the Asia Sales Manager will work in a very lean and unbureaucratic organization with high visibility along with a high expectation for success in developing the firm's business in the Asian region. The Asia Sales Manager who is sought has to build their commercial network in the Asia-Pacific Area alone initially. If the Asia Sales Manager is successful, s/he can consider future opportunities at the firm, such as, for example, a general manager role in Asia.....but this is the future if s/he SUCCEEDS. The principal responsibilities of the Asia Sales Manager are:

*   Implement the company's commercial directives, in terms of pricing and sales conditions;

*   Manage the existing commercial network and propose new organizational solutions;

*   Define and monitor the ongoing sales activities and the variations from the budget;

*   Cultivate a rapport with the existing customers and individuate new market segments to implement new business opportunities;

*   Analyse, interpret and anticipate the market and the competition, in order to collaborate with the decisions of market strategies.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Sales, Asia-Pacific - Software

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: U.S. Enterprise Software Firm

Well established, publicly traded US software firm (US $35-40 million in 2000) seeks a VP Sales, Asia-Pacific. This VP Sales, Asia-Pacific will be a seasoned, hands on sales executive who will direct regional Asian and Australian sales teams, working both with resellers and with the firm's our own sales people. Ideally the VP Sales, Asia-Pacific will have done both direct and indirect sales in the past. Recruiter seeks a VP Asia-Pac Sales candidate with proven experience driving a sales team and getting them directly involved with resellers to generate deals. The sales territory will include Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Phillipines, Korea and Japan.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Merchandising Manager - Fashion Retail

LOCATION: Major Asian Capital

COMPANY: Major Asian Fashion retailer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Intelligent and experienced Asian fashion retail merchandising manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian firm in the fashion retail sector, a Merchandising Manager.  The Merchandising Manager is responsible for developing and executing a profitable, customer-focused merchandising strategy for product categories that grow revenue, while ensuring tight integration with company strategies. The Merchandising Manager provides leadership and direction to the merchandisers on the preparation of assortment plans that align with merchandise strategies and support seasonal merchandise plans. The Merchandising Manager reports directly to the VP Merchandising and leads an organization of buyers and merchandise planners. This role works closely with store operations, marketing communications, visual merchandisers and financial planners. Responsibilities:


• Full P&L responsibility across product categories.

• Manages buying and planning teams.

• Develops creative merchandising strategies that drives the topline and bottom line performance of the brand

• Requires general management leadership by directing appropriate pricing strategy and ensuring product/category gross margin that delivers profitable growth.

• Leverages top-down direction to set the overall strategy and merchandise direction for the division

• Anticipates market/business trends and develops a plan for response

• Directs assortment selection process and reviews assortments for balance (brands, key items, core items, etc.) that adhere to strategic and financial objectives

• Understands online and offline competitor strengths, weaknesses and strategies, and develops effective counter strategies and plans to build firm's online and offline stores into a premier destination

• Uses customer data to develop customer-focused merchandising strategy

• Accountable for merchandise division performance, recommends revisions to the merchandise plan/forecast based on sound analysis and ensures corrective actions are implemented

• Works with the planning organization to develop assortment plans that support overall strategy of in-stock positioning for key merchandise categories, classifications, items and vendors

• Coaches and develops team members ensuring growth and readiness for next level position.

• Responsible for managing product compliance.  Working with vendors to ensure that products meet local compliance policies

• Partners with marketing, operations and customer experience teams to develop breakthrough and innovative programs and features

• Reviews and approves the promotional plans


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Business Development Manager - Sensors

LOCATION: Asia location

COMPANY: Leading US Sensors firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Business Development Manager with multi-country experiences; self-directed. Multilingual.

Recruiter seeks an Asia Business Development Manager on behalf of a major American sensors firm. This Asia Business Development Manager, who reports to the Asia Business Development Director, is responsible for all sales and distributor management and will be supported by firm's Asia Headquarters.

---Manage and develop firm's sales channel to achieve profitable growth in sales and market share.

---Support current distributors and help evaluate new distributors.

---Increase the name recognition and image of firm products in the marketplace.

---Provide sales support, training and technical support to distributors, OEM’s and end users in the region.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Sales Manager - Capital Equipment
LOCATION: Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi)
COMPANY: Major multinational maker of capital equipment for the plastics industry. 

As a growing leader in the worldwide supply of integrated injection molding systems, firm is continuously in search of exceptional people, who are highly skilled, dedicated and focused on quality. Recruiter seeks a Vietnam Sales Manager who is a bright, enthusiastic, and self-confident individual with at least 3 to 5 years experience in selling capital equipment, in a business to business marketing environment. The Vietnam Sales Manager, working from a base in Singapore, would be selling to Vietnamese and multinational enterprises in the plastic injection molding industry. Travel would be country-wide. The Vietnam Sales Manager absolutely must be able to communicate in Vietnamese and English. Reports to VP Asia-Pacific Sales and Marketing



Finance Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Hospitality Sector

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading Hospitality Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with minimum 8 years of relevant working experience in Financial Management position. Vast experience in dealing with financial institutions in company fund management, loan facilities etc. Vast experience in dealing with financial institutions in company fund management, loan facilities etc. Possesses recognized CPA & ACCA with MIA membership. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organization. A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with stong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decision based on accurate and timely analyses. High level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency and results-oriented. Required languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian hospitality company, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides both operational and programmatic support to the organization finance. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) supervises the finance division and is the chief financial spokeperson for the organization, including budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding. Duties:


•Work with the Top Management on the strategic vision including fostering and cultivating stakeholder relationships on city, state, and national levels, as well as assisting in the development and negotiation of contracts.

•Participate in developing new business, specifically: assists the Top Management in identifying new funding opportunities, the drafting of prospective programmatic budgetss, and determining cost effectiveness of prospective service delivery.

•Ensure adequate controls are installed and that substantiating documentation is approved and available such that all purchases may pass independent and governmental audits.

•Provide the Director with an operating budget. Work with the Director to ensure programmatic success through cost analysis support, and compliance with all contractual and project requirements.

•Oversee the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the organization including organizational revenue/expense and balance sheet reports, reports to funding agencies, cash flow projection and management, development and monitoring of organizational budget


EXECUTIVE SEARCH:  Indonesia CFO - Entertainment Sector

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

COMPANY: Leading National Entertainment Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Indonesia Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with strong track record of taking a prominent and successful service sector firm "to the next level." CPA, CA, MBA, etc. Fluent English. Indonesian skills a strong plus.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Indonesian media and entertainment company, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), much of the initial work of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will involving the implementation of world class accounting and finance standards and processes, able to support a burgeoning, high growth firm. Strong connections with national and international banks a strong plus.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Asian E-Commerce Firm

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major Asian E-Commerce Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Highly trustworthy service sector Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Highly analytical, dependable, flexible and hardworking. Can handle pressure and priorities in a multi-task environment

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian e-commerce firm, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CFO should have CPA/CA certification and be comfortable working in a highly multicultural firm. Experience in ECOZONE Enterprise is a plus. Knowledgeable with BIR rules and regulations.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Industrial


COMPANY: Multinational Joint Venture

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Chief Financial Officer (CFO) , ideally with joint venture experiences in Vietnam. Vietnamese/ English bilingual

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading global manufacturer in their field, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Chief Financial Officer reports to: VP Finance, with a dotted line to the General Director of the JV. Responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of  JV operations. Provide leadership and coordination in the accounting, financial reporting, treasury, tax, audit, budgeting, and information systems efforts of the JV. Responsible for technical and operational activities on a day-to-day basis, as well as formulation of strategies and business plans to achieve the operations long-term objectives.  Work closely with company’s senior management, outside auditors, board of directors, and the company’s financial institutions.

------Work with the company’s senior management and Board of Directors in formulation of the company’s near term and long-range goals and objectives developing strategy and the achievement of such strategy.  

------Direct the financial activities of the JV and prepare financial analyses of operations, including financial reporting for the guidance of senior management, and the Board of Directors.

------Coordinate and direct the preparation of the annual financial plan, budget and forecasts, Implement and maintain other planning and control procedures to monitor, track and identify variances to predict business performance and trends.

------Coordinate the preparation of financial statements, financial reports, special analyses, and information reports and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal, international and SEC reporting requirements.

------Conduct financial analysis at the highest level to interpret trends, variances from budgets, variances for standards, foreign exchange risks, and other financial variables and provide advice and counsel to businesses with regard to strategy within established financial policy.

------Establish and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards.

------Oversee the activities and policies with regard to the treasury, tax, business planning and accounting functions. Ensure financial records and systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted auditing standard and meet SEC and SOX requirements.

------Oversee and guide relationships with creditors, banks, shareholders and other external financial stakeholders in the company.

------Oversee implementation of tax strategy in support of business objectives.

------Oversee strategy and management of the company’s information systems to ensure support of business initiatives and activities.

------Coordinate with independent outside auditors with respect to audits of financial statements and other reviews.

------Work closely with Partner Relations and the ability to stand strong on issues in support of the JV.

------Experienced with the Vietnamese banking system



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Finance Manager - Automotive Parts

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location

COMPANY: Leading Asian automotive parts manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Detail-oriented finance manager experienced in the automotive sector

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading Asian firm manufacturing auto parts, a Finance Manager. The Finance Manager contributes to the overall success of the organization by effectively managing all financial tasks of the company especially in developing strategies and ways to improve the company’s fund. Also, checks and maintains daily book keeping process in processing financial related transaction

Job Description:
• Advise the Managing Director and Management on operational and strategic issues as they arise like company funding and expenses
• Provide strategic recommendations to the Managing Director and management based on financial analysis and projections, cost identification and allocation as well as revenue and expense analysis
• Manage the acquisition of capital assets and ensure that assets are properly recorded, amortized and disposed of as appropriate
• Negotiate with bank for lines of credit or other financial services as required and appropriate
• Engage the board about issues, trends and changes in the operating model and operational delivery
• Oversee budget and implementation of budgets so as to monitor progress and present operational metrics both internally and externally
• Ensure that finance staff maintains financial records system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and monitor the use of all funds
• Oversee the preparation and approval of all financial reporting materials and presentations and metrics for funding organizations and board of directors; prepare
and communicate monthly and annual financial statements
• Plan with Senior Account Manager on cash flow and forecasting; direct all financial project based and departmental accounting
• Coordinate all audit activities
• Evaluate and oversee all benefits negotiations
• Monitor risk management policies and procedures to ensure that program and organizational risks are minimized
• Able to assess situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks; make clear recommendations which are timely and in the best interest of the organization

Requirements (Minimum qualifications and experience):
• Must possess a degree in Accounting (MBA is a plus)
• Chartered accountant, Certified General accountant or Certified Management Accountant designation is an asset
• Well versed in financial facilities and fund management inclusive of investment opportunities
• Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles
• Knowledge in software application for accounting, databases, spreadsheets, email and internet
• Mature and proactive, with evidence of having worked as a true business partner to the executive of a multi state and network based entity if coming from the for
profit world
• Demonstrated excellence in managing finance accounting, budget control and reporting
• Skill in examining, developing, re-engineering and recommending financial policies and procedures
• Strong analytical skills and experience interpreting a strategic vision into an operational model
• A hands on manager with integrity and a desire to work in a dynamic and mission driven environment
• An effective communicator with strong oral and written skills
• Strong commitment to developing team members
• Positively influence other to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization
• Chinese language skills a great advantage


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Group Finance Manager - Manufacturing

LOCATION: Southeast Asia Location

COMPANY: Major Manufacturing Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: ACCA, CIMA or degree in Accountancy or equivalent. Minimum  8 to 10 years experience (for Group Finance Manager) especially in financial management, auditing and internal control areas. Possess effective communication and creative problem-solving skills. Self-motivated individual, pay high attention to details and has strong analytical mind. Well organizes and meticulous with the ability to multi-task and work under pressure and adhere to tight deadlines.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading Asian manufacturing firm listed on the Singaporean stock exchange, a Group Finance Manager. Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Group Finance Manager's key role includes financial reporting, financial analysis, budgeting and support in internal controls and also business support. The Group Finance Manager would be deeply involved in the business and advise management and operational managers on business decisions, internal controls and areas of improvements.

*         Perform financial analysis of the Company and Group's performance including variance analysis and provides feedback to management for each subsidiary performance. 

*         Coordinate the budgeting & forecast exercise with all the subsidiaries. 

*         Prepare management and Board reports/papers. 

*         Managing and providing assistance to overseas accounting function in areas such as taxation and internal controls. 

*         Review the monthly performance reports of overseas subsidiaries 

*         Initiates review and recommends process improvements in all areas. 

*         Cash flows management 

*         Compliance with Singapore Stock Exchange ruling.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia-Pacific Financial Plant Controller - Processed Foods

LOCATION: Asia-Pacific

COMPANY: Major US Food Products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Competent Finance Manager for food processing factory. A forward thinking planner. Manufacturing and Cost Accounting experience. CPA preferred. ERP accounting systems experience is required such as SAGE Accpac

Recruiter seeks a Plant Controller on behalf of a 40 year old US foods processing firm. Reporting to the Regional General Manager, the Financial Plant Controller will oversee a staff of approximately 10. The financial controller's duties include:

-- Cost control systems for product and cost prices to ensure correct evaluation of financial results and to contribute to the decision making process.

-- Preparation of management accounting reports showing periodic data on manufacturing operations such as materials yield and variance analysis, labor efficiency and capacity utilization.

-- Manage cash flow forecast, accounts receivable and accounts payable operations.

-- Annual operations budgeting and plant capital expenditure budgeting.

-- Ensure proper payment of all vendor invoices including disbursement of checks and the timely response to queries and discrepancies.

-- Preparation of financial reporting systems, including profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and asset valuations as required for use by management, lenders and financial partners.

-- Manage posting of the daily production activity into the information system.

-- Summaries and forecasts for business growth, risk management and general economic outlook in line with organizational needs and growth plans, with guidance for managing costs accordingly.

-- Financial management policies and internal controls.

-- Manage periodic training of staff to update knowledge on various accounting and taxation matters.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Finance Director - Electronics

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major Asian conglomerate

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Finance Director with diversified experiences in corporate finance

Recruiter, on behalf of a well established Asian electronics firm, seeks a Finance Director.

--Defining, planning and execution of company’s financial strategies.

--Management and development of company’s financial policies, systems and processes.   

--Developing and monitoring annul budgets.

--Proposing, planning and organizing procurement of funds & credit facilities from all possible sources for product developments, projects, trade and operational activities of the company

--Monitoring and reporting cash flow projections to management   

--Supervising products & projects financial budgeting & costing.

--Supervision of accounting team for:  accounting, budgeting, reporting, taxation, year end audit and cash flow mgt of the company



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager, Finance - Entertainment

LOCATION: Southeast Asia

COMPANY: Major Entertainment Sector firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A finance director with experience from the financial or investment sector

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a famous TV production company, a General Manager, Finance.

Leadership and Strategy
• Advise the Managing Director and other key members of the Management team on financial planning, treasury, tax structure planning for investment, budgeting, cash flow, investment priorities, investment review and portfolio management and policy matters.
• Serve as the management liaison to the Board and Audit Committee as and when required by the Managing Director
• To effectively communicate and present critical financial matters.
• To oversee and control the Finance, treasury, taxation, accounting functions and tasks.
• Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement.
• Contributes from an operational perspective to the development of strategic goals and objectives as well as the overall management of the organization.
• Ensure staff receive timely and appropriate training and development.
• Establish and monitor staff performance and development of goals, assign accountabilities, set objectives, establish priorities, conduct annual performance appraisals, and administer salary adjustments.
• Mentor and develop Finance staff using a supportive and collaborative approach; assign accountabilities; set objectives; establish priorities; and monitor and evaluate results.

• Upgrade and implement an appropriate system of policies, internal controls, accounting standards and procedures.
• To manage, monitor and review the performance of the Finance Team.
• Plan, coordinate and execute the annual budget process.
• Improve operational and administrative accounting services such treasury management, grants payment processing, accounts payable, Depreciation and Asset Management, purchasing, research funding.
• To monitor the cashflow and the cash requirement of the various entities of the organization are met.
• To review and recommend changes to the Annual Business Plan and Budget, and to the accounting procedures where and when required.
• To ensure compliance with all the relevant authorities on Financial & Accounting regulations.
• Provide analytical support to firm's Internal Management team including development of internal management reporting capabilities.
• To produce and manage annual budget exercise, performance targets and coordinate the guidelines for the Annual Budgeting exercise for all departments.
• To prepare agendas, reports and papers as necessary in accordance with the Boards’ Processes for Finance, Audit and Risk Management.
• To also produce Board reports against key performance indicators, including:
--- Routine financial accounts
--- Routine investment reports
--- Routine compliance schedules
--- Non-routine board reports
• To ensure, the appropriate reports are prepared and forwarded to the Managing Director by the datelines required.
• To assist the Managing Director, and members of the shareholding company in the preparation of non-routine accounting reports, costings and analyses.
• To oversee the collation of the individual section budgets and the consolidation of producing the overall budget.
• To monitor the monthly actual to budget and investigating the variances.
• Excellent judgment and creative problem solving skills including negotiation and conflict resolution skills
• Entrepreneurial team player who can multitask.
• To maintain currency of knowledge of all relevant taxation acts and regulations
• To monitor the costs of suppliers and investigate cost reduction strategies
• To conduct the annual insurance review in conjunction with the companies Insurance brokers, Managing Director and Senior Management.
• To regularly review accounting procedures and recommend changes that aid efficiency and effectiveness and promote collaboration and cost sharing.
• To work closely with the Managing Director to ensure the objectives of firm’s finance, accounting, IT and administration functions are met.

Other Requirements
• Liaises with other external organizations including the company’s auditors as necessary and appropriate.
• Ensures all actions are within the bounds of the Company’s Code of Conduct.
• Ensures that at all times, actions are above reproach and reflect high professional and ethical standards
• Experience in managing subsidiary companies will be an advantage.

Performance Evaluation
• Performance Evaluation by the Managing Director will be based on the successful achievement of objectives, targets and key performance indicators to be negotiated.

• Accountancy qualifications; CPA, ACCA
• Minimum 10 years experience in senior Management role ideally in the Financial /Investment Industry
• Self reliant, good problem solver, results oriented.
• Energetic, flexible, collaborative and proactive; a team leader who can positively and productively impact both strategic and tactical finance and administration initiatives.
• Exceptional written, oral, interpersonal and presentation skills.
• Proven track record of success facilitating progressive organizational change and development within a growing organization


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Financial Controller - Chemicals
LOCATION: Singapore
COMPANY: European Chemicals Firm

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European chemicals firm, an Asia Finance Manager. Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Provide strategic recommendations and maintain solutions to business and financial problems and predict future trends

2.  Analyze and advise on business operations including revenue and expenditure trends, financial commitments and future revenues.

3.  Arrange new sources of finance for a company's debt facilities

4.  Develop financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk

5.  Engage in ongoing cost reduction analyses in all areas of the company

6.  Formulate strategic and long-term business plans

7.  Ensure timely and accurate reporting on:

o   Estimated budget and costing for entire operations on yearly basis

o   Estimated cost of goods/per months

o   Conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities;

o   Analyze and comment on benchmarking analysis of each supplier every 6 months

o   Comparison of estimates yearly sales targets, cost of goods/per month and sales price/per month with realized figures of each quarter (quarterly)

o   Calculate minimum sales price as per actual cost to be valid for three months (quarterly)

o   P&L and Balance report (monhtly)

o   Comparison of estimated budget of overall expenses with realized results in P&L (monhtly)

o   General employee welfare (monhtly)

8.  Responsible of the collection from customers and monitoring of the customers accounts.

9.  Checking customer overdue list of each sales people.

10. Develop external relationships with appropriate contacts, e.g. auditors, solicitors, bankers and statutory organizations

11. Keeps abreast of changes in the local tax, accounting regulations, labour issues and updates the existing processes and procedures accordingly

12. Responsible of the planning and execution of the annual independent audit and other audits (such as corporate one). In charge of the preparation of the statutory financial statements in compliance with requirements. 



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Commercial Director - Mechanical Industrial Components

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major European Drive Technology Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A business-oriented finance manager with many years of work experience in managing the administrative part of a company or of the controlling of a manufacturing company. Apart from a very good and diversified knowledge in business management, the perfect Asia Commercial Director has a technical understanding and good negotiating skills.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European firm in the industrial systems field, an Asia Commercial Director. Firm's products are primarily sold to the port container crane, steel mill and windmill sectors. The Asia Commercial Director is responsible for the achievement of entrepreneurial objectives. The Asia Commercial Director reports to the Managing Director, and s/he would be responsible for Controlling, Financial and Accounts Department and Human Resources. The Asia Commercial Director has a huge range of responsibilities that mainly focus on: controlling; corporate planning; annual financial statements; cash management; analyses; cooperation with auditors and banks


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Financial Controller - Electronic Components

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major electronic components firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Trustworthy, fast paced Financial Controller. ACCA  or CPA preferred. Adaptable, self starter with previous experience working within a international manufacturing business. Fluency in English, strong people management, interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work well with people across different cultures

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading electronic components firm, a Financial Controller.

•   Establish business control over financial transactions/processes complying with corporate policies, IFRS, legal, statutory and tax requirements

•   Review and analyze all financial statements for the Company and its subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific Region

•   Design, implement and maintain adequate internal controls, policies and processes in compliance with corporate policies and all relevant auditing, statutory and tax requirements to support integrity of internal and external financial statements

•   Experience working in a multi-national environment with multi-currency financial reporting and/or consolidation in business reporting with a sound knowledge of IFRS and US GAAP



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Thailand Finance Controller  - Automotive

LOCATION: Thailand

COMPANY: Major Automotive components supplier

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Bilingual Thai/ English financial controller. Highly results-oriented. Reports to the General Manager (Country Manager), the Product Group Finance Director, and the Asia-Pacific Finance Director. Self-motivating and self-directing. Able to motivate and direct others. Comfortable working within a matrix organization, where some superiors, peers and subordinates are geographically dispersed. Experience of working with US/multinational companies, including reporting and financial practices.

Recruiter seeks a Thailand Financial Controller, on behalf of a leading world OEM and aftermarket automotive supplier whose Thailand operations have US$60 million turnover,. The position has the responsibility to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Company from a financial and systems perspective. The company has a stable ERP system but intends to implement SAP. This includes ensuring that internal controls are in place to adequately protect the assets of the operation and ensure information reported is accurate and timely. The firm is seeking a Finance Controller with a strong team approach with the ability to work with production, sales, marketing and regional management, as well as the shop floor. The successful Controller must be someone who can add value to the organisation, pro-actively identify opportunities and issues within all functions, and effectively communicate these to the appropriate people, including Central Product Group and Asia Pacific regional management, where applicable.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia FInance Controller - High Tech Equipment and Services

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading International Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia-Pacific FInance Controller with multi-country finance experience. Strong English communications skills. Take-charge manager. M&A experience a plus. Ten to fifteen years of experience with a demonstrated track record and some past experience in financial reporting and transactional support. The Asia-Pacific FInance Controller will have a proven experience in multinational company and with demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic and changing situation. CA, CPA, etc.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading international firm providing high technology equipment and services, an Asia-Pacific Regional Finance Controller. The Asia-Pacific Regional Finance Controller, reporting to the VP Finance, is responsible for the complete accounting and financial aspects of the business, directly supervising the local finance teams as well as preparing the management reports, reviewing company accounts and ensuring compliance. The Asia-Pacific Regional Finance Controller must possess a strong commercial understanding of the business, provide an immediate and accurate financial performance assessment of the Asian region, and provide valuable and appropriate support to the Asia-Pacific Managing Director in the achievement of Asia-Pac objectives and business plans. The Asia-Pacific Regional Finance Controller will also be actively involved in business development opportunities by providing guidance to the operations and transaction teams.

•   Providing financial information for the following locations: Malaysia, Singapore, China and assist in the establishment of the Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam business units and any new other locations as required in the region;

•   Business modelling and forecasting;

•   Monitoring performance and efficiency;

•   Analysing change and conducting risk assessment;

•   Participating in strategic planning, and formulating long-term business plans;

•   Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance;

•   Developing complex finance models;

•   Assessing the financial implications of new or existing ventures;

•   Conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities;

•   Preparing accounts and reconciling balance sheets;

•   Overseeing budgetary control;

•   Managing working capital effectively, particularly Accounts Receivable and keeping overdue accounts and bad debts to minimum levels

•   Liaising with other members of the team and across the business;

•   Managing and motivating a small team of staff, including performance reviews

•   Working and communicating effectively with the management team to deliver the required business performance

•   Supporting and managing both management and staff through regular change processes



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Finance Manager - Packaging

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading global firm in beverage packaging

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Finance Manager. Strong international company experience. Fluent English.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a world leading packaging firm, an Asia Finance Manager. The Finance Manager, who reports to the Country General Manager, will be fully responsible for the accounting, taxation, treasury, legal and compliance functions. As a business partner, the Finance Manager will be responsible for financial reporting, establishing budgets, internal controls and cost management.

- Degree in Accountancy from an accredited university or its equivalent with a minimum of 5 years working experience in a similar capacity and substantial multinational experience

- Strong leadership and communication skills

- Able to provide sound and balanced advice on business decisions

- Able to motivate and work with people in a team-based environment

- Able to meet tight reporting deadlines

- Computer literate (knowledge of Hyperion and Sun Systems would be an advantage)



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Finance Controller - Consumer Products


COMPANY: Leading International Consumer Goods Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Vietnam Finance Manager with experience at international companies or at Major Accounting Firm. Fluent Vietnamese, Good English. Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to motivate teams to produce quality financial information within tight time frames and simultaneously manage several projects. Ability to develop staff members and elevate department performance  This position can grow into a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position in approximately 2 years.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading international consumer goods firm, a Vietnam Finance Manager. The Vietnam Finance Manager, reporting to the Vietnam Chief Financial Officer, will be responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of JV operations. The Vietnam Finance Manager will work with the Vietnam General Director and Vietnam Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in providing leadership and coordination in the accounting, financial reporting, cost, tax, audit, and budgeting efforts of the joint venture.  S/he will work closely with company’s senior management, outside auditors, board of directors, and the company’s financial institutions.  Ensure the Company’s accounting practices conform to US and Vietnamese GAAP.  Oversee daily operations of the Finance Department.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Finance Manager - Pharmaceuticals

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading European Pharmaceuticals firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:Asia FInance Manager with solid experience at major global firms. Top ethics.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading European pharmaceutical firm, a Finance Manager. The Finance Manager, reporting to the Asia-Pacific Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is provide support to the General Manager in annual budgeting, medium term planning and other budget plan preparation/review systems; Oversee the approval and processing of revenue, expenditure, and cash position and other controlled documents, department budgets, salary updates, and other accounting related records. Other duties involve preparation of financial statements, financial reports for corporate and general management use, special analyses, and information reports. Ensuring records systems are maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and in compliance with tax and other government agency reportorial requirements. Review reports to analyze projections of sales and profit against actual figures, budgeted expenses against final totals, and suggests methods of improving the planning process as appropriate



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Pacific Finance Manager - Hospitality

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major international hospitality firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained finance manager, ideally with multi-country experiences

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major international hospitality firm, a Finance Manager - Asia Pacific, who will develop a defined financial framework by playing an active role in controlling, compliance, internal control/audit issues, local and cross border tax issues, and the provision of value added regional financial data to head office. CA/CPA or equivalent educational qualifications with considerable experience in IFRS. Experience in a Multinational Organisation outside home country. Preferably public held corporation exp.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Financial Controller - Medical Services

LOCATION: Southeast Asia

COMPANY: Multinational Consumer Products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia financial controller with a strong operational management capability

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established Southeast Asian medical services firm, a Financial Controller. The Financial Controller will
--be responsible for the overall planning, directing and controlling of the finance department
--be responsible for the overall supervision of the IT Department, Procurement & Supplies Division


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Financial Controller - Industrial Equipment
LOCATION: Malaysia (Penang)
COMPANY: Industrial Equipment Corporation 

Recruiter seeks on behalf of a multinational equipment manufacturer, a Finance Manager for their Penang, Malaysia facility. The Financial Controller will lead the Finance team and work closely with senior management. It is desired that the candidate have at least 8-10 years' relevant working experience, with the recent 3-4 years in a similar capacity. Experience with a manufacturing environment is desired. It is preferred that candidates have exposure in working at MNCs. An understanding of GAAP will be advantageous. CPA or CMA preferred, along with strong leadership qualities


 Manufacturing and Operations Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Indonesia Country Manager - Logistics Services

LOCATION: Indonesia (Jakarta)

COMPANY: European Logistics Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS:  Internationally trained General Manager with Freight Forwarding operations, sales and business management experience

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a European firm in the logistics services field, an Indonesia Country Manager. The Country Manager, who will report to the Asia Regional Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will have the following duties:

-- Relationship Building with Shipping Lines, transporters and warehousing vendors

-- Identify and develop relationship with key Shipping Lines, transporters and warehousing companies

-- Negotiate the best possible freight rates so that we enjoys competitive edge.

-- Sourcing & Developing of new agents in the network: a)   For Airfreight    b)    For Ocean

-- Participate in global/regional contracts with large corporate accounts for benefit to the entire network.

-- Identify and develop scope of viable projects in the logistics scenario

-- To keep professional contact with Management / Professional Associations.

-- As General Manager, to carry out such jobs and other connected or incidental jobs, which are necessary due to exigencies of companies work and business requirements. Also to carry out

such jobs that is within capabilities and / work in any other post which may be temporarily assigned.

-- Organize system of location wise  report/ meeting with a strong focus on review of performance and address issues and problems faced by the concerned Location

-- Responsible for implementation of all company policies, guidelines, SOPs effectively.

-- Provide support to all offices addressing all their issues.

-- Ensure effective implementation of company policies and due attention as and when required to identify deviation and address it accordingly.

-- Ensure highest standards of corporate governance

-- Involve in disputes pertaining to International accounts and thereby expediting their quick settlement

-- Ensure regular MIS and reporting.

-- Implement all decisions taken during various review & budget meetings held from time to time.

-- Set clear cut goals/targets to key personnel in all branches and ensure they meet the organizational targets/budgets.            

-- Generate MIS report (Statistics) as per guidelines set by the corporate office in respective areas of finance, sales, service deviations and administrative matters, which are important for review

by the management.

-- Generate statistics on competition and their performance.

-- Changes in service rates at the market place by the competition.

-- Shift of clients from us or within the competition and the reason.

-- Information on major investments being made in the industry.

-- Changes in any legal and statutory requirement perceived to have any direct or indirect effect on our business.

-- Understanding the competitors strategy and suggest counter strategies or other innovations to fight competition to eventually establish leadership.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Managing Director, Asia - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: Thailand (Bangkok)

COMPANY: Leading US industrial manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Worldclass-trained Factory Manager. Thai-English bilingual Thailand General Manager. Successful track record of management and leadership. The Asia Managing Director should have experience implementing and leading Best Management and Quality Systems

Recruiter seeks an Asia Managing Director for a major industrial equipment division of a US$7.5 billion American corporation.  Reporting to the VP of International Operations, the Asia Managing Director will supervise wholly owned company facilities. The Managing Director-Asia is charged with leading manufacturing functions efficiently and cost effectively. S/he must work to improve and track the productivity of each operation and work with the managers of each operation to maximize quality, efficiency, and reduce costs. The Asia Managing Director will:

-- Lead the daily operations.

-- Implement systems to improve the effectiveness of each operation, reduce costs, and work closely with each manager for continuous improvement.

-- Develop the management team improving their leadership of their departments.

-- Work closely with the Managing Director Sales to ensure meeting sales needs on a daily basis.

-- Work with Production & Quality Managers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide on time delivery and ensure the managers are following the ISO Standards. Look at ways of improving and organizing the operation.

-- Work with the Financial Controller on monitoring the costs associated with each operation and make the necessary corrective actions when necessary.

-- Work with the Vice President on special projects.

-- Work with the HR Director on labor and transitional issues.

-- Travel to other locations and learn the business.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Furniture

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location

COMPANY: Major Global furniture firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Plant Manager, experienced in high quality product manufacturing. Ideal: woodworking, casegoods

Recruiter seeks a Plant Manager, on behalf of a major furniture manufacturer. Leads, directs, and controls the day-to-day activities of a large, complex manufacturing plant to achieve short and long-term financial and operating objectives. Responsible for managing all aspects of Safety, Quality, Productivity, Service, and Inventory for the facility.

•Implement Lean manufacturing techniques and support EDGE (Employee’s Dedicated to Growth and Excellence)

•Maintain a clean and safe plant, support company’s environmental, health and safety goals

•Establish and direct plant policies and procedures

•Set shift schedules and plant production goals

•Establish and maintain a positive community relationship

•Provide ongoing supervision and coaching for employees, guiding them in current positions and assisting with career development and training

•Coordinate timely and accurate purchasing, production and shipping

•Work across the organization, understand all facets of the company’s business and contribute to the company’s overall success

•Schedule and conduct regular plant meetings

•Identify problems and quickly implement corrective action

•Set budget, control costs and comply with company’s internal reporting and accounting requirements


Education and Qualifications:

•BA/BS in Manufacturing Engineering, Operations Management or equivalent

•10 - 15 years of manufacturing experience that includes supervisory responsibilities

•Furniture manufacturing experience is a must

•Strong track record of successful use of Lean tools

•Strong track record of exceeding budgeted performance

•Six Sigma Blackbelt certification is a plus

•Capable of working without boundaries to accomplish critical tasks



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Factory Manager - Foods (CPG/ FMCG)

LOCATION: Indonesia

COMPANY: Leading Asian Food Products Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Plant Manager with strong results-orientation, unbureaucratic. Fluent English and Indonesian

Recruiter seeks a Factory Manager, on behalf of a well established Asian food and beverage products leader. Duties:

•   Plan, build, project managed and operate a non-dairy creamer factory

•   Plan and provide leadership and direction for the  day-to-day operations of the operations in the factory

•   Drive and motivate continuous quality, technical and formulation improvements with regular quality engineering audits and process performance reviews

•   Managing daily operations efficiently to ensure all product delivery schedules are fulfilled according to requirements

•   Responsible for coordination of logistics and equipment maintenance program

•   Manage the planning process to ensure all daily operation activities are executed and meet according to orders and deliveries.

•   Assure the effective use of Corrective Action and Preventive Action, including follow-up on commitments

•   Efficient utilization of delivery resources, storage space and manpower

•   Maintain a high standard of housekeeping, warehousing and optimize the inventory.



 •  Experience in setting up and running a CPG (foods) factory

•   Minimum 10 years relevant working experience, with at least 3 years in a managerial capacity in a quality control, manufacturing or engineering occupation, preferably in F&B manufacturing related industries

•   Problem-solving capability, customer focus and commitment to continuous improvement

•   Ability to work independently

•   Understanding of Quality and Safety systems



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia General Manager - Electronic Components

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading US Electronic Components Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia General Manager with strong experience in lean manufacturing in the electronic sector. English and Mandarin Chinese fluency.

Recruiter seeks an Asia General Manager, on behalf of a major US electronics manufacturer.

•   Lead, motivate, and inspire the team (cross-culture team) to execute in an environment where continuous improvement (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and waste elimination result in achievement of safety, quality, service, inventory, cost, and productivity objectives.

•   Monitor site performance continuously, looking for ways to combine, rearrange, and simplify tasks to make better use of materials, machines, manpower, etc.  Assign / justify resources necessary to resolve problems / eliminate waste to achieve / improve standards.

•   Evaluate team member performance and provide timely, regular, effective feedback as part of the performance management system.  Develop training and succession plans for each staff member.  

•   Provide support and coaching necessary for the individual and the organization to grow and prosper.  

•   Stay abreast of company policies, procedures, regulations, plans, and interdepartmental relationships. Communicate requirements to the team and ensure team is meeting or exceeding expectations.

•   Represent the company to handle the local legal issues with the approval from Corp and to communicate with local government agencies. 

•   Coordinate the EPO functions and communicate with local EPO leaders to ensure the successful local operations as a whole

•   Review resource requirements and assign resources to achieve objectives.  Identify resource constraints and find solutions or alternatives.

•   Determine long term staffing requirements based on forecast and strategic needs.  Interview, hire, and develop team members to meet performance expectations.

•   Monitor work area performance continuously.  Use area metrics and team ideas every day to combine, rearrange, and simplify tasks to make better use of materials, machines, manpower, etc.

•   Lead lean kaizen events to facilitate team collaboration and root-cause problem solving.  Teach and drive use of A3 process to identify opportunities, define problems, and use data to eliminate waste.

•   Ensure communication of standards (labor / work / rate) to team and vigorously eliminate obstacles to achievement.

•   Monitor and communicate service levels continuously.  Use team cooperation to implement lean concepts that improve service to customers.

•   Monitor staff performance continuously and provide timely feedback, including annual performance appraisal process.

•   Develop people and the team as a whole.  Includes, but is not limited to, preparing development and training plans for each team member, implementing, and coaching towards effectiveness.  Develop and execute succession plans for all key positions to sustain long term success.

•   Coach and support team members to increase capabilities and prepare for advancement.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Startup Managers - FMCG (Beverages)

LOCATION: Vietnam (Hochiminh City)

COMPANY: Multinational FMCG Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Vietnamese-English bilingual managers, ideally with experience at major international food products firms. Ability to start up sales and operations in country.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading and growing multinational firm in the consumer products sector (beverages), the following Managers:

--Director of Operations

--Purchasing Manager

--Finance and Administration Manager

--Commercial Manager (Sales and Marketing Director)

--Human Resources Manager



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Executive Global Operations Director - Industrial

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading Global Corporation

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Global manufacturing head

Recruiter seeks a Executive Global Operations Director on behalf of a major industrial corporation. The Executive Global Operations Director's primary purpose is to manage global multi-site operations optimizing capacity, execution, delivery and cost to drive significant performance improvement.  Implement and drive global sales and operation planning to assist with the design of critical metrics which will include quality, throughput, assets, and operating expense.  This position is both strategic and tactical in nature and will drive rapid, measurable, and sustained continuous improvement for manufacturing operations.  This role will have a high degree of shop floor presence and intimate, hands-on involvement with critical operation issues. Responsibilities Include:

------Maintain a safe and clean work environment for all employees in manufacturing locations

------Define world-class quality and performance metrics and to align performance goals, measures, and leadership drivers throughout the Package Products global manufacturing locations

------Redefine functional responsibilities of individuals, departments, and plant locations to align with Package Products strategic growth and operational targets

------Create a continuous improvement culture and develop and empower team members and stakeholders through coaching, counseling, and inspiring them to perform to world-class standards

------Ensure quality assurance, proper controls, and effective use of best practices in order to drive an integrated approach throughout the business and capitalize on cross-regional knowledge worldwide


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Thailand General Manager - Food Ingredients

LOCATION: Thailand

COMPANY: European food products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Internationally trained Chinese plant manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established European firm, a Thailand General Manager. Preference would be for candidates who have worked at major foreign firms in their industry. The Thailand General Manager shall be responsible for the production, financial reporting and the overall management of this US$10million business unit.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: VP Operations - Oil and Gas

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Major Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Bilingual Mandarin Chinese/ English factory manager. Ability to rapid respond and solve problems. Independent, self-motivated and has good interpersonal skills

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading manufacturer, a VP Operations. Efficiently manage a large precision machine factory. Identify and secure new business opportunities. Ensure customer satisfaction especially quality and delivery. Team-builder. Min 8 years in senior position managing precision machining operation for oilfield or aerospace industry


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Director of Operations Excellence - Aerospace

LOCATION: Southeast Asia location

COMPANY: Major American aerospace firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Experienced aerospace operations excellence director. Strong multicultural experiences. A minimum of ten (10) years of related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience implementing Toyota Production System (TPS) or similar systems. Experience successfully leading Continuous Improvement / Lean and Quality initiatives in a highly regulated industry. Experience leading Kaizen events in a manufacturing environment. Experience with ISO, NADCAP, AS9100, and/or FDA. Effective knowledge transfer skills.

Recruiter seeks a Director, Operations Excellence, on behalf of a leading manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products for the commercial and business jet aircraft markets. The Director, Operations Excellence drives focused Lean Six Sigma initiatives at the manufacturing facility based on the strategic priorities and needs of the company. * Develops and maintains site Policy Deployment.
* Drives towards meeting balance scorecard metric targets including: safety, quality, delivery, productivity and cost.
* Provides assistance to champions, functional departments, and business unit leaders in identifying, planning and implementing Lean and Six Sigma projects that tie
strongly to business strategic priorities.
* Conducts Kaizen events using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to generate priority initiatives with measurable results.
* Responsibilities also include expert knowledge and practical application of problem solving 8D, PDCA and DMAIC tools and methodologies. Provides problem solving
training and coaching to all levels of the organization.
* Provides technical guidance and mentorship to Lean Leaders and Black Belts and Green Belts to drive project execution. Identifies and tracks all Operational Excellence improvement projects and cost savings.
* Provides standard work guidance and support to all the levels of the organization, especially the shop-floor.
* Provides shop-floor and administrative areas Lean support. This includes expert knowledge and application of the TPS principles of Lean – 5S Workplace Organization,
Value Stream Mapping, Visual Factory Management, Error Proofing, Total Productive Maintenance, Kaizen, Kanban/Pull Systems, Set-Up Reduction, and Standard Work.
* May lead complex projects that cut across various organizational, functional and international boundaries
* Conducts regular plant Lean assessments.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam General Manager - consumer products

LOCATION: Vietnam (HCM City)

COMPANY: Multinational FMCG firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Efficiency-oriented manufacturing directorVP OperationsCOO, or plant manager

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established multinational firm in the FMCG sector with significant operations in Vietnam, that requires a Vietnam General Manager. Experience in the consumer packaged goodsbeverages, or processed foods sectors would be required. An emphasis for this Vietnam General Manager will be on the improvement of manufacturing operations. The Vietnam General Manager will need to help rebuild and strengthen the current management team. Fluency in English is required. Abilities in Vietnamese would be a plus. Candidates must have managerial experiences from major international consumer products or foods companies.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Quality Manager - Apparel

LOCATION: Vietnam (HCM City)

COMPANY: Medium sized US designer and retailer of children's clothing

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very self-directed Quality Manager with strong experiences in the apparel sector. Strong English fluency.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of well established American designer and retailer of children's clothing, a Vietnam Quality Manager.

The Quality Manager would be involved in setting up the new facility to make sure that they are in compliance with Costco standards and would pass the GMP and Code of Conduct audits.

Vietnam Quality Manager in charge of overseeing all production and compliance with quality control standards of various major US retailers including Code of Conduct Audits, Factory procedures and policy.

This person would make sure that the firm is compliance with the QA standards and good manufacturing practices, worker conditions, safety, cleanliness, labor law, needle and sharp objects maintenance records and all other related issues.

This person would also be present in the factory at all times every day of production. It is important that this person has had many years of experience with factories producing for major retailers or brands.

- Must be able to develop new QC standards and protocols for the factory to follow.
- Must visit the factory on a daily basis during the production season to insure compliance and oversee quality.
- Must have minimum 10 years experience.
- Must report to our US office frequently of his findings.
- Must be able to bilingual (Vietnamese/English).
- Must have good communication skills in English, as management is based in the US and only speaks English. Most contacts will be by phone, skype, and/or email in English. The
Vietnam Quality Manager therefore must have strong comprehension and spoken English; written skills should be good enough to write reports in English.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Regional EHS Director - Specialty Chemicals

LOCATION: Southeast Asian location

COMPANY: Major European Chemicals Company

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Well organized, excellent communicator EHS Director able to instill consistency in regional EHS policies and practices.Travel should be around 30%
o Good understanding of the risks in the chemical or petrochemical industry with ideally some knowledge about coatings.
o Broad knowledge about EHS requirements, ideally on several continents.
o Having a degree in engineering, chemistry or related sciences.
o Having been responsible for EHS management for several years.
o Must be able to work independently and can be held accountable to deliver the desired result within deadlines.
o Superb oral and written communications skills and the ability to establish strong rapport and credibility with all stakeholders.
o A resourceful, adaptable, and flexible individual who has demonstrated that he/she can thrive in rapidly changing, fast growing and challenging environment; demonstrates a high level of professional and personal integrity, ethics and honesty. The candidate needs to rather have a hands-on approach, a "doer", not a "talker" which has a strong drive for results.
o Ideally the candidate will have related work experience in a multinational corporate environment in which he/she has shown achievements where relationship management, technical knowledge, and operations/supply chain management are critical drivers for business success.
o The candidate will have gained significant experience in a related industry, not necessarily coating, but close. The candidate needs to either come from a medium size company or have proven to be versatile to adapt to a mid-size company like ---.
o International exposure outside of Asia, ideally in Europe or the US, is a must to enable good cooperation across the --- Group in all regions.
o Must be willing to travel a fair amount due to the broad production footprint of the Group.
o Fluency in English is required. Mandarin or other languages would be an added benefit.

Recruiter, on behalf of a major European firm in the specialty chemicals field, seeks an Asia/ Mideast Regional EHS Director, who would report to the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

o Provide functional guidance in EHS topics for all sites of the --- Group.

o Manage the Group's SafeIT team for matters related to the global EHS system linked to the ERP system.

o Define common standards, facilitate know-how transfer, best practise sharing, etc. within the Group.

o Ensure together with the site managers legal compliance of all sites.

o Conduct hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies and initiate upgrades to increase the active and passive safety installations in the sites.

o Support sites in obtaining ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

o Train the personnel in the sites to reduce the number of Lost Time Injuries and avoid incidents by addressing behavioural aspects of accident prevention.

o Conduct together with external risk engineers risk audits at the sites.

Business Understanding as demonstrated by:

o An ability to understand the key cost drivers for production as well as capital investments and by looking beyond direct costs to complexity costs.
o Having shown that s/he can find the right compromise between costs and acceptable risks in relation to consequences.

Collaboration and Influencing Skills as evidenced by:

o Self-motivated person who uses the informal structure, dynamics and culture of an organization to get things done; serves as a role model and is an inspiration to his/her team.
o Facilitates collaboration amongst others, e.g. knowledge sharing, and brings people together across boundaries to achieve results as a team; becoming the supporting link between the Group and the regions/countries to make things happen.
o Establishes and nurtures strategic relationships with operations managers and other relevant individuals/groups; uses understanding of others and self to work more effectively together and actively resolve conflicts to gain alignment and buy-in from all parties.
o Used to a matrix organization with sometime conflicting priorities.




EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Factory Manager - Metal Consumer Products

LOCATION: Southeast Asian location

COMPANY: European consumer products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Results-only Plant Manager with strong CNC production management experience

Recruiter, on behalf of a major European consumer products firm, seeks a Plant Manager.

• Manage, Coach, Train and Support production team.
• Handle & program 5-Axis Machining center for daily made to order production.
• Handle & program 5-Axis CNC grinding center for day to day jobs.
• Handle PTA Welding center.

Following skills are required:
• >20 years Hands-on working Experience in CNC Milling, Turning and Grinding with 4-5 axis machines.
• Excellent knowledge of solidworks.
• Knowledge in ISO advanced coding.
• Excellent English (both spoken and written)
• Experience with Mazatrol Matrix 2 is an advantage.
• Experience with PTA Welding technology is an advantage.
• Willing to work in a small team and very autonomous.
• Good Computer skills.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Aluminum Die Cast Parts

LOCATION: Southeast Asian Location

COMPANY: Major manufacturer of die cast parts for the oil and gas sector

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Quality-focused Plant Manager with aluminium die casting experience

Recruiter, on behalf of a major manufacturer serving the oil and gas sector, seeks a Plant Manager who manages the production, maintenance and quality functions.
-- Oversee overall production, maintenance and quality activities in the Die casting section; Mold & Tools Setting and Process Improvement and Molds & Tools Maintenance includes IPQC & QA Department.
-- Manages utilization of equipment, facilities, and personnel to obtain maximum efficiency, meet performance objective and within the forecasted budgeted cost
-- Schedules and coordinates work flows within or between Die casting and Machining to expedite production
-- Monitor the production process and product standard to maximize production up-time and minimize rejects
-- Ensure resource allocation (manpower, materials, machinery) are optimized to maximize production efficiency
-- Ensure production cost remains low and does not exceed the budget
-- Ensure effective storage, recording and tracking of inventories of raw materials, finished goods and parts in the Production Department
-- Drive and implement continuous improvement activities in the production line through process improvement and cost control activities
-- Prepare and controls department budget, forecasts operating costs of department, and directs preparation of budget requests for production department
-- Ensure 5S and safety procedures are observed and required activities are implemented in all production lines
-- Coordinate, set up and implement standard operating procedures for all production operations
-- Provide management and leadership role to the Production personnel, including but not limited to employee development, performance management, coaching and grievance handling
-- Prepare monthly department performance reports to the management team
-- Ensures compliance of company policies, procedures, and objectives regarding processes, initiatives, and projects
-- Perform additional duties assigned by the Senior Management, when required.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Indonesia Plant Manager - Consumer Durables

LOCATION: Indonesia (Surabaya)

COMPANY: Fast growing Australian Consumer Durables firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: World-class Plant Manager with plant management experiences in Indonesia, ideally in plastics, furniture, or consumer durables. A strong focus on Quality and Efficiency is core to this role. 10 years’ experience in a high-value production environment as a leader or as a senior decision maker.

Recruiter, on behalf of a fast growing Australian manufacturer of custom consumer durables for international hotels and resorts, seeks a Indonesia Plant Manager. The Indonesia Plant Manager will be responsible for all Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Development operations as well as Manufacturing Support functions, Planning and Maintenance. The Indonesia Plant Manager position incorporates the management of a joint venture plant along with significant managerial tasks globally. The Indonesia Plant Manager will initiate plans and processes that minimize manufacturing costs through effective utilization of manpower, equipment, facilities, materials and capital. Assure attainment of business objectives and production schedules while ensuring product standards are met that will exceed the customers’ expectations. The Indonesia Plant Manager's focus will be on implementing manufacturing strategies and action plans to ensure that the facility supports firm's strategic initiatives. The Indonesia Plant Manager will encourage use of new production techniques and focus on fact based problem solving; improve manpower utilization within existing departments and processes; manage spending against budget and in relation to changes in production volume.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Plant Manager - Dental Products

LOCATION: Malaysia

COMPANY: Leading Multinational Packaging Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: a Plant Manager with experience in high volume consumer grade plastic manufacturing. English and local language essential. Must be a good motivator and show strong leadership skills.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a manufacturer of dental products, a Plant Manager. The Plant Manager will manage all aspects of production (priority), including engineering, logistics, quality management, product introduction,production planning, health and safety, HR The Plant Manager needs to have a very good understanding of GMP and clean room manufacturing. Pharmaceutical experience is a benefit. Experience of working for a western company a benefit.  .



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Vietnam Managing Director - Rubber Products


COMPANY: International Rubber components manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: a Vietnam Managing Director with experience in manufacturing quality rubber products for industrial applications

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a rubber firm serving the industrial and OEM sectors, a Vietnam Managing Director. The Vietnam Managing Director directs production, distribution, and operations for division manufacturing plant.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - foods

LOCATION: Thailand

COMPANY: European food products firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Hands-on general manager with manufacturing expertise. P/L experience.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a well established European firm, a Thailand General Manager. Preference would be for Thai candidates who have worked at major foreign firms in their industry. The Thailand General Manager shall be responsible for the production, financial reporting and the overall management of this US$10 million business unit. Most critical would be a person skilled in manufacturing management, and ideally with some financial expertise. Candidates must be fluent in Thai and English. The Thailand General Manager should be strong in discipline, precise and reliable in his or her work and reporting. S/he shall be trusted since s/he will be managing the company.


Supply Chain Management Executive Search


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: General Manager - Logistics Services

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading US Logistics Services Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: a fast-paced General Manager with a strong background in logistics excellence and an aggressive, culturally sensitive personality

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a major logistics services firm, a Greater Manager. The General Manager provides leadership and guidance to ensure that the site delivers the volume and mix of production duties required each day, within the required quality and cost parameters. S/he will be metrics driven, constantly measuring productivity to goal, and be heavily involved in process improvement. Essential Job Functions and Performance Standards:

-- Responsible for overseeing day-to-day terminal and transportation operations productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

-- Works closely with the operational managers and team members to ensure business units are functioning at optimum capacity and efficiency.

-- Increases volume by actively pursuing new business that will be compatible with the overall scope of the service lines.

-- Effectively monitors costs via systems currently in place, and/or works with appropriate staff to establish new systems of measurement.

-- Ensures the ongoing development and maintenance of customer relationships.

-- Participates in the planning, development and implementation of Program initiatives.

-- Facilitates the training and development of operational managers and team members.

-- Provides training on administrative policies and procedures for all department personnel. Encourages technicians to keep their skills up-to-date through periodic technical training on new systems and components offered by the automotive manufacturers.

-- Creates and/or recommends best practices related to departmental process flows.

-- Responsible for the financial process for Freight, including submission of the annual budget, historic comparisons, variance reporting (actual vs. budget), etc.

-- Maintains current rating and billing metrics.

-- Routinely analyzes receivables to ensure they are within acceptable limits



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Supply Chain Director - Intimate Apparel

LOCATION: Major Asian location

COMPANY: Fast-growing Intimate Apparel Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: A very fast-paced, unbureaucratic and take-charge Asia Supply Chain Director with intimate apparel experiences in multiple Asian countries.

•   Results-oriented, highly motivated, enthusiastic individual who takes ownership for the portfolio

•   Collaborative style in a team-oriented environment, yet works effectively on an independent basis

•   Takes initiative, and is flexible, adaptable and resilient in approach

•   Ability to quickly develop rapport and trust

Recruiter seeks an Asia Supply Chain Director on behalf of a fast-growing apparel firm, who would report to the VP Operations at HQ. The Asia Supply Chain Director would build a team of sourcing and merchandising representatives over time, and establish and maintain business relationships to support the Company’s sourcing and production strategies and activities. The Asia Supply Chain Director is expected to lead, manage, effectively communicate and oversee the day-to-day operations in a culturally appropriate manner to ensure all staff, vendors and all manufacturing and supply chain relationships and activities are compliant with Company policies and all applicable regulations, meet and follow all production, packaging, quality assurance and shipping standards, processes and deadlines in a cost effective manner.   


As the representative of the firm in Asia, the Asia Supply Chain Director is accountable to identify opportunities and solutions, and optimize performance levels of suppliers and vendors for scalable strategic and operational alliances to support the Company’s long-term growth plans.  It is critical for success to develop and maintain effective communications and the relationship with HQ, and to ensure all business, communications and translations, and problem resolution activities are conducted with the highest integrity.



•   Lead, hire and develop the Asia Supply Chain team of field representatives

•   In conjunction with the HQ team, determine priorities and objectives in developing the business consistent with the supply chain strategies of the Company

•   Develop relationships with vendors and suppliers to drive ongoing improvements on costs, on time delivery, quality standards, social compliance and speed to market capability

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are knowledgeable of and in compliance with all corporate standards and expectations regarding  purchase orders; quality; packaging; logistics;

documentation; costs; social, environmental and government regulations and take necessary and appropriate action with those who are not in compliance to resolve the issues

•   Manage all purchase order placements; acknowledgements; progress ; WIP reports; capacity and raw material constraints; TOP sample submissions and audit requirements

•   Ensure product quality assurance standards are achieved by communicating specifications, technical packages and testing methods; evaluate and monitor in-process controls of raw goods; WIP and finished product; and work with Asia-Pacific Vendors and Company designers during new style mini-bulk and initial production runs

•   Confirm packaging materials and packing methods are compliant with specifications, and Asia-Pacific Vendors are sourcing packaging materials from nominated local suppliers in a timely and cost effective manner

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are adhering to all routing , timing and containerization agreements; and that all paper and electronic versions of shipping documentation is accurate ,

complete and timely

•   Negotiate garment FOB prices;  oversee process improvements and material substitutions to reduce costs

•   Ensure Asia-Pacific Vendors are fulfilling all governmental, environmental and corporate employee safety and social compliance commitments

•   Establish and maintain effective, clear communication and messaging between HQ and Asia-Pacific Vendors on a timely basis which is culturally appropriate, translated accurately without ambiguity

•   Plan and oversee Asia-Pacific Vendor corrective action and improvement implementation

•   Monitor Asia-Pacific Vendor performance based on a specified standards checklist, ensure site audits are conducted on a regular basis and provide regular updates to HQ

•   Accountable to lead the Field Staff  including work prioritization and scheduling; regular communication; professional development; delegation; attendance; performance management; daily activity reports; payroll; hiring, discipline; health and safety

•   Manage and control costs within the allocated budget of the Asia office, specifically overseeing lease agreements; registration licenses; permits; health and safety; maintenance;

equipment; utilities; IT; security, etc.  


Qualifications and Requirements:

•   Minimum 10 years demonstrated hands-on leadership experience in the intimate apparel industry

•   Minimum 5 years previous experience in Operations Management in a foreign country, ideally in the Asia Pacific region, with current market knowledge of sourcing and production

activities and alternative options

•   Experience in seamless circular and warp knitting, molding, dyeing, cut and sew production is a definite asset  

•   Confident team leader who is willing to make decisions and negotiate winning solutions

•   Proven experience establishing and maintaining effective local networks and relationships with vendors and suppliers, trade associations, and government departments, as applicable

•   Effective planning, organizational and time management skills

•   Excellent communication skills – verbal, written, presentation and persuasion skills

•   Excellent interpersonal, listening and team building skills

•   Proven critical thinking skills necessary for problem-solving, conflict resolution, decision-making

•   Effective time management, planning and execution skills

•   Demonstrated strong organizational skills to manage multiple priorities

•   Strong customer service approach working with people

•   Ability to identify and research business opportunities to support the growth plans


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Container Terminal Manager - Port Logistics

LOCATION: Thailand

COMPANY: Leading International Marine Logistics firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Minimum of 5 years experience in Container Terminal management. A leader and decision maker who possesses good interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to motivate and manage staff at all levels to improve productivity, set and achieve performance targets.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a leading world operator of seaport terminals and logistics services, a Container Terminal Manager. Firm has a large logistics network in Asia-Pacific, and in Thailand, the firm's businesses include Port Terminals, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Transportation, Warehouse Management, Express, Freight Forwarding, and Supply Chain. The successful Container Terminal Manager will manage daily terminal operations in a fast paced environment. Duties and responsibilities include yard planning, administration of the container port, staff training, compliance with the company’s S&E policies, and optimization of the container throughput capacity.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Asia Supply Chain Director - Heavy Equipment

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: European Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Asia Supply Chain Director with experience in high quality, lower cost sourcing. Strong leadership and management skills. Excellent English.

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of leading European manufacturer of industrial equipment, an Asia Supply Chain Director. The Asia Supply Chain Director should have at least 5-10 years' working experience in the production of automobiles, and should have strong experience in Purchasing, Procurement, Inventory, Material and Warehouse Management. The Asia Supply Chain Director should have a good grasp of construction equipment and parts processes, knowledgeable in cost benefit analysis, and advanced procurement practices. S/he should have a well-developed sourcing strategy, facilitation and negotiating skills. Reports to Asia Regional President.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Singapore General Manager - Computer Parts

LOCATION: Singapore

COMPANY: Leading Logistics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Singapore General Manager with experience in reverse logistics field, especially regarding computer parts. An experienced business leader to support the company’s growth plans in the Southeast Asia market over the next several years.

Recruiter seeks a Singapore General Manager for an international Reverse logistics provider regarding computer notebooks, components, storage, and other electronic devices. Reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Staff to be supervised: 400. The Singapore General Manager will be a leader who can manage all aspects of the business expansion including operations and business development. Firm is headquartered in the USA with international branch locations in Singapore and China.


EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Global Logistics Director - Electronics

LOCATION: Malaysia (Penang)

COMPANY: Leading Multinational Electronics Firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: ability to influence senior management; ability to drive for change; capability to manage a multicultural team

Recruiter seeks, on behalf of a world leader in their field, a Global Logistics Director. The Global Logistics Director should have at least 7-15 years' experience in logistics management, including management on a regional level. The ideal candidate must have strong business acumen and ability to work at a strategic level as well as possessing outstanding operational excellence.



EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Global Supply Chain Manager - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: Southeast Asian Location

COMPANY: Major American Industrial Equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Supply Chain Manager with balanced expertise in purchasing management, logistics management, and materials management

Recruiter, on behalf of a major industrial equipment firm, seeks a Global Supply Chain Manager. Based in Southeast Asia, the Global Supply Chain Manager will be responsible for the following:

Global Transportation
- Global budget owner - spend projections
- Manage cost control through educating users and tool development with co-ownership
- Pricing & supplier selection
- Global routing matrix. adherence to matrix (measure and control)
- Mid to long term alignment of supply and transportation models - spend per lane and cycle time balancing (time & $)
- Update supplier report card based on operations feedback

Global Warehouse Operations (warehousing and material handling)
- repair center and regional field logistics operations (shipping/receiving, import/export, storage, kit/pick)
- procedures & efficiencies (TPEH - handling & order processing KPI),
- mid to long term supplier alignment in addition to contract, pricing, and supplier management (scorecard)
-Global budget owner, Purchased Services (warehouse) and packaging. Majority of Logistics head count.

Global Compliance
- import and export regulation adherence - Interface to government agencies.
- VAT, Duty and broker management,
- Merlin valuation and HTS coding, denied party screening

Inventory Control
Physical Inventory and cycle count programs, A1 Return Expediting/Management and Spareslease Administration, Logistics NPI Rep
Allocated Not Shipped Reporting (internal to logistics with root cause and corrective action)
Intransit reporting and actioning. Logistics TAT Reporting
Budget Roll-up, Logistics Cost Allocation Logistics KPI, Spareslease, Scrap Actioning
Inventory Turns Reporting (by product, by location)
Excess and Obsolete Reporting
Net Purchase Reconciliation and reporting, Spares Waterfall reporting
Storage footprint - where and how much

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Trade Compliance Officer - Industrial Equipment

LOCATION: Southeast Asian Location

COMPANY: Major American Industrial Equipment firm

HEADHUNTER FOCUS: Trade Compliance Manager with strong multi-country ASEAN and Greater China experiences

Recruiter, on behalf of a major industrial equipment firm, seeks a Trade Compliance Officer. Key job responsibility of a Trade Compliance Officer includes:

1. Support the management of import/export compliance activities and efforts in Asia region to ensure adherence with international and local laws.

2. Assist the logistics operations team with applications for special trade programs, supply chain security programs and Customs scheme.

3. Interface with Customs authorities, Customs brokers, other regulatory agencies, and the company's cross functional teams to deploy trade compliance procedures/policies to facilitate customs clearance flow and identify potential costs savings.